McBride Princess House
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    Princess and Henry's House
    Offers games, puzzles, stories, and pictures to color in.

    A directory of local distributors across Canada, for companies including Mary
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    Hazel's Conventions and Concom Meetings Picture Gallery
    Massive collection of photos from conventions, mostly on the West Coast of the USA.

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    House of Windsor - Wikipedia
    History of the Royal House of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

  • House of Windsor Children                         Grandchildren                     Children         Children                 Grandchildren                     The House of Windsor , a branch of the line of the House of, is the of the and each of the other

  • In, during, anti-German feeling among the people resulted in the Royal Family exchanging use of all of their German titles and house names for English-sounding versions

  • The German name had come via Queen 's marriage to, son of, in February 1840., however, wasn't the Prince Consort's personal surname, but the territory ruled by his family; his house, and possibly even his surname, was Wettin

    House of Hanover - Wikipedia
    History of the Hanoverians.

  • They are sometimes referred to as the House of Brunswick, Hanover line

  • The House of Hanover is a younger branch of the, which in turn is a branch of the

  • Contents [] History , is considered the first member of the House of Hanover

  • [] House of Hanover reigned also in United Kingdom The Royal Standard above was used from 1814 to 1837

  • Their son, — who would otherwise have been the 52nd in line to the throne of United Kingdom — became the first British monarch of the House of Hanover

  • When Victoria died in 1901, the ascended to the UK throne as her son and heir, as son of her husband, genealogically belonged to that other House - whereby it is said that the name of the UK Royal House changed because the surname of his father was Edward VII's surname too

  • [] House of Hanover continued to reign in its namesake kingdom After the death of William IV in 1837, the following kings of Hanover continued the dynasty: (r

  • [] Duchy of Brunswick In, the senior branch of the House of Welf became extinct

  • By House Law, the House of Hanover would have acceded to the, but there had been strong Prussian pressure against having George V of Hanover or his son, the Duke of Cumberland, succeed to a member state of the German Empire, at least without strong conditions, including swearing to the German constitution

    Official website of Charles, Earl Spencer
    Spencer-side genealogy of the late Princess of Wales and her children, the Princes
    William and Henry...

  • Explore the wonderful house - Discover beautiful interiors and one of Europe’s finest private collections of furniture, pictures and ceramics

  • 25th & 26th November 2006 Visit one of England's finest country houses in the build up to Christmas ~ Hayman House Bed and Breakfast, Princess Anne ...
    Lodging and accommodations on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Photos and description
    of rooms, rates, and...

  • Hayman House Bed & Breakfast 30491 Prince William Street Princess Anne, Maryland 21853 (410) 651-1107 Hosts: Carol and Chuck Pinkerman Romantic getaway SPECIAL! Treat someone special to a romantic getaway! Spend the weekend in our Rose Room and experience the romance of the Victorian Era

  • Contact us about the extras for special celebrations! Located in the heart of historic Princess Anne, Maryland the Hayman House Bed and Breakfast is not only convenient to a host of fascinating attractions and activities, but is an extraordinary subject in its own right

  • Throughout the house, lace curtains, high ceilings, cozy fireplaces, and a wicker-filled porch distinguish this treasured home listed on the National Register of historic places

  • The richly gleaming oak found throughout the house includes three sets of large pocket doors and oak wainscoting in the entry foyer and stairway

  • Visitors to the Hayman House Bed and Breakfast are treated to a comfortable night's rest in the richly decorated guest chambers specially fashioned to ensure an aesthetically pleasing stay in all respects

  • Guests each morning are drawn into the kitchen by the heavenly aromas wafting through the house, courtesy of innkeeper Carol Pinkerman

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    Samui Dream Holiday
    Portal for three different hotels. Standard, deluxe or suite rooms available, in
    beachfront or garden...

    Det Norske Kongehus
    The official site for the Norwegian monarchy provides an illustrated history and
    virtual guided tour...

  • Olavs Orden, Fortjentsorden, Kongens Fortjenstmedalje, St.Olavsmedaljen, Kongens Nyttårstale, Royal House of Norway, Royal Family of Norway, King Harald, King of Norway, Queen Sonja, Queen of Norway, Crown Prince Haakon, Princess Märtha Louise, Royal Palace in Oslo, King Olav, King Haakon, King Oscar, King Carl Johan, Crown jewels, Royal Court, Royal Yacht of Norway, Royal Orders of Norway, Order of St

    Princess Blackie and her Original "NIC" Condo
    Meet Princess Blackie and learn how to build a Neat Ideas Cubes Condo for your
    house bunnies.

  • Finally, I used 9 additional grids to create 3 lofts inside the house (I carpeted the lofts as well)

  • $4.00 each) to add extra support under the lofts and the top of the house

  • So the dowel rods kinda 'go through' her house

  • The dowel rods stick out slightly on both sides of the house

  • If the sides of this house are removed the rest of the house easily collapses...which makes it easily portable!!!! A smaller NIC rabbit condo (28"long x 28"wide x 28"long) can also be built with these cubes

  • I am an 8 year old house bunny

  • I've decided to do some redecorating in my mommy and daddy's new house

  • But, when I'm a good girl, I get the run of the entire house (3 whole floors.Yipee)!!!! I think I've learned my lesson and I'm going to try a lot harder to be a good girl all of the time

  • '> '> '> '> Mommy, daddy, and grandma used to say that I was afraid of everything, even my shadow...yet, I was never afraid of the vacumn cleaner, telephone, answering machine, blow dryer, stereo, TV, loud toys, bells, and airplanes flying directly overtop of our house (we live minutes from the airport)

    Princess Ahura - The Magic Book
    A tale, c. 1100 BCE, from The World's Story, A History of the World in Story,
    Song and Art.

  • And the king told the steward of the palace, "Let them take Ahura to the house of Naneferkaptah tonight, and all kinds of good things with her." So they brought me as a wife to the house of Naneferkaptah; and the king ordered them to give me presents of silver and gold, and things from the palace

  • And they gave him the name of Merab, and registered him in the book of the "House of Life." And when my brother Naneferkaptah went to the cemetery of Memphis, he did nothing on earth but read the writings that are in the catacombs of the kings and on the tablets of the "House of Life, " and the inscriptions that are seen on the monuments, and he worked hard on the writings

  • They brought us to a very fine house, with all good things; and Naneferkaptah spent four days there and feasted with the priests of Isis of Koptos, and the wives of the priests of Isis also made holiday with me

  • We brought him to the Good House, we fetched the people to him, and made one embalm him; and we buried him in his coffin in the cemetery of Koptos like a great and noble person

  • Then he turned back with me to Koptos, he brought me to the Good House, he fetched the people to me, and made one embalm me, as great and noble people are buried, and laid me in the tomb where Merab my young child was


    Alexander House Booklovers B & B
    The 1885 Queen Anne Victorian inn features rooms decorated in the time and place
    of classic authors....

  • The Alexander House Booklovers Bed & Breakfast is a Queen Anne Victorian in the quaint historic district of Princess Anne, Maryland featuring authors' portraits, dramatic colors and whimsical literary details throughout

  • In the Historic District, Princess Anne, Maryland The Alexander House Booklovers B & B Come Down in Time to a Place that celebrates books and authors

    The English Royal Family
    A brief but interesting look at the British royal family.

  • Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, was a member of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, so her descendants were part of that dynasty

  • To this day, the British royal family is known as the House of Windsor

  • Meet the Queen's housekeeper, grooms, fendersmiths, and military knights

  • DVD about the House of Windsor in the 20th century

    History of the House of Wittelsbach
    a genealogy of the royal house of Bavaria.

  • E UROPEAN R OYAL H OUSES HISTORY OF HOUSE OF WITTELSBACH Royal House of Bavaria and Princely House of Löwenstein Catholic: Once thought to have descended from the family of Lords of Babenberg (modern Bamberg), rulers or MarkGrafs of the Ostmark, the Wittelsbach line was founded by Luitpold ( d 5 Jul 907), cousin and General of the Carolingian Emperor Arnulf, m to Kunigunde, dau of Cout Palatine Berthold of Swabia

  • This line has since 1559 been the primogeniture line of the House of Wittelsbach, see under LINE B : LÖWENSTEIN below

  • LINE B The primogeniture male line of the House of Wittelsbach, this branch descends from the m in 1471 of the Elector Palatine Friedrich I (b 1 Aug 1425; d 12 Dec 1476) to Klara Tott (called Dettin), dau of Erhard Tott, member of the council of the city of Augsburg (see above, under BAVARIA)

    Australian Xena Information Page
    Dedicated to Xena Warrior Princess and its stars Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor,
    with episode guide,...

    Neeley's Antiques
    Offers vintage items including advertising collectibles, Nancy Ann dolls, Midwest
    porcelain limoge...

    FBI probes possible Saudi, 9/11 money ties

    Act II Books and Puppets
    Features childrens books and Folkmanis puppets as well as videos and books.

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    The Princess Libushe: A Czech Legend
    Story of a time when woman-rule by three wise sisters was questioned by their
    people, causing the...

  • Fearfully they questioned Premysl, who said: "Know that among all who shall spring from me, many there will be to begin their reign, but one alone shall complete it." Premysl rose and bade farewell to his now exalted house

  • On the other hand, there is the undenied existence of Libushe, Premysl, and Krok as great historical characters; of the fortress-castle of Vysehrad and the actual founding of the House of Premysl there -- a house which ruled in Czechie for centuries

  • It is one of the meanings of the story known to all the world's Bibles as the return of the wandering son to the "Father's house." Those who know this law through having watched its unfoldments -- especially throughout the long, strange processes of history -- know that no hope can be too great to hold for a nation whose beginnings were so brotherly and so high


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