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  •, December 10, 2004 Philip Morris moves to lift cigarette prices - The Altria Group unit said the move to lower its off-invoice promotional allowance on cigarettes to wholesalers, essentially a wholesale cigarette discount, from $6.50 to $5.50 per carton will begin December 12 and run through the end of January

  • Washington Post, October 23, 2004 In 2004, the US cigarette industry spent $12.5 billion, 11% more than in 2003, on cigarette promotion and advertisement, mainly in discounts to retailers and wholesalers, according to the FTC

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    BAT and tobacco smuggling - evidence to the Health Select Committee
    Submission to the House of Commons Health Select Committee in the UK from ASH-HK
    provides detailed report on tobacco industry involvement in smugging ...

  • GT price structure is: (In US$ per case) BATUKE to SUTL: $245 SUTL to Importer (Cambodia): $290 Importer to Wholesaler (Cambodia): $348 Wholesaler to Trader (Cambodia border): $350 Therefore GT exiting Cambodia at US $350 (Laos route also appears to exit at US $350)” “We must accept the continued presence of GT (unless a complete Government clampdown takes place)


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    The Economics of Tobacco: Fact Sheet no. 16 - ASH
    Includes summary of the cost of smoking in the UK.

  •    In 2003, 3, 217 people were employed in tobacco manufacturing in Great Britain , with a further 7, 611 employed in the wholesale trade of tobacco products

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    Cigarette Smuggling in California: Fact and Fiction
    Scientific analysis examines tobacco industry financials and comrpes them to
    industry claims about cigarette smuggling.

  • • Once tax increases are implemented, the tobacco industry, contrary to its rhetoric, uses the tax increase to mask wholesale price increases

  • On average, the tobacco industry increases wholesale prices by 150% of any tax increase

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    Minnesota Tobacco Lobbyists and Front Groups
    Report itemizes tobacco industry lobbyists and front groups in the state of Minnesota.

  • 'The interest of tobacco store owners in these issues will compliment efforts by other retail and wholesale associations that respond to tobacco legislation

  • We envision the Minnesota Tobacco Store Association as having a significant grassroots legislative lobbying capability due to the customer base of each store.' (Document #2062976170) Minnesota Wholesale Marketers Identification #1227 (as of 3/27/01) Lobbyists: Randy Asunma, Tom Briant and Chuck Westin Formerly known as the Minnesota Candy and Tobacco Association, the organization was renamed in 1994

  • Tobacco industry internal documents draw a direct link between the Wholesale Marketers, its predecessor and the tobacco industry

  • Charles 'Chuck' Westin Cathedral Hill Strategies Lobbyist Registration #4094 (as of 3/10/01) Westin lobbies for tobacco industry front groups Minnesota Wholesale Marketers, Minnesota Tobacco Store Association, Inc., Bulk Vending Group and the Minnesota Automatic Merchandising Council

  • Westin has lobbied for tobacco wholesalers on excise tax increases, smoking restrictions, tort reform legislation, retail licensing restrictions and advertising prohibitions.' (document #2062976171)

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    Big Tobacco Rides East
    Describes smuggling and the marketing of tobacco products in Vietnam.

  • Advertisement HTMLText IN TUNE New music every issue THIS WEEK Joe Cirincione on Iran; Jane Lubchenco on ocean 'dead zones'; Molly Moon Neitzel and Geologic on progressive music's 'top 50' NEXT WEEK New Mother Jones editors Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery; David Enders reports from Lebanon; Charles Bowden on immigration; Washington bureau chief James Ridgeway '' Big Tobacco Rides East News: With a squinting cowboy, cute cigarette girls, an American allure, and a poorly funded opposition By Robert Dreyfuss TOOLS BACKTALK Advertisement S tanding in the center of Ho Chi Minh City's wholesale tobacco market, a visitor to Dang Dieu Hy's store can easily count about three dozen different brands of cigarettes, most in low-budget packages produced by Vietnam's state-owned tobacco company


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    tobacco report final.p65
    Graphs consumption; measures price elasticity.

    The Memory Hole > The Case Against the Tobacco Companies
    Outlines decades of tobacco industry campaigns designed to mislead the public
    about cigarettes, resulting in extraordinary profits for the industry and ...

  • Indeed, the wholesale shift to a market dominated by the sale of "low tar/low nicotine" products has not resulted in a meaningful reduction in the incidence of lung cancer and other smoking related diseases

    RJ Reynolds and Liggett follow Philip Morris cigarette price hikes

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    Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division
    Regulates all entities that sell alcohol and tobacco in the state. Includes annual
    reports, historical highlights, commission minutes, staff profiles and a ...

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  • Our Mission: To serve Iowans by effectively regulating the alcohol beverages industry to insure responsible business practices and to create a favorable economic climate for industry growth and development, while maximizing revenue by maintaining a cost-efficient wholesale distribution system

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    Information from Health Canada on smoking and tobacco use. Reports, statistics,
    studies, news releases, and regulations.


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