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  • fantomNews™ — the ultimate know Search fantomNews™ Explore the world of search engine optimization and marketing, cloaking, IP delivery, and the whole search trade! fantomNews™ The newsletter exposing all the tricks of the trade and more – a must read for every webmaster interested in optimizing their search engine ranking! Learn all about cloaking and stealth technology here

  • Here's the last e-mail issue of our fantomNews™ ezine, now an ongoing = All the tricks of the search engine trade and more ..

  • Or, subscribe immediately here - Online order Form: Offline Order Form: - #3: Scheduled for January - the SQL Premium version of our fantomas spiderSpy(TM), offering even more powerful customization, automatic downloads, and, of course, the world's most comprehensive database of verified search engine spider! - #4: Major site revamp forthcoming - this new site design is sure to blow you away! A major 100% CSS job, fully scalable, compatible with all standard browsers, etc

  • -let's stop drooling! :-) Make sure to revisit our site so you won't miss the switch! And finally, wherever you may be in the world - the fantomNews crowd extends its cordial best wishes for an enjoyable festive season and a roaringly successful Happy New Year! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++news flash+++news flash+++news flash+++news flash++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ = fantomas shadowMaker(TM) Released - Defining The Future of IP Delivery! ------------------------------------------------------ The fully automatic Shadow Domain(TM) generator is out now! Shadow Domains are dedicated web properties focused on offering optimized content to search engines while redirecting human visitors to another site, typically a company's Core or main domain

    Groowe Search Toolbar : IE & Firefox Toolbar : Google toolbar for ...
    Toolbar which includes multiple search engines. Also allows browsing of search
    engine directories.

  • SEARCH THE NET Groowe Search Toolbar Google toolbar, Yahoo toolbar, MSN toolbar, Ask and other search engines, all in one FREE toolbar Home Firefox Toolbar Download Internet Explorer Toolbar Groowe Search Toolbar was one of the finalists in Mozilla's Extend Firefox Contest If you can't find what you are looking for on one search engine, you can easily perform the same search on another search engine from the list

  • On that way you spend less time searching for web pages on different engines, and more time looking at them

  • Groowe Search Toolbar in Internet Explorer with expanded list of search engines Examples of some toolbars included in the Groowe Search Toolbar Groowe Search Toolbar also allows you to browse site's categories or directories and helps you to find wanted category or directory quick and easy

  • Toolbar doesn't support just search engines, you will also be able to search jobs, downloads and shopping sites

  • List of supported sites is updateable and you will be informed each time when we add support for some new search engine

  • Groowe Search Toolbar for Internet Explorer Home © 2003 Groowe |

    Madeleine Begun Kane, Humor Columnist, Computer, Technology ...
    Award winning humor columns about computers, technology, and the internet.

  • Search Too be brutally honest, I know next to nothing about technology

  • 'Are you concerned about sleazy Internet snoops? Would you like to be a sleazy Internet snoop? ...' 'From the Times we know Bush likes to sift Through our bank records managed by SWIFT...' (Sing to My Favorite Things from Sound of Music) 'Webmasters pine for more search engine traffic

  • Only these days they have names like the Love Bug and Melissa...' 'I've been hearing great things about Ask Jeeves and its question answering approach to search engine queries

    SEO Chat Forums - Search Engine Optimization
    Discussions focusing on search engine marketing strategies, Google optimization
    and web directories.

  • Also read about the best SEO Tools to help with Google search

  • Find information and talk about new features, algorithm updates, company acquisitions, Google goof-ups, and legal battles the search engine is in

  • by August 2nd, 2006 12:01 PM 156 1, 477 (4 Viewing) Yahoo Search Optimization forum discussing tricks and techniques for achieving top ranks in Yahoo's proprietary Inktomi-powered search

  • by Today 04:00 AM 1, 417 8, 982 (1 Viewing) MSN Search Optimization forum discussing Microsoft search engine for MSN and

  • Find tips and discuss how to get high rankings in Microsoft's search

  • by August 1st, 2006 01:22 PM 77 637 (1 Viewing) Classic Search Engines forums discussing search engines of the past

  • There has been a lot of search engine consolidation

  • by August 8th, 2006 04:02 PM 284 1, 771 (3 Viewing) Alternative Search Engines forum discussing any other search engine not listed above, including Asian and European search engines

  • by Yesterday 10:58 PM 245 1, 253 (5 Viewing) Search Engine Optimization forum discussing general tips and tricks to SEO your website as a white hat or black hat


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    Zeus 1000 Internet Marketing Robot
    Reciprocal link robot generates reciprocal links by automatically finding web
    sites he is trained to find, and building a link page or directory.

  • Easy-to-use, intelligent, internet robot that builds a link directory and creates reciprocal links for you! Select Zeus I ntroduction (Internet Explorer only) Zeus is Search Engine Friendly

  • Zeus is a true Internet, web crawling robot, does not query or visit Search Engines and is search-engine-friendly with: "Ethical Link Marketing gets you High Rankings in ALL the Major Search Engines." Monthly Directory Design Awards Winner July 2006 1st Place If you would like to be included for an award, please fill out the form on the awards page

  • "Zeus creates true Incoming Links and Link Popularity and does not artificially create or inflate either." No Spam No FFA Link Pages No Link Farms SE Friendly C A U T I O N ! Using other link-building programs that query or use the search engines for finding web sites, data or information can penalize or even get your web site banned

  • Click for slide show Zeus Creator, at Google Headquarters, Search Engine Strategies and White Water Rafting San Jose, CA 2002 Cyber-Robotics, Inc

  • Rated 5 out of 5 Rated 5 out of 5 Rated 5 out of 5 Rated 5 out of 5 Zeus creates traffic to your web site in numbers beyond your wildest dreams and will give you TOP positions in all the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and AltaVista

    The GrassHopper Shopper
    A huge page full of Research Engines to help writers get the jump on gathering

  • These are the Search Engines eager to give you the most kickoff, the ones to use for jumping from site to site, and they work especially hard as powerful traffic boosters you should get your web site listed on

  • When you are drowning and in despair, never clutch at the only frail reed in front of you when all that is required is using the right search engine to find the yacht streaming up behind you

  • Welcome to the New MSN Search! Searching the web isn't just about providing a long list of web links but connecting you to the answers and information you're looking for

  • To help with this, the new MSN Search includes a new search engine, index and crawler; all built from the ground up on Microsoft technology

  • Searching Bargains? for YOU Can Drag Down the High Cost of Health Insurance! SLASH Your Premiums so hard the Red Ink Pours Out! Yes! Let Us Show You Thirteen Ways to Drag Those High Prices DOWN: Before you do anything else, Let's see what Tale Wins has to offer on your favorite subject Web What the World's Looking For! Modern Tools For Modern Children

  • "This is a new search engine, and I love it

    Mozilla News - RSS Feed
    An RSS Feed with all the latest news and articles from Mozilla News.

  • | Enter Search Term Featured Listings Recommended Listings Popular Topics | ©1995-2006 by™, and

    Submit Corner - Guides - Search Engine Submission, Optimization ...
    Reviews and comparisons of the top search engines with free online tools to help
    optimize your website.

  • | Browse Submit Corner : : Search Engine Guide Search Engine Guide Guide Overview Search engines are by far the starting point for Internet users each and every day from home and the office

  • With nearly 90% of Internet traffic originating from the major search engines and directories daily, getting your website listed with the major portals is essential

  • The larger search engines index over 120 million documents, so competing for the top spots is extremely difficult and competitive

  • This guide documents what search engines look for when indexing, what to avoid, and other tips to help boost your rankings

  • We researched the top search engines, indices and other websites that have shown to influence a significant part of the web as starting points

  • From our findings, we how the search engines work, how they search and what they look for in a website when indexing

  • From below, select a search engine to view our findings

  • View a comparison of all the search engines we index in this guide and their advantages/disadvantages of each one ..

  • Keep abreast of which search engines have recently changed their algorithms and anticipated delays in getting your website listed ..

  • Benefits

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    drive the best car buying guide
    Introduces the book of tips about saving money on a used vehicle purchase.

    Micro Persuasion
    Steve Rubel on how blogs and participatory journalism are impacting the practice
    of public relations.

  • Must be that darn YouTube! If you click on the more button you can get results from Froogle, Google Book Search and Google Groups

  • If someone searches for your brand and clicks on video they're knee deep in America's Funniest (online) Videos

  • Tags:, Wednesday, August 09, 2006 in, | Search Bloggers: PR or unPR? a panel attended by the corporate bloggers from the various search engines

  • (tags: ) Wednesday, August 09, 2006 | Tuesday, August 08, 2006 Set Up Perpetual Search Feeds in Two Steps , which makes a free RSS reader for Microsoft Outlook, has created a nifty 'why didn't I think of that' tool called

  • Simply enter your terms and Feedgit returns feeds that bring back related results from Web search engines, blogs, news sites and more

  • Tags:, Monday, August 07, 2006 in, | Yahoo! Search Builder Moves Into Rollyo's Turf Yahoo today tool

  • Using it you can create a custom Web search engine by selecting a set of sites to search across

  • It also covers News search

  • They didn't integrate it with, Yahoo's social search/bookmarking site

  • It could have been - and could still be - a great social search site similar to Rollyo or

    A List Apart: Articles: The Perfect 404
    Ian Lloyd gives strategies for building custom 404 error pages that enhance usability.

  • To get started, we need to examine the most common reasons that people find themselves on a 404 page: a mis-typed URL (or an out-of-date bookmark/favourite) a search-engine link that is out-of-date an internal broken link that the webmaster hasn’t noticed They all amount to the same thing, but they need to be handled slightly differently — the 404 message needs to be customized for each eventuality

  • A search box

  • If you have a site search, add it to your 404 page

  • If you don’t have a site search and are in the habit of generating 404 errors, perhaps you should get one

  • First, you’ll need to set up a few variables: var strReferrer=document.referrer.toLowerCase(); var blnSearchReferral = false; var blnInsiteReferral = false; var str=''; var strSite = ''; Now, how are we going to use these? The mis-typed URL A mis-typed URL (or out-of-date bookmark) will have no referrer, so your code to identify this scenario should look something this: Note the “ » ” character is only there to show that the line is wrapping to display on this page — you should not put a return in your code

    Quotes and Sayings .com: ELVIS PRESLEY
    Quotations from and about Elvis Presley.


    OJR article: Search Engines and Editorial Integrity
    Article from the USC Online Journalism Review examines the issue of major search
    engines adopting deceptive, misleading advertising practices at the expense of ...

  • Search Engines and Editorial Integrity Is the jig up for honest search results? , OJR Senior Editor posted: 2002-04-02 Many of us in the new media industry have watched in despair during the past few months as several major search engines have abandoned all pretense at editorial integrity by adopting deceptive, misleading advertising practices at the expense of their users

  • , a 3-year-old consumer organization in Portland, Ore., founded by Ralph Nader, filed a with the Federal Trade Commission last week, charging that eight of the major search engines were 'inserting advertisements in search engine results without clear and conspicuous disclosure that the ads are ads.' To which I say: Bravo! But also: It's not enough

  • Better that the search engines clean up their act on their own by bowing to their users' wishes rather than bend to government coercion

  • Why should this matter to journalists, researchers and other Net denizens? Because search engines have become indispensable to our online existence as we look for ways to sensibly navigate the Web's 2 billion pages and 14 billion links

  • Seven of the 10 most visited Web sites are search engines

    LUTHERAN LINKS and other links of interest!
    Links site, created by Trinity Lutheran Church, Fisherville, Ontario, Canada.

  • The links below are offered for research and informational purposes

  • In other words, use with care! This site is sponsored by, a proud member of: Do you want to make this page your start page? In Netscape - Edit: Preferences, In Microsoft -View: Options then to home page or start page, and type in our URL: Research on the Internet -- -- -- -- l -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lutheran Resources Online Other Online Resources Placement of this graphic does not imply an endorsement of other Web sites using the WebSideStory/Top 1000 statistics and ranking service

  • Research on the Internet Bible Study Resources Bibles -- This site is worth a look! Don't miss it

  • -- Many translations (NIV, NASB, RSV, KJV, Darby, YLT) of the Bible with search capabilities

  • — Search over 22, 000 topics (Logos) — - One of the Best Bible Study/Library programs around Bible Commentaries -- At this Links Page, you can quickly access a wide variety of commentaries on specific books of the Bible and Bible character studies

  • Miscellaneous Bible Study Sites -- A site dedicated to putting quality biblical research and study materials on-line

    William P. Barrett, Journalist
    Resume, selected articles, and links.

  • Barrett Journalist Quod Erat Demonstrandum (That Which Was to be Proven) OFFICE ADDRESS 23224 Dalbey Dr Santa Clarita CA 91355 OFFICE PHONE (661) 254-5928 OFFICE FAX (661) 554-7009 E-MAIL visitors since January 1, 2000 Links to Useful Web Sites Financial Information Regional wannabees Search a business's bona fides Minute by minute trading data to check your broker A comer in business news, when he's not a mayor Buy those bonds, notes and bills here Official line from the company No scandal among chartered financial analysts Quick stock quotes from discount brokerage king How much cheaper back then? If you're thinking of moving Latest happenings in business Company profiles worldwide Lots of stock research information and news International financial view from London Chatty economists, lots of neat links Warnings on many industries World's best business newspaper Shameless plug for my employer Nifty economic data compiled by the St

  • Best for finding flights Frankly, you often can do better elsewhere Spotlights airplane seats with the most legroom Search engine for best travel deals Amazing detail in real time About to run US Airways out of Philly Discount flights mainly along the East Coast Set your watch right here Good place for last-minute airfares Helpful in booking hotel rooms Squeezes customers in Denver and Chicago Still called US Error by some Calculates distance of your jogging route Local conditions anywhere in the world Check for outbreaks before you go ||||| ||| Copyright 2006 William P

    Pony Rides for Parties - Paul's Pony Parties
    Offering pony rides for birthday parties, fairs and other social occasions.

    Writers' Research Page
    A compilation of various suggested URLs for researchers.

  • Writers' Research Page A compilation of various suggested URLs for researchers Disclaimer: No guarantee is given that any URLs are still operative, or are any use, or that any information supplied is accurate

  • Enjoy! Favourite General Searchers - One of the biggest: choose simple search or advanced - (was BIG) - combined search engine and directory, with ratings, daily features and chat listings - aims for quality of links, rather than quantity - sorts the hits according to what kind of website they come from, eg: homepage, educational, European, etc

  • Excellent * - One of the old standards Ditto Savvy Search: access to numerous search engines from one page - one of the very best multi-search sites - Sometimes great, sometimes not Lists, Groups and Experts - the classic search engine for newsgroups - WGA list of experts on numerous subjects - mostly phone and snail-mail

  • US contacts only - Real human beings guide the lost on the Information Superhighway, $8 a search

  • Publicly accessible mailing lists - search 150, 000 newsgroups, mailing lists and web forums - fast search facility for newsgroups, includes ability to read binary files Windweaver Mailing List Links Other Directories, Search Engines, Search Facilities and Multiple Searchers

    SearchViews - Dispatches and Discussions on the Search Engine ...
    Dispatches and discussion on the search engine marketing industry, with coverage
    of related topics, from SEM firm RepriseMedia.

  • Aw, maybe we're being too harsh; after all, says it's 'much more promising than most of the lullaby cover schlock out there today!' talked us into it? | posted @ by RM With pince-nez and cucumber sandwiches at the ready, we're set to gas about the latest buzz from the social scene: Half the fun? Remembering where the dots go Yahoo!'s social bookmarking property, is decked out in some new finery today, says In a move that seems pretty 'no duh' after the fact - it really took them this long? - the site will now serve Yahoo! Search Marketing ads on its search results (though not in other parts of the site)

  • Social search: now rappin' at ya Like Lex Luthor with a southern drawl

  • Search noobs can check in with Baldy by clicking on the little eggheaded icons dispersed throughout the site; a window pops up, and Baldy - PreFound CEO Steve Mansfield meets Max Headroom - dispenses info about the site's features

  • We don't know how he'll go over, but ever since Jeeves left Ask, we've felt that search needed a new shorn-headed icon

  • Baldy's first task: explain the a new PreFound tool that uses customizable category sliders (like the graphic equalizers on your home stereo) to refine searches according to a users' interests

    Latitude - Leaders In Search
    Internet marketing specialists in search engine marketing, pay-per-click, search
    engine optimisation, e-mail marketing, and viral marketing.

  • Natural search, organic search - call it what you like, Latitude's search engine optimisation expertise leads to increased sales and higher return on our clients' investment

  • Paid search makes up a crucial component of a successful SEM approach

  • We're always on the lookout for the best and brightest people to become Latitude search specialists

  • Click here to see who we want to come work for us and our clients, and to check out some of the benefits of joining the market leader in search

  • Page 1 of 1 pages Search Latitude's news Or got to Enquiries Use our Calendar of Events September 27, 2006 | Wednesday Head Office 0800 652 3233 From the USA dial 01144 1925 413 513 London Office 0207 395 2800 From the USA dial 01144 207 395 2800 Links Online marketing resources Search resources Client Zone August 09, 2006 | Wednesday Google Dance 2006 By in | Last night was the famed Google Dance party at the Googleplex in Mountain View

  • How wrong could he be! Reprentatives from the search engine included John Slade from Yahoo, Shuman Ghosemanjumder from Google, and Paul Valez from Ask; whilst other interested parties included Jessie Stricchiola from Alchemist Media, Lori Weiman from KeywordMax and Tom Cuthbert from Click Forensics


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