Tips on faux finishing painting
Tutorials in rag rolling, sponging, color streaking, marbleizing, and wood-graining.

  • Path > Faux Finishing Projects Faux and fantasy finishes offer a wonderful array of options to suit any decorating project you plan

  • BLEND and GLAZE TM is a semi-translucent glazing and blending medium used to create faux finishes and decorative painting techniques

  • Easily create the illusion of natural materials such as wood, marble, and granite or fantasy finishes like sponging, rag rolling, or dragging

    Faux Finish School
    Faux painting classes and workshops teaching hands-on, the art and business of
    faux finishing and decorative painting.

  • Welcome to The Faux Finish School..

  • "The Internet's first and most attended faux painting programs in the world! " Celebrating our 19th year! We hope this site will assist you in finding the information you desire to achieve your goals in the wonderful field of faux painting and decorative finishing

  • we offer you the finest faux painting classes, workshops and studio in the world! The Faux Finish School® was the first faux painting business program in the country that taught not only faux painting, but also the 'business' side of this lucrative career

  • In 1995, The Faux Finish School's website was created and became the first faux painting studio and faux finishing school on the Internet

  • Today, The Faux Finish School® and its website have become the "model" for the faux painting industry

  • The Faux Finish School offers several decorative painting classes and workshops catered to your specific needs

  • Our beginner five-day workshop class '' is a hands-on program teaching the fascinating techniques and business side of faux painting and decorative finishes

    Learn faux finish and decorative painting techniques
    Learn to faux finish from these instructional decorative painting and furniture
    refinishing videos. Tips on stencilling, sponge painting, and other faux ...

  • Fine Furniture Finishing HOW-TO DVD Videos Get beautiful results every time with the techniques you'll learn for painting furniture and finishing wood

  • Here are all the answers you need to enjoy the art and craft of finishing.You'll have a great time with these..

  • ...and that's guaranteed! FAUX FINISHES Faux marble Faux tortoise-shell Faux granite ANTIQUING Glaze and glazing Crackle finishes Distressing CLEAR FINISHES Oil Shellac Varnish Stain DECORATIVE PAINTING Stenciling Pinstriping Combing 'These are great teaching videos

  • I've been finishing furniture for 25 years, but I've never done faux finishing

  • David makes me feel comfortable and confident enough to try.' -Bob Flexner, author of 'Understanding Wood Finishing' and, editor and publisher of 'Professional Refinishing Magazine' With these DVD's you will discover how easy it is to finish or refinish your furniture to get exactly the look you want

  • From traditional clear finishes that bring out the depth and beauty of wood, to the fun and elegance of painted faux marbles, these videos will give you everything you need to know for getting the results you desire

    FauxFilled Dreams, a faux finishing school where you learn how to ...
    Expert instruction in decorative painting, including faux finishing, murals and
    trompe l'oeil. Classes tailored to those seeking a new career and creating home ...

  • To see the other 20 reasons, FAUX FINISH PAINTING is popular in sophisticated homes and businesses

  • At our faux finishing school, the faux finish techniques that we teach can be mastered by all

  • In the faux finishing classes you will learn how to faux finish to create the most popular effects from metallic waxes and lustres to the old world finishes

  • Although we have hundreds of large samples of different finishes on display, our faux finishing school is the only school offering a unique opportunity for students to be inspired by the incomparable rooms displaying diverse faux finishes, murals, and Venetian plaster

  • info: FAUX FINISH

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    Trompe L'Oeil, Murals, Faux Finishes and Hand Painted Furniture by ...
    Florida-based Tim Haas and Linda Cassels-Hofmann create illusionistic murals and
    other artworks. Includes sample images with artists' comments, ...

  • Trompe L'Oeil, Murals, Faux Finishes and Hand Painted Furniture by Art Effects Trompe l'oeil murals, faux finishes and hand painted furniture, are painted using techniques in trompe l'oeil and the art of faux finishing by Art Effects to create illusions and decorative finishes

  • 'We Put The Trick, In The Trompe Of Trompe L'Oeil' It's Here! Our online store featuring T Shirts designed for the Decorative Artist Can You Be Tricked With Our Trompe? CLICK picture for a detailed view of this ! Our 'Art Effects' in Trompe L'Oeil and Murals Welcome to Art Effects, where 'Painting Your Imagination' is accomplished with trompe l'oeil (Trompe-l'œil), murals, faux finishes and hand painted furniture

  • Whether it is through the skillful art of faux finishing or the tricks of trompe l'oeil, our wall murals, hand painted furniture, unique forms of trompe l'oeil paintings, decorative wall textures and sophisticated faux finishes will have you wondering what is real and what is not

  • Painted Art (with) Effects Creating Unique Decorative Finishes and Murals The following pages offer just a glimpse of Art Effects' extensive portfolio of decorative finishes including: hand painted murals, furniture, and other wall art with trompe l'oeil

    Faux Finish Painting Classes School Venetian Plaster Class
    Specializes in faux painting techniques and art workshops. Details of training,
    galleries of examples, guidance on techniques and newsletter.

  • Whether you are a plastering or painting professional, an aspiring artisan, or a discerning homeowner, you'll find great inspiration as well as the finest training and dedicated support anywhere in the world at Seattle Architectural Finishing Studio

  • Venetian Plaster, concrete staining, wall stenciling, stucco and faux finish painting technique classes are all taught in our professional level workshops

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    Faux Finish
    Do-it-yourself products, instructions and techniques to create faux finishes.

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    Faux Painting Techniques
    Offers information and resources on various faux painting techniques and finishes.
    Includes an on-line message board.

  • Site Navigation: Main Pages: Specific Finishes: Stone: Painted Effects: Metals: Stenciling: General Information: Surfaces: Website Features: Other useful sites: Faux Painting Techniques Homepage Want to Learn some great Faux Painting Techniques? Our Learning Faux downloadable e-book (fully printable), has been written with one primary goal in mind

  • To introduce the novice faux painter to the most popular faux painting finishes

  • Our goal is also to provide a support structure for those researching new and challenging finishes

  • Check out our, and feel free to suggest a new main category! In addition to covering the techniques necessary to create the basic elements of each style and finish, we include finishes that reflect the prevailing tastes of today's best interior decorators and artists, as well as those of their clients

  • As a result, the finishes are more complex and diverse than those found on most other faux related websites

  • There exists an overwhelming amount of useless content, poor site navigation structure and ineffective images on many related websites, making it difficult to determine how a particular finish was created

  • Benefits

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    landscape painting wall murals finish faux finishing Phoenix Arizona
    Hand painting and faux finishes on furniture, glassware, picture frames, and mail

  • Landscape Painting, Wall Murals, Faux Finish, Stenciling and more Join the Mailing List! E-mail Name Subscribe Unsubscribe Click a thumbnail for a larger image

  • Landscape painting and wall murals from Phoenix Faux Finishing.com

  • If you want to find a mural artist to enhance the beauty and increase the value of your home, or would like a faux finish, contact us to find out more! We serve Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Chandler, Tempe, Glendale and surrounding areas

  • We offer all types of custom faux finishing using paint, papers, metallic paints, plasters and stenciling

  • It can transform a room from drab to fab in the wink of an eye! Phoenix Faux Finishing & Murals recieves many inquiries about children's murals

  • Sometimes we will use a faux finish in the background for more depth and texture

  • Mini-murals using a faux finish and stenciling can brighten up a forgotten corner, a door, an blank wall at the end of a hall

  • Just faux finishing it will do the trick

  • So, whether it's a landscape painting, wall mural, faux finishiing, children's murals or stenciling, call Phoenix Faux Finishing for a free, in-home estimate

    Learn the Faux Painting Process at our Faux Finish School - Faux ...
    Classes in multi-color glazing, textured faux finishes and advanced wall glazing.

  • Welcome to Go With The Faux, Faux Finishing School

  • We are honored that you want to learn the faux finishing process in our faux finish classes

  • We understand that choosing the right faux finishing school is important

  • You have probably spent hours or even days researching faux finishing schools, faux finish classes, studios and instructors

  • Faux finishing classes are proliferating throughout the country

  • As it gains in popularity, more faux finishing schools are launched every day

  • How do you, the prospective student, choose the right faux finishing classes for you? At Go With The Faux, Faux Finishing School, we have designed the most integrated, innovative, progressive professional faux finishing class on the market

  • In our Professional Faux Class , we combine 20 beautiful, elegant and, most importantly, sellable faux finish samples with the best business classes in the faux finish industry

  • To be successful as a faux finish artist, you have to be well versed in running a profitable faux finish business

  • That’s why we integrate business classes with great faux finish and faux painting process techniques into each day of class

    Faux Finish Video
    Information about the company and products offered.

  • Alex's Do-It-Yourself 60 Minute Faux Finish Video south florida faux painter - south florida's faux finisher - fort lauderdale florida faux painter Welcome to Alex’s Faux Finish Painting Web site As you turn your house into your new home, let Alex show you how faux finish and custom decorative painting will help you to achieve the personalized, elegant look you've always wanted in order to make your faux finished home truly yours and a reflection of your taste and style

  • Commission Alex to Create Custom Faux for You Over 18 Years Experience We welcome the opportunity to work directly with you on your faux finish project or in conjunction with your interior designer

  • An initial, on-site faux finish consultation can be arranged by simply the office

  • Our faux finishing projects are started and completed on time

  • the Faux Finisher, Alex today to schedule your consolation and see our portfolio

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  • if you are looking for a or south florida's faux finisher then you have found your fort lauderdale florida faux painter

    The art of decorative painting and faux finishing.
    Commercial and residential decorative painting and faux finishes. Based in Minnesota.

  • KB Designs The art of decorative painting & faux finishing Commercial & Residential duluth minnesota Venetian Plasters - Faux Finishes - Decorative Painting ...decorative painting faux finishing commercial residential Venetian decorative concrete...

  • Drawing on both traditional and modern methods of decorative painting and faux finishing, we aim to transform your surfaces, to have some fun and add sparkle and an element of the exotic into your surroundings

  • And not just for your walls! We also finish your floors, cabinets, counter tops, furniture and ......

  • Minnesota links Home improvement Art sites Schools & products House of Faux, online community for faux finishers & decorative painters

  • Copyright 2000-2006 KB Designs, Minneapolis & Duluth, Minnesota & Wisconsin 218-940-3095 luxury faux for the finest homes and businesses in the country.painting, faux finish, faux finisher, faux finishing, faux painter, raised stencil, finisher, duluth, minneapolis, minnesota, wisconsin, st paul, stillwater, lake minnetonka, north oaks, white bear lake, mn, wi, painters, remodelers, home builders, duluth business


    Dundean Studios: NJ School of Decorative Arts with faux finish ...
    Offering a variety of courses on the technique of faux finishing, as well as
    supplies. Online schedule, course description and fees.

  • of Classes Learn from working professionals the art of wall glazing, faux finish instruction, gilding, stenciling, sign painting, venetian plaster techniques, cabinet and furniture painting, wood graining, faux marble, faux painting, restoration, mural painting and more

  • Centrally located between New York and Philadelphia in Northern New Jersey, our faux finish school is considered one of the best by leading professionals

  • A must for every faux finisher and faux painter Read this article to learn how to work with this marvelous, authentic milk paint

  • Our courses at Dundean Studios encompass the complete range of hot finishes in demand today

  • Metallic paints and patinas, Polished concrete, Dimensional finishes like leather and Tuscan plaster, Italian plaster, single and double layer glazes, color instruction, material handling and most importantly, how to adjust when things go wrong

  • The are set up to teach finishes that you can actually sell, not just finishes that look good on a board but are impossible to make money rendering

  • Other places teach faux finishes that are 6, 7 or even eight layers thick which look great but are impractical to sell

    Venetian Plaster taught at the School of Italian Plasters
    Offers training on the ancestral techniques of over 20 Venetian plasters.
    Locations in San Diego, California and Atlanta, Georgia.

  • After you take the class you will receive a nine DVD set containing 35 different finishes including all the ones you learned in class

    Contemporary Fresco Painting Resource Center, The True Fresco ...
    Information on fresco technique and history, directory of projects around the
    world, picture gallery, painting and creative arts public forums.

  • You can even save your game and return later to finish it! | ART Search & Directory

  • The Faux Finish School® was the first faux painting business program in the country that taught not only faux painting, but also the "business" side of this lucrative career

  • The Faux Finish School® now offers course with Ilia Anossov

  • King Institute of Decorative Finishing

  • Whether you are a beginner in the trade, or have many years of experience, with our school, you will embark on an incredible journey which will stimulate and educate even the best faux and decorative finishers in the trade

  • Institute of Decorative Finishing presents -  instructor Ilia Anossov

  • established in 1995 as a means of bringing the Italian Venetian Plasters and Classic Faux Finishing Products to this side of the Atlantic

    FAUX Like A Pro - Learn
    Tutorials for several techniques including glazing, strie, combing, ragging,
    crackling, antiquing, stenciling, marbleizing, and wood graining.

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    Spectra sells wallpaper pasting machines faux finish supplies ...
    Faux finishing, wallpaper tools , pasting machines, airless spray equipment,
    painter supplies, decorating brushes and sundries.

    Victoria Larsen Stencils and Ornamental Plaster
    Raised plaster stencils, wall mural stencils, stenciling ideas.

    Barth's Faux Studio offers Faux Finishing, Faux Painting, Faux ...
    Faux finishing and decorative painting contractor, commercial and residential,
    offering faux stone, aged, aqua and other finishes.

    Faux Painting by Arteriors' Decorative Painters
    Offering faux painting for home or business. Trompe l'oeil, marbelizing, texturizing,
    painting, and murals.

  • New England's premier faux painting company HOME Using artistic talent, dedication to excellence, and good old Yankee ingenuity, Arteriors has provided the best in mural painting and faux finishes for over 20 years

  • As you browse through our web site you'll see examples of traditional faux finishes, such as stone, marble and wood graining, as well as decorative paint finishes

  • Check out our and many other subtly applied, glazed and rag finishes


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