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Rotten Tomatoes: Rain Man
Links to reviews, synopsis, cast and crew information, and user comments.

Ask Rain Man the Day You Were Born
Enter your birthdate and find the day of your birth.

The Flick Filosopher | Rain Man
Review of the film.

Grudge Match: Forrest Gump vs. Rain Man
Who would be the first to fill-in a multiplication table and then run a 100-yard dash?

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Photo by www.film.org.pl

Roger Ebert - Rain Man
Review of the film.

Guardian Unlimited - A genius explains
Interview of mathematical and linguistic whiz Daniel Tammet by Richard Johnson.
Scientists are asking...

Kataweb: Dustin Hoffman
Filmografia completa con schede e recensioni dei film.

Savant Syndrome
Wisconsin Medical Society explanation of this rare variant, with FAQ, articles,
and resources.


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NPR : Study Seeks Accurate Count of Child Autism
In recent years, cases of autism have increased sharply among US children.
Experts are unsure whether...

Rainman Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems
Professional installation, maintenance and repair of residential and commercial
sprinkler and irrigation...

Hans Zimmer
Movie Music UK biography, soundtrack reviews, links, filmography, awards, and CD
cover art.

Alonzo Clemons
An artist with Savant Syndrome known for producing marvelous animal sculptures
from memory alone.


Hans Zimmer
Wikipedia article with summary of life, works, and musical style including internal
references to...

Filmtracks Hans Zimmer Tribute
Listings of past and future scoring projects, summary reviews, links, information
on CD availability,...

Hans Zimmer - film composer
This is the mfiles page for Hans Zimmer with career overview, filmography,
soundtrack reviews, related...

Offers supplies and design and consulting services for rainwater harvesting systems.

Dirk Jasper Filmstarlexikon: Dustin Hoffman
Biografie, ausführliche Filmografie und (Autogramm-)Adressen.

Dustin Hoffman News
News about Dustin Hoffman continually updated from around the net.

Tom Cruise at ActorBase
Includes a biography, a filmography, six photographs, video clips and trailers.

Hoffman, Dustin
Biografía, filmografía, premios y nominaciones.


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