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    2006 Exotic Plant and Garden Seed Catalog
    Offers a collection of seeds from around the world.

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  • It's free and you will be entitled to buy some really rare and interesting seeds for only a dollar a pack! ( for difficult types of seeds such as palms, bananas, trees, shrub, cacti, tropical, fruits, etc

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  • featuring Bamboo, Monkey Puzzle Tree, Tea Plant, Black Pepper Vine, Ylang Ylang Tree, Sacred Water Lily and other rare seeds usually not found in retail markets

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    Unique Wedding Favors - Party Favors - Flower Seed Wedding Favors ...
    Personalized flower and tree seed packets in a variety of designs.

  • Ph: 888-315-7333 (M-Th) EST Email: Plant a Memory Flower, Tree & Herb Favors Glass Unique Fall in Love Special Occasion Favors Poems, Place Cards/ Books, Bags, Tins & Pots Plant a Memory Favors Gifts & Keepsake Favors Favorite Flower Favors Best Selling Favors for 2006 Seed Cards () Favors 4 Weddings offers unique wedding favors that are unforgettable gifts for your guests

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    Gardening sites with categorized areas of specialty for the home gardener ranging
    from starting seeds to site design and implementation.


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    Nicky's Seeds
    Offers flower, herb, vegetable, and grass seeds, wildflower and conservation
    mixtures, as well as some garden sundries and games. Based in the UK.

  • Seeds for all your favourite, rare and unusual garden plants of flowers, herbs, wildflowers, vegetables, garden sundries, games, gardening, hanging basket articles NEW - This Months Add your URL Free NICKYS NURSERY Ltd Mail Order Seeds & Garden Games Nickys Seeds and garden games, seeds, seed, seeds, and , seeds, Oriental and baby vegetable seeds

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    PCA Alien Plant Working Group - Princess Tree (Paulownia tomentosa)
    Description, images, invasiveness in the USA, and control.

  • The fruit is a dry brown capsule with four compartments that may contain several thousand tiny winged seeds

  • Capsules mature in autumn when they open to release the seeds and then remain attached all winter, providing a handy identification aid

  • BIOLOGY & SPREAD Princess tree can reproduce from seed or from root sprouts; the latter can grow more than 15 feet in a single season

  • Seed-forming pollen is fully developed before the onset of winter and the insect-pollinated flowers open in spring

  • A single tree is capable of producing an estimated twenty million seeds that are easily transported long distances by wind and water and may germinate shortly after reaching suitable soil

  • Seedlings grow quickly and flower in 8-10 years

  • Hand pulling may be effective for young seedlings

  • Seedlings are best pulled after a rain when the soil is loose

  • Cutting is most effective when trees have begun to flower to prevent seed production

  • Chemical Princess tree seedlings and small trees can be controlled by applying a 2% solution of glyphosate (e.g., Roundup®) or triclopyr (e.g., Garlon) and water plus a 0.5% non-ionic surfactant to thoroughly wet all leaves

    Burgess Seed & Plant Co.
    Mail-order company for seeds, bulbs, perennials and shrubs. Ships to US, Puerto
    Rico, and Virgin Islands.

    Taxonomy of the seed plants.

  • Containing Groups Other Embryophytes Spermatopsida Subgroups Spermatopsida Seed Plants ]Conifers' title='Conifers'> ]Gnetales' title='Gnetales'> ]Angiosperms' title='Angiosperms'> This tree diagram shows the relationships between several groups of organisms

  • Phylogeny of seed plants based on all three genomic compartments: Extant gymnosperms are monophyletic and Gnetales' closest relatives are conifers

  • Seed plant phylogeny inferred from all three plant genomes: monophyly of extant gymnosperms and origin of Gnetales from conifers

  • Seed plant phylogeny: Demise of the anthophyte hypothesis? Current Biology 10:R106-R109

  • Seed plant phylogeny and the relationships of Gnetales

  • Seed plant phylogeny inferred from all three plant genomes: Monophyly of extant gymnosperms and origin of Gnetales from conifers

  • Seed plant relationships and the systematic position of Gnetales based on nuclear and chloroplast DNA: Conflicting data, rooting problems, and the monophyly of conifers

  • Error, bias, and long-branch attraction in data for two chloroplast photosystem genes in seed plants

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    Borghese Gardens Seed Catalog, Seeds, tree seedlings, and flower ...
    Seeds, seedlings and bulbs of rare and unusual trees, herbs, flowers, vegetables,
    and house plants.

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    Egmont Seed Company
    The largest supplier of flower seed to commercial nurseries and cut-flower growers
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  • Box 674 New Plymouth New Zealand Phone: 06 751 2263 Fax: 0508 329 7337 - CHRISTCHURCH OFFICE 383 Springs Road RD 6 Christchurch Phone: 03 349 5546 Fax: 0508 329 5223 NEW CATALOGUE OUT NOW !!!!! "Welcome Aboard" to our new customers and "Welcome Back" to our loyal customers, we trust you will all find what you are looking for, along with something that can entice you to "push the limits" and increase your confidence where plant raising is concerned! If you are a novice and this is your first experience of growing your own plants, be assured there is nothing quite like admiring your garden and having the satisfaction of knowing you did it single handed! We trust you will all have a successful growing season and thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide you with quality seeds and accessories

  • Many of you already know that along with the popular mainstream vegetable and bedding plants, our aim is to provide seed for unusual items and also those that can be a challenge to grow! We love your feedback and welcome any suggestions for future items that you feel other like-minded growers would enjoy

  • " " Egmont Seeds is a New Zealand owned private company based in New Plymouth

    Natural Perspective: Plant Kingdom
    Introduction to the Plant Kingdom with information on some of the divisions which
    make up this group.

  • At least are in common use: Plants are classified into 12 phyla or divisions based largely on reproductive characteristics; they are classified by tissue structure into non-vascular (mosses) and vascular plants (all others); by 'seed' structure into those that reproduce through naked seeds, covered seeds, or spores; or by stature divided into mosses, ferns, shrubs and vines, trees, and herbs

  • Ferns and allies have a vascular system to transport fluids through their bodies but like the mosses, they reproduce from spores rather than seeds

  • Three other phyla are included as fern allies: the Horsetails ( Sphenophyta = Equisetophyta , 40 species; right , accompanied by an orchid), Club mosses ( Lycopodophyta , 1, 000 species), and Whisk ferns ( Psilophyta , 3 species) ( Gymnosperms = Coniferophyta and allies) The gymnosperms add the next level of complexity to plant evolution: they reproduce from seeds instead of spores

  • The seeds, however, are 'naked' (Greek: gummnos ) -- not covered by an ovary

  • Usually, the seed is produced inside a cone-like structure such as a pine cone hence the name 'conifer.' Some conifers, such as the Yew and Ginko, produce their seeds inside a berry-like structure

    Tropical Seeds & Plants Mail Order
    Specialising in tropical seeds and plants. Supporting products include propagators,
    heaters and portable greenhouses.

  • Jungle Seeds Jungle Seeds & Gardens - Specialists in Exotic Seeds & Exotic Plants Tropical Seeds Home Page (Looking for plants not seed? Go to our Web Site to find out more) On Line Shop - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Welcome to the Seed Web Site of Jungle Seeds & Gardens where we can offer you an unusual range of tropical seeds

  • We have received many interesting suggestions for new seeds and plants and we would like to thank those of you who have written letters or e-mails about your experiences, including in many cases, pictures

  • You will find many new exciting seed and plant ideas again in our 2006 catalogue with some 250 or more additions from last year, many of these were added to the Web Site during 2005 but many are completely new

  • Peter For Hardy Vegetable & Plant Seed try our associate Last Updated 23/06/2006 For our 2006 seed & plant catalogue to send your details and receive a free copy

  • To see and order the seeds, plants and other products that we offer please follow the links below

  • But don't miss out on our page under Information for all of the latest seed and plant products not included in the 2006 Catalogue! JungleSeeds&Gardens supplies tropical seeds, exotic seeds and tropical plants for hardy, semi hardy and greenhouse or conservatory use


    Horizon Herbs- Organic growers of medicinal seeds & plants.
    Organically grown medicinal herb seed of echinacea, goldenseal and 400 other
    species of plants.



  • Also, these items are newly available: Perfect San Pedro Cactus cuttings; Yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) seed (newly harvested, the most likely looking Mate seed I’ve ever come across); Wasabi seed

  • Now (Midsummer) is actually the time to buy into the new crop, and we recommend sowing the seed from the first fall rains through early winter

  • Apparently, you are good at it! Peace, Richo NEW DVD OF RICHO CECH ON HORIZON HERBS SEED FARM Filmed in the autumn of 2005 by public broadcasting's "HERBTV" this is classic Richo in action

  • Straight-talking candor about growing medicinal herbs and saving medicinal herb seeds

  • KIDZERBS! A kid's garden of medicinal plants includes 13 packets of organic herb seed and the book "KIDZERBS" by Sena Cech

    Plant Crafts -
    A collection of projects using materials found around the house.

  • Make colorful sunflowers from handprint cut-outs, a paper towel tube, sunflower seeds, and a paper plate

  • A painted flowerpot that makes a great gift - add a plant (or seed packet) if you like

  • Plant Books to Print : A short book about apples to print, with pages on Johnny Appleseed, how to say apple in many languages, the seasons to label, apple facts, and apple questions

  • A short printable shape book for early readers about the germination and early growth of a bean seed

  • Johnny Appleseed was a legendary man who spread apple trees through the USA

  • His real name wasJohn Chapman, but he was called Johnny Appleseed because of his love for growing apple trees

  • Cut out the four cards and arrange them so they show the life cycle of a flowering plant from seed to flower

  • Print and cut out the four cards that show the germination and early growth of a bean seed

  • Have the student put the four cards in order from seed to plant

    Seed varieties - palm, cactus, tree, bonsai, herb seeds, chili ...
    Extensive selection of seeds including bonsai, trees, vegetables, herbs, ornamentals
    and cacti.

  • Welcome to ANi Direct seeds

  • We have many seed varieties of unusual, tropical and specialist gardening seeds available for mail order

  • We also have a large variety of flower seeds

  • Please note: we do not send seed catalogues as all our available products are listed here

  • Seeds from ANi Direct seeds We accept online payments via secure server and you can also order by International Money Order, Postal Order or Cheque

  • and thank-you for your interest in our seeds Our contact We also have: ANi Direct are always looking for new producers / suppliers of unusual and interesting seeds and gardening related products

  • World Weather Reports All these mail order seeds are available from us at ANi Direct seeds and if you are interested in ordering them, please use the SecureTrading secure server by adding them to the shopping cart

  • When you have selected all the seed varieties you wish to buy or want to check your order click 'View Shopping Cart / Checkout and follow the instructions

  • If you wish to mail order other than by shopping cart / credit card please write down the seed reference number, name, price, packets required and for alternative payment methods : Tropical seeds , Palm seeds , Flower Seed ...
    Offers Hawaii-grown tropical seeds, cuttings, and seedlings, for foliage plants
    and trees, flowering plants, and palms.

  • HAWAIIAN ISLANDS Tropical Plant Seeds, Grown in Hawaii, Shipped to You, Worldwide ALOHA AND WELCOME..

    Rare Plant and Seed Nursery
    Source for passionflowers, exotic and tropical flowers and fruits, and houseplants
    in San Diego, also offering a rare plant finder service.

  • borsigiana aka: Monstera borsigiana Variegated Monstera, Split Leaf Philodendron Rare plant and seed nursery Specialising in hard-to-find and very rare plants you can't find anywhere else San Diego, CA Contact info: eleonor.england @ gmail-dot-com Plants shipped once per month - next shipping date is Monday August 7, 2006 weather permitting Must order plants by last Friday in the Month in order to have plants sent on the above date

  • Mottling seen in Beatrix Anderson is similar Dave's Garden has a lot of images and write ups: AVAILABLE July & August 06 copihue/Chilean Bellflower ( Lapageria rosea Seedlings ) 4 available $55 each - I found these in the back behind the passiflora parritae (I forgot we had them!) They are doing great and are about to start blooming from the looks of them

  • All Deppea splendens pants in cultivation today originate from seed collected by Dr

  • See the extra mile I go for you guys? Drought resistant - likes heat, does best if humidity is present though (you know, like here) GRAFT 1.5-2' $200 2 years old More info/images available on this cultivar on - an excellent resource: COLLECTORS PLANTS Lapageria rosea (chilean Bellflower) - cultivars and seedling see above in vines Passiflora antioquiensis (see above in vines) Passiflora parritae (see above in vines) Deppea splendens - Golden Fuchsia, Cristobal - (see shrubs - above) SPECIAL REQUESTS Is there something we should carry? We do take suggestions for plants to track down and make available

    Blossom Swap
    Lively community of gardening enthusiasts, forums, plant and seed swaps, articles,
    gardening tips, and photographs.

  • T he new is up! Submit a quick post listing all the seeds you have to trade or join our garden forum and create a member page

  • Tomato seeds have been chosen to represent the vegetable world in space exploration

    Suburban Lawn-Glossary of Plant Care Terms
    Brief list of common landscaping terms.

    Australian Plants Photographs
    Photos taken in the wild or gardens in South East Queensland with detailed species


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