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  • Copyright © Since 1988 | Getting Military Records Permission granted to link this site to your Webpage INDEX If you are seeking information from your own or someone else's military record, please note the following: Under the provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974, we must have the written consent of the individual whose records are involved before considering a request to review a record and/or to furnish information/photocopies from the record

  • The Privacy Act of 1974 also provides for the release of information with the written consent (signature) of the individual to whom the records pertain

  • The Privacy Act does not apply to the records of deceased individuals; however, Department of Defense instructions indicate that in such cases we must have the written consent of the next of kin (NOK)

  • REQUEST MILITARY PERSONNEL RECORDS YOU NEED TO OR: Obtain a copy of Form Complete the form with the fullest amount of info you know about the military service of the veteran Send the completed to: Mail: The National Personnel Records Center Military Personnel Records 9700 Page Avenue St

  • Louis, MO 63132-5100 Or, FAX: 314 801-9195 REQUEST MILITARY MEDICAL RECORDS YOU NEED TO 1

    Online Searchable Military Records, Databases & Military Rosters
    Links to free and fee based online military records from the Revolutionary War
    to Vietnam.

  • First Name Last Name Online Searchable Military Records & Databases - USA a genealogy guide Note - many of the military indexes listed here are free to use - the ones that require payment are marked Revolutionary War (requires payment) nearly 426, 000 total names (requires payment) about 1700 listings (requires payment) (Before June 1, 1792, Kentucky was a part of Virginia) (requires payment) searchable online includes Revolutionary War records War of 1812 (requires payment) nearly 600, 000 listings Black Hawk War Mexican War Civil War Databases, Records & Rosters (these require payment) includes..

  • (over 5.3 million) (nearly 2.5 million) (over 2.1 million) includes digitized images of the census records (requires payment) covers 34 states & territories plus DC indexes about 6 million Civil War soldiers not complete; includes some Confederate veterans (surnames A-M) (also includes a separate listing for the New Mexico Campaign of 1862) (now called Arsenal Island) (ongoing project) (13, 000 death notices) also includes other wars (downloadable PDF file) (downloadable PDF files) (includes digital images) includes rosters of Vermont units includes many Civil War records Union Veterans & Widows of Union Veterans Ordering Civil War Records..

    GW Bush Went AWOL
    Alleges that Bush failed to report for his National Guard service term in Alabama
    during Vietnam.

  • Bush says he's released all his records ...if that's true, then has anyone seen: Any pages from Bush's flight log Records from the Flight Inquiry Board convened after Bush was suspended as a pilot Any evidence of Bush's reclassification into another AFSC after suspension as a pilot Any photos of George Bush in a military uniform after 1972 Anything at all from any Alabama unit with Bush's name on it Any copies of form 44a from the Alabama National Guard certifying attendance Air Force Form 142 (Aviation Service Audit Worksheet) Anything proving service (not just receipt of pay) by Bush between May 1972 and May 1973? (And what is it precisely that the blathering right-wing pundits seem to think is missing from ?) for a side-by-side comparison of publicly available military records of both GW Bush and John Kerry

  • This is not the story of a search for missing records

  • We have the pertinent records

  • ' Dana Milbank, Washington Post 2/9/04: 'Bush said he would 'absolutely' release records such as pay stubs that would, if found, indicate more precisely how often he reported for duty.' Boston Globe Feb

    Military Records
    Links to information and records for the US military researcher.

  • | Genealogy Records Free Genealogy Forms Census Records Indulge Yourself Lavish Treats ...

  • we dare you to! Military Records Because the military, being the archetype of bureaucratic organizations, has kept detailed records, these records are an invaluable source of information about servicemen and women and the families they may have left behind

  • Aside from the additional information to family stories, consider what these records represent in the history of the world

  • Military Records Vietnam Military Cemeteries Online Help Articles – Roseann Reinemuth Hogan, Ph.D


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    Civil War Records
    Civil War regimental rosters, muster rolls, and histories for all states including
    battlefield maps...

  • | Genealogy Records Census Records Civil War Records Records for Civil War Civil War Medal of Honor Recipients Books, CD's, and Movies for purchase Cemeteries - National Military Burial Sites, all wars - State Military Burial Sites, all wars

  • Mobile Cemetery Civil War Battlefield Maps Databases Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (hosted at the ) - Union - Confederate Others Serving in the Civil War Photographs Records by State Alabama Arkansas Drew County Lawrence County Saline County : Brother Against Brother California (hosted at ) , California Regiment Connecticut , 1861-1864 , Volunteer Infantry , Volunteer Infantry Florida Georgia Illinois History , Service Record , Service Record Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky - Confederate Roll of Honor , Mill Springs Battlefield , Historical - Confederate Roll of Honor , Marcus F

    Military Record Requests
    Provides detailed instructions on how to obtain free copies of service documents,
    including your DD...

  • Search Search All NARA Web Pages Search Current Section Only Veterans and Their Families Military Service Records Services & Resources Historical Documents Other Veterans Resources Veterans and their Families We protect veterans’ privacy

  • That's why these records are not available for viewing or download

  • On this site you may also: learn how records support and their requests for services, find information about —from the Revolutionary to the Persian Gulf War—which paint a vivid picture of heroism, inspiration and sacrifice

  • Frequently Asked Questions How can I get a copy of my DD Form 214, Report of Separation (or equivalent form)? Where can I call for help or immediate assistance? How can I learn about benefits for dependents and families? How does the National Archives protect the privacy of veterans records? I've heard that NPRC will be scanning my military records and destroying the original documents, and that I can have the paper file if I request it

  • Is that true? My great grandfather served in the Civil War (Revolutionary War, War of 1812, etc.) How do I obtain information concerning his military service? Veterans' Service Records National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) Resources & Services at the NPRC-MPR: The U.S

    Ancestor Search: US Military Records
    Use this guide to determine if your ancestor served in the military and learn
    how to send away to...

  • Find Your Ancestry using Military Records Find your ancestors with the help of military records

  • First Name Last Name Locality > Find Your US Ancestors through Military Records U

  • Military Records The United States has kept records of the people who have served in its military since the formation of the country and it is amazing how much genealogical information these records contain

  • Because these records were created at the time the event happened, military records are considered primary genealogy records

  • wars for which there are federal records: Revolutionary War, 1775-83 Indian Wars, 1780s-1800 War of 1812, 1812-15 Mexican War, 1846-48 Civil War, 1861-65 Spanish-American War, 1898 Philippine Insurrection, 1899-1902 World War I, 1917-18 World War II, 1941-45 Korean War, 1950-53 Vietnam War, 1965-73 Gulf War, 1991 Records of military service before the Revolutionary War are kept in the

  • Confederate records from the Civil War are also found in state archives and you can get information on how to order

  • Types of Records The Federal military records typically used for genealogy are: Enlistment and service records Pension records Service Records According to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), service records will contain enlistment/appointment, duty stations and assignments, training, qualifications, performance, awards and medals, disciplinary actions, insurance, emergency data, administrative remarks, separation, discharge, retirement, and other personnel actions

    Public Record Searches of military history and genealogy
    Based in Richmond, not far from the PRO. Specialising in military, metropolitan
    police, royal Irish...

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    Texas Adjutant General Service Records
    A search for Texas servicemen who served from 1836-1935.

  • Texas Adjutant General Service Records 1836-1935 Search Form Digital images now available for this collection! Visit the NEW search page at ! First-time users may wish to begin by reading the for more information about the Texas Adjutant General service records and search tool

  • Name Call Number Organization If you have additional questions or wish to order a copy of a service record, please contact the Texas State Archives at or phone 512-463-5480

    Colorado State Military Records
    Describes the historical military Service and Administrative records available.

  • Division of Information Technologies 1313 Sherman, Room 1B20 Denver, CO 80203 Phone: 303-866-2358 Fax: 303-866-2257 Colorado State Archives Military Records Officers of the 1st Colorado Infantry, U.S.V, June 1898 (Photo from History of the Military Organizations of the State of Colorado, 1860-1935 , by Major John H

  • Nankivell) The Colorado State Archives services Colorado Volunteer and Colorado National Guard military records which are useful for historical, genealogical and other research needs

  • We will provide access to these records upon receipt of information such as dates, names, and any other relevant data which may assist with the search

  • Records deposited with the Colorado State Archives are available for use subject to restrictions and limitations imposed by the agency of origin, by executive order, by statutory guidelines, or by the Colorado State Archivist

  • On-line Indexes Service Records The Colorado State Archives has numerous record types under the category of "Service Records"

  • Information that may be found in these records include: name; rank; age; organization; physical description; biographical information; date of enrollment and by whom; length of service; mustering out date, place, by whom, and reason; and discharge data

    Boston Globe: Bush Fell Short on Duty at Guard
    The Globe says he fell well short of meeting his military obligations in the Air
    National Guard.

  • Today's Globe Politics Opinion Magazine Education Science NECN Special reports Obituaries Traffic | Weather Home > News > Nation Bush fell short on duty at Guard Records show pledges unmet September 8, 2004 This article was reported by the Globe Spotlight Team -- reporters Stephen Kurkjian, Francie Latour, Sacha Pfeiffer, and Michael Rezendes, and editor Walter V

  • ADVERTISEMENT In February, when the White House made public hundreds of pages of President Bush's military records, White House officials repeatedly insisted that the records prove that Bush fulfilled his military commitment in the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War

  • COMPLETE COVERAGE: Bush's National Guard record But Bush fell well short of meeting his military obligation, a Globe reexamination of the records shows: Twice during his Guard service -- first when he joined in May 1968, and again before he transferred out of his unit in mid-1973 to attend Harvard Business School -- Bush signed documents pledging to meet training commitments or face a punitive call-up to active duty

  • He didn't meet the commitments, or face the punishment, the records show

    USA Today - Questions About Bush's Guard Service Unanswered
    Lists several questions about President Bush's stint in the Texas Air National
    Guard which have gone...

  • E-mail: Select one: HTML Text Breaking News E-Mail Alerts • Questions about Bush's Guard service unanswered By Dave Moniz and Jim Drinkard, USA TODAY WASHINGTON — At a time when Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has come under fire from a group of retired naval officers who say he lied about his combat record in Vietnam, questions about President Bush's 1968-73 stint in the Texas Air National Guard remain unresolved: ( Related item : groups) Some of the documents about President Bush's military service documents still have not been made public

  • George Bush Presidential Library • Why did Bush, described by some of his fellow officers as a talented and enthusiastic pilot, stop flying fighter jets in the spring of 1972 and fail to take an annual physical exam required of all pilots? • What explains the apparent gap in the president's Guard service in 1972-73, a period when commanders in Texas and Alabama say they never saw him report for duty and records show no pay to Bush when he was supposed to be on duty in Alabama? • Did Bush receive preferential treatment in getting into the Guard and securing a coveted pilot slot despite poor qualifying scores and arrests, but no convictions, for stealing a Christmas wreath and rowdiness at a football game during his college years? The White House has released hundreds of pages of records, but the files released so far haven't answered those questions


    US Military Veteran Locator
    Search for personnel from each branch of service, or search for units. Free service,
    which requires...

  • Members: 692, 394 Sunday, August 20, 2006 US Army US Navy USAF USMC Coast Guard Military & Veteran search, military record information, bulletin boards, reunion information and much more! Vet helps you to reunite with friends and family who are veterans of or are currently serving in the US Army, USN, USAF, USMC and USCG! Learn how to obtain your or your family members' Military Records from the U.S

  • Information on how to request Military Personnel Records & Separation Papers (DD-214) from the U.S

  • Complete forms to get your or your parent's military records! Post and learn about upcoming reunions

    Military Records
    The Archives Division has records of the Military Department dating from 1847
    until 1986.

  • Military Records See the for an agency history, images, web links, and detailed descriptions of Oregon Military Department records held by the Oregon State Archives

  • Brief Overview The records of the Military Department held by the Oregon State Archives consist of correspondence, reports, public relations releases, claim files, minutes, bonds, election returns, maps, photographs, enlistment and service records, plans, orders, medical case records, legal case records, muster rolls, rosters, logs, and applications

  • The records of Oregon's Indian wars - Cayuse (1847-1850), Rogue River (1855-1856), Modoc (1872-1873), Bannock (1878), and Umatilla (1878) - document the formation and deployment of military units, logistics and supply, arms used, campaign strategy, political activities, inter-tribal relations, the relationship of the Oregon Military Department to the U.S

  • The Civil War (1861-1865), the Spanish American War and subsequent Philippine pacification (1898-1902), the Mexican Border War (1916), World War I (1916-1918), and the Vietnam War (1961-1973) are all represented in the records of the Military Department

  • In addition to war-time activities, the records of the Military Department document the creation and maintenance of soldiers homes and hospitals, the payment of veteran's claims, emergency mobilization planning, the surveillance of communists, riot suppression, emergency forest fire control, the creation of the Oregon Naval Militia (1911-1927), the building and maintenance of armories, the creation of National Guard units, the development of rules and regulations governing the Military Department, and the role of the Military Department in the federal military system

    Cyndi's List - Military Resources Worldwide
    Features links to general military resource sites.

  • Search Military Records: First Name: Last Name: Advertisement : Your genealogy starting point online for more than a ! Web Browse Cyndi's List: Search: About Cyndi's List Advertisements Try a Free Issue! GPC and Clearfield Company Advertisements (Frequently Asked Questions): Advertisement Advertisement Military Resources Worldwide Category Index Related Categories     Australians serving in WWII

  • See also:   Including these records: Military, Royal Navy, Merchant Navy, Convict, Railway, West Indies, Passenger Lists, History Projects

  • Excellent information on how to obtain naval service records for Italians during World War II

  •     A project to record all New Zealand Military Service Personnel in a free online data base

  •   From the US National Archives & Records Administration

    Military Service in Early Harwinton
    Reprint from History of Litchfield County With Illustrations and Biographical
    Sketches, JW Lewis...

  • It is noteworthy that although many Harwinton soldiers died of camp sickness, there is no record of Harwinton men killed in battle while fighting in the Continental Army

    Civil War Records in the Florida State Archives
    The Florida State Archives maintains a number of collections documenting Florida's
    role in the War...

  • CIVIL WAR RECORDS IN THE FLORIDA STATE ARCHIVES The Florida State Archives has digitized its collection of Confederate pension records with over 13, 000 pensions available online

  • SERVICE RECORDS Confederate The Archives houses several microfilmed collections consisting of the military service records of Florida soldiers

  • These records contain the most detailed information on a soldier's service, including enlistment and discharge dates, location during service, wounds, orders affecting the specific soldier, and often accompanying correspondence, vouchers, etc

  • Union Similar records for Florida Unionists include the "Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the State of Florida" (Series 978) , and " Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the State of Florida" (Series 977)

  • The records of black Floridians who enlisted in the U.S

  • PENSION RECORDS Confederate Following the Civil War, Florida and the other southern states provided pensions for Confederate veterans

  • The Florida State Archives houses various records created by the State Board of Pensions

    Women In Military Service For America Memorial
    The Women in Military Service for American Memorial overviews the service of
    black women from the...

  • ARTICLES Early Patriots No documented records have been discovered of black women's military service in the American Revolution

  • Four of their names—Alice Kennedy, Sarah Kinno, Ellen Campbell and Betsy Young—have been recorded

  • 1 Black nurses are in the record books of both Union and Confederate hospitals

  • Tuskegee Institute records reveal five nursing graduates served in Army camps

  • In another generation young black women who join the military will have scant record of their predecessors who fought on the two fronts of discrimination—segregation and reluctant acceptance by males

  • National Archives, Record Group 94

  • 'Cathay Williams Black Woman Soldier, 1866-1868.' MINERVA (Fall/Winter 1992): 1-12; National Archives Record Groups 15, 94

  • National Archives, Record Group 112 - Genealogy and Family History Records
    Subscription based resource of worldwide census, marriage, newspaper and various
    other records. Includes...

    Large resource for UK and Irish genealogy, lists various guides, county by county
    links, bulletin...

  • There are details of techniques for recording them and references to some that are online

  • Its records also include official copies of the records of Ulster King of Arms the originals of which remain in Dublin.' Additional information is provided by the Society of Genealogists' Information Leaflet: ''

  • For English and Welsh records see PRO Leaflet:

  • Scottish records are held at the in Edinburgh

  • The Record Interpreter (Charles T

  • For English and Welsh records see PRO Leaflet:

  • Scottish testamentary records are held at the in Edinburgh

  • For English and Welsh records see PRO Leaflet:

  • Scottish tax records are held at the in Edinburgh


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