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The Gulf War
A brief history of the Gulf War with animated maps, photos and links.
Provides information about the course of the war, the nations, individuals and
hardware involved,...

Office of the Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses
Official government site, that provides declassified documents with potential
relevance for affected...

The Gulf War
Directory of websites providing resources.

info: GULF WAR

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National Gulf War Resource Center
A site for Gulf War veterans' issues. Includes Gulf War search, self-help guide
and latest news updates....

Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages
Offers live chat sessions, discussion groups, and mailing lists. The site also
publishes a self-help...

The Gulf War
Summary overview of the Gulf War, with casualty figures and links to related websites.

Fog of War
Detailed analysis of the Gulf War, supplemented with photos and videos. From the
Washington Post.


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American Gulf War Veterans Association
The AGWVA provides resources for veterans of the Persian Gulf War. Discusses the
variety of conspiracy...

Gulf War Syndrome and Mycoplasma
Selected articles on the relationship between mycoplasmas and gulf war syndrome (GWS).

Hoskinson's Gulf War Photo Gallery
Images from the First Team.

Captain Joyce Riley: Gulf War Syndrome
Transcript of a speech given by a former Air Force Reserve officer, concerning
biological warfare.


Gulf War Metaphor
Online (1990) essay by George Lakoff. Published by Viet Nam Generation Journal &

Cleanly Fought
Article by Nicholas G. Fotion with the view that the war was not a moral outrage
on the coalition side.

Poli 378 - The Persian Gulf War
Provides several chapters from the "Report to Congress on the Conduct of the
Persian Gulf War", as...

Gulf War Veterans and Depleted Uranium
By Dr. Rosalie Bertell. Health effects including medical testing for contamination.

Best of RHF - Gulf War Jokebook
A collection of contemporary jokes.

Gulf War Illnesses Research
Discusses possible causes for the disease, how to detect it, and possible treatments.

Historical Text Archive: Articles - Persian Gulf War
War diaries of participants.

Gulf War Diary
The diary and a large and extensive collection of images from a Master Sergeant
in the 432nd Civil...


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