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Rock band based in London, United Kingdom. Site includes biography, gig schedule,
streaming audio, and merchandise.

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    United Flight 93 Crash Theory Home Page - The Real Story of Flight 93
    Examines different theories for the crashing drawing on news reports, analysis,
    eyewitness testimonies, and other sources.

  • In a morning briefing, state Police Major Lyle Szupinka confirmed that debris from the plane had turned up in relatively far-flung sites..

  • Crowley related that 95 percent of the airplane had been recovered..

  • "It was a jet plane, and it had to be flying real close when that 757 went down

  • If I was the FBI, I'd find out who was driving that plane

  • " Late Thursday afternoon, federal agents who spoke to reporters at the crash site said "there was no evidence as of yet" that a second plane was nearby when Flight 93 plunged into a strip mine

  • Glick's father-in-law, Richard Makely, said he took the phone, hoping to hear Glick come back and say the passengers and crew had regained control of the plane

  • Instead, he said, "I heard the end of the story." He would not say exactly what he heard, other than to say "it would not have indicated" what ultimately caused the plane's nose dive into a field in Somerset County, southeast of Pittsburgh, 90 minutes after the first airliner hit one of the twin towers in New York

  • "It was a jet plane, and it had to be flying real close when that 757 went down

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    Concorde supersonic jet / Homepage
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    matsumoto airport
    Located in Matsumono City, Nagano Prefecture; with history, facilities and access


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    Howstuffworks "How F-15s Work"
    Overview of its power and flight, electronics, cockpit, and weapons.

  • A few years later, World War I troops were battling it out in the sky with machine-gun-packing fighter planes

  • Only 60 years later, the early single-engine propeller planes had evolved into sleek, powerful fighter jets that could make sharp aerial turns at more than 600 miles per hour (970 kph)

  • Best War-Birds What are your favorite military aircraft, and why do they soar above the rest? The F-15 Eagle is a small, highly maneuverable jet plane designed to fly combat missions in all weather conditions

  • In other words, its ultimate purpose is to defeat other planes in aerial combat

  • The United States Air Force commissioned the plane after they got a look at the MiG-25, a powerful fighter jet the Soviet Union unveiled in 1967

  • The company has introduced several variations on this plane since then, as technology and needs have changed (see below)

  • The original F-15 Eagle was designed to handle only air-to-air targets (other planes)

  • It wasn't built to bomb targets on the ground because the Air Force knew that the extra equipment would compromise the plane's aerial combat abilities

  • The Strike Eagle is not a replacement for the original F-15, but a supplementary bomber plane Welcome
    Jetex jet and rocket motors for models of all kinds, including freeflight
    aeromodels; free plans for download, and more.

  • Read >> Welcome to are helping to build , a comprehensive online resource covering the technical and historical aspects of small sustained thrust micro rocket motors for use in model airplanes and other craft

    The Frumious Bandersnatch Satirical Newspaper & Parodies
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  • Making everything “cheap” means exploiting child labor and the planet and that will all come back to bite us

    SR-71 Blackbirds
    Leland Haynes' tribute to the SR-71. Includes news, information, and links to
    SR-71-related content. Also, this site features a recollections from the past page ...


    American Airlines jet crashes in New York
    [CNN] - Fighter Jet Paper Airplane Instructions
    Detailed, illustrated instructions for making a fighter jet.

  • - Fighter Jet Paper Airplane Instructions Utterly pedantic New And Good: Good: Old But Okay: Old Fun: Old Tech: Old Other: Crummy: Mlar: Paper Airplane About this page

  • The design of the fighter jet paper airplane on this page is not mine

  • Congratulations to that site's designer, as he's devised a really nifty airplane

  • This page merely gives better instructions that will help you make the airplane

  • Also, don't label your plane as you go along

  • It also has an unusual tail that you may not have seen before; it adds a great deal of stability to the plane (believe it or not it flies well if you make it well)

  • Crease it nicely, because as you're probably guessing this is the 'main' fold for the airplane and is also the line of symmetry

  • Any deviation with this fold will mean a lopsided airplane

  • And look at what Edge 2 does: This fold turns out to be extremely crucial - be careful, as it will form the wing of the airplane

  • The following image is unchanged except for the addition of my markings: Changing a valley into a mountain fold and vice versa is a skill that must be mastered to make this airplane

    Infrared Astronomy: The Kuiper Airborne Observatory
    Facility and instrumentation information, images, and NASA patches made to mark events.

  • The Kuiper Airborne Observatory The Kuiper Airborne Observatory (KAO) is an airplane that flies above most of the Earth's atmosphere with an infrared telescope

  • However, an airplane flying in the stratosphere at 40, 000 feet or higher has most of the atmosphere below it and can see the sky in the infrared

  • The Airplane NASA-Ames Laboratory operates the , whose flights in the autumn of 1996 were featured in (LFS)

  • The crew chooses a ground track so that the telescope can view the proper part of the sky looking out its port on the upper left part of the airplane

  • The airplane flies a different course for each object

  • On the nights of October 12 and 13, 1995, Kuiper observed planets and star forming regions: The region W51 was also observed

  • Image Credits Kuiper and Telescope from Nebulas from Planets from Written by: Last Modified Fri Nov 01 15:28:34 1996

    Adam Aircraft Industries - home
    Producing the M-309, an all composite four seat push-pull twin prop aircraft.

    Baldy Hellcats
    History and crash site survey regarding two USMC Hellcats which crashed on Mount
    Baldy on March 2, 1949.

  • This teletype reported that this plane had sufficient fuel to last until 6:00 PM

  • At 7:10 PM an APB was received from San Diego Sheriff's Office reporting that the two above mentioned F6F's and also that one F-84 'Fury' jet plane was also missing

  • This jet plane was later discovered down 50 miles northwest of Bakersfield, the pilot was uninjured

    Peter, Paul and Mary
    Biography and pictures of the group.

  • Their renditions of Gordon Lightfoot's 'In The Early Morning Rain' and John Denver's 'Leaving On A Jet Plane, ' engineered by the legendary Phil Ramone, helped launch an appreciation and awareness of these 'new' artists

  • Included are such fireside folk-song favourites as 'This Land Is Your Land' and 'If I Had A Hammer, ' as well as Peter, Paul & Mary standards like 'Leaving On A Jet Plane' and 'Puff, The Magic Dragon'

    All Aboard Toys features Thomas the Train Tank Engine, Bob the ...
    Featuring licensed character products including books, bedding, clothing, and videos. - Chantal Kreviazuk
    Pictures, biography, commentary and links for the talented singer.

  • why is she famous? If you don't recognize her voice from the remake of 'Leaving On A Jet Plane', her latest songs 'Before You' and 'Dear Life' have surely been on your girlfriend's CD player

  • overall rating 77 Chantal Kreviazuk? Who? Well, remember that song from the movie Armageddon , 'Leaving On A Jet Plane'? That's Chantal's version of the song that pretty much launched her career


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