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    BAT and tobacco smuggling - evidence to the Health Select Committee
    Submission to the House of Commons Health Select Committee in the UK from ASH-HK
    provides detailed...

  • TOBACCO INDUSTRY SMUGGLING Submission to the House of Commons Health Select Committee Action on Smoking and Health 16 th February 2000 Contents 2      Setting the scene 3      Smuggling and the tobacco business 4      How cigarette smuggling happens 5      Health implications – why smuggling is not a victimless crime 6      BAT’s response 7      Terminology 8      How BAT control smuggling – the modus operandi and evidence 9      Further evidence 10     The legality of BAT’s actions 11     What should be done? 12     Is the smuggling problem really due to inappropriate taxation? 13     References 1 Summary 1

  • Correspondence between BAT executives shows the company was heavily involved in orchestrating, managing and controlling cigarette smuggling in Asia and Latin America in the early 1990s

  • As a result of this distribution network, UK tobacco exports to Andorra rose from 13 million cigarettes in 1993 to 1, 520 million in 1997 – vastly more than the Andorran population of 63, 000 could conceivably consume

  • The responsibility for tackling smuggling ultimately lies with governments.  A new WHO convention, the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control has a proposed protocol on smuggling.  This could form the basis of a global response to tobacco smuggling by creating a secure distribution system, introducing anti-fraud markings, tracking and tracing the movement of tobacco products and holding each person responsible for ensuring that they sell only to legitimate businesses.  2 Setting the scene British-American Tobacco (BAT) is in a pitched battle with U.S.-based Philip Morris for the growing global tobacco market.  Both are enormously wealthy companies with global operations.  In virtually every market in the world, these companies are fighting for market share and market growth.  Smuggled cigarettes are the key weapon in a ferocious price war in crucially contested markets

    The Economics of Tobacco: Fact Sheet no. 16 - ASH
    Includes summary of the cost of smoking in the UK.

  • It is impossible to value such impacts in monetary terms.  However, smoking also plays a significant economic role in society.  While cigarette tax is a rich source of revenue to the Treasury, the costs of smoking to the economy include not only the expense of treating diseases caused by smoking but also other costs such as working days lost and social security payments

  • [3]   Cost to the smoker Currently, a 20‑a‑day smoker will spend about £1, 800 a year on cigarettes.   People on low income spend proportionally more of their income on tobacco than wealthier people.  In the financial year 2004-05, the lowest ten percent of income households spent £3.30 per week on cigarettes whilst the highest ten percent spent £4.70 per week

  •   Of course, smokers also pay with their health: the results from a 50 year study show that about half to two thirds of all lifelong cigarette smokers will be eventually killed by their habit

  • Fires Cigarettes and other smoking materials are a common cause of fires

  • Between 1999 and 2003 there were on average 4, 200 accidental dwelling fires per year started by smokers’ materials with the majority of the fires caused by the careless disposal of cigarettes

    RJ Reynolds and Liggett follow Philip Morris cigarette price hikes

    CNN - Local News - State tobacco tax goes up today - August 2, 2000

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    Cigarette Smuggling in California: Fact and Fiction
    Scientific analysis examines tobacco industry financials and comrpes them to
    industry claims about...

  • • • • • Cigarette Smuggling in California: Fact and Fiction (367 K, PDF file) - July 30, 2003 about it

  • ABSTRACT: • The tobacco industry fights increases in cigarette excise taxes with inflated claims of smuggling and its associated crime

  • • The tobacco industry makes public statements regarding its commitment to stopping smuggling and the negative effects it has on their business, despite their internal knowledge that smuggling does not have a negative impact on the cigarette companies

  • Additionally, the tobacco industry appears to have increased cigarette prices by 605% of the first year cost of the Master Settlement Agreement

  • • Previously published studies that analyzed data from various time periods between 1950 and 2000 have estimated that 2% to 6% of cigarettes are smuggled within the United States

  • • The economic motivations for smuggling cigarettes in California are substantially lower in 2003 than they were in the early 1970s

  • • Our new estimate of smuggling in California shows that 1% to 4.2% ($7 million to $45 million annually in lost tax revenue compared to $1.1 billion in cigarette taxes actually collected by the state) of cigarettes smoked in California are smuggled

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    tobacco report final.p65
    Graphs consumption; measures price elasticity.


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    Minnesota Tobacco Lobbyists and Front Groups
    Report itemizes tobacco industry lobbyists and front groups in the state of Minnesota.

  • In April 2002, Tom Briant testified before the Eden Prairie City Council that the Minnesota Accommodation Coalition included all four cigarette manufacturers, the Minnesota Restaurant Association and a bowling association

  • Tom Briant and Chuck Westin This group was created to represent the interests of the tobacco industry and machines that dispense cigarettes

  • Of particular interest to this front group is allowing 'locking' cigarette vending machines to remain in liquor establishments, in spite of a state law banning such machines

  • These concerns include raising the smoking age from 18 to 21, increasing cigarette and tobacco excise taxes, restricting product advertisement and promotion and opposing restrictive local tobacco retail licensing ordinances

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    Big Tobacco Rides East
    Describes smuggling and the marketing of tobacco products in Vietnam.

  • Advertisement HTMLText IN TUNE New music every issue THIS WEEK Joe Cirincione on Iran; Jane Lubchenco on ocean 'dead zones'; Molly Moon Neitzel and Geologic on progressive music's 'top 50' NEXT WEEK New Mother Jones editors Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery; David Enders reports from Lebanon; Charles Bowden on immigration; Washington bureau chief James Ridgeway '' Big Tobacco Rides East News: With a squinting cowboy, cute cigarette girls, an American allure, and a poorly funded opposition By Robert Dreyfuss TOOLS BACKTALK Advertisement S tanding in the center of Ho Chi Minh City's wholesale tobacco market, a visitor to Dang Dieu Hy's store can easily count about three dozen different brands of cigarettes, most in low-budget packages produced by Vietnam's state-owned tobacco company

  • Philip Morris and other foreign tobacco companies vehemently deny critics' accusations that they play a role in smuggling the vast quantities of cigarettes making their way across the border

  • But the contraband also provides Western companies the undeniable benefit of making the product more visible, which is important because their short-term goal isn't to dominate the Vietnamese cigarette market

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