Web Conferencing Software, Video Conferencing Equipment, Online ...
Provider of e/pop, an enterprise-ready suite of real time communications and
instant messaging software for small to large sized businesses.

  • WiredRed's e/pop software appeals to busy, security conscious IT staff that seek a superior solution to secure instant messaging, company-wide alert messaging, online meeting and web conferencing challenges

  • Secure Instant Messaging Software e/pop Secure Instant Messaging – company-wide secure instant messaging with a comprehensive feature-set, easy installation, no software prerequisites and hard client lock-down to completely minimize IT admin time

  • e/pop provides a complete suite of enterprise instant messaging controls governing all aspects of the system: presence management (identity), security, access and routing (public/private, centralized or distributed architecture)

  • Centralized administration provides control over groups and profiles (who can see whom in the presence management system) rounding out the enterprise IM / corporate instant messaging feature-set

  • Active Alert Messaging Software e/pop Alert Messaging – secure, active alert software

  • e/pop provides secure, 1-way PC desktop pop-up alert messaging that users cannot ignore across LAN-segment, NAT, firewall and proxy boundaries

  • Extensive IT controls provide administrators with directory integration, client lock-down, 1-click message macros, instant button replies, audit and reporting, and all the controls needed to safely integrate active alert software and/or alert messaging with internal systems

    Secure Instant Messaging Chat Software, Chat Server, Live Help ...
    Commercial instant messaging server software and components for providing online
    communication services. Includes whiteboarding and voice video capabilities.

  • Copyright ©2005 12Planet '' Secure Instant Messaging Chat Server Software

    DBabble - Chat Server And Instant Messaging Software
    Chat, discussion, and secure instant messaging server accessible via web browser
    and Windows client.

  • Try NetWin's - Making it easy to provide Email and Groupware Services Search Manual DBabble Chat Server And Instant Messaging Software DBabble Links the fully functional but time limited server, try it out yourself on our public server at, or read more about features of DBabble below

  • It is perfect for corporate discussion groups and messaging.' Joel Parker Henderson - &request_style=1&other_initial_message=Hi, +-NAME-+here.+I'm+online+at+the+moment+so+if+you+have+any+questions+about+DBabble+then+just+type+in+your+question+here+and+I'll+try+to+help+you+out.+Feel+free+to+ignore+this+if+you+are+just+browsing+:-)&alt_message=see_below&heading_message= Private+Chat+With+DBabble+Support &title_message=Private+chat+with+DBabble+Support&leave_message=Leave+private+chat'> DBabble Server & Client , try it out yourself at , or read more about features of DBabble below

    EPIC - Tools for Protecting Online Privacy
    Email, web, telnet, and disk encryption, anonymous email and surfing, cookie
    busters, private voice phone over net, disk and file erasing.

  • (see also under 'secure instant messaging')

  • Secure e-mail and messaging

  • Anonymous web browsing, instantmessaging, etc

  • Encrypts TCP/IP communication such as e-mail, instant messaging, HTTP, FTP, e-commerce, IRC, telephony, and streaming audio/video

  • Secure instant messaging, as well as secure e-mail, file sharing, and online storage

  • Public-private key encrypted instant messaging software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License

  • Secure instant messaging for Hushmail users

  • Instant Messaging system that ensures your privacy and security

  • : Secure Cryptographic Instant Messaging

  • Encrypted instant messaging, FTP, text chat, voice chat, and more

  • Set up and control your own Instant Messaging system


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    Antepo Secure Corporate And Enterprise Instant Messaging Solutions ...
    Develops and licenses carrier class wireless applications for instant communication.

  • | Choose The Market Leader Winner of the 2006 eWEEK Excellence Awards in Enterprise Collaboration, OPN System has emerged as the market's leading enterprise Instant Messaging solution

    IM: monitoring and secure instant messaging for business
    Offer products to log and monitor IM conversations on AOL, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo and
    Google. Free trial available.

  • Secure enterprise instant messaging management

    Instant Messaging Server | Tipic - more than instant messaging
    TIMP is a commercial Jabber server offering integration to LDAP / Active directory
    and MS Exchange.

    Encryption and security products - crypto for MSN Messenger, Yahoo ...
    Simp (Secway's Instant Messenger Privacy) is a tool developed by Secway to encrypt
    and secure your online MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ or AOL Instant Messenger ...

  • | Search Products Language > > All Products Simp: instant messaging encryption and security products Simp Pro secures your MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, AOL instant messenger, Jabber and Google Talk clients

  • Instant messaging security now available on the Unix platform! Secure instant messaging conversations of all your workstations with SimpServer 's centralized IM security services

  • Benefits

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    Datatel from Data Mate is now Imin Secure Instant Messaging ...
    Provides hardware and software call-announcing solutions with the Data Mate System
    and DataTel Call-Announcing software.

  • DataTel and DataTel Lite are now IMiN Secure Instant Messaging The same, secure instant messaging solution, enhanced and upgraded

  • IMiN provides secure communications for all sizes of businesses with its instant messaging system

  • IMiN can’t be compromised like other Internet instant messaging

    Screen Capture and Enterprise Messaging Software
    Developers of the Fullshot screen capture program which offers a variety of
    options and fits different levels of use. [Windows 9x/NT/2000]

  • Screen Capture and Enterprise Messaging FullShot is the most comprehensive screen capture solution available...

  • Business Solutions Inbit Messenger - Enterprise Instant Messaging and Collaboration with imaging features

  • or (Released July'06) Try the new version 2.8! Experience the same rock-solid instant messaging with a new-look contact panel

    AltME - Secure Messaging and Instant Applications
    Secure peer-to-peer instant messaging and application sharing system made with REBOL. - Five messages about IM - November 4, 2001


    Instant Messaging software: AlterNative LAN Messenger
    Instant messaging software solutions for business and home text communications
    across private networks.

  • LanToucher™ Instant Messenger System Requirements: Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows ME Windows NT 4.0 Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Network Requirements: Local area network (LAN) with TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, or NetBEUI LanToucher™ Instant Messenger -- instant messaging software for your corporate or home network

  • Being an efficient WinPopup and 'net send' command alternative, our full-featured instant messaging application offers you a much richer network communication environment, expanding the concept of conventional serverless messaging across local networks

  • Its user-friendly interface and original features make LanToucher Instant Messenger the tool of choice for both home and enterprise instant messaging

  • System Requirements: Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows ME Windows NT 4.0 Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Network Requirements: Local area network (LAN) with TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, or NetBEUI LanToucher™ Network Chat LanToucher™ Network Chat -- instant messaging software for your small private network or intranet

  • This easy-to-use LAN messaging program with simple, intuitive user interface and a minimum of settings to adjust is an easy text communication solution for your office LAN and a perfect chat program for your private home network or intranet

    Secure Instant Messaging and Secure Chat
    Secure instant messaging using auto generated public/private key pairs.

    MSN Messenger, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Trillian, Google Talk, Skype and ...
    Instant messaging tutorials, reference, news and forums for AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ,
    Trillian and other products.

  • Although primarily designed for instant messaging and voice chat, Mylo also has a built-in web browser for surfing the net

  • It is called IM Radio, and it is dedicated to bringing you the latest instant messaging news

  • Wow, two hours of instant messaging news every day? That's crazy! Don't like talk radio? Well, that's good (either do I)

  • Link: Posted by - AOL has officially launched it's free, corporate instant messaging program, AIM Pro

  • Posted by - More Instant Messaging News Big deals Did you know that you can use online coupon codes to save money on pretty much anything? It's true! Before you buy anything, anywhere online, at

    DeskNow - Mail and collaboration server
    Open platform for internet-based collaboration services, accessible from PC and
    mobile devices.

  • DeskNow integrates in a single, easy to administer product: fully featured mail server advanced antispam technologies, antivirus integration and content filtering dynamic webmail interface document management advanced calendaring with meeting planning , free/busy search, shared calendars , task lists, resource booking, iCal publishing (Mozilla Sunbird, Apple iCal) Outlook connector to integrate personal and group calendars, tasks, contacts SyncML synchronization with Palm, PocketPC, BlackBerry and most mobile phones secure Jabber instant messaging with integrated web client automatic authentication and account import with Active Directory and LDAP servers ..

  • Use the integrated instant messaging (chat) for real time communication: completely integrated in the web interface nothing to install on client PCs one-to-one chat and group chat full SSL encryption for maximum security receive real time alerts the administrator can send message broadcasts uses the open Jabber/XMPP protocol additional clients available for every OS, incl

    Effusia Business Messenger: Secure, Turnkey Business Instant Messaging
    Presence-enhanced communication software solutions for small to medium businesses.

  • Effusia Business Messenger Real-time communicaton for real-time business Effusia Business Messenger provides your organization with secure, turnkey business instant messaging

  • Get all the benefits of audited real-time communication whether on your LAN or across the world with our secure instant messaging server

    VIACK - Video Conference Software, Web Meeting Software, Secure ...
    VIACK Corporation offers Internet based secure e-meetings designed for professionals.

  • VIA3 is a seamless integration of meeting essentials—video, audio, instant messaging and information sharing

    Network Time Sync Server-Client and Instant LAN Messaging Software ...
    Develops software for corporate networks, such as server-client network time
    synchronization software, local networks (LAN) and wide networks (WAN) messaging ...

  • Company News: July 27, 2006 May 31, 2006 May 22, 2006 April 21, 2006 Softros LAN Messenger v3.7 Softros LAN messenger is a secure network messaging software application for corporate LANs (local area networks)

  • Softros LAN Messenger comes with a variety of handy features such as message notification alarms, personal or group messaging, file transfer and an intuitive interface

    Flash Chat & Enterprise Instant Messaging Software from ChatBlazer
    Corporate instant messaging and enterprise moderated chat software. Java-based
    product, provides businesses with their online community.

  • | ChatBlazer products offer solutions for text-only or audio/video Flash chat and secure enterprise instant messaging


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