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A Poor Wise Man by Mary Roberts Rinehart - Project Gutenberg
Etext at Project Gutenberg.

The Official Peter Cetera Fanclub
Biography, discography, lyrics, news, mailing list and fan site of the month.

John Cleese
Filmography, trivia, photographs and links.

Life of Brian (1979)
Cast/credits plus additional information about the film.

info: WISE MAN

Photo by www.owlnet.rice.edu

Proverbs of Ahikar the Wise
Selected proverbs.

Wise-Man Automation & Controls, Inc.
Distributor, contractor, designer, fabricator, installer, repairs, and services
for automation and controls.

The Wise Man's Guide To The Twenty-First Century
Information about the Independent Consulting Profession; the book by Douglas
Blaine Kenney.

The Baldwin Project: Indian Fables by Ramaswami Raju
By James Baldwin (1841-1925), e-text from the Baldwin Project.


Photo by static.flickr.com

A day with Diogenes
A fictional dialogue by Terry Ballard.

Philosophy- Squashed Plato - The Apology - Condensed and Abridged
Selection of excerpts from this dialogue by Plato. By Glyn Hughes.

The New Foundation Fellowship. Gathered by Jesus Christ.
New Foundation Fellowship is a ministry dedicated to promoting the spiritual
understanding that marked the early Friends (Quakers) through traveling ministers, ...

Historicity Of Jesus FAQ
An analysis of the historical record.


Adrian's Blog
Blog by Adrian Warnock, a regular preacher at Jubilee Church in North London, UK.

In its popular sense, the word stands for a refined and calculating selfishness,
seeking not power or fame, but the pleasures of sense, particularly of the ...

Parable by Perry E. Metzger. In a land of transparent trees, the invention of
paint causes the government to pass laws to maintain its spying abilities.

Stoicism [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
Description of the system of ethics, popular in Ancient Greece, which has physics
as its foundation.

A story that parallels to the Old Testament.

Latin Sayings
An alphabetized list of proverbs and wisdom in Latin (with translations).

Buddha's World; Golden Rules of Buddhism, HS Olcott
The too prevalent ignorance among even adult Sinhalese Buddhists of the ethical
code of their religion lead HS Olcott to issue this little compilation.

The Cow Te Ching
Tongue-in-cheek interpretation by Kevin Solway & David Quinn. Fun for a laugh.


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