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Harsh review by Jim Emerson analyzing what the film is really about.

  • Dead Poets Society (1989) By Hopelessly riddled with paradoxes and contradictions, Peter Weir's Dead Poets Society is a numbingly conventional commercial formula picture that, incongruously, pretends to celebrate non-conformity

  • Nevertheless, Dead Poets Society features Robin Williams' most convincing and restrained screen work -- effectively muting his compulsion to skip from one shtick to another, rather than limit himself to playing a single character -- even though those were the very anarchic impulses that made him a unique star in the first place

  • Unfortunately, in the case of Dead Poets Society -- a sort of Stand and Deliver about wealthy, male, teenage Anglo-Saxons -- these paradoxes (except for the ones involving Williams) don't serve or enrich the movie, they just cause it to collapse upon itself

  • When the kids dig up Keating's old school yearbook and find that their charismatic professor used to belong to a mysterious cult called the Dead Poets Society, he lets them in on the secret: It was a group of students who met in the ancient Indian caves nearby and read poetry -- their own as well as Walt Whitman's -- thereby causing girls to swoon

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    'Dead Poets Society'
    "What 'Stand and Deliver's' Edward James Olmos did for logarithms, Williams aims
    to do for iambic pentameter in this lively blackboard melodrama.

  • Related Item Go to ‘Dead Poets Society’ By Rita Kempley Washington Post Staff Writer June 09, 1989 Director: Peter Weir Cast: ; Robert Sean Leonard; Norman Lloyd; Parental guidance suggested Oscars: Original Screenplay Find local video stores R obin Williams is a Chips off the old block in the quirky comi-tragedy 'Dead Poets Society.' He's almost as serenely eccentric as the archetypal teacher everybody remembers, that rare educator deserving of apples

  • They form the Dead Poets Society, a secret cabal who read their own and others' verse in a spooky, dripping cave

    'Dead Poets Society'
    "[Robin Williams has] come to show 'em that somewhere among the three Rs is an
    immensely pleasurable P for poetry." By Desson Howe. [Washington Post]

  • Related Item Go to ‘Dead Poets Society’ By Desson Howe Washington Post Staff Writer June 09, 1989 Director: Peter Weir Cast: ; Robert Sean Leonard; Norman Lloyd; Parental guidance suggested Oscars: Original Screenplay Find local video stores I wish Robin Williams had been my English teacher

  • In 'Dead Poets Society, ' Peter Weir's (and screenwriter Tom Schulman's) touching private-school requiem for free thinking, he is the English teacher -- come to shake the Academy down, come to show 'em that somewhere among the three Rs is an immensely pleasurable P for poetry

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    Dead Poets Society / *1/2 (1989)
    "It's impossible to describe this movie without cringing at the very thought."
    By David Keyes. [Cinema 2000]

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    Dead Poets Society
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  • When he asks 'Think he will test us on that stuff?' Charlie Dalton aptly replies 'Don't you get anything?' Later it will be Cameron again who will be most reluctant to tear out the pages from the textbook at Keating's request and who will later still have doubts about renewing the Dead Poets Society Keating was a part of when he was a student at Welton Academy at an earlier time

  • But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.' With Neil's discovery of Keating's senior annual, the old Dead Poets Society that Keating was involved with when he was a student at Welton (Hellton, by nickname) rears its head

  • Not a bad way to spend an evening, eh?' That evening, under Neil's leadership, the boys 'reconvene' the Dead Poets Society

  • Neil honors tradition by opening the new 'chapter' of the society the way Keating and his classmates used to open it, by reading from Henry David Thoreau's Walden the passage about 'going to the woods' in order to 'live deliberately, ' to 'live deep and suck out the marrow of life, ' so that when they came 'to die' they would not 'discover' that they 'had not lived' at all

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  • Dead Poets Society Peter Weir What's your verse? Steven: I'll try anything once

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    " a collection of pious platitudes masquerading as a courageous stand in
    favor of something: doing your own thing, I think." By Roger Ebert. [Sun-Times]

  • » » movie times Search for: Within: of Zip code: about us » » » » on sale now » » » | Dead Poets Society (PG) Ebert: Users: Dead Poets Society BY ROGER EBERT / June 9, 1989 Cast & Credits John Keating: Neil Perry: Todd Anderson: Ethan Hawke Knox Overstreet: Josh Charles Charlie Dalton: Gale Hansen Richard Cameron: Dylan Kussman Touchstone Pictures Presents A Film Directed By, And Produced By Steven Haft, Paul Junger Witt And Tony Thomas

  • The society was founded by Keating when he was an undergraduate, but in its reincarnate form it never generates any sense of mystery, rebellion or daring

  • The society's meetings have been badly written and are dramatically shapeless, featuring a dance line to Lindsay's 'The Congo' and various attempts to impress girls with random lines of poetry

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    Dead Poets Society
    Movie review. The film "takes a long, hard look at how we treated, raised and
    trained our children back in the glorious days of black and white TV."

  • Dead Poets Society Dead Poets Society Running Time: 128 mins Rated: PG Directed by: Peter Weir So, you're interested in seeing a movie with some good looking young adults, maybewith a decent acting performance and perhaps a decent story and plot tacked on forgood measure

  • Well, have I got a flick for you - DeadPoets Society

  • Set in the 'Best Prep School in the Country, ' circa 1959, Dead Poets Society takesa long, hard look at how we treated, raised and trained our children back in theglorious days of black and white TV

  • When the boys discover that Keating had run a club called 'The Dead Poets Society'when he was at Welton, they press him for details and find out that the Society wasa band of students who met secretly to read and recite poetry, delivering messagesof such power that "women swooned." Of course, the boys decide to resurrectthe Society, and thus we have the crux of story

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    Dead Poets Society - Movie Commentary by Tony DiPasquale ...
    "Peter Weir's inspirational prep school drama, is one of the most moving films
    of all-time..." Review.

  • Sort By: | Dead Poets Society Starring: Robin Williams Director: Peter Weir Genre: Drama Year: 1989 Rating: 5 / 5 Dead Poets Society , Peter Weir's inspirational prep school drama, is one of the most moving films of all-time, featuring excellent performances by its young actors and a career-best performance by Robin Williams as Professor John Keating

  • Dead Poets Society is the rare drama that can touch men and woman alike, as anyone can find true inspiration and guidance in Keating's words

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  • The Dead Good Poets Society is based in Liverpool and exists to promote poetry through performance and to encourage the development of new poets and audiences

    Dead Poets Society
    "First off, let's set the record straight - 'Dead Poets Society' is not a zany
    Robin Williams comedy. In fact, it's not a comedy at all." By Chris Hicks.

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