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  • The one seeks to decipher, dreams of deciphering, a truth or an origin which is free from freeplay and from the order of the sign

  • The other, which is no longer turned toward the origin, affirms freeplay and tries to pass beyond man and humanism, the name man being the name of that being who, throughout the history of metaphysics or of ontotheology -- in other words, through the history of all his history -- has dreamed of full presence, the reassuring foundation, the origin and the end of the game

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  • Posted by Laren in, | August 24, 2006 Planet of the Exes My friend Eliza and I were daydreaming yesterday

  • We were dreaming of a place to which all ex-boyfriends would disappear for about six months after a breakup

  • We girls can dream, can't we? * Just a note if you happen to be an ex of mine and reading this -- please don't take this personally
    Ziedu un telpaugu Interneta veikals.

  • Ls 32.00 Romantiska buķete no ziliem liziantiem Mariachi Blue, maigi rozā rozēm Dream un baltām krizantēmām

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  • Winning the school talent show would be Gary's dream come true, but on the big night his dream nearly backfires--with hilarious results

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  • Where Your Dreams Become Reality Billy Mills Should Be Smiling: -Germany's Jan Fitschen , who came into the Euro Championships with a modest 28:19 pr, but ran 28:10 and won in a sprint finish to shock the field

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  • Delirium and illusory dreams Chronic severe sleep loss and other forms of sleep disruption are significant clinical features in many psychotic patients, although they are seldom considered as potential aetiological factors for psychotic symptoms

  • It was the 18th Century Scottish physician, William Cullen, who first drew the analogy between delirium and illusory dreams (ie

  • dreams containing incongruent, bizarre, or impossible contents)

  • Incidentally, some of the memories being reinforced during sleep rise to the level of 'unconscious' awareness, and these are the memories that provide the substance of our dreams [, ]

  • If our stored memories were valid in every respect, then our dreams would consist solely of 'replays' of past or plausible events in our lives

  • And indeed, roughly 85-95% of dream contents derive from authentic contents [, ]

  • On the other hand, when memory circuits are faulty, the events and perceptions in the resulting dreams may be distorted or largely illusory

  • The sources of illusory dream contents are at least three-fold: first, there are disordered synaptic strengths that owe to normal imperfections in the processes that store and maintain memories; second, there are the abnormal influences of pathologically altered brain waves; and third, there are the influences of sleep loss leading to incomplete refreshment of synaptic strengths

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  • When pedigrees and pooper scoopers are all pushed aside, what you have left in a breeding program is not much more than the dream

  • A dream is all I had when I started trying to reproduce one small dog that turned heads everywhere she went

  • Some dreams are hard to hang on to

  • Other dreams become so ingrained in you that you eat, sleep, and drink in the future reality of them

  • This is the way I became in my dream of recreating one little miniature husky

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