Hogue Prophecy - Nostradamus and Predictions for the New Millennium
John Hogue, author, mystic, on Nostradamus and the prophetic traditions of the
world, offers a new millennium perspective.

  • Radio/TV John Hogue is a regular guest on the Art Bell "Dreamland" and "America Coast to Coast" radio shows, and has also been a guest on: "Ancient Prophecies" (NBC) "The View" (ABC) "Unsolved Mysteries" (CBS) "A? Biography: Nostradamus" ( Cable TV) Email:

    69 full scale star maps for visual use with the seti@home screen saver.

    Everybody's Interactive :: Web Strategies, Interactive ...
    Full service interactive media firm including e-marketing, e-learning and e-commerce.
    Includes headlines and information on services.

  • our latest release is everybody's weather located at Everybody's Interactive offers Rich media email services - Everybody's Interactive has had the honor of having our work published on Art Bell's Coast to Coast AM radio show starring art Bell and George Noory

    PRSNE-- The Paranormal Research Society of New England John Zaffis
    Paranormal investigators offering services to those experiencing a haunting.
    The site includes photos, EVPs, and reports of past investigations.


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    Coast Salish Bibliography
    400 annotated, scholarly links to these early British Columbian cultures of the coast.

  • Coast Salish Culture: an Outline Bibliography Brian Thom, McGill University, updated February 28, 2000 This outline review is a preliminary attempt to compile a major bibliography of scholarly research on contemporary Coast Salish and historic cultures

  • Salishan, the language family with no recognized phylum, encompasses people from as far north as the Bella Coola (Nuxalk) on the central coast of British Columbia, as far south as the Cowlitz, just north of the Columbia River, as far east as the Flathead of Montana, and west to the Coast of Washington

  • This group includes 23 languages and over a hundred dialects, spoken over a range of geographies from the interior plateau, to the steep coastal fjords of the central coast, to the rich river valleys of the Fraser, Cowichan and Skagit rivers

  • The Interior Salishan branch neatly corresponds with the Plateau culture area, while the other branches are a part of the Northwest Coast

  • Within the four Northwest Coast branches, my work centres on the Central Salishan branch, which consists of ten closely related languages

  • I have divided the outline review into six sections: Pre-Boasian Ethnography; Ethnography in the Tradition of Boas; Cultural Ecology and Evolution; Culture Change and Contemporary Life; Special Topics: Potlatch, Winter Ceremonials, Mythology and Art; and Coast Salish Ways of Knowing: Structuralist, Poststructuralist & Feminist Approaches

    Ong's Hat: Incunabula
    The on-line account of renegade researchers who broke the dimensional barriers
    and were pursued by the "powers that be" because of it.

    Examines lunar mission photographs, finds flaws in various claims that they are faked.

  • Hoagland "debated" Collier on Art Bell's "Coast to Coast AM" radio program

    Lunar Anomalies Homepage
    Enigmatic Lunar Structures.

  • Click on the Paypal logo above and make a contribution! Feature Articles Images For 2/12/03 Coast to Coast AM Show ( Attempts to Take Credit for Posted Weeks ago - Einstein's Relativity Collapses - Hyperdimensional Physics Makes a Leap Forward "12th Planet" Discovered? New Journal Article supporting the SOHO Spots a New Solar System Member (Again) Then Goes Offline (Again) New Article on the "Blair Cuspids" The Inmates are Running the Asylum Side by Side Comparisons of two "Fireballs" Video of a Fireball? Project Samson is No Metaphor NEXRAD Radar Images Confirm Turret Peak "Pulse" UFO's Near Turret Peak on December 7th? Did HAARP "Plan Evil Weather" for December 7th? "Landing Site" Revealed - And STS-88 Follows the Symbolic Pattern Is This Why SOHO was Taken Out? NASA Gives Zarya/Horus the (3)3rd Degree A Hoax is a Hoax, Of Course of Course By Mike Bara and Richard C

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    On the Road In - A Comprehensive Travel Guide to RVing, Camping ...
    A comprehensive guide to RVing and Camping in Mexico. Contains maps and detailed
    information for numerous campgrounds and RV parks.

  • Order Now Only $20 for the MEXICO ON THE ROAD IN CD Buy your $3.99 password for Baja Camping Guide and Camping guides On the Road In - A Comprehensive Travel Guide to RVing, Camping, travel by car and Golfing in Mexico and Nevada On the Road In - A Comprehensive Travel Guide to RVing, Camping and Golfing in Mexico and Nevada MEXICO ON THE ROAD IN A Comprehensive travel guide for RVing, Camping, Driving by Car and Golfing in Mexico Welcome - Bienvenidos MÉ XICO - On The Road In provides a comprehensive Mexico travel guide for those who want to RV, drive by car, camp and drive throughout the Baja, Pacific, Gulf Coast, and Yucatan Mexico (updated in 2005 and currently being update daily in 2006)

  • From Tepic Nayarit, down the pacific coast past Puerto Vallarta, Melaque, Acapulco, all the way to Salinas Cruz, this road log gives you details of the Highway 200 that will make your driving in Mexico, not only safe but enjoyable

  • Other road Logs and downloadable products for the Printer Friendly! Road log and camping guide for Baja California - $7.99 Buy your password here for $7.99 Once you have completed Paypal you will be re directed to "Merchants Page" where you will receive the password Camping Guide for Baja California only - just $3.99 Complete directory of Baja Camping Spots download now by Printer Friendly! Buy your password for Baja California Camping Guide for $3.99 Once you have completed Paypal you will be re directed to "Merchants Page" where you will receive the password On The Road In and Mexpro Highway 15 Road Log from Nogales to Tepic "If you plan to drive y car or RV from Nogales to San Carlos, Mazatlan or even Puerto Vallarta then this road log is a must" Highway 15 (Pacific Coast) from the Nogales Border to Tepic...a complete up to date road log

  • Appropriately named Oceania, this new country is expected to be built off the coast of Panama, 50 miles due east

  • Oceania will utilize ocean pontoon floating technology, similar to that used by the Saigon Floating Hotel, off the coast of Saigon, Vietnam, which was designed by Sten Sjostrand

  • In America he was interviewed on July 9 on Coast to Coast AM radio show with Art Bell, which has estimated listeners of over 750, 000

    Article written in 1995 by Frederick Mann and Taansen Fairmont Sumeru examines
    the Atlantis Project and compares it to Terra Libra.

    TDG - Science, Magick, Myth and History
    Descriptive links to news items concerning esoterica, including ancient mysteries.


    KCUP 1230 AM radio station in Newport, on the Oregon coast
    Radio station features local live and syndicated talk programs, 24 hours a day.
    Includes a station profile, a program schedule, and local events and ...

  • KCUP 1230 AM radio station on the scenic Oregon coast that are important to your lifestyle on the Oregon coast

  • Start Your Day with Lifestyles on the Oregon Coast, 6 am – 9 am 6 am - 8 am, Monday-Friday plus..

  • more LIVE Talk 8 am - 9 am with local hosts All LIVE! 6am to 8am with, local hosts discussing local news talk entertainment, followed by 8am to 9am with who talk about daily lifestyles on the Oregon coast

  • WEATHER LISTENER LINE Suggest a topic! What is important for your lifestyle on the Oregon Coast that we can feature? CALL 265-KCUP Home Monday - Friday: Weekends: News at the top of every hour

    Talk Radio KSFO 560 AM
    Well-known San Francisco radio and television personality does media consulting
    for politics, business and the environment.

  • She also hosts the Saturday night/Sunday morning Coast to Coast AM -- The Art Bell Program

    Positano Hotels & accommodation. Positano Italy hotel. Positano ...
    Description and photos of the town, furnished by the Hotel Olimpico.

  • , HOTEL IN COSTIERA AMALFITANA, ALBERGHI COSTIERA AMALFITAN, Hotel a Amalfi, Alberghi Amalfi, Hotel Costiera Amalfitana, Alberghi Costiera Amalfitana Hotel Costiera AmalfitanaAlberghi Costiera Amalfitana, Hotel Ravello, Hotel Positano, POSITANO HOTELS, SORRENTO HOTELS, Hotel Praiano, Alberghi Paestum, AMALFI COAST HOTELS AND ACCOMMODATION, AMALFI COAST HOTEL, HOTELS ON THE AMALFI COAST, HOTELS IN SALERNO ITALY

  • Useful links: , - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -, Positano On one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the Province of Salerno, at the centre of the gulf formed by point Germano to the west and cape Sottile to the east, on two mountain slopes, those of Mounts Comune and S

  • Its praises sung by illustrious poets and writers and immortalised by painters from all over the world, nowadays Positano is one of the most interesting places on the Amalfi coast

  • Quality fashion tailoring is an activity that has distinguished Positano since the end of the 50's when, with the creation of the bikini, innovative swimming costume, the town on the Amalfi coast became famous in Italy and throughout the world

  • The bell tower is also very interesting with a medieval bas-relief portraying a sea monster, some fish and a fox, probably to underline the dual nature of the coastal inhabitants' souls, half countrymen and half seamen

    East Coast Burning Man Community Gatherings History
    History of Beach Burn gatherings on Assateague Island, Virginia.

  • East Coast Burn History The Burning Man Spirit lives on both coasts! Several times a year a bunch of burning people gathered on for Beach Burns

  • August 1st, 1998, our first east coast beach burn

  • It turns out the guy was thinking about going to Burning Man! And we were set up right next to them! On October 24th, 1998 we did it again! About 30 of us east coast burning people gathered at the Assateague National Seashore in Maryland

  • All this hauled down with grill, firewood and karaoke in the now famous east coast 'man' van

  • May 22-23, 1999, We're at it again! About 30 east coast Burning People and guests gathered on the beach at Assateague Island National Seashore for our third Beach Burn

  • Maybe some East Coast Refugees can reciprocate in for the Winter Solstice or Pyropolis Burns? Thanks to the cleanliness effort, too

    THE online news source for daily updates featuring politics ...
    A Christian article contending that those who are involved in the New Age movement
    are actually worshipping devils.

  • While many Christians and New Age devotees are sincere, giving people, the lasting result of the New Age Movement is nevertheless demonic, self-absorbed, and paves the way for the coming of paganism’s preeminent materialization—the god-king of the Great Tribulation.’ © 2004 And Featured on Art Bell's Coast to Coast! To learn more about the growth of Paganism worldwide, read Tom Horn's best selling book: The Gods Who Walk Among Us

  • Tell-A-Friend >> Get Published! "I've got to tell you, they'll put chills down your spine!" Barbara Simpson On Coast to Coast >> Get Reviewed! >> Hey Musicians! >> More Articles.. -- Gus Grissom didn't sink the Liberty Bell 7 Mercury ... article about the American astronaut.

  • On Wednesday the capsule debuted at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, beginning a three-year national tour that will take Liberty Bell Seven to 12 museums and science centers from coast to coast

    Winslow Homer Online
    A guide to art museums and image sites where the paintings of Winslow Homer can
    be viewed online.

    ABC Perth
    News, links, programme guide, and information.

  • Where will the trail of people lead us? Australia's longest running radio show is now available as a podcast Heywire 2006 is now open! More details and entry forms here commissions work from experienced radio producers and content providers who live in regional centres ABC 720 Perth features | [01/09/2006] | [01/09/2006] | [30/08/2006] | [30/08/2006] | [30/08/2006] Latest news headlines Last Updated: 4:49am Last Updated: 4:49am Around The Backyard | Select a region: Friday, September 1, 2006 Today's Weather Coastal wind warning  Issued on Thursday,  31/08/2006 at 8:02pm Coastal Waters Wind Warning for Coastal Waters From NW Cape to Shark Bay

    Cydonia Mars & Mythology, 2012 David Flynn book Cydonia Secret ...
    Links from angels, aliens, UFOs and crop circles to Mars and satan.


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