Java applet which maps United States zip codes on a map, reducing possible matches
as the number is typed.

National Address and ZIP+4 Browser
Interactively browse all address and ZIP+4 records in the United States.
Search and reverse lookup of phone numbers, addresses, maps, and area codes.
Paid subscription required.

ZIP Code Dealer Locator - Bridger Systems
Software allows customers to instantly find the nearest dealers and distributors
of products and services. CGI, COM, standalone, and hosted solutions.

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    JCS ZIP and Area Codes, City Search, Dealer Locator, and 800 Routing
    Web site offers ZIP code and Canadian postal codes lookup, and information on US
    telephone area codes, including splits; limited free queries per day.

  • JCS ZIP and Area Codes, City Search, Dealer Locator, and 800 Routing

    Free ZIP Code Lookup
    Free zipcode lookup with areacode, county, latitude, longitude, MSA, PMSA,
    congressional district, FIPS code, and timezone. Updated monthly.

    United States Postal Service (USPS)
    USPS home page providing access to services, products, employment opportunities,
    and general agency information.

    US Gazetteer
    Enter name or ZIP code in the United States for maps and 1990 census information.

  • Benefits

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    A searchable directory of churches worldwide. Specify a search center using a
    place name, zipcode, or GPS coordinates.

    Canada - Postal Code
    Find Postal Code by street address, municipality and province.

    Congregation Locator
    Search or browse a database of congregations.

    National Association of Counties: Cities Search
    Search by city name, state or county to find localities within a certain region.


    Brightwing - Install A Zip Code/Postal Code/Area Code/Map Click ...
    Service to add a zip code and area code searcher to any web site.

  • Easiest To Set Up And Use • Best Features • Lowest Cost - Compare Our Prices To Our Competitors • We Give You More! With Brightwing Store Locator, visitors to your web site can find your nearest business or dealer locations in the USA and Canada in seconds by clicking on a map, or by using their zip code/postal code, area code, or city and state/province

  • Use Brightwing to add a geographic searcher for local business, organizational, branch locations, event locations and more to any web site - all with just a few mouse clicks! The Brightwing Store Locator provides a vital link between the virtual world of the web and the physical world of 'brick and mortar' business locations

  • We give you a 30 day FREE trial so you can see for yourself how easy yet powerful Brightwing is! Why Choose Brightwing Zip Locator? Compare us feature for feature and you'll see why Brightwing is better

  • All of these features are included at no extra charge (click the links under the FEATURE column for more detailed info): Feature Brightwing Exclusive of Your Locations • • • For Specialized Locations • From Your Web Browser • • Of Your Locations No Extra Charge To Buy/Install Most User-Friendly Service No Need To Speak With A Representative Search by Area Code No Extra Charge Maximum # Of Hits Allowed To Your Searcher Unlimited MB of Traffic Allowed Unlimited Who Needs Brightwing Zip Locator? Here are just a few examples

    World Class Store/Dealer Locator Software. Drive customers to your ...
    A software package that performs distance calculations based on zipcodes.
    CoversUnited States and Canada locations. Runs on a web server or local Windows ...

  • Bring them to your brick and mortar locations by installing on your website a Store Locator

    Community Information by Zip Code
    A guide to statistics and other data available by zip code, including population,
    education, health, environment, business and politics; from California State ...

  • Locator Services: (National Library of Medicine)

    US Representative Search
    A service provided by the US House of Representatives to enable the American
    public to identify and contact their representatives.

    Geo Targeting IP Address to Country City Region ISP Latitude ...
    Lookup Country, Region, City by IP Address. Solution provider for ASP and other
    Developers. Cost varies by level of detail required.

    EDF Chemical Scorecard
    Toxic Release Inventory data for the US. Sources and amounts of toxic chemicals
    released to air and water. Also has information on health effects and other ...

    Girl Scout Council Finder Map
    A state by state list of the councils within the GSUSA. Featuring addresses,
    phone and fax numbers, with email addresses and site addresses if available.

    Hometown Locator
    Portal including a US gazetteer, local weather and a directory using RDF data
    from the Open Directory Project.


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