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What the fork is emo?
Article in the Daily Egyptian by Codell Rodriguez.

  • Departments | What the fork is emo? Codell Rodriguez Daily Egyptian It's a pizza chain that lasted in Carbondale for a matter of weeks right? Oh, is it that little, red, fuzzy thing from Sesame Street? Is it a style of music that has inspired depressed youth across the nation to put on their favorite '80s t-shirts and thick, black-framed glasses and remember all the girlfriends/boyfriends that treated them like crap? Or does it even exist? To those who do think it exists, it's short for emotional, and it's brought out a whole mess of bands who say everything sucks

  • The emolution According to Andy Radin, who operates fourfa and is in an emo band himself, emo started to take shape in Washington D.C

  • after the band, Minor Threat, broke up in 1983

  • Radin said it was after the band's separation that punk bands all over the country started searching for new styles, including 'cheeze-metal, ' mosh and alternative

  • In 1984, a band called Rites of Spring formed from former members of The Untouchables and Faith and Deadline

  • Radin said this band had the same speed and texture of punk, but with 'intensely personal lyrics dripping with emotion and sweat.' Radin said in the summer of 1985, a 'new wave of rock-tempo, melody-based, sung-vocal bands' formed from the remaining punk musicians in Washington D.C

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    Zao - Band Biography and mp3s/songs,Hardcore Music/Emo Music ...
    Introduction to the band and reviews by fans. Includes a photograph of Zao.

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  • i will always love this band Posted - July 7 2005 10:23 AM Offline 1 Posts: 282 very good stuff [1] Add Comment You must be registered and logged in to add comments

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  • 09.08.06 09.08.06 08.08.06 07.08.06 07.08.06 06.08.06 06.08.06 06.08.06 06.08.06 06.08.06 05.08.06 Underoath: 'Define The Great Line' Da Seattle la band rock rivelazione dell'anno

  • Parlando a 360° con lui abbiamo anche svelato alcuni luoghi comuni che hanno sempre seguito i Good Riddance e i relativi componenti, dall'aerofagia del loro produttore (il celebre Bill Stevenson) alle tendenze straight-edge della band… [] Intervista ai Dropkick Murphys Domenica pomeriggio prima del concerto al Transilvania abbiamo incontrato Marc Orrell, chitarrista (e ora anche pianista) dei Dropkick Murphys

  • info: EMO BAND

    Photo by www.deadrebel.com

    Punk rock CDs and vinyl, plus t-shirts and buttons.

  • Free Poster with Pre-order while supplies last! $12.00 Against Me! Americans Abroad!! (Live In London) A live performance recorded at The Mean Fiddler in London, featuring the new song, 'Americans Abroad!' Includes a live video for, 'Problems.' Free Poster with Pre-order while supplies last! $11.75 Casualties Under Attack At a time when punk has steered either into sugary pop or full on Nu metal territory, there is at least one band flying the flag for traditional street music

  • Free Button & Exclusive Patch with Pre-order while supplies last! $11.00 Fifth Hour Hero Not Revenge...Just A Vicious Crush The newest release from a band that hasn't forgotten any of the anxiety, fun, or tenderness of being in a group of DIY musicians

  • The band's approach is neither sugarcoated nor overproduced

  • 22nd while supplies last! $12.25 Left Alone Dead American Radio A stone cold classic album that artfully takes aim at corporate radio, suck ass emo bands and everything in between while incorporating elements of ska, cowpunk, pop contagiousness and old school punk

  • $2.00 Dickies Bag Basic Shoulder (14 x 5 x 12) Denim $20.00 Ghost Mice Collection One Or The Fairy War Ghost Mice are a two piece acoustic folk punk band playing songs about everything from liberation and freedom to pizza, bikes, and traveling

    Aversion.com: The Promise Ring
    Interview with the band.

  • Much to the chagrin of the members of the Promise Ring, their band is continually harnessed with the elusive emo label

  • Somebody will say Fugazi is an emo band and someone will say the Get Up Kids

  • They don?t sound anything alike!" Whatever its sound?pop, emo or something else?the Promise Ring?s blend of upbeat, melodic tunes with minimalist, though strangely expressive, lyrics slowly built the band a reputation as one of today?s most promising indie-label bands

  • Building a nationwide following with a hectic touring schedule as well as cropping up in the Spin reviews section and on MTV, the Promise Ring leads the pack of the "we?re not emo" bands

  • Like many of his contemporaries, Gnewikow fiercely dodges the emo label, though has little advice for serving up a description of his band

  • With the recently released Boys and Girls EP (Jade Tree) following up 1997?s Nothing Feels Good (Jade Tree), the band continues its ascent to the top of the imnotemo scene

  • Predictably, with the success of bands with a sound such as the Promise Ring and Jimmy Eat World, a huge new wave of imitator bands are starting to spring up across the country

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  • I have photographed close to 300 bands

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  • Having already done websites for bands such as Braid, Sense Field, Between The Buried And Me and working with increasingly larger labels and bands (including some Majors), I have decided to persue my design work will the same passion I poured into this site

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    Photo by www.ifworldscollide.com

    In Music We Trust: Get Up Kids, The
    Review by Alex Steininger of "Something to Write Home About."

  • Something to Write Home About () By: Punchy power-emo with a huge dose of punk and pop, The Get Up Kids make every other 'emo' band seem bland in comparison

  • On their latest, SOMETHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT, the band serves up a well-produced, solid record sure to turn some heads

  • 'Close To Home' finds the band diving straight into some pop-punk; but, the emo also makes an appearance, keeping them from going too far into the pop or punk genres

  • Energetic and smooth, as well as emotional and heartfelt, the band keeps you listening with a driving rhythm section that is able to keep the song from slumping too far into the emo realm

  • For a band that often receives the emo tag, they can sure amp it up, rock out, and really throw some clean punches that will knock you on your ass

  • Sure, they've got their emo side, and it sometimes gets redundant and seems endless; but, they always manage to jump back up with some of the most spirited rock you're likely to hear, so it cancels all the band out

    Lazyeye Interview: Jimmy Eat World
    Photographs, history, and interview with Jim Adkins by Tim McMahan.

  • Jimmy Eat World The indie rock band (don’t call them emo) prepares to record their first full-length after a breakup with Capitol Records, all under the shadow of The Boss

  • by tim mcmahan "I tell people we're just a rock band, " said Jimmy Eat World founder and singer/guitarist Jim Adkins as he drove his van from Phoenix to Los Angeles last Saturday, occasionally getting lost in a fog of static as he rolled through a mountain pass

  • With drummer Zach Lind in tow, Adkins was meeting the rest of the band at an L.A

  • He prefers "rock band" moniker rather than the "emo band" tag that's been hung on Jimmy Eat World since they formed in '94

  • But Singles sounds nothing like, Clarity ; their final project recorded before Capitol Records dropped the band last year

  • A collection of the band's favorite 7-inch and compilation rarities, Singles has a similar drive as, say, current-day Cursive or Jawbreaker

  • Adkins says the Capitol split with the band was a mutual parting of ways

  • " M ost bands would have been bummed to hear that their label has dropped them

    ENOUGH FANZiNE | punk, hc, emo, ska music magazine and more
    Non-profit DIY punk/ska/independent music E-zine, covering news, rumors and
    gossip, record reviews, columns, politics, show reviews, and a message board.

  • In a message posted to their myspace blog, the band's roadie, Gabe asked and mentioned the show itself: 'Just wondering what songs people would want to hear, stop by and post your response on the blog.' The band will announce a one show reunion with all former members of the Murder City Devils

  • The band split up in 2001 after the release of the Thelema EP and In Name and Blood full length

  • and members went on Pretty Girls Make Graves, Big Business, Dead Low Tide and joke/cover band The John and Spencer Booze Explosion

  • Further Links: Author: JR Ewing disbands | 04.06.2006 After eight years, JR Ewing is calling it quits

  • Here's the band's statement: 'We are truly sad to announce that by the fall of 2006 JR Ewing will no longer be a band

  • The commentator told the audience “Kids, do not try this at home”, however, it came as a surprise for all of us that this badly ripped of Gwar-type-of-band from Finland carrying probably the worst bandname on earth, Lordi, won the once so popular contest for folk music in Europe

    Nightclub featuring local and touring live acts. Includes band listing, booking
    information, photo gallery from past shows, and current schedule.

  • 6th St, Austin, TX) FREE 21 & Up • $5 18 - 20 • Drink Specials All Night • 9pm to 2am featuring: Notion on the 1's & 2's • Guest Performances Every Week Open Mic Every Week • B-Boys & B-Girls Welcome Description: Free in the Emo's Lounge: Stay Gold with DJ John Gross (Partyends.com) and The Mouth plus a live band tba! Description: 310-254-8974 tom Description: Those Peabodys Description: Charlieworldwide@aol.com Description: brandonhope@elevatedpromotions.com Description: El Jesus De Magico Description: jonathan @ kork Description: zad (and 15th?) Description: Manager's Choice/ Chad Raines and the Simple Pleasures/ tba Description: (lounge) My Revenge / Panther Zora / Here Comes Trouble Description: ellis Description: at Emo's Lounge (Old K-Bar) (located at 600 E

  • EMO BAND ?

    Freie Szene
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    CanEHdian.com: Cross My Heart
    Profile includes a biography, discussion forum, audio files and links.

  • Cross My Heart might be the most Emo Emo band I have ever heard

  • Temporary Contemporary (it was temporary, alright) seems so forced it could have been almost any type of music, depending on what was “in” at the little sweatbox clubs they frequented when starting this band up

  • A minor nod to a “ground-breaking” (some say) band too, which makes Cross My Heart only the eighty-eight millionth outfit to swing from Slint’s nut-sacks in the last year and a half

  • Cpoyright 2001 Cross My Heart Discussion Forum: Are you a big fan of the band and their music? Join other fans in the Cross My Heart message board and discuss the artists and their music

    Read it or just go through life and be happy anyway.

  • Do you see where I'm going here? It's not like the problem is being fixed, rather the band aid is bigger and better

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  • crafted with a boot in the blues, and the other on the nearest accelerator official site for the singer/guitarist, heady rock with poetic lyrics Description: Info & news about the melodic rock project Frozen Rain & lots of interesting links for rock fans and musicians We are a Metal Band with 8 cd releases 2-girl vocal/dance act, covering music as diverse as pop covers, R&B and musical theatre

  • Excellent choreography! Home of the truly funky band from Sydney, Australia

  • Official homepage, rock band who's original sound is compared to alice in chains and ozzie combined The Gigolos told us nothing about themselves! Contemporary sound combines with classical elements of rock-n-roll, official Covering a wide spectrum of musical genres Original uplifting melodic rock band, official Cool hats, pain, laughter, and romance

  • Official home of sir mildred pierce's electronic funk band '76' Unofficial Austrian homepage of Dschinghis Khan / Genghis Khan Southern rock, country band in south Carolina Hallo is an Alternative rock band out of West Michigan, Brutal New York hardcore A retro & new music pop/rock band for a new century, based in Las Vegas NV USA, Official Pink Floyd tribute band

    TriCk RaMMseY : Emo/Hardcore Band from Penfield NY
    Alternative Metal band from Penfield NY.

  • Updated 6/02 (TOUR, NeWs) Welcome to the Trick Rammsey web site, we hope you like it....we are a Emo/Hardcore band from Penfield New York, feel free to download a song from our Album Jabba-CiD and learn more about us

    Lost America Night Photography
    Troy Paiva's collection of night photography of the abandoned roadside west.

  • This is where you'll find a collection of night photography of the abandoned roadside west

  • Scweeeet! No sooner did one of my photos appear on the cover of Swedish indie-emo band "'s" new album "" that they broke up! The album's pretty good too

  • Check it out! Canadian Hard Rock band "Penny Black" (featuring Russ Dwarf from the legendary "Killer Dwarves") had me do their new album cover graphics


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