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  • Never one to rest on his laurels, 'Satch' set on a new journey on his Grammy nominated Engines of Creation , an electronica offering that was markedly different from his rock staples

  • The location of his critically-acclaimed DVD Live in San Francisco was fitting, given that he has played the National anthem at the Oakland A's season opener, as well as at many San Francisco Giants and 49ers games

  • Satriani recently released his eighth full-length album, Strange Beautiful Music , and after a listen, you will realize that Satriani is back at what he does best: put out soulful, blinding rock tunes that reshape the music landscape with every strum of the guitar

  • The man that has toured with Mick Jagger, Deep Purple and launched the legendary G3 movement, showcasing talented players like Eric Johnson and Steve Vai, is stepping up to the plate again and the audience is eagerly listening..

  • Rock is one of those styles that just brings in elements from everywhere

  • I composed the sounds of those instruments in a specific way and felt that those guys would best communicate that

  • I like doing that, working with one or two other people who tap me on the shoulder and say 'hey, that sucks...' (laughs)

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  • In a TCM interview, said that Sinatra was extremely sensitive about his padding and did not appreciate the usual movie set horseplay involving his lower half

  • Having got *that* out of the way, however, there is simply no denying that ON THE TOWN is essential viewing in the Kelly oeuvre

  • It should probably also be granted that there isn't quite enough dancing, especially not from Gene Kelly (who is always a delight to watch, even when mostly playing the bystander as he was in the 'Count On Me' number) and Ann Miller, who got the chance to show off her amazing tap-dancing skills and gorgeous gams in the wildly energetic 'Prehistoric Man'

  • All the same, the sweet ballad 'Main Street' that Gabey sings to Ivy is accompanied by a beautiful dance routine that shades naturally and easily from dancing to walking and back again--a perfect example of Gene Kelly's ability as both dancer and choreographer to present and capture movie magic with no special effects

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  • World Keys presents a series of brilliantly crafted piano works that traverse different world musics—from Turkish Aksak rhythms and Arabian Maqam to Peking Opera of China—and juxtaposes them with works in the Western piano canon

  • "I heartily recommend this CD to you, for the performances, the vitality of it, and for the wonderful sound that Reference has captured

  • To an otherwise normal-sized orchestra, the composer added a large number of percussion instruments that shine, glisten and tinkle: glockenspiel, xylophone, piano, chimes, triangle, tambourine, cymbals and two harps

  • "Listening to this recording is one of those exultant musical experiences that will remind you why you got into the audiophile game in the first place." - SoundStage.com - complete review - Sergei Rachmaninoff was one of the most beloved composers of the twentieth century

  • His music is redolent of his Russian homeland, and it sings long, lush melodies that define the term 'romantic.' Everyone who knows and loves his piano concertos will enjoy these lyrical and dynamic works for orchestra

  • Two have said this is the finest orchestral recording RR has ever made! "Listening to this recording is one of those exultant musical experiences that will remind you why you got into the audiophile game in the first place." - EIJI OUE / MINNESOTA ORCHESTRA RR-96 HDCD -- $16.98 Track Listing: Symphonic Dances [Non allegro; Tempo di valse; Lento assa]; Vocalise; Études–Tableaux [The Sea and the Seagulls; The Fair; Funeral March; Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf; March]

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  • Thank you for your vote! > Theatre posted on Sep 4, 2006 No Limits Records founder Master P is launching a series of gospel stage plays that deliver a meaningful message about God and family values

  • Prolific songwriting and production team Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and Antonio “L.A.” Reid were named BMI Icons for their “enduring influence on generations of music makers.” > Business posted on Aug 30, 2006 Hubbard Media Group and a group of private investors that include indie film moguls Harvey and Bob Weinstein have acquired Ovation: The Arts Network

  • > Theatre posted on Aug 30, 2006 Center Theatre Group Artistic Director Michael Ritchie has announced that the world premiere of Berry Gordy’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, ” which was scheduled as the final production of the Ahmanson Theatre’s 2006-2007 season next summer, has been replaced by “Jersey Boys, ” winner of this year’s Tony® Award for Best Musical

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  • In fact, with the application of mathematics in business and the social sciences, there is hardly a field that you can enter that does not need a good background in mathematics

  • You do not have to solve all five problems in each set; submit any number that you can do

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