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Nevada Newcomers Club, Women's Club & Moms Club Directory
Help and advice to integrate new residents into the local community through social
events, interest groups and children's activities.

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    CIA - The World Factbook -- Micronesia, Federated States of
    Features a map and brief descriptions of geography, economy, government, and people.

    CIA - The World Factbook -- Qatar
    Features map and brief descriptions of the geography, people, government, economy,
    communications, transportation, military and transnational issues.

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    Yellow Pages - Riga, Latvia, telephone numbers, directory
    Lists businesses that offer products and services, as well as tourism information.
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  • 721-7256 Calling local numbers while in Latvia: Just dial the seven-digit number as it is, because area codes are incorporated into regular telephone numbers: XXX-XXXX; to call mobile phones, dial 9XX-XXXX or 6XX-XXXX

  • Calling to Latvia from abroad: Just dial the 371 Latvian code plus the number as it is—or, in other words, 371-XXX-XXXX

  • Calling abroad from Latvia: To call the rest of the world simply dial 00, followed by the country code and number

  • The country code for Estonia is 372

  • The code for Lithuania is 370

    South Africa
    Offers Background Notes and travel information including entry and exit requirements,
    safety and security, crime, health and transport.

    Korean War order of battle
    Order of battle of US Navy and Marine aircraft.

  • Oriskany (CVA 34) with CVG-102* (15 Sep 1952-18 May 1953) Squadron Aircraft Tail Code VF-781 F9F-5 D VF-783 F9F-5 D VF-874 F4U-4 D VA-923 AD-3 D VC-3 Det G F4U-5N NP VC-11 Det G AD-3W ND VC-35 Det G AD-4N NR VC-61 Det G F2H-2P PP HU-1 Det HO3S-1 UP *CVG-102 redesignated CVG-12 on 4 February 1953

  • Antietam (CV 36) with CVG-15 (8 Sep 1951-2 May 1952) Squadron Aircraft Tail Code VF-713 F4U-4 H VF-831 F9F-2B H VF-837 F9F-2B H VA-728 AD-4/L/Q H VC-3 Det D F4U-5N NP VC-11 Det D AD-4W ND VC-35 Det D AD-4NL NR VC-61 Det D F9F-2P PP HU-1 Det HO3S-1 UP Princeton (CV 37) with CVG-19 (9 Nov 1950-29 May 1951*) Squardon Aircraft Tail Code VF-191 F9F-2 B1 VF-192 F4U-4 B VF-193 F4U-4 B VA-195 AD-4 B VC-3 Det F F4U-5N NP VC-11 Det AD-4W ND VC-35 Det 3 AD-4N NR VC-61 Det F9F-2P PP HU-1 Det HO3S-1 UP *Air Group transferred at Yokosuka, Japan, CV 37 remained in WestPac

  • Valley Forge (CV 45) with ATG-1 (15 Oct 1951-3 Jul 1952) Squadron Aircraft Tail Code VF-111 F9F-2/B V VF-52 F9F-2/B S VF-653 F4U-4/B H VF-194 F4U-4/B B VC-3 Det H F4U-5N/NL NP VC-11 Det H(7) AD-4W/2Q ND VC-35 Det H(10) AD-4NL NR VC-61 Det H F9F-2P/F2H-2P PP HU-1 Det 20 HO3S-1 UP Valley Forge (CVA 45) with CVG-5 (20 Nov 1952-25 Jun 1953) Squadron Aircraft Tail Code VF-51 F9F-5 S VF-92 F4U-4 N VF-53 F9F-5 S VF-54 AD-4 S VC-3 Det B F4U-5N NP VC-11 Det B AD-4W ND VC-35 Det B AD-4N NR VC-61 Det B F9F-5P PP HU-1 Det 6 HO3S-1 UP Philippine Sea (CV 47) with CVG-11 (5 Jul 1950-26 Mar 1951*) Squadron Aircraft Tail Code VF-111 F9F-2 V VF-112 F9F-2 V VF-113 F4U-4B V VF-114 F4U-4B V VA-115 AD-4/Q V VC-3 Det 3 F4U-5N/AD-4N NP VC-11 Det AD-4W ND VC-61 Det 3 F4U-4P PP HU-1 Det 3 HO3S-1 UP *CVG-11 crossdecked with CVG-2 from CV 45; CV 47 returned to San Diego, Calif., 26 March with CVG-2

    tortoise care information - Tortoise Group
    Contributing in efforts to protect the wild desert tortoise and its natural
    habitat and promoting responsible care of legally acquired pet desert tortoises.

  • Tortoise Group, 5157 Poncho Circle, Las Vegas, NV 89119 Phone and Fax: (702) 739-8043 E-mail: Hotline: (702) 739-7113 MegaDiet Satellite Sellers Please call sellers for appointment; area code is (702) except where noted

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    Pellston, Michigan (MI) Detailed Profile - relocation, real estate ...
    Detailed profile of the community, including the geography, average climate, and

  • Estimated population in July 2005: 798 (+3.5% change) Males: 383 (49.7%), Females: 388 (50.3%) Zip code: Median resident age: 31.2 years Median household income: $37, 292 (year 2000) Median house value: $71, 600 (year 2000) Races in Pellston: White Non-Hispanic (89.5%) American Indian (8.6%) Two or more races (2.7%) Hispanic (0.8%) Black (0.6%) Ancestries: German (17.1%), Irish (12.7%), English (9.6%), French (7.4%), United States (6.7%), French Canadian (4.8%)

  • Latitude: 45.55 N, Longitude: 84.78 W Area code: 231 Industries providing employment: Manufacturing (19.1%), Arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food services (15.6%), Retail trade (14.4%), Construction (13.8%), Educational, health and social services (11.3%)

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    Nevada State Symbols Capital Constitution Flags Maps Song
    Provides a collection of links to state resources including the State Home Page,
    demographics, symbols, flag, map, the state constitutions and among other links ...

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    Antenna Star - Home
    Authorized DirectTV dealer, offering standard single or multi-room equipment,
    installed such as DirectTV DVR with Tivo and high definition receivers.

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    Syndicate Sales, Inc. • Floral Industry Leader
    Manufacturer of glassware, plastics, floral foams, postharvest care products and
    wedding accessories. Includes monthly newsletter, catalog and employment ...

  • WHAT TIME IS IT? Kokomo, IN - 7:08:50 AM Los Angeles, CA - 4:08:50 AM Denver, CO - 5:08:50 AM Chicago, IL - 6:08:50 AM New York, NY - 7:08:50 AM MEMBER LOGIN YOU MUST BE A CURRENT SYNDICATE SALES CUSTOMER TO BECOME A MEMBER! COMING SOON! WHERE TO BUY Please select a State or Area Code below to get a list of Wholesalers in that area

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    Activities for Kids
    Select a state or area code to locate local activities for children and families.
    Parks, museums, schools, and birthday party places.

  • activities for kids - birthday parties - dance tennis - amusement places - cheerleading day care - museums - education - acting gymnastics - sports - pre school - bowling miniature golf - music lessons - girl scouts skating - art - party supplies - family - golf activities for kids - zoos- children - bowling miniature golf - martial arts - kids - libraries activities for kids - cheerleading - day camp plaster & pottery - pre school - gymnastics baton twirling - birthday parties - go karts boy scouts - tutoring - computer classes tennis - summer camps - birthday parties activities for kids - public schools - music art - private schools - children - education tutoring - martial arts - activities for children Select a state or area code for your search

    Patent Attorney, patent agent, Inventors, Inventions, help with ...
    Directory of patent attorneys, organized by telephone area code.

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    Desert Blue (1998)
    Cast/credits plus other information about the film.

    Low cost or free spay-neuter programs in US for pet and feral cats ...
    Arguments in favor of spaying or neutering cats including a directory of low cost
    or free spay/neuter programs listed by state with related links.

    FCIC - The Handbook - Better Business Bureaus
    Contact and web site information provided.

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