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  • - Sagiv and Ward, UCL Is Wednesday red? Take part in our experiment to test whether your senses overlap

  • Requires Flash 5 - Sagiv and Ward, UCL Do melodies have a colour? Take part in our experiment to test whether you hear colours

    Neuroscience For Kids - Explore the nervous system
    Colorfully explores neuroanatomy by describing key structures and functions of
    the brain.

  • Let's break the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system into more parts

  • Central Nervous System (Brain and Spinal Cord) The central nervous system is divided into two parts: the brain and the spinal cord

  • Peripheral Nervous System The peripheral nervous system is divided into two major parts: the somatic nervous system and the

  • Autonomic Nervous System The is divided into three parts: the sympathetic nervous system, the parasympathetic nervous system and the enteric nervous system

  • Hippocampus Functions: Learning Memory The hippocampus is one part of the limbic system that is important for memory and learning

    83.07.06: Imaging the Human Body with Ultrasound
    by Elisabet O. Orville from Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute.

    Animal-to-Human Transplants - the creation of Frankenstein's monster
    Information about the procedures involved and the risk it may have for humans.

  • When Western man first landed in the Americas, apart from the deliberate genocide caused by massacres, many native people were wiped out by common European diseases to which they had no natural immunity

  • The organ becomes integrated into the whole being, the cells migrate, the human becomes a chimera, part human, part pig

  • A similar trade in body parts exists in Albania, now opened up to the full advantages of unfettered capitalism

  • They are either sold for adoption or killed and dissected for their body parts

  • Cats gorge themselves sick on discarded parts in maternity wards

  • The market for body parts in the US is an estimated $6 billion per year

  • On 8 December 1998 the go-ahead was given in the UK for the cloning of human embryos for the production of human body parts

  • Even were all the technical problems to be solved, there to be an unlimited supply of parts, it has been estimated by Richard Nicholson, editor of the Bulletin of Medical Ethics, that life expectancy would be extended by 0.003% (less than a day in a lifetime), the use of xenotransplants would extend life expectancy by 0.02%


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    Science and Human Values - Aristotle
    Article by Prof. Fred L. Wilson of the Rochester Institute of Technology on
    Aristotle's impact on the history and philosophy of science.

  • In any case Aristotle found it expedient to set out upon a journey that carried him to various parts of the Greek world, particularly to Asia Minor

  • He was particularly interested in sea life and observed that the dolphin brought forth its young alive and nourished the fetus by means of a special organ called a placenta

  • Nineteen centuries were to pass before Alpini was to correct this particular error

  • This was not mere perversity on their part, for the state of instrumentation was rudimentary indeed in ancient times and there were few clear methods of making accurate measurements

  • In particular, they could not measure small intervals of time accurately, a deficiency that was to remain for two thousand years until the time of Huygens

  • After the fall of Rome, his work was largely lost to Europe (only Organon , his work on logic, was saved) while Plato's works were, for the most part, retained

  • He was convinced that the universe was supremely a living being both in its entirety and in its parts

  • For proof, one of the arguments refers to the case of living beings, to human consciousness and animal behavior in particular

    Introductory Anatomy: Digestive System
    A complete look at the this system starting with the purpose, mouth, swallowing,
    oesophagus, stomach, duodenum, small and large intestines, salivary glands, ...

  • The original authors are no longer at the University of Leeds, and the former Centre for Human Biology became the School of Biomedical Sciences which is now part of the

  • Oesophagus The oesophagus (about 10") is the first part of the digestive tract proper and shares its distinctive structure

  • Serves as a temporary store for food which is also churned by muscular layers (three here) to form chyme, creamy substance voided via pyloric sphincter to duodenum Duodenum First part of small intestine

  • Exocrine part produces many enzymes which enter the duodenum via the pancreatic duct

  • Endocrine part produces insulin, blood sugar regulator

  • It contains bile salts, bile pigments (mainly bilerubin, essentially the non-iron part of haemoglobin) cholesterol and phospholipids

    CNN - Is human chip implant wave of the future? - January 14, 1999

  • [It's] held in place by threestitches - partly so that the wound isheld together, but also so that thecapsule doesn't float around anywhere.' Though he declines to reveal the chip'smanufacturer, Warwick did disclose that it's a 'commercial' product.'For obvious reasons, both positive and negative, they didn't want usshouting about what the name of the exact product was, ' he says

  • The approximately 23mm-by-3mm device stayed in Warwick's arm foronly nine days - partly to avoid medical complications, partlybecause it was fairly limited in power

  • 'In our building in the Cybernetics department, we've got quite a number of doorways rigged up so that they pass aradio signal between the door frame, ' he says

  • But certainly when I'm out of the building, I feelas though part of me is missing.' Asked if he named his chip, Warwick laughs

  • 'Biochip implants may become part of a rotemedical procedure - UCLA suspends its Willed Body Program - Mar 9, 2004

  • LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Top officials at UCLA Tuesday voluntarily suspended the university's Willed Body Program after accusations that its director and others sold body parts for profit, a lawyer for the school said

  • The order was issued one day after a class-action lawsuit was filed by families of donors who allege parts of their loved ones' remains were illegally sold for profit

  • Allegations and arrests Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, meanwhile, said one of its subsidiaries purchased human tissue from a middleman authorities accuse of obtaining body parts from the program's director

  • The Willed Body Program's director, Henry Reid, was arrested Saturday "for illegal activities involving the commercialization of human remains, " or selling body parts, authorities said

  • Reid, 54, is alleged to have sold the parts to Ernest Nelson, 46, who was also arrested

  • Nelson allegedly then sold the body parts to other people, who were not identified, officials said

  • Raymond Boucher, the attorney for the families, condemned the companies that allegedly bought body parts from Nelson

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    PT Central - Complete Muscle Tables for the Human Body
    Complete muscle tables for the human body unfortunately no real cadaveric images.

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  • Journey into the Cell: Golgi Apparatus The Golgi complex or Golgi apparatus is responsible for manufacturing, warehousing and shipping certain cellular products, particularly those from the

  • Read about this study: (PLoS Biology 4(8): e281) Thursday August 10, 2006 | Influenza Virus Particles Credit: Dr

  • A virus particle, also known as a virion, is essentially a nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) enclosed in a protein shell or coat

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    UC Berkeley Human Engineering Laboratory
    Research focuses on the design and control of a class of robotic systems worn or
    operated by humans to augment human mechanical strength.

  • Because of this unique interface, the human becomes an integral part of the robot and "feels" the load that the power extender is carrying

    Female Genital Mutilation - A Human Rights Information Pack
    Amnesty International covers the topic of clitoridectomy, including procedures,
    why and where practiced, mental and physical effects on women.

  • WHAT IS FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION? The different types of mutilation Female genital mutilation (FGM) is the term used to refer to the removal of part, or all, of the female genitalia

  • The procedure consists of clitoridectomy (where all, or part of, the clitoris is removed), excision (removal of all, or part of, the labia minora), and cutting of the labia majora to create raw surfaces, which are then stitched or held together in order to form a cover over the vagina when they heal

  • This indicates that the practice is decreasingly associated with initiation into adulthood, and this is believed to be particularly the case in urban areas

  • Where FGM is carried out as part of an initiation ceremony, as is the case in societies in eastern, central and western Africa, it is more likely to be carried out on all the girls in the community who belong to a particular age group

  • The procedure may be carried out in the girl's home, or the home of a relative or neighbour, in a health centre, or, especially if associated with initiation, at a specially designated site, such as a particular tree or river

  • Where the mutilation is part of an initiation rite, the festivities may be major events for the community


    Human cloning and eugenics must be researched to the fullest ...
    A public forum on the need for human cloning and a worldwide program of eugenics
    helping the human race improve. With a report on the science and their position ...

  • Two Part Invention by Bach Performed by Remi Human Cloning Humans are on the threshold of taking control of their own evolution! Express your own opinion and debate with others This page was last modified on Thursday, 31-Oct-2002 20:31:44 EST Dolly, the first viable clone of a sheep, was created in the following manner

  • Please note that there is no particular significance attached to the use of a mammary cell

  • Cells from many different parts of the body can be used in cloning

  • Noble classes or castes as well as religious, ethnic, and racial groups have attempted to outlaw out-group mating in an effort to maintain some kind of supposed 'purity' and also to increase the numbers of the particular group

  • A successful voluntary program in time would be so obviously advantageous that everyone would want to participate in it! Programs like the above are often derided as 'eugenics' and then dismissed on the grounds that the Nazis practiced eugenics

  • As an embryo develops and turns into a fetus, the cells that make it up begin to specialize to form the various parts of the body

  • In the adult body there are stem cells called somatic stem cells which can turn themselves into specialized cells in a particular context, but not everywhere

    The National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project
    The creation of anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representations of normal
    male and female human bodies.

  • The long-term goal of the Visible Human Project ® is to produce a system of knowledge structures that will transparently link visual knowledge forms to symbolic knowledge formats such as the names of body parts

    Howstuffworks "How Blood Works"
    Medical doctor gives a simplified explanation of blood and plasma.

  • | Popular Searches > > > > > > > Sponsored By: Subjects > > > > > > > > > > Explore Stuff > > > > > > > > How Blood Works by Table of Contents When you cut yourself accidentally, do you ever wonder what makes up this thing we call blood ? Blood is the most commonly tested part of the body, and it is truly the river of life

  • The RBCs carry oxygen from the ; the WBCs help to fight infection; and platelets are parts of cells that the body uses for clotting

  • As we age this gradually diminishes to just the bones of the spine (vertebrae), breastbone (sternum), ribs, pelvis and small parts of the upper arm and leg

    An examination of the subtle body.

  • Each of these parts of the Soul has its own nature and functions, and its own role in the awakening process

  • The physical body, for its part, is the body known to medical and biological science

  • It serves as the material foundation and instrument of the other parts of the Soul, enabling the Soul to perceive and act in the realm of material experience

  • Traditional lore assigns each of its parts to one or another part of spiritual symbolism; thus, for instance, each of the five fingers is assigned to one of the five elements

  • The etheric body is usually divided, for clarity, into two parts

  • The second part of the etheric body is called the aura or, in another context, the Sphere of Sensation

  • It contains most of those parts of the self we normally think of as "mental" or "inner"— intellect, emotion, imagination, will, and memory, the instruments of concrete consciousness — and it is also the basis for the individual personality

  • What we must learn to do is to resonate with the pure part of our psyche - the part that is open to the impulses coming from the Soul, so that the resonance of the Higher impulses are felt and manifested in the lower astral, etheric and physical bodies as well

    Music as folk medicine
    Describes the therapeutic use of music in holistic healing.

  • What matters most now is to be true to oneself, shake off the torpor, crick open each door and allow the possibilities to become manifest, and see whether we aren't still a tiny part of the organic chain of life

  • Matter is receptive to soundwaves with varying degree, and there is no matter as susceptible to soundwaves as the human body, which is for the most part composed of air and water

  • The producer of he work and author of this article, Marteinn Bjarnar a wellknown Aikido teacher in Iceland, created performed and crystallised the music during the whole of last year and the first part of this one

  • The author worked over a five-year period with the physically handicapped and mentally ill, across the greater part of Scandinavia

  • He has made use of his experience in the field of 'cause and effect movement', predominantly in various martial arts, though particularly Aikido for the past 12 years

    Michael Chorost
    Information about the book "Rebuilt: How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More
    Human" and its author, the recipient of a cochlear impant.

  • Home Rebuilt: How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human (Houghton Mifflin, 2005) is a scientific memoir of going deaf and getting my hearing back with a cochlear implant, that is, a computer embedded in my skull

  • Science fiction writers and filmmakers have speculated about cyborgs (human-computer fusions) for decades, but in this book I reveal what it’s really like to have part of one’s body controlled by a computer

  • At parties, I found that turning my volume way up and my sensitivity down to zero helped me a lot

  • I throw a dinner party each year, inviting close friends and people who have been kind to me

  • Politics? Of bionic body parts? Follow along and you’ll see

  • Olin Foundation and the Scaife Foundation (through the Carthage Foundation), among others; these are far right-wing organizations and major funders of the Republican Party

  • Computational body parts have no agency apart from their programming

  • The title implies that the book is about prostheses, and that it has a thesis – that it isn’t simply going to trundle the reader through a tour of the latest advances in bionic body parts

    Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Egyptian Mummies
    The Smithsonian Institute describes how they were preserved and who they might
    have been, with suggestions for reading more about the subject.

  • The first step in the process was the removal of all internal parts that might decay rapidly

  • Even so, unused canopic jars continued to be part of the burial ritual

  • As part of the funeral, priests performed special religious rites at the tomb's entrance

  • The most important part of the ceremony was called the "Opening of the Mouth"

  • A priest touched various parts of the mummy with a special instrument to "open" those parts of the body to the senses enjoyed in life and needed in the Afterlife

    The vocal tract
    Diagram and descriptions of the places of articulation.

  • Anatomy of the vocal tract In addition to their normal names, many of the parts of the vocal tract have fancy names derived from Latin and Greek

  • The adjectives we use to describe sounds made with each part are usually based on the Latin/Greek name

  • tongue body/dorsum the main part of the tongue, lying below the hard and soft palate

  • The body, specifically the back part of the body (hence 'dorsum', Latin for 'back'), moves to make vowels and many consonants

  • tongue root the lowest part of the tongue in the throat epiglottis the fold of tissue below the root of the tongue

  • The 'Adam's apple' in males is the bump formed by the front part of the larynx

  • the textbook tries to distinguish between sounds made with the backest part of the tongue body and sounds made with a fronter part of the tongue body


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