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  • | to personalize   | Showing page 1 of 39 main details summary laserdisc details video clip(s) You need to be a user of the IMDb to rate a movie - I have seen this movie and would like to Napoleon Dynamite () Directed by Writing credits (written by) and (written by) (28 photos) Genre: / Tagline: He's out to prove he's got nothing to prove

  • | 164 out of 260 people found the following comment useful:- Awesome! , 7 December 2004 Author: from Newport, WA I have to say I was so intrigued by the mixed responses to this film on this board I had to see it

  • I am so tired of the typical BS Hollywood crap, and this movie was far from that

  • And as for being unrealistic, this movie was more realistic than any movie I have seen

  • Not doubt this will be a cult classic! GO NAPOLEON! I give this film a 10 out of 10 Was the above comment useful to you? I have seen this movie and would like to on it Discuss this movie with other users on Recent Posts (updated daily) User If you like this title, we also recommend..

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  • | 4 out of 4 people found the following comment useful:- A bit slow moving but nice for a date , 28 October 2005 Author: from Ireland I gave this 6/10 because it was quite slow moving

  • However just as 20 years ago similar theme films-cultural conflict & generation gap films like Flashdance & Dirty Dancing, and before that Saturday Night Fever, would have appealed to late teens early 20's going out on dates, then this is a similar feel good date film

  • Flashdance I am sure as Flashdance stood out so 20 years later still watchable, so will this film

  • Was the above comment useful to you? I have seen this movie and would like to on it Discuss this movie with other users on Recent Posts (updated daily) User If you like this title, we also recommend..

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    Dancing Steve Balmer
    Variations on the infamous dancing Microsoft CEO video.

  • Come in, Belgium! (On closer examination, this looks like a Quicktime version of the same MPEG file

  • Down, but not forgotten: this where we originally got the AVI from

    Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
    Satirical critique of the intention of the Kansas school board to teach intelligent
    design in schools as an alternative theory to evolution.

  • It is for this reason that I’m writing you today, to formally request that this alternative theory be taught in your schools, along with the other two theories

  • In fact, I will go so far as to say, if you do not agree to do this, we will be forced to proceed with legal action

  • He finds that approximately 75% of the Carbon-14 has decayed by electron emission to Nitrogen-14, and infers that this artifact is approximately 10, 000 years old, as the half-life of Carbon-14 appears to be 5, 730 years

  • We have numerous texts that describe in detail how this can be possible and the reasons why He does this

  • I’m sure you now realize how important it is that your students are taught this alternate theory

  • I cannot stress the importance of this enough, and unfortunately cannot describe in detail why this must be done as I fear this letter is already becoming too long

  • I hope I was able to convey the importance of teaching this theory to your students

  • We will of course be able to train the teachers in this alternate theory

  • Support the Cause? Sign the -added 11/29/05 HELP SPREAD THE WORD with FSM Brochures, Flyers and Posters you can download free Want to see how it's done? Check out PROPAGANDA IN ACTION ANNOUNCEMENTS You can purchase this one-of-a-kind Plush FSM on eBay - All proceeds go to the National Center for Science Education !


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    BBC Radio 1: Essential Mix
    Official page containing tracklistings, archive, recent features and messageboard.

  • Like this page? Sun 01.00-03.00 This Week's Show It's Ibiza Week! And you lot get a one Essential Mix a night for the next 7 nights

  • It just makes me jealous as hell that i can't be in ibiza this year

  • dave rustigini in uk on the move in my trunk Listening to this weeks shows takes me right back to the white isle last year...IT'S TORTURE being stuck here and listening to everyone party their asses off in paradise! Next year though - we will be back!!!! Kel in San Diego Great mix from carl cox tonight he, s still the best dj in the world, he needs to do a essential mix soon Wayne Stanley Liverpool England There's a group of us heading out to Ibiza in a few weeks time

  • Saw Sven Vath last year at Cocoon, sounds like this year is going to be even better

  • Loving the depeche mode track!! Looking forward to hearing more this week and even more looking forward to flying out there for 2 weeks of fantastic partying!! Jude - Manchester Wow this show is amazing

  • this man is it & god bless jivo, yaxey hunts This is off the hook, EM and R1 keep up the great vibes and look forward to hearing more great sets!! Kinns, Calgary sven väth set is great and powerful wished you were a tv station and broadcast the incredible atmosphare chris moll bochum/germany Andre Galluzzi- yay - one of the best i heard in a while..

    BBC - Music - Dance
    Dance music on the BBC. News, reviews and listings including house, trance, techno
    and progressive music.

  • 9 August 2006 Latest » ; » Like this page? house, trance, techno and breaks Ibiza Week Radio 1's presence on the White Isle for 2006 sees 7 whopping great Essential Mix shows featuring the likes of Sander Van Doorn, Sven Vath, Judge Jules, DJ Oliver, Steve Angello, Andre Gazzulli and loads more

  • F**k Pony :Children of Love Jay Haze and Samim have created this new collaborative project not for commercial acceptance but to explore the underground roots of house and techno music

  • Is there a new album on the way? Gig Dates 8 shows28 Nov - 08 DecAround the UK More Like This? Browse the for new music similar to this

    Grand Chain - the Scottish Dance Resource
    Edinburgh Scottish dance resource including music, hints and tips, events, groups
    and bands.

  • Grand Chain Content on this site is licensed under a

  • Note this site is completely voluntary and I do not get paid for it

  • Scottish dancing is my hobby, particularly Scottish country dancing, and I provide this resource because I want to share my experience and the experience of others

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    Google Dance
    Describes in some technical detail how Google updates its index.

  • It appears that, still, there has to be an update of the complete index once in a while and during this time new backward links are shown

  • We will keep this site up running because it provides some information beyond the Google Dance

  • But, since Google's index is inverse, this would be very complicated

  • But this would obviously be inefficient

  • Basically, the DNS works like this: On the Internet, data transfers always take place in-between IP addresses

  • Illustrating the whole process would go beyond the scope of this paper.) The IP address is then cached by the name server, so that it is not necessary to contact the responsible name server each time a connection is built up to a domain

  • This is the Time To Live (TTL) of a domain

  • In this way, Google queries are always directed to different data centers by changing DNS records

  • In this way, Google would conduct a simple form of load balancing by its use of the DNS

  • But of course, this procedure may reverse, so that Google switches seemingly between the old and the new index

  • This happens most likely because the index is redundant at each data center and at first, only one part of the servers (eventually half of them) is updated

  • Benefits

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    The official site of the National Basketball Association. Includes news, features,
    multimedia, player profiles, chat transcripts, schedules and statistics.

  • Re-live and rate this

  • This marks the first change to the ball in over 35 years and in 60 seasons

  • By accessing any information beyond this page, you agree to abide by the / and

    John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
    Information on musical, ballet and theatrical productions, cultural programs and
    events. Online ticket purchase provided. Located in Washington, DC.

  • This exciting event for the entire family will feature artists from the Gulf Coast Highway, strolling performers, food, and much more

    How to Dance Gothic
    Humorous tutorial on gothic dancing.

  • It helps if you make slight wavy motions with your fingers while you’re doing this one

  • (This can segue nicely into 'Which Way is the Exit?' , .) Difficulty: Goth Rating: This one is much like Washing the Windows , but with two differences

  • Don’t worry if your hands try to move forward a bit rather than staying out to the sides; that’s standard for this move

  • Difficulty: Goth Rating: In many ways the signature gothic dance move, this one is so simple, even a corpse could do it

  • You’ve seen Bela Lugosi do this hundreds of times, just before he sits up and says 'Good eeeeeve-ning.' The only real caveat with this one is, since it’s so obviously gothic and so totally butt-easy, you don’t want to rely on it overmuch

  • Save it for the single moment in any given song where the singer is displaying the maximum amount of angst, and don’t stick in this position for longer than a couple of beats

  • This should put you in the exact mirror of the position you were in a moment ago

  • “Wow, I could just walk all the way across the floor like this!” you think to yourself

    Intelligent dance music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Wikipedia entry on Intelligent Dance Music.

  • This article or section does not cite its

  • Artists which primarily use this form include Autechre and Boards of Canada

  • The majority of IDM's pioneers during this era were based in, but a few artists, such as from, hailed from other countries

  • Notable influences at the beginning of this period include the music of, the label, and artists using software synthesis, a technology that had recently become possible to use on ordinary personal computers

  • In particular, during this period, IDM production greatly increased in the

  • During this period, the influence of Warp Records continued to grow

  • Developed out of the IDM community during this time was a filesharing program called, which underground artists used to share their music and make contacts

  • Software and hardware is constantly being developed to make reaching this balance more seamless

  • It's basically saying 'this is intelligent and everything else is stupid.' It's really nasty to everyone else's music


    Little Yellow Different
    Profile, photos and weblog; in Fremont, California.

  • They were double fisting cosmo's in each hand and talked too-loud about how it was going to be like the Madonna concert and how they wished Kelly had a section 'for the bois.' And while this conversation would be apropo for a Madonna concert, the fact that they were gushing and being fabulous while sitting next to two Filipino eight year olds just made everything A-OK in my book

  • This has nothing to do with the Atlantis hotel, but I just wanted to throw that out there right now

  • This made for some, uhm, customer dissatisfaction when I ran down to the front desk, complaining that my drivers license and credit card was lost

  • (Oh, PS, Paula at the front desk? You should really do something with those acre of bangs on your face.) Thankfully, my drivers license and credit card were NOT lost, because they were camouflaged on this fantastically tacky comforter I'm sitting on right now

  • Similar to the cruise ship, a good majority of the patrons in this casino are elderly people here on a slots tournament

  • (I swear to god, next year for her birthday, we're going to the park.) :: conversations at this years gay pride parade Conversation #1: (Cut to a car full of gays passing by the rather infamous Becks Travel Lodge) Brian: Oh, look

    Dance Survival Guides
    History, technique, basic steps and choreography for Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha, Samba
    and Merengue. Plus articles, and gig guides.

    Learn to dance in your area, online, DVD - latin american ...
    Latin American, Ballroom, Jive and many other styles of dance. Weekly classes or
    mail order service available.

  • For more details of the dance cruise visit the ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All NEW Learn to Dance DVD's available from COMING SOON - Rumba Beginners DVD & Cha Cha Beginners DVD **NEW** Learn to Dance Tango for complete beginners DVD [] This DVD is a step by step guide to learning Tango Argentino

  • Learn to dance like an expert with this DVD

  • Aspirations style of teaching has been succesful in teaching over 6000 people worldwide from celebrities to housewives, students to Company Directors so whatever your circumstance this DVD will have you dancing Tango in no time at all! It is filmed from three different angles, side, man's view, and lady's view

  • only £15.00 (GBP) Including P&P anywhere in the world This is a region free DVD

  • To pay by cheque please ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Learn to Dance Jive for complete beginners DVD This DVD is a step by step guide to learning to Jive

  • Learn to dance like an expert with this DVD

    The Physics of Dance
    Article pertaining to balancing during pirouettes, jumps, and basic physics vocabulary.

  • Introduction How'd I get myself into this? Some statements about dance technique can be restated using a physics vocabulary..

  • Sources for much of this: (a physics professor at Dickinson College) and Cynthia Harvey (previously a dancer with the American Ballet Theater), Physics, Dance, and the Pas de Deux, Schirmer Books, New York, 1994

  • Objects which change shape (dancers!!) are more complicated: their rotational inertia () changes with time (more on this later...) Static balance We all know what it means...

  • You can balance around this point

  • Swinging a leg going into a turn works like this: You push on the floor one way, the floor pushes back the other way

  • (You can't do this on a slippery floor!) Turns in the air: no forces except gravity can act on the dancer

  • It works like this: Upside-down cat curves its back 'the easy way.' Cat straightens its back while bending around its middle to its right

  • (Recall, p = mv.) This is very curious

  • by one foot Height of the dancer will influence how this looks: a six-foot-tall dancer jumps 1/6 of his height, a five-foot-tall dancer jumps 1/5 of her height

    Belly Dance Fun & Frolic
    Jokes, cartoons and animations, silly poems and songs, and other mayhem related
    to belly dancing.

  • Here are some frivolous activities to indulge in when you find yourself getting too stressed out! Wipe that disapproving frown off your face! Put aside that bra that you're beading or that belt you have to repair, and take a few minutes to have some fun! We all need to smile now and then! Table Of Contents Got some of your own jokes, cartoons, or other fun stuff about belly dancing that you'd like to share on this page? and if I enjoy them myself, I'll add them! Shopping At Shira's Showcase If you like the artwork here on Shira's web site, then you'll love these shirts, mugs, tile coasters, and mouse pads! Collect several designs! Cartoons & Other Visual Delights A fine cartoon by the distinguished artist, Dr

  • (Note: this is not belly dance

  • More like social dancing.) Watch this up-and-coming troupe of students do a recital just for you!

  • Silly Songs & Poems Mood Music Here are some fun and frolicky audio clips to enjoy while you explore the rest of this menu

  • Small MIDI file that takes only a few seconds to download, and most computers already come with the software needed to play this

    Belly Dance Terms
    Glossary with detailed definitions. Terms in several different languages.

  • A Glossary Of Belly Dance Terms by Shira Note: Throughout this glossary, many terms and song titles are mentioned which come from Turkish, Arabic, or other languages

  • If you don't find the word you're looking for under the spelling you expect, keep looking--it may appear elsewhere on this page under a different spelling

  • (Pronounced "ahl JEEL".) This refers to a style of music popular in Egypt today, which is representative of the students and more mobile youth of Egyptian cities

  • (Pronounced "uh WAHD dee".) In Arabic music, this refers to the free-form improvised instrumental solo that has no underlying rhythm

  • This is often used for the opening few phrases of music played for a belly dancer, and it is then followed by the fast- or medium-tempo entrance music

  • (Pronounced "BED luh".) In Arabic, this literally means "suit"

  • In Arabic, people who have relocated from their rural homes to the city would use this word to refer to "my country", "my village", or "my home town." City people, in turn, may use it disparagingly to mean the people that come from the countryside, or hicks

    Knoxville Country Dancers
    Sponsors weekly contra dances, an annual dance weekend, and other activities.
    Includes organization information, schedule of upcoming activities, ...

  • Add to this the solid piano of Marlene Shostak and incomparable percussion (doumbek, djembe, kanjira, bones, shakers -- you name it!) of Mark Hellenberg , firmly grounded by Nick Weiland on bass, and you have a band whose legendary energy has made them a favorite at music festivals and contradance weekends across North America

  • puts it like this -- 'A contra dance is like an amusement park ride we make for ourselves.' Here is another great reference for new dancers --

  • We're proud to be a part of , a resource for all East Tennesseeans! This page last updated on September 13, 2006


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