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  • Commonly Requested Tax Forms and Instructions Earned Income Tax Credit Child and Dependent Care Expenses Additional Child Tax Credit Education Credits (Hope and Lifetime Learning Credits) Need something else? Then check out all of the official

  • Check here for useful information if your return includes a small business or self-employed activity

  • Not just the questions, the answers, too! The IRS wants to help; check here for more information

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    Access to useful information, booklets and other tools from the Internal Revenue

  • | Individuals Topics IRS Resources Tax Information for Individuals Get the lowdown on your refund now

  • Almost all IRS forms can now be filed and paid electronically for both individuals and businesses

  • Use your Form 1040-V, Payment Voucher

  • You have two easy and convenient options for getting copies of your federal tax return information -- tax return transcripts and tax account transcripts -- by phone or by mail

  • Check out the latest changes on our published tax forms and publications and get a heads up on tax law changes that will be reflected in future revisions of tax products

  • Tax Tips offer concise, easy-to-understand information about a wide range of topics

  • Tax Information for Innocent Spouses Overview for Individuals Certain federal payments (OPM, SSA, federal employee salaries, and federal employee travel) disbursed by the Department of the Treasury, Financial Management Service (FMS) may be subject to a 15 percent levy through the Federal Payment Levy Program (FPLP) to pay your delinquent tax debt

  • Need more time to prepare your federal income tax return? This page will direct you to information on how to apply for an extension

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  • Online tax form filing, IRS e-File, & printing

  • Our tax software follows a logical form-based preparation process--you work with only the tax forms you need

    Income tax advice and 1040 tax form returns for 2005
    Income tax advice for 1040 tax form returns. Planning, preparation, and free
    electronic filing provided.

  • expert income tax advice for 2005 1040 tax form returns

  • income tax information needed for increasing your income tax deductions

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    2005 Tax Forms
    Includes IRS tax forms, state income tax forms, and tips to reduce your income
    tax bill.

  • Tax Forms The 2005 tax season is here, and the 2005 IRS and state tax forms are here and ready for immediate download

  • Whether you need 2005 IRS or individual state tax forms, the SaveWealth Tax Center can help

  • To begin downloading free 2005 tax forms online, please browse our categories below

  • Includes , as well as forms for previous tax years

  • Download all the state tax forms

  • Learn more about IRS forms and how they're used in our section

  • is required to view and print the files (which you can for free.) for tax alerts, and you'll be notified when next year's forms are ready

  • Search by Year Forms For..

  • Tax Form Top 10 *For informational purposes only

    Vermont Department of Taxes provides state income and business tax forms and

  • Forms Correction to form HI-144 - The federal reference line numbers for line 'Q' should read 1040 Line 36 or 1040A Line 20

  • Or choose forms from a Prior Tax Year: E-File your Taxes Today!

    Tax Form Processing LLC - Frank DiPaola, EA - Orlando, Florida
    Offering online preparation software.

  • Tax Form Processing LLC FOR THE TAXPAYER SM Frank DiPaola, Tax Accountant Home Page Online Tax Form Preparation Use our "Online Tax Form Processing Center" to have our licensed tax professionals prepare your Federal and State tax forms

  • All you need to do is submit your tax information to us online by completing our simple tax organizers

  • Why worry about preparing your own tax forms and possibly making a mistake? Our tax experts will do all the work for you

  • Give us a try! for pricing, shipping and payment information for our online tax services

  • to determine which tax form below you need to file

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  • You will need to disable any pop-up blockers AND allow "active content" on your computer before clicking on the forms below

  • Click on a form below to begin: NOTE: You will be given the option of having a state income tax return prepared (if applicable)

  • for more information Get a Transcript of a Tax Return You Filed for more information Get a Transcript of Your Tax Account Information for more information Where's My Tax Refund? to get the status of your Federal and/or State tax refund

    LSU Libraries--Tax Forms
    Links to official sites for all state and federal tax forms. From the LSU Libraries.

  • Tax Forms Federal Tax Forms For those affected by the 2005 hurricanes, the Internal Revenue Service has a webpage Download tax forms and publications from the

  • provides comprehensive information about nonprofit organizations, including data from IRS Form 990 via their

  • If you are unsure of what form you need to file, consult

  • For information on tax preparation for foreign visitors, visit, a website maintained by Dr

  • Information on those programs and assistance for military personnel can be found on the One-Stop Guide for Businesses page walks employers through the process of starting a business, hiring employees, and understanding reporting requirements

  • It also links to tax forms, publications, electronic reporting opportunities, state tax offices, and other tax-related web sites

  • State Tax Forms Choose a State: | Baton Rouge, LA 70803 Tel (225) 578-2570 | Fax (225) 578-6535 Copyright © 1996 - 2006 LSU Libraries URL:http://www.lib.lsu.edu/govdocs/taxes.html Last Updated: Tuesday, 07-Feb-2006 10:24:44 CST

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    2001 Income Tax Forms
    Provides downloadable and printable versions of state forms.

  • | > > > > > > > > > 2001 Income Tax Forms Fillable Forms Disclaimer Currently, there is no computation, validation, or verification of the information you enter, and you are still responsible for entering all required information

  • Instructions may require some information to be handwritten on the form (signatures, for example)

  • For security reasons, you should press the "Reset Form" button after printing your completed form to clear your personal data

  • This button is located on the top of right corner of the form

  • You will need installed to view the tax forms listed below

    W-2 tax forms, 1099 forms, other tax forms from The Tax Form Store
    W-2's, 1099's and IRS-approved tax forms.

  • The Tax Form Store - a large selection of IRS-approved tax forms at low prices

  • Our selection of forms includes forms for both continous and laser formats

  • If you don't see the tax form you need on our website, or need assistance, please call us toll-free at 800-269-4566

  • If you just need one or a few forms, such as an I-9, you can download them at

  • Most of are forms are compatible with QuickBooks and other popular accounting software

  • With improved overall site navigation and an enhanced the search engine to increase search result accuracy and usability, users should more easily find needed forms and publications, electronic tools and tax information

  • A new drop-down menu called “I Need To” provides taxpayers with quick access to frequently requested information

  • Once taxpayers file their tax return, they can track their refund through the online tool “Where’s My Refund?” New and improved features for IRS.gov in 2006 include: • 1040 Central - This is the one-stop online shop for people hunting key forms, looking for what’s new in the tax code and answers to frequently asked questions

    Forms from the Guam Department of Revenue and Taxation
    Department of Revenue and Taxation provides income tax, property tax, sales tax,
    business, and drivers license forms.

  • Forms from the Department of Revenue and Taxation Find forms by department: Regulatory Division NEW (371KB) NEW (228KB) NEW (411KB) NEW (242KB) NEW (231KB) NEW (232KB) NEW (412 KB) NEW (52KB) NEW (61KB) (307KB) (215KB) (200KB) (193KB) (198KB) (222KB) (43KB) NEW (278KB) NEW (128KB) Business Privilege Tax Branch NEW (362KB) (410KB) (628KB) Income Tax (292KB) (189KB) (133KB) (110 KB) NOTE: Download tax instructions directly from the

  • (107KB) (466KB) (228KB) (1MB) (169KB) (95KB) NEW (219KB) NEW (217KB) Prior Year Tax Forms (189KB) (144KB) (106KB) (226KB) (227KB) (228KB) (227KB) (227KB) (227KB) (227KB) (223KB) (664KB) (90KB) Motor Vehicle Division (245KB) NEW (420KB) (464KB) (209KB) (158KB) (363KB) (243KB) (326KB) (295KB) (269KB) Real Property Tax Division (208KB) (208KB) (311KB) (215KB) (234KB) (219KB) (224KB) (265KB) NEW (212KB) (250KB) (211KB) (274KB) required to view forms

  • Looking for the Mandatory Automobile Insurance Certification form? The insurance certification is included in Part A of the form

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  • ExpressTaxForms.com

  • The fastest way to order business and accountant tax forms on the Internet..

  • To provide you with the best quality tax forms at the lowest price on the internet

  • Our sister web sites offer help too!: Tax Forms W-2's 1099's & More Rigid IRS & SSA printing specifications are followed in order to pass Optical Scanning (OCR) equipment

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  • This form is also available en

  • For more information, Tax Forms & Tax Help Research IRS Documents IRS Problems & Solutions Online Resources Website Information: | &copy 2006, Find an IRS Tax Form and/or Instructions - 2005 & 2006 only Search Only 2005 Tax Year Info Search Entire Site Countdown thru Oct

    Taxes: Tax Return Preparation Tips & Tax Software Reviews - About.com
    Information on extensions, capital gains, and withholding.

  • Taxpayers who don't need to file a return will still be able to claim a refund of the telephone tax by filing a special Form 1040EZ-T

  • The IRS has not yet released information on how businesses can estimate their telephone tax refunds

  • As of right now, businesses will need to document the actual amount of excise tax they paid using new IRS Form 8913

  • More information: (IR-2006-137) Thursday August 31, 2006 | IRS Warns Non-Profits, Churches to Avoid Political Campaigning The Internal Revenue Service has published a not-so-gentle that non-profits, churches, and other 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations should avoid political campaign activities during the upcoming election year

  • More information: (Publication 1828, PDF) Thursday August 31, 2006 | What to Do if You Receive Bogdan from Illinois asked, 'I found you on about.com while looking for some info on W-9 form, which I received from my former school district (I worked there as a full time teacher)

  • The school district sent me only a form itself, no instructions attached

  • I have no clue about taxes and these forms

  • I don't know what to do with this form so I won't get in trouble by filling out or crossing out inappropriate items

    Sister States, State Tax Forms & Other Information
    Links to the web pages for each state's Department of Revenue and official tax forms.

  • QuickJump to: State Tax Form Links Updated for 2005 Tax Season © 2003 National Tax Services, Inc

    TaxVision Professional Tax Software, Efiling and Bank Products
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  • User Name Password Today is Friday, September 15, 2006 TaxVision Tax Software Useful Links Useful Resources Call Today! 1-800-687-1096 The Professional Ultimate Solution includes ALL forms and features TaxVision Tax Software has to offer, your own professional website with online filing, plus much more! The 1040 Ultimate Solution is full of Client Management tools, additional features, your own professional website with online filing, and much more! This powerful Tax Software Package includes ALL forms and features TaxVision Tax Software has to offer, plus other e-filing options

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  • Our job is finding ways to make yours easier! Accounting • Payroll • Bookkeeping • Tax Services • Business Start-up • Download payroll forms from anywhere, via the Internet • View payroll reports from anywhere via the Internet • Print and/or save payroll tax returns from anywhere via the Internet • Monthly Payroll Records Maintenance Employee Earnings Summary Report, Payroll Summary Report, and Payroll Liabilities Report • Form 941, Federal Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return • Form IL-941, Illinois Illinois Quarterly Withholding Income Tax Return • I.D.E.S

  • • Pay Stub Details Pay stub details are in year-to-date format •Corporate Annual Report & Cumulative Report of Changes If you are an Illinois corporation, you will have to file these annually

    Revenue Administration
    State tax forms from the Dept. of Revenue Administration.

  • Department of Revenue Administration Tax Forms > Index > Alphabetical Listing by Form Name or Number |||||||||| New Hampshire does not have an income tax on an individual's W-2 reported wages or a general sales tax

  • 2005 Tax Period and 2006 Estimate Forms Below are listed alphabetically by Form Name, Tax, or Entity Type: Adobe Acrobat Reader 'plug in' must be installed on your computer to access any form on this web site

  • To order forms by telephone, call (603) 271-2192

  • Forms access works best when using the most recent Adobe Acrobat Reader version available

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  • For more information on accessibility and Acrobat Reader, including non-MSAA solutions, visit

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  • CPA's Prepare Your Taxes As CPA's, we are experts in preparing the following IRS tax forms: Form 1040 (Long Form) Schedule A (Itemized Deductions) Schedule B (Interest & Dividend) Schedule C (for your business) Schedule D (Capital Gains / Losses) Schedule E (Rental Property) Form 2106 (Employee Business Expenses) All State Tax Returns Form 4562 (Depreciation Schedules) Form 3903 (Moving Expenses) All other IRS forms Have the assurance that a professional has signed the bottom of your tax form with you! Guaranteed Quick Turn-Around Simply complete the printable to determine all of your business expenses (what it actually cost you to do your job)

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