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  • Basically, what do they reinforce as the reason it is necessary to accept no matter what? Thank you Very much, Ashley Illinois ANSWER: The idea that God will accept us despite any sin is Universalist

  • From this idea, we get the first principle () of the Unitarian Universalist Association: the inherent worth and dignity of every person

  • We work according to the idea that each person's own conscience is the ultimate moral arbiter

  • Sincerely, Erika Nonken UUA Public Information Assistant (Unitarian Universalism in the UK) QUESTION: I'm a 22 yr old, British, strong lifelong atheist but in recent years I've become increasingly interested in philosophy and forming my own (vaguely pantheistic) ideas about the world

  • Any ideas? Ruth Gloucester, UK ANSWER: Welcome! It sounds as if Unitarian Universalism might be a very good spiritual home for you

  • Others, however, find the idea of God to be profoundly meaningful.' () A 1989 survey of Unitarian Universalists showed 81% believing in some sort of god: even if those numbers have dropped over the years, you are certainly not in the minority for your beliefs

  • how does this fit into the UU ideals? Trina Grand Rapids, Michigan ANSWER: Unitarian Universalist views of God vary possibly more than any other aspect of our spirituality

    Rockhampton Morning Bulletin
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    The Official Eric Carle Web Site - Caterpillar Exchange Bulletin Board
    Cross-curricular literature expansion activities.

  • The following are ideas for using The Very Hungry Caterpillar in the classroom

  • It then gave me the idea to get a piece of red fabric, stuffing, and needle and thread

  • I don’t think he’ll get through it all unless he just has a small taste of each, and it’s not as healthy as the 1 apple, 2 pears, 3 plums fruit salad, but it was his idea and I’m sure we'll have a ball doing it

  • Submitted by This is an idea for The Very Hungry Caterpillar that I got from a workshop many years ago

  • All the invited children’s parents raved on about what an original and cute idea it was, and it was SO easy! Submitted by We made caterpillar books that the children could take home to retell the story

  • Many of the ideas given on this website can be incorporated in the lessons—in fact I will incorporate some of them

  • Thank you for sharing your ideas, and if anyone would like more details on how I implement this language unit or communication goals that may be targeted, please e-mail me

    Matt's Script Archive: WWWBoard
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  • It is probably not a bad idea to print them out


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    UW Daily Bulletin, August 25, 2006
    News and current events from the University of Waterloo in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.

    Special Education Inclusion
    Information and resources concerning inclusion.

  • Those who support the idea of mainstreaming believe that a child with disabilities first belongs in the special education environment and that the child must earn his/her way into the regular education environment

  • IDEA The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), as amended in 1997, does not require inclusion

  • Instead, the law requires that children with disabilities be educated "to the maximum extent appropriate" in the "least restrictive environment." And the IDEA contemplates that the "least restrictive environment" is the regular education classroom

  • In developing the Individual Education Program (IEP) for a child with disabilities, the IDEA requires the IEP team to consider placement in the regular education classroom as the starting point in determining the appropriate placement for the child

  • The purpose of these requirements is to carry out the intent of the IDEA, which is to educate as many students with disabilities as possible in the regular education classroom

  • Court decisions provide guidelines governing placement under IDEA The federal statutes leave several questions unanswered, including three significant ones: How far must schools go? How important is potential academic achievement/social growth in making placement decisions? What are the rights of the other children? Guidelines established by the following federal court decisions provide school districts with some measure of what is expected of them in determining the appropriate placement for children with disabilities

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    The Panda's Thumb
    Group weblog on evolutionary theory, the claims of the anti-evolution movement,
    and the defence of the integrity of both science and science education.

  • So I figured that Armstrong probably had some idea of what she was talking about

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  • Thank you, Seattlegirl, for spearheading this project and keeping on top of it for me :) Forum Led by: 47 119 May 7 2006, 01:01 AM In: By: For creative challenges - have an idea for a story but aren't quite sure how to go about it? An idea for what you'd like to see a group of authers do? Post it here! 158 534 Jun 23 2006, 12:08 AM In: By: Have any information that might make someone's fan fiction story better? Post it here, and then it'll be archived on the main part of the site for easy reference

  • Subforums: , Forum Led by: 2, 078 13, 733 Today, 12:17 PM In: By: Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info Episode two has finally arrived! Come see what happens next! 4 20 Mar 25 2005, 09:04 PM In: By: Discuss new episode ideas here - brainstorm plots and storylines and discuss flow of the series 20 69 Jul 21 2003, 05:39 PM In: Protected Forum By: · Board Statistics · · · 356, 919 posts | 4, 198 members 21 users online Board Statistics · · · 21 user(s) active in the past 15 minutes 13 guests, 7 members 1 anonymous members, Show detailed by: , Today's Birthdays 2 members are celebrating their birthday today( 21 ), ( 19 ) Board Statistics Our members have made a total of 356, 919 postsWe have 4, 198 registered membersThe newest member is Most users ever online was 379 on Jun 3 2005, 05:07 PM Time is now: 9th August 2006 - 12:52 PM v2.1.6 © 2006 IPS, Inc

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  • Please feel free to send us your favorite lesson plan or idea

  • Need some tips to help make you and your classroom run a little smoother? Visit our "" resource page and browse through the ideas

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  • It can also print out secondary reports to track "user sessions, " showing the paths taken through your site by your visitors and giving you a rough idea of how long they spent looking at your pages, and to provide you with information on referring sites, the search engine keywords which brought your visitors and the agents and platforms they used while visiting

    Lesson Exchange: Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom/ Chicka Challenge ...
    Literature extension activities and assessment ideas.

  • Materials Required: varied Activity Time: varied Concepts Taught: Literature extension Activities CHICKA-CHICKA-BOOM-BOOM Chicka-Challenge Post: Chicka- Challenge!!!!!! Posted by Djinn on 6/24/98 Ok you Kinder teachers out there! Here is a chance to get all of those wonderful Chicka - Chicka- Boom-Boom- ideas together in one spot! I know most of us use this book fairly early in the school year

  • How about adding your favorite activity here so that we all can have an extensive store of ideas? Here goes: 1

  • There was a tree on the front and it said CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM and on the back it said WE KNOW OUR ABC’S We all wore these proudly on the week we finished our alphabet! They were adorable! Also (and I can't take credit for this idea) one teacher on the mailring does a bulletin board at the beginning of the year that says CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM LOOK WHO'S IN MRS

  • Here is a link to another idea

  • Re: Chicka- Challenge!!!!!! Posted by Tammy, on 6/27/98 I can't take credit for this idea because it was on the mail-ring months ago

  • This idea was off the net too, not my original :-) Addie k/mo Re: Chicka- Challenge!!!!!! Posted by Joni, on 7/01/98 I love all these ideas -- can't wait to use them at the beginning of the year

    Welcome to the Missouri School Boards' Association
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  • Moderator: 53361 278935 (jbay) - 09/15/06 05:34 AM Think you've got a better idea than one of our lame-brained answers during a call to Car Talk? (Now, that wouldn't be hard, would it?) Did the same thing happen to you? Share your information with callers to Car Talk, and set the record straight

    Photograph, history and description of this palace in the Loire Valley begun by
    Francis I in 1519 - an outstanding example of French Renaissance architecture ...

  • Leonardo da Vinci helped in the idea of the double staircase

  • And it's a great idea even today to have two stairs in the space for one, specially in the fire exits, which allow to evacuate the building twice as fast

  • In fact some modern buildings adopted Leonardo's idea! Carolina Camponi, 51, from Mexico City wrote: When I visited this castle I was impressed by the magnificence of this masterpiece

    Governance - knowledge, collaboration, information, partnerships
    Articles, projects, organizations, and links, relating to legal and governmental
    reform efforts in developing nations. - Message Boards
    Many categories for discussions related to marathon running.

  • - matt, 9/14/06 6:30:33 PM ET - MTP, 9/14/06 6:04:02 PM ET - ccooper, 9/13/06 2:16:03 PM ET 51 Posts - 185 Replies The marathon boom has been fueled, in part, by the increase in the number of marathoners who don't care about time at all, and are just looking to finish the 26.2 mile trek (which is an achievement in itself)… A place for walkers/back-of-the-packers to share their thoughts and ideas

  • - georgechem, 9/10/06 9:51:40 PM ET - georgechem, 9/10/06 9:49:20 PM ET - heliang_liu, 9/3/06 9:04:56 AM ET 144 Posts - 560 Replies SMP thought it would be a good idea to have a board dedicated specifically to women and women's running

    Captain Zedo's HardWar Community Page
    Includes tips on moths, weapons, survival and plot, downloads, skins, and a
    community forum which is useful for finding online games.

  • Hardwar Booklet - Eamoe When Eamoe approached me with the idea of a Hardwar booklet that contained some real data about the game, I thought, 'It's about time.' Now you can have a paper booklet to refer to while you fly so you don't have to keep stopping gameplay and looking up stuff

  • Thanks, Eamoe for making this great idea come alive


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