High Tide's Guide to St. Simons Island
Free magazine distributed to local hotels and other visitor locations. Shown here
is a guide to lodging, attractions, dining, area businesses, maps, ...

  • Simons Island and the Georgia Coast! High Tide's Guide to St

    The 1900 Galveston Hurricane
    Contains storm track, diagram of the Galveston Bay area, and facts of the hurricane.

  • The hurricane continued to move northwestward passing the Florida Keys and bringing high winds to southern Florida

  • But a region of high pressure located to the east blocked this path, and the storm turned into the Gulf and toward Galveston

  • Off the Louisiana coast, the steamship Louisiana encountered high winds and seas on the morning of the 6th

  • Such high water with opposing winds never observed previously.' Storm Surge similar to that occurring at Galveston

  • I saw that the tide was high, but that it had fallen again and was then at a stand

  • I was certain then that we were going to have a cyclone...By twelve o'clock the wind had increased in violence to between forty and fifty miles an hour, blowing from the north, and the water, both in the bay and Gulf, was very high and still rising

  • From the bay I went to the Gulf side, and found the tide very high and the water very rough.' That Saturday afternoon September 8, 1900, hell was unleashed against the City of Galveston

  • As the hurricane rolled in on this island city, it pushed Gulf waters high over the shore

  • But the waters rose to chest-deep and higher, reaching the upper floors of buildings before tearing the buildings from their foundation and sending them crashing inland

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  • info: TIDE IS HIGH

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    The High Tide Inn
    Located on the ocean at the base of Mt. Megunticook. Features the inn, its
    cottages, and motor inns. Photos of the rooms and the surrounding area.

    High Tide Media
    Includes portfolio and information on custom web services.

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    Saltwater Tides
    Tide, moon and sun predictions for locations along the east coast, gulf coast
    and west coast of the United States.

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    Lyrics Download: Blondie
    Lyrics to various versions of Blondie songs.

  • Benefits

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    IMDb: Deborah Harry
    Profile, pictures, biography, and filmography of the singer and actress.

  • aka I Was a Teenage Vampire (1982) (1980) (song "One Way or Another") (1979) (TV) Filmography as: , - filmography () () () (2005) (TV) (singer: "Heart of Glass") (uncredited) (2005/I) TV Series (singer: "One Way or Another") (as Blondie) (2003) (singer: "Heart of Glass") (as Blondie) (2002) (special thanks) (1999) (singer: "Out in the Streets") (as Blondie) (1999) (singer: "Call Me") (as Blondie) (1998) (singer: "Dreaming") (as Blondie) (1998) (singer: "The Hardest Part") (as Blondie) (1997) (singer: "One Way or Another") (as Blondie) (1996) (singer: "The Tide is High") (as Blondie) (1994) (singer: "The Tide is High") (as Blondie) ..

  • aka Muriel (France) (1992) (singer: "Prelude to a Kiss") (1990) (singer: "The Tide is High") (as Blondie) (1986) (singer: "Rush Rush") (1985) (singer: "Feel the Spin") (as Blondie) (1981) (thanks) ..

    Why Tides?
    Animation showing the gravitational action of the sun and moon on the earth's oceans.

  • The areas of high water levels are high tides and the areas of low levels are low tides

  • When the sun and moon are aligned, there are exceptionally strong gravitational forces, causing very high and very low tides which are called spring tides, though they have nothing to do with the season

  • When the sun and moon are not aligned, the gravitational forces cancel each other out, and the tides are not as dramatically high and low

  • In the Gulf of Mexico there is only one high tide and one low tide each day

    Wikipedia: Atomic Kitten
    Hyperlinked encyclopedia article including biography, list of band members and

  • 5 and debuted higher than the last three singles of Atomic Kitten

    Wikipedia: Surfing
    Article describing the history of surfing. Includes an explanation of waves and
    lists of popular surfing areas, movies, brands and famous surfers.

  • Riding inside this 'tube' is a highly sought after experience, which is said to momentarily slow one's

  • The obvious contradiction between the surfing experience and its depiction to serve commercial interests highlights the contemporary western history of separation from the natural world, its valuation and

  • Yacht charters and offer surfers access to the high quality surf found in remote, tropical locations, where ensure offshore conditions

  • It's best to plan a surf trip for the week following a, since this is when the tide is high during the middle of the day

  • On a full or new moon, high is at around ten o'clock in the morning


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    Specialize in most obsolete and hard to find Bertram Yacht replacement parts as
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    Tide Lines
    Comprehensive school paper for Pottsville Area High School in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

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    Tide Tool 2.2 for Palm handhelds
    Tide Tool is a freeware program to compute tides and currents worldwide. It also
    provides some sun and moon data. It runs on all handheld computers running the ...

  • We also use it for high tide stats to know when we can use the river for a water source by a Fire Engine." From New Zealand: "I live on the south shore of the Waitemata Harbour (Auckland) and work on the north shore

  • Tide Tool lets me know when I can kayak to work (within 2 hrs of high tide) and when I'll end up walking most of the way through silt and mud!" From Connecticut: We observe 'colors', the daily ritual of flag lowering, and like to be on time

  • At low tide, the beach is wider and waves calmer, perfect for my two toddlers to play on the beach." From South Carolina: "Here in Charleston, SC, the streets downtown often flood during high tide

  • We have a small window at high tide when we can get our boats in there so we must follow the tides very closely." From New Zealand: "I work with penguins around the southern coasts of New Zealand

  • Even when we're not moving submarines around, there are few things as bothersome as walking out to inspect the pier and finding out that it's high tide when I get there." P.S.: When they dock a $1 billion nuclear submarine in shallow waters, they verify against the official NOAA tide tables

    Risa Jaroslow & Dancers/High Tide Dance, Inc.
    Risa Jaroslow & Dancers was founded in 1985 to create works that reflect and
    speak to people's lives, use dance-making to forge connections between people, ...

  • Your contribution creates the strong foundation for exciting new dance that builds communities                            Photo by What the Critics Say “…exquisite, like a drop of air suspended in honey.” By Jennifer Dunning The New York Times November 12, 2004, Friday “…in these dark times, it glows with human goodness—no small gift.” By Deborah Jowitt The Village Voice November 15th, 2004 “Jaroslow displays a gift for affirming more in others than one would think likely or possible, and in the process, she shows how we can make ourselves whole.” By Jim Dowling “… On so many levels, this piece feels complete...” Choreographer Risa Jaroslow's latest search for wholeness yields the successful 'Whole Sky.' Offoffoff.com By Quinn Batson --------------------------- Top photo by Last updated on 9/20/2004 © 2004 High Tide Dance, Inc

    Mark Lynas' Climate Blog
    The author of "High Tide" blogs about climate change and what we can do about it.

  • search the site: highlights Support the climate scientists being harrassed by the US Congress - Photo gallery of global warming..

  • Once Bihar has its biogas scheme, what next? The price per tonne of offset carbon will get very high indeed if all of international aviation is included

    High Tide Charters
    Captain John Bazo offers flats fishing including for tarpon, snook, cobia, and
    redfish including fly fishing and instruction. Rates, information about the ...

  • Welcome to the High Tide Charters website! This is your doorway to an exceptional fishing experience! I'm Capt

  • Dunnellon, Florida 34431 Phone: 352-489-7755 Mobile: 352-895-7811 Email: captjohn@hightidecharters.com

    How Does the Moon Affect Tides?
    Boatsafe Kids answer concerns to water safety during low and high tides.

  • Generally speaking, tidal cycles contain two high tides and two low tides each day

  • During the time between high and low tide there will obviously be current flow

  • The time between high and low tides is a little over 6 hours and the entire tidal cycle repeats itself approximately fifty minutes later each day

  • The difference between the high tide and low tide is called the range of tide

  • For instance, if the water depth at high tide is 20 feet and at low tide is 18 feet, the range of tide is two feet

  • When the tide has reached it highest and lowest points there is a brief period where there is no current ebbing or flooding, this is referred to as slack water

  • Although there are irregularities in some parts of the world, as a general rule the following can be predicted using publications such as the Tide and Current Tables, using software specifically designed to estimate tides or by accessing the information about tides online at Times of high and low tide and depth of water at each of these times Set and drift of strong tidal currents, including times of maximum current Times of slack water This link above provides a tutorial on how to use the official tide website


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