69 full scale star maps for visual use with the seti@home screen saver.

  • SETI @ HOME TEAM ART BELL THE SEARCH FOR EXTRATERRESTRIAL INTELLIGENCE THE STAR MAPS Welcome As an amateur astronomer for the last 33 years I endeavoured to design this site to provide 68 full scale star maps to all members of SETI Teams WorldWide These maps can be used to visually locate areas in the night sky in relationship to the Data Info provided by SETI@home Not only can you view the graphics of the data being proccessed, but you now have advantage to step outside and locate the position in the sky yourself! A Message to New Comers A Message to New Comers SETI@Home is a project where your computer screen saver can be used to process SETI dataSETI@Home is a project where your computer screen saver can be used to process SETI data collected at the Arecibo Radio Observatory.collected at the Arecibo Radio Observatory

  • Once you begin processing then Join Team Art Bell

  • Select a nickname and receive a password via email, Select a nickname and receive a password via email, then you'll be part of the Art Bell team!then you'll be part of the Art Bell team! The Celestial Coordinate System Right Ascension and Declination In the celestial coordinate system the North and South Celestial Poles are determined by projecting the rotation axis of the Earth to intersect the celestial sphere, which in turn defines a Celestial Equator

    Hogue Prophecy - Nostradamus and Predictions for the New Millennium
    John Hogue, author, mystic, on Nostradamus and the prophetic traditions of the
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  • Radio/TV John Hogue is a regular guest on the Art Bell "Dreamland" and "America Coast to Coast" radio shows, and has also been a guest on: "Ancient Prophecies" (NBC) "The View" (ABC) "Unsolved Mysteries" (CBS) "A? Biography: Nostradamus" ( Cable TV) Email:

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  • our latest release is everybody's weather located at Everybody's Interactive offers Rich media email services - Everybody's Interactive has had the honor of having our work published on Art Bell's Coast to Coast AM radio show starring art Bell and George Noory

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  • See an excellent article on the on (image © Tuesday August 15, 2006 | Has ET Really Called? On the July 30, 2006 'Coast to Coast AM' radio broadcast, Art Bell made the following announcement

  • During the broadcast of the Bell radio show, a listener called in to say that he had contacted SETI about the claims and they, of course, denied the reception of any 'alien' signal

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  • In America he was interviewed on July 9 on Coast to Coast AM radio show with Art Bell, which has estimated listeners of over 750, 000

  • The phone lines to Art Bell "burned up." Art Bell was most impressed with the level of detail that had gone into designing Oceania, from the court system to the location to satellite phones to underwater hotels

    Article written in 1995 by Frederick Mann and Taansen Fairmont Sumeru examines
    the Atlantis Project and compares it to Terra Libra.

    Easy Bake Coven
    Skewed views on music and politics from a long time peace loving, guitar picking,
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  • The 62-year-old Manhattan artist doesn't just hear sounds; she sees them in brilliant colors.The ringing of a doorbell, for instance, causes her to see a splash of bright blue

    New World Order: NWO Internet Radio Shows
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  • Replays: Monday ~ Friday 9-12 PM LISTEN HERE [16 KBPS] [16 KBPS] Replays Starbase 479 Star Trek Programming! And Other Sci Fi Shows!! - Classic with Host - Art Bell/ George Noory, The Show, A Closer Look Host -, Starbase 479 - A mixture of Shows that are off topic to this particular Web Site along with worthy Radio Hosts, You may have to do some filtering to get to the NWO type Shows, the occasional good Show/ Interviewee crops up on 'Coast To Coast', NB Don't expect too much honesty from Art Bell (weekends) however George Noory (Mon~Fri) is taking the show places and thoroughly opposes the NWO

  • Spaceman (Gary Bell): - 'View From Space', - AM 640 Toronto (Formerly: MOJO Radio)

  • There are now some archives of 'Gary Bell - A View From Space' available to download here

  • These include (but are not limited to) the following Hosts / Shows: Gary Bell/ Spaceman 'A View from Space' Jeff Rense Frankly Speaking Radio (Frank Whalen) National Intel Report (John Stadtmiller) RBN Jack Blood Dr


    Examines lunar mission photographs, finds flaws in various claims that they are faked.

  • Hoagland "debated" Collier on Art Bell's "Coast to Coast AM" radio program

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  • She also hosts the Saturday night/Sunday morning Coast to Coast AM -- The Art Bell Program -- Gus Grissom didn't sink the Liberty Bell 7 Mercury ... article about the American astronaut.

  • advertisement Gus Grissom didn't sink the Liberty Bell 7 Mercury capsule By Senior Producer, posted: 07:00 am ET 17 June 2000 CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla

  • And those who were close to Gus say they have had it with the stories that America's second astronaut panicked at splashdown, accidentally blew his hatch and caused Liberty Bell 7 to sink

  • Gus Grissom poses in front of his Liberty Bell 7 capsule before the July 1961 mission

  • But unlike Shepard's Freedom 7 spacecraft, Grissom's Liberty Bell 7 was equipped with a window and a new hatch design capable of being thrown clear by explosive charges as needed after splashdown

  • All because of the hatch on Liberty Bell 7

  • Anybody who comes up with some Klondike thing...' Launch pad leader Guenter Wendt checks out the Liberty Bell 7 capsule in this 1961 NASA image

  • The thinking is that the small panel fell off the capsule either as Liberty Bell Seven deployed its main parachute or shortly after

  • Mercury-Redstone 4 lifts off (left) from Cape Canaveral on July 21, 1961 to fly a 15-minute mission that ends with a Marine helicopter trying to prevent Liberty Bell 7 from sinking to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

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  • Steven Greer disclosed on the Art Bell radio show "Coast to Coast? That ET's have made radio contact with SETI


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