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Full-length article giving step-by-step instructions on how to write a business plan.

  • That's where a business plan comes in

  • Unlike and those little paper umbrellas they put in Singapore Slings, business plans have two major purposes in life: To provide you, the entrepreneur, with a detailed roadmap to Successville as you make your new venture grow

  • Typically, a business plan is created with the following money-holders in mind: Angels Otherwise known as the 'Bank of Mom and Dad, ' angel investors are wealthy individuals who become personally involved in fledgling ventures, lending their expertise, experience, and money

  • If your angel is a wealthy relative or someone you've golfed with for twenty years (or both), you have some latitude when it comes to your business plan (heck, the angel may even help out with it)

  • The point is, if you know the angel, your business plan may not need to be as perfect as if you were proposing to a stranger

  • The catch is, these people will be strangers, so the only way you can convince them to give you money is if they are persuaded by your business plan

  • The managers of these firms look at hundreds of business plans every year, and they reject almost all of them

    Free Business Plan, Writing a Business Plan, Business Plan ...
    A range of freeware items for preparing a business plan, business planning,
    financial projections, and cashflow forecasts. With download facilities and links.

  • Exl-Plan Free Cashflow Plan Free Free-Plan & Biz-Plan Strategic Planner - Business Plan Compiler - Financial Planner - Business Plan eGuides Online Advice Service Free Business Plan Software: Free-Plan, Biz-Plan & Exl-Plan Free Page Contents 1

  • Basic & Free Versions of Exl-Plan and more ..

  • Our range of integrated monthly/quarterly planners includes Exl-Plan Basic which uses annual assumptions to generate comprehensive 5-year projections*

  • This simple, low-cost version (US$29) will meet many business planning needs

  • Also available is a completely free version, Exl-Plan Free , which is identical to Basic but projects for just two years ahead

  • Notes: Free and Basic versions of Exl-Plan are complemented by other more detailed, powerful versions of Exl-Plan

  • All versions of Exl-Plan include a free 150-page Business Plan Guide & Template (for Word)

  • Useful Links More Info See Also Write strategic plan Software Tools Marketing Planner Free Planners Buy Software

  • Introduction This section introduces Free-Plan and its sister product, Biz-Plan

  • It also introduces Exl-Plan , a range of financial planners, which incorporates a copy of Free-Plan

    Free Business Plan Software, Financial Projections, Cash Flow ...
    Purchase software on aspects of business planning, cashflow forecasting and
    financial projections.

  • Business Plan Software ..

  • Business plans - financial projection - cash flow forecast - strategic plans - market planning Software - shareware - free ware - template - sample - online tools - advice - guide Save time - get expertise - improve results - achieve goals - save money Excel templates for easier, better financial projections for business plans etc

  • Includes 150-page business plan guide and template

  • Free software for writing a business plan, making financial projections, cash flow forecasting, developing a business's strategic plan and more

  • Comprehensive 20-page guide to preparing a business plan with page-by-page and section-by-section advice and help

  • Software for writing a business plan & market planning

  • Also, powerful expert systems for business planning, idea assessment and strategy development

  • Papers on getting business ideas, devising strategies, strategic plans, writing a business plan, making projections, forecasting cashflow and more

  • Free tools to create projections, develop a strategic plan, plan a business plan, improve cash flow plus advisory service and more

    Learn how to start a business, how to write a business plan, and ...
    Non-profit organization offering an online business course for entrepreneurs
    wanting to start or run a business.

  • Learn the fundamentals of starting a business from Deciding on a Business to The Business Plan to How to Finanace Your Business

  • 'I have been in business for 16 years and never done a business plan


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    Business Plan
    Describes multiple versions of this product, modified depending on the industry
    the plan targets.

  • NEW for 2006 Starting from $49.95 Library of sample business plans Step by step instructions Complete financials Customized for your business Download and start now! 'Its final report most closely meets the criteria experts define as critical

  • It's our top choice.' Call 800-423-1228 and talk to our experienced business professionals who understand your planning needs

  • Package Specials to Save Money and Plan your Entire Business Managers focus resources justify your budget target profitable markets improve profitability Entrepreneurs impress investors increase awareness maximize profits capture market share Consultants automate processes simplify efforts automate presentations work smarter Intelligent Software for Each Strategic Phase of your Business The most advanced and intelligent business plan software available

  • Build the perfect strategy to implement your business plan and market your product or service

  • Plan and implement your marketing strategy with professional guidance

    Small Business Administration: Startup
    Resources from the United States Small Business Administration cover planning,
    finance, marketing, employment, taxes, and legal issues.

    Small Business Plan Guide
    Resources to start or grow your business, write a business plan and develop sound
    business strategies.

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    Small Business Is Here
    Free small business articles, guides, news and business planning eBook as well
    as start-up, marketing, sales, e-commerce and web site design.

  • Topics include taxes, financing, business planning, expansion, startup, succession planning, marketing, cash flow management and managing human resources to name a few

  • Benefits

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    eWeb: Resources for Entrepreneurship Education
    Entrepreneurship education resources including help on business plans, how-to
    help, SME education and small business education help, lists of centers and ...

    Business Plan Store
    Business plan writing for small companies and entrepreneurs.

  • Business Plan Writer? We Write Professional Business Plans That Get Results! | Business Plan writing is our profession

  • We are professional business plan writers who describe your business clearly and explain its expected financial performance

  • We clarify your goals and vision and combine our experience in finance and market research to create a winning plan for a hard-sell audience of bank loan officers, investors and venture capitalists

  • Business plan writing and business financing is something we understand

  • An experienced business plan writer knows what loan officers and investors want to see in a plan and in what format

  • A well-written business plan that adequately and precisely explains a company's goals and methods of operation is required to obtain funding

  • The Business Plan Store writes business plans that win financing: "I had my business plan written by another business planning firm first and learned when you want your plan done the right way, contact The Business Plan Store

  • It was a pleasure to work with you and now I have a terrific plan

  • () We work with you to write a professional business plan that describes your business, its products and services, its market and customers, its ownership, management and operational activities, and its philosophies, principles, goals and financial objectives: "Wow!! I'm speechless..

    Business Plan Software and Books - Business-plan.com
    Small business books and stand-alone business plan software.

  • Focusing on Business Excellence for Windows® 98, 2000, ME, and XP   Editor's Choice     BLACK ENTERPRISE MAGAZINE   Software Companion to our award-winning book, Anatomy of a Business Plan Our Stand-alone software saves you 100+ hours and guides you step-by-step through the creation of a credible and defensible customized business plan that will serve as a lifetime guide for your company and supply the documentation required by lenders and investors

  • A free copy of Anatomy of a Business Plan is included with every software package

  • The book includes two complete real-world business plans

  •       New 2005 6th Edition Ben Franklin Award (Best Business Book of the Year)..the book that has helped more than a million small business owners write their plans

  • Spanish translation of Anatomy of a Business Plan

  • Translated by Roberto Quesada, owner, Libreria Hispanoamerica, Los Angeles, CA Click on the icon to see our Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation

  • It will give you an overview of the professional business planning process used in Anatomy of a Business Plan

    Business Plans - Business Plan Development - Business Plan Consultants
    Growthink develops business plans and provides business plan development, investment
    banking and venture research services for growing and established ventures.

  • Business Plan Development, Venture Capital & Market Research - Recent Growthink Articles From the executive summary to the financial statements, investors today scrutinize business plans more than ever

  • Growthink's guide shows how to prove the feasibility of your venture, best layout your business strategy, and how to prepare your plan to convince investors that your company is right for them

  • Savvy investors often go straight to the financial section of your business plan

  • Plans that show penetration, operating margin and revenues per employee figures that are poorly reasoned, internally inconsistent or simply unrealistic greatly damage the credibility of the entire plan

  • Most companies proudly mention their many partnerships in their plans

  • If a plan states that there is no competition, investors may think that a real market opportunity may not exist

  • The key processes in the capital-raising process include 1) perfecting the business plan and other company due diligence materials, 2) developing a comprehensive, targeted prospective investor list, 3) contacting this list and responding to investor due diligence requests, and 4) negotiating the transaction


    Business Plan Templates from Planigent Business Plan Professionals
    Offers customized business plans and strategies, advice, samples, templates, and
    venture capital resources.

  • Unless you have tons of your own money to invest in your business, you need a business plan to convince lenders or investors that your project is worthwhile

  • Or, perhaps you need a business plan to be the blueprint for building your business

  • Planigent is the online choice for business plan resources, sample business plans, and links to venture capital and angel investors

  • And, perhaps more importantly, Planigent is the source for a written by a professional business plan writer

  • Our belief at Planigent is that business plans are best written by the entrepreneurs who bear the responsibility of implementing them

  • For them we offer access to a host of, advice, and business plan links that will help them produce a respectable result

  • For them we offer the next best thing: Professionally conceived and executed business plans

  • If you are writing a business plan yourself, may we suggest that you add Planigent.com to your bookmarks for future reference

  • If you intend to hire a professional to work with you on your plan, all the more reason to bookmark us or now

  • Lierman President and CEO, Planigent New! Planigent Business Plan Template A great new tool for do-it-yourselfers

    Build a Business Plan
    Offers a free web based business plan template.

  • | Welcome National is your current region | Search: Build a Business Plan Last Reviewed: 8/25/2006 You need a good business plan to launch your business

  • A business plan is a blueprint of the steps you need to take to build your business

  • A good plan can help you raise money to start or expand your company, plan for the future, and track your growth

  • A written plan is a tool to help you: Get financing and investments

  • Learn more about building your business plan

  • Build your business plan now

  • In order to use the business plan tool you must register

  • When you register for free on the site, you can keep your plan in a safe place and come back to make changes anytime

    Purdue Agriculture Innovation & Commercialization Center
    Provides a free web based interactive business plan builder.

    Business Plan Software and Sample Business Plan Downloads
    Provides sample business plans, a software program and consulting.

  • Business Plan Software bpVision, business plan software, is written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.The easy-to-use tool is a step-by-step guide to writing a business plan

  • The tool will compile the business plan, financial statements, and charts/graphs into a professional document

  • SmallBusinessPoint is building the Internet's largest repository of sample business plans

  • The small business plans included are from existing successful profitable companies and start-ups

  • It is our goal, that these sample plans will be used by new entrepreneurs as a guide, learning from other business owners

  • Save time and money by using a sample plan

  • Sample Business Plans For $ 29.99 Testimonials 'Thanks so much for your timely and professional completion...

  • We are having great results!' M.Ludden 'The business plan you developed for us worked perfectly.The bank was very happy with it.' A.Nichini Business Plan Generator is a simple guide to writing your own business plan

  • Just like going on vacation, the business plan is your guide to what you're going to do, how much you're going to spend, and how you're going to get there

    Business Plan Software - PC World 'Best Buy' - with integrated ...
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  • | Capital? Talent? Partners? Alliances? Cooperation? Strategy? This is the proven Office-compatible business planning software recommended by thousands of bankers, consultants, entrepreneurs, investors, and successful business owners to help you get what you need

  • BizPlanBuilder® v10 Downloadable $99.77 Already have BizPlanBuilder? 6-Month Upgrade Guarantee When we release updates and version upgrades, you'll get them free for 6 months from the date of purchase from our website

  • BizPlanBuilder requires any version of Windows 2000 or XP

  • Success stories from BizPlanBuilder users are no accident

  • BizPlanBuilder has worked for many people in all kinds of situations..

  • I pretty much knew what I needed to do and I had a potential investor lined up, but he wanted to see a business plan before he invested a dime

  • I bought BizPlanBuilder on Monday, wrote it on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and on Saturday he gave me $45, 000

  • - Mark Martinez, Oceanside, CA People come to us all the time seeking funding, and we use BizPlanBuilder to show them the business plan content and format we like to see

  • At the end of the day, the $100 invested in BizPlanBuilder will save a lot of work, assure you of a great plan, and prepare you mentally to face any investor or lender


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