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    PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service
    Contains historic daily exchange rates, updated daily. Results can be shown in
    various table and plotted formats. Also lists a Euro fact sheet.

  • A service for academic research and teaching provided by at UBC's (official noon spot rates, updated daily at noon PST) (about 200 currencies; various sources, less reliable) (via Xenon Laboratories) charting single and multiple time series, moving averages, volatility charts, and more Historic Annual Average Exchange Rates (1948-2005) (Official, Bank of Canada) (updated daily) (via Yahoo!-Finance) The currencies of the world: | (updated daily) USD EUR GBP JP1 CHF CAD AUD MXN USD 1.2888 1.9087 0.8685 0.8178 0.8929 0.7667 0.0923 EUR 0.7759 1.4811 0.6739 0.6345 0.6929 0.5949 0.0716 GBP 0.5239 0.6752 0.4550 0.4284 0.4678 0.4017 0.0484 JPY 115.14 148.40 219.78 94.160 102.82 88.278 10.631 CHF 1.2229 1.5760 2.3341 1.0620 1.0919 0.9375 0.1129 CAD 1.1199 1.4433 2.1376 0.9726 0.9158 0.8586 0.1034 AUD 1.3043 1.6810 2.4896 1.1328 1.0666 1.1647 0.1204 MXN 10.831 13.958 20.673 9.4062 8.8569 9.6712 8.3037 Recent as of Wednesday, August 9, 2006

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  • FXConverter - Currency Converter for 164 Currencies FXConverter (Foreign Exchange Currency Converter) is a multi-lingual Currency Converter with up to date exchange rates provided from leading market data contributors and is filtered for validity

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    Grandfather Foreign Exchange Rate Report - summary page - by MWHodges
    Showing in picture form the long-term trends of the US dollar vs major competitors,
    with discussion on implications and policy.

  • dollar is down up to 70% the past 37 years, then up a bit in the past several years, now again nosing over > This is the International Exchange Rate Report, a chapter of the Grandfather Economic Report series which compares economic and education trends facing our young, to past generations - - and gives graphic evidence that a strong dollar (not a weak dollar) and positive trade balances are in the best interest of families and their children

  • must do more than 'talk-up' the dollar and play change the measurement criteria with statistical wizardry for GDP, inflation, productivity and reliable corporate earnings to make the economy appear better than it is

  • Additionally, continue to grow their employee headcounts at rates faster than general population growth

  • Many more conservative citizens, who stayed away from the market pounding to protect their savings, at least came out with their assets in tack but were later horrified to witness interest earnings on their assets chopped 60%+ during 2001-2004 as the Federal Reserve, trying to promote even more debt in the debt-laden economy, forced interest rates to record low levels

    Grandfather Economic Report
    Long-term trends of nation-wide state and local government spending. Features
    summaries and contact information.

  • There are so many great & positive things about our beloved America to celebrate

  • While we celebrate the many positive things about our precious America let us also be aware of our challenges - - so we can better protect ourselves and our loved ones, and further improve our great nation for our young generation

  • - Federal spending $2.5 trillion, or $8, 805 per person - or 26% of the economy, compared to 3% before - spending trends by category - proof the culprit of debt and spending has been social spending, which increased 14 times faster than the economy, as trust in government and voter turn-out rates plummeted

  • - a danger to a nation? Since the mid 1990s many statistical measurements of our economy (inflation, GDP, productivity) and education quality have been revised regarding criteria - each 'pumping-up' data as if the nation is on economic 'steroids.' Now, there is almost no clean comparison with the past, to accurately know where we are and where headed

  • - 88% decline in buying power - 1, 000% inflation my life-time - - inflation rates still higher than past and still above major foreign competitors - long-term CPI chart by old and new methods - housing up 1, 300%

    How Much is That Worth Today?
    Interactive tool to compare the purchasing power of money in the United States (or
    colonies) from any year to any other year from the 1600s to today.

  • How Much Is That? HMIT Editor Samuel H Williamson Have you ever wondered what the value of a dollar was in 1895? Or what the GDP was in 1929? Here is a place where you can ask questions of comparative value covering purchasing power, exchange rates, and other variables between the past and today - Exchange Rate - Currencies - Graphs ...
    Provides currency exchange rates, charts and graphs, historical data, country
    information, quizzes and currency converters for your webpage.

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  • Forex Rates Keep up to date on the latest forex rates, including forward rates, spot rates, fx options and of course the US dollar, Euro and Canadian exchange rate

  • Forex Rates Cambridge News International Payments Send and receive your online 24/7

  • Earlier in the week Germanys August ZEW Economic Sentiment came in worse than expected rising concerns that the EU may pause on rates

  • Overnight Range: 1.8832- 1.8911 The Yen The yen fell sharply after a weaker-than-expected increase in Japan CPI dimmed prospects of higher interest rates

  • The Japan core CPI rose at an annual rate of 0.2% in July, well below the June reading of 0.6% and the forecast for 0.5%

  • Recall that the Bank of Japan raised its interest rates from zero percent for the first time in six years on July 14, and several BoJ officials and Japan politicians indicated that the central bank will lift rates gradually afterwards

  • 25, 1944, during World War II, Paris was liberated by Allied forces after four years of Nazi occupation

    Forex Blog
    Forex news blog with daily commentary. Has a good beginner's article.

  • Sponsors - Visit our online guide and learn to trade Forex in 7 easy steps - See the advantages of Forex trading over futures trading Categories Archives August 10, 2006 ECB to further tighten money supply Last week, the European Central Bank raised interest rates to 3%

  • This move had been telegraphed to investors over the preceding few weeks, and the markets hardly stirred when the rate hike became official

  • Investors are much less certain about what the future will bring, but the consensus is the ECB will continue to hike rates

  • Meanwhile, Europe’s inflation rate, the indicator which the ECB openly uses a basis for conducting monetary policy, is hovering around 2.5%, which means the bank could certainly stand to raise rates further, to the tune of 50 or 100 basis points

  • Unfortunately for USD bulls, the ECB is beginning to tighten just as the Fed nears a peak in its interest rate cycle, which will make investing in the EU a more attractive option

  • Read More: Posted to, | August 08, 2006 US Rate Outlook is Neutral For the first time in almost two years, the Federal Reserve Board left interest rates unchanged at its monthly meeting

    Currency forecasts, dollar analysis and economics, exchange rates
    Economic analysis and forecasts service to financial organisations. Specialise in
    country risk analysis, financial research and forex markets.

  • We aim to provide the expert market information and analysis that you need for successful decision making in global markets including expert analysis of the currency, interest rate and bond markets

  • We specialise in analysing currencies, interest rates, economic trends and the dollar with services including currency forecasts and interest rate forecasts

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  • The latest inter-bank exchange rates

    fxcentre - Up to date financial, economic and foreign exchange ...
    Provides a range of live, financial economic and foreign exchange market related
    news and views in Ireland.

  • home news the markets analysis services about GTS Sunday 3rd September 2006 site map contact us fx rates interest rates equities breaking news fx rates updates every 5 minutes int rates updated twice daily live from Business & Finance Media World indices DOW 11464.15 +83 FTSE 5949.1 +43 ISEQ 8092.07 +47.02 NASDAQ 2193.16 +9.41 NIKKEI 16134.25 -6.51 Updated regularly, indicative only services Historic Average FX Rates 2005 send us your feedback on fx online historic fx and interest rates custom rates & equities directly to your mobile confirm and view deals & payments online make us your homepage Latest Topic New! NO ESCAPING RISING COST OF LIVING The annual rate of headline inflation in Ireland increased to 4.2% in July from 2.5% at the end of last year and from under 2% at the start of 2004

  • (142K) morning comment previous comments The euro initially firmed yesterday following hawkish comments by Trichet following the ECB meeting, at which rates were left on hold as expected

  • (99K) As at: 15.22 Friday, 01 Sep 2006 The Governing Council of the European Central Bank meets again on Thursday to discuss eurozone interest rate policy


    Exchange Rate, Currency Exchange, Currency Exchange Rate - Camfex ...
    Směnárna v centru Prahy, nákup a prodej valut, kurzovní lístek a převody peněz
    do celého světa.

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  • Exchange Rates and Currency Coverter Informers Make your web pages more informative by adding our informers of current exchange rates in Prague and currency converter

  • 31 Jungmannova, Prague 1, 110 00 Dealing Department: +420 2244 94346, +420 731 186903 Toll free number: 800 160 000 E-mail: Exchange Rates valid from 09:33 14.09.2006 Currency Ticket Amount Bid Ask United States Dollar USD 1 22.35 22.55 Euro EUR 1 28.37 28.55 British Pound GBP 1 41.90 42.20 Swiss Franc CHF 1 17.80 18.00 Japanese Yen JPY 100 18.90 19.10 Danish Crown DKK 1 3.77 3.81 Norway Crown NOK 1 3.39 3.42 Sweden Crown SEK 1 3.04 3.08 Canadian Dollar CAD 1 19.85 20.05 Australian Dollar AUD 1 16.70 16.90 Slovakia Crown SKK 100 75.45 76.20 Polish Zloty PLN 1 7.15 7.28 Croatia Kuna HRK 1 3.80 3.95 Russian Rouble RUB 100 79.50 83.50 Cyprus Pound CYP 1 47.00 51.00 Hungarian Forint HUF 100 10.25 10.55 Currency Converter Currency Amount buy sell Subscribe for exchange rates E-mail: subscribe unsubscribe | Camfex Group © 2001 - 2005

    InfoBrazil: Terror Strikes I: Economic Reverberations
    Alcides Ferreira. "Still unclear just how the past week's terrorist attacks in
    United States - and how the US responds to them - will impact the Brazilian ...

  • The Brazilian real's exchange rate against the U.S

  • The exchange rate now floats

  • This is the first time in history that Brazil faces such a crisis with a floating exchange rate policy in place

  • Just a few months ago, the Central Bank would intervene heavily in the foreign exchange market to control the exchange rate

  • They are not trying to prevent the exchange rate from rising; - The floating exchange rate mechanism controls itself

  • dollar exchange rate increases too much, imported goods will be more expensive, but Brazil's exports will also become so attractive that the cost of purchasing U.S

  • This would stabilize the exchange rate at some point in the near future – in other words, the exchange rate will not rise indefinitely at the pace observed in recent weeks

  • The question that remains is at what level will the exchange rate reach a new balance? Any speculation at this point would be just that – for now, nobody can answer that question with any degree of certainty

  • - New exchange rate parameters mean higher costs for most of the economy

  • But whether industry, for example, will be able to increase its prices to compensate for higher costs linked to a rising exchange rate, is another matter

    CIA World Factbook: United States
    Features a map and brief descriptions of geography, economy, government, and people. New Iraqi Currency
    Provides information and links for background reading on the currency exchange.

  • To generate cash, he instructed all banks to stop making payments other than those needed to pay government workers

  • In 1982 Iraq devalued the dinar by 5 percent, to a value equal to US$3.22, and sustained this official exchange rate without additional devaluation despite mounting debt

  • In early 1988, the official dinar-dollar exchange rate was still ID1 to US$3.22; however, with estimates of the nation's inflation rate ranging from 25 percent to 50 percent per year in 1985 and 1986, the dinar's real transaction value, or black market exchange rate, was far lower-- only about half the 1986 official rate

  • These shopping trips by people from the northern governorates were a result of the more attractive prices at which products were available in Kirkuk compared to the north, due to the low value of the 'new' Iraqi Dinar used in Government of Iraq [GOI] areas as against the 'old' Iraqi Dinar in use in the north

  • American Banknote Corporation (formerly United States Banknote Corporation) is primarily concerned with the engraving and printing of corporate and government securities and other secure documents, including the production of holograms

    Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS)
    A nonstock, nonprofit government research institution engaged in long-term,
    policy-oriented research.

  • Today, the exchange rate is P52 = US$1

  • So what does this mean? What is exchange rate anyway? What does it show? Why is it important? And how is it determined? All these are explained in this short writeup

  • Orbeta, Senior Research Fellow, PIDS Database Updates The Peso per US Dollar exchange rate hits the highest monthly average for the year

  • The year-on-year headline inflation rate at the national level further slowed down to 6.7 percent in June from 6.9 percent in May

  • Average Monthly Crime Rate for the month of May declined to 6.95 per 100, 000 population from 7.26 in April

    The Value of Money in Colonial America
    Essay: British policy was guided by the supposition that its colonies would
    contribute revenue, and stimulate industrial growth, by providing both raw materials ...

  • Three months later, on September 27th the value was further increased to 60d (5s) or 11% above the London rate

  • In 1682 Massachusetts reduced the rate to 66d (5s6d) per Spanish dollar, so it would be on par with Massachusetts silver but in 1692 they once again raised its value back to 72d (6s)

  • This remained the official legislated rate but Spanish American dollars sometimes traded at even above this legislated rate

  • Colonists were able to use these coins within their monetary system of pounds, shillings and pence because Britain set exchange rates between sterling and many foreign coins

  • For example, under the 55% 'upcrying' in 1705 in Massachusetts an unclipped Spanish dollar was valued at 55% above the sterling rate of 54d (4s6d) which came to 84d (7s) and a full weight Lion dollar of Holland (at 44d or 3s8d sterling) was about 68d (5s8d); thus an article costing 24s could be purchased for one Spanish dollar and three Lion dollars

  • The proclamation specified that a full weight Spanish dollar valued at 54d (4s6d) sterling would pass in the colonies at 72d (6s), which was a third above the sterling rate

  • Further the colonists were prohibited from trading any silver coins at more than a third (33.33%) above the British sterling rate

    Forex Street. The Foreign Exchange Market
    Offers real-time exchange rates, forex news, currency converter, market forecasts
    and charts.

  • Central Banks Special Coverage Fed Interest Rate Decision The secret has been revealed and finally the Fed has decided to keep interest rates on hold at 5.25%

  • After 17 consecutive rate hikes, this pause in the cycle is trying to stop the inflation, although the FOMC statement noted that 'some inflation risks remain'

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    Colonial Currency, Prices, and Exchange Rates
    An essay on colonial currency, prices, and exchange rates by Leslie V. Brock.

  • The Colonial Currency, Prices, and Exchange Rates Leslie V

  • Brock Professor Emeritus of History, College of Idaho with Introductory Comments by Ron Michener, Associate Professor Department of Economics, University of Virginia The following article, 'The Colonial Currency, Prices, and Exchange Rates, ' was written, and is being published, under unusual circumstances

  • The manuscript version of the article he left behind lacked the polish, terseness, and careful footnoting usually found in first-rate historical research

  • Now, however, he felt it necessary to return to the earlier period, to write a more accurate account based on original sources

  • Apart from Ernst, I have developed some statistical data that introduce a new dimension into the behavior of exchange rates in New York and Pennsylvania, for example, in the period after the mid-forties, as these rates are influenced by the fluctuations of the price of Spanish silver in London.' Unfortunately, Brock's failing health made even the article an ambitious and perhaps unrealistic undertaking

  • For example, he merged his data on exchange rates with the data in McCusker's Money and Exchange, and used these revised figures in the paper


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