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  • Serving clients worldwide but primarily in Southern California - Los Angeles - Orange County - Riverside County - San Bernardino County - Inland Empire / Central California - Sacramento, Fresno / Northern California - San Francisco - Bay Area - Silicon Valley - San Jose | area codes 818 | area code 310 | area code 213 la | area code 323 l.a

    Telephone Prefix Location Information / Nationwide Weather
    Look up the location of a central office by prefix.

  • Listings Internet Access Web Hosting Telephone Prefixes Advertise By Area Code Mailing Lists Access Providers Web Hosting Telephone Information Telephone World Online Shopping Apparel Appliances Art Auctions Beauty Business Children Collectibles Computers Education Employment Entertainment Eye Care Financial Florists Food Footwear For Men For Women Gifts Hair Care Health Home Electronics Home Products Insurance Internet Loans Medical Online Malls Optical Equipment Other Personal Photography Publications Real Estate Self Improvement Software Sports Telecommunications Tobacco Toys / Games Transportation Travel Web Prefix Section Information Advertise On This Site Questions Answered Our banners Home Page To find a prefix location in a specific area code, click on the area code to go to the search page for that area code

  • If an area code has recently undergone a split you may not find the new area code's listings yet

  • If that happens use the area code before the split occurred

    Campus Phone Directory - Gonzaga University
    Full list of department phone contacts. 509 Area Code.

    Voice over IP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Encyclopedia article with background information, technical details, and the
    advantages and disadvantages of VoIP.

  • However, there are often different, incompatible schemes when calling between VoIP providers which use provider specific short codes

  • A modicum of security is afforded due to patented audio codecs that are not easily available for open source applications, however such has not proven effective in the long run in other fields

  • calls someone else in his home area code, it will be treated as a local call regardless of where that person is in the world

  • This is particularly true for users who select a number with an area code outside their area

  • Commonly used codecs for VoIP traffic include, and, all -specified

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    Adana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Article contains information about the province, city's history, places to visit,
    and education.

    Palo Alto Hotels-Motels
    A list of hotels with addresses and phone numbers.

  • PALO ALTO HOTELS & MOTELS -- Area code (650) Errors are not the fault of the hotels/motels -- PRICES ARE ALWAYS CHANGING -- -- Please call the hotel/motel of your choice for current prices and any other changes we are not aware of! THIS LIST IS NOT NECESSARILY CURRENT Hotel/motel owners & managers -- if you don't see your business listed on this site, or we have made a mistake, please contact We'll gladly link your Web site to ours, free! -- If you would like us to create a Website for you, contact You are the person to visit this site

    NATLEX Browse by country
    A collection of legal commentaries and full-text legislation. Includes both
    federal and regional documents that can be sorted by region or by subject.

    Mississippi Newcomers Club, Women's Club & Moms Club Directory
    A Mississippi directory of Newcomers Clubs, which help integrate new residents
    into the local community through social events, interest groups and children's ...

  • Index of Clubs by Area Code and Location 228:

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    Korean War order of battle
    Order of battle of US Navy and Marine aircraft.

  • Oriskany (CVA 34) with CVG-102* (15 Sep 1952-18 May 1953) Squadron Aircraft Tail Code VF-781 F9F-5 D VF-783 F9F-5 D VF-874 F4U-4 D VA-923 AD-3 D VC-3 Det G F4U-5N NP VC-11 Det G AD-3W ND VC-35 Det G AD-4N NR VC-61 Det G F2H-2P PP HU-1 Det HO3S-1 UP *CVG-102 redesignated CVG-12 on 4 February 1953

  • Antietam (CV 36) with CVG-15 (8 Sep 1951-2 May 1952) Squadron Aircraft Tail Code VF-713 F4U-4 H VF-831 F9F-2B H VF-837 F9F-2B H VA-728 AD-4/L/Q H VC-3 Det D F4U-5N NP VC-11 Det D AD-4W ND VC-35 Det D AD-4NL NR VC-61 Det D F9F-2P PP HU-1 Det HO3S-1 UP Princeton (CV 37) with CVG-19 (9 Nov 1950-29 May 1951*) Squardon Aircraft Tail Code VF-191 F9F-2 B1 VF-192 F4U-4 B VF-193 F4U-4 B VA-195 AD-4 B VC-3 Det F F4U-5N NP VC-11 Det AD-4W ND VC-35 Det 3 AD-4N NR VC-61 Det F9F-2P PP HU-1 Det HO3S-1 UP *Air Group transferred at Yokosuka, Japan, CV 37 remained in WestPac

  • Valley Forge (CV 45) with ATG-1 (15 Oct 1951-3 Jul 1952) Squadron Aircraft Tail Code VF-111 F9F-2/B V VF-52 F9F-2/B S VF-653 F4U-4/B H VF-194 F4U-4/B B VC-3 Det H F4U-5N/NL NP VC-11 Det H(7) AD-4W/2Q ND VC-35 Det H(10) AD-4NL NR VC-61 Det H F9F-2P/F2H-2P PP HU-1 Det 20 HO3S-1 UP Valley Forge (CVA 45) with CVG-5 (20 Nov 1952-25 Jun 1953) Squadron Aircraft Tail Code VF-51 F9F-5 S VF-92 F4U-4 N VF-53 F9F-5 S VF-54 AD-4 S VC-3 Det B F4U-5N NP VC-11 Det B AD-4W ND VC-35 Det B AD-4N NR VC-61 Det B F9F-5P PP HU-1 Det 6 HO3S-1 UP Philippine Sea (CV 47) with CVG-11 (5 Jul 1950-26 Mar 1951*) Squadron Aircraft Tail Code VF-111 F9F-2 V VF-112 F9F-2 V VF-113 F4U-4B V VF-114 F4U-4B V VA-115 AD-4/Q V VC-3 Det 3 F4U-5N/AD-4N NP VC-11 Det AD-4W ND VC-61 Det 3 F4U-4P PP HU-1 Det 3 HO3S-1 UP *CVG-11 crossdecked with CVG-2 from CV 45; CV 47 returned to San Diego, Calif., 26 March with CVG-2

    California Online Driver Education Course | Online Driving Schools
    Provides a home study class which meets the California DMV requirements to obtain
    your learners permit and get a drivers license.

  • This home study correspondence course satisfies the California Vehicle Code driver education requirements for students to obtain a DMV learners permit and drivers license

  • Meets the California DMV requirements for students under 18 to get a Learners Permit and a Drivers License Regular Drivers Ed Tuition: $100.00 Minus Internet Discount $25.00 Your Price $75.00 Cal-Driver-Education 5777 Madison Avenue Sacramento, CA 95841 (916) 962-0500 FAX (916) 338-0700 Cal-Driver-Education is operated by a private high school operating under the California Education Code and registered with the California Superintendent of Public Instruction

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  • We offer online driver education and home study correspondence driver ed courses that satisfy the California Vehicle Code driver education requirements for students to obtain a DMV learners permit and drivers license

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    telos Gateway
    Project homepage for isdn2h323, a Linux-based ISDN to H.323 gateway.

  • Three H.323 codecs are supported: ALaw, muLaw, and GSM

  • Download You can download the latest isdn2h323 version as source code or as RPM package

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    Roseville, Michigan (MI) Detailed Profile - relocation, real ...
    Detailed profile of the community, including the geography, average climate, and

  • Estimated population in July 2005: 47, 708 (-0.9% change) Males: 23, 297 (48.4%), Females: 24, 832 (51.6%) Zip code: Median resident age: 36.2 years Median household income: $41, 220 (year 2000) Median house value: $97, 800 (year 2000) Races in Roseville: White Non-Hispanic (92.4%) Black (2.6%) Two or more races (1.6%) Hispanic (1.5%) American Indian (1.1%) Asian Indian (0.6%) Ancestries: German (24.5%), Polish (19.8%), Italian (14.4%), Irish (13.4%), English (7.6%), French (7.1%)

  • Single-family new house construction building permits: 1996: 45 buildings, average cost: $59, 000 1997: 48 buildings, average cost: $53, 800 1998: 67 buildings, average cost: $55, 700 1999: 39 buildings, average cost: $61, 100 2000: 148 buildings, average cost: $57, 700 2001: 71 buildings, average cost: $70, 900 2002: 64 buildings, average cost: $113, 500 2003: 100 buildings, average cost: $55, 500 2004: 42 buildings, average cost: $74, 900 2005: 38 buildings, average cost: $72, 400 Latitude: 42.50 N, Longitude: 82.94 W Area code: 586 Industries providing employment: Manufacturing (24.3%), Retail trade (14.1%), Educational, health and social services (13.5%)

    Nunapitchuk, Alaska (AK) Detailed Profile - relocation, real ...
    Geographic, community, and climate profile.

  • Estimated population in July 2005: 474 (+1.7% change) Males: 244 (52.4%), Females: 222 (47.6%) Zip code: Median resident age: 22.8 years Median household income: $29, 286 (year 2000) Median house value: $38, 400 (year 2000) Races in Nunapitchuk: American Indian (95.9%) White Non-Hispanic (3.4%) Ancestries: English (1.5%), German (1.1%)

  • Latitude: 60.90 N, Longitude: 162.45 W Area code: 907 Industries providing employment: Educational, health and social services (40.7%), Public administration (23.7%), Retail trade (14.8%), Transportation and warehousing, and utilities (12.6%)

    CIA - The World Factbook -- Bangladesh
    Offers map and brief descriptions of the geography, people, government, economy,
    communications, transportation, military and transnational issues.

    CIA - The World Factbook -- Russia
    Features a map and brief descriptions of geography, economy, government, and people.

    Munich International Airport - Airport Guide
    With airport facilities, driving and parking information, public transportation,
    and nearby hotels.

    BREVARD County School Selector - Choose Private or Public Brevard ...
    Helps families relocate near good schools. Link to all private and public schools,
    universities, colleges. Contains address, phone, test scores.

  • All phone numbers in area code 321 unless otherwise indicated COUNTYWIDE area code (321) Phone Fax (9-12) Palm Bay and Rockledge Work at your own pace, small class size, one-on-one help, evening, home study 733-5889 COCOA area code (321) Phone Fax Bethel Christian Academy (K-12) 1950 Michigan Av

  • All phone numbers in area code 321 unless otherwise indicated Palm Bay - Melbourne Florida Teri Rowan 631-1911 x445 Cocoa (K-12) 823 D North Cocoa Blvd

    ASCII Chart and Other Resources
    ASCII tables, ASCII charts, in a variety of forms. Also hex-to-decimal and
    hex-to-ASCII conversions, and other references.

  • ASCII Chart ASCII - The A merican S tandard C ode for I nformation I nterchange is a standard seven-bit code that was proposed by in 1963, and finalized in 1968

  • ASCII, pronounced "ask-key", is the common code for microcomputer equipment

  • Here are a few: Q: What does ASCII stand for? A: ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange

  • What are the IBM PC keyboard codes for F1, F2, and ALT-A, etc? A: See, below A: Also, if you're trying to enter CTRL-ALT-DEL, you might want to try one of my

  • Q: What are the ASCII codes for things like the degrees symbol (&deg), the trademark symbol, solid blocks and other special symbols? A: The answer is 'it depends'

  • While holding down the ALT key, enter the 3-digit decimal code for the extended ASCII character you want to generate

  • Q: What's the ASCII code for CTRL-ALT-DEL, and how do I put it in a DOS batch file? A: There's not an easy way to get CTRL-ALT-DEL into a batch file, per se

  • Q: What's the ASCII code for CTRL-A, or CTRL-Z? A: The value for CTRL-A (^A) is 01

  • (CTRL-B is 2, CTRL-C is 3, and so forth.) Control Codes The following is a more detailed description of the first 32 ASCII characters, often referred to as control codes

    Sell or Buy Used Cars, Vans, SUVs, Trucks and Auto Parts in Canada ...
    Canadian used cars and auto parts, services directory, automotive technical
    write-ups, and articles.

  • Or use our postal code search to find your next dream used car or truck near you


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