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Internet Relay Chat -The Parallax
Mit mIRC und dem Internet Relay Chat allgemein am Beispiel des Parallax-Channels.

  • Port 1080 ist der Standard Proxy Port, wer einen anderen benutzt muss diesen hier eingeben

    OpenVPN 2.0 HOWTO
    This howto describes the setup of the IPsec alternative OpenVPN, which is available
    for Win32, MacOS X and Unix-based Operating Systems.

    Lenny Zeltser - Intrusion Detection Analysis: A Case Study
    A case study/research paper providing detailed analysis of several anomalous
    network events to illustrate the techniques for examining alerts and logs generated ...

    Anonymous Surfing & Free Proxy List
    Free automatic rechecked proxy lists, and Proxy Extractor.

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    Anonymity complete GUIDE
    Anonymity on the web means being able to use all of its services with no concern
    about someone snooping on your data. Here's how.

  • These aren't BNC connections, and BNC cannot be tested using a simple bot, unless your shell has a socket port open (normally 1080) it will let you in with no problem at all, the shell is not acting as a proxy like you would expect, but more as a simple IRC proxy, or an IRC router

    Port Scanner - Advanced Administrative Tools - network diagnostic
    Network tcp and ip security analyzer. AATools Port scanner analyzes hosts and
    all of the different services started on them.

    Fighting Spammers With Honeypots: Part 1
    This paper evaluates the usefulness of using honeypots to fight spammers.

  • By looking at your firewalls logs, you'll probably notice attempts to access TCP ports like : 1080 socks proxy server 3128 squid proxy server 8080 web caching service Many basement-dwelling people 'courageously' hiding behind their monitor, and using tools they don't understand, will scan the net to map all interesting services

    HOWTO bypass Internet Censorship, a tutorial on getting around ...
    A tutorial with different ways to beat the filtering in schools, countries or

  • Most censors blocks the ports 80, 1080, 3128 and 8080, because these are the common proxy ports

  • Here are the most important ports for us: 20+21 - FTP (file transfer) 22 - SSH (secure remote access) 23 - telnet (remote access) and also Wingates (special kind of proxies) 25 - SMTP (send email) 53 - DNS (resolves an URL to an IP) 80 - HTTP (normal web browsing) and also a proxy 110 - POP3 (receive email) 443 - SSL (secure HTTPS connections) 1080 - Socks proxy 3128 - Squid proxy 8000 - Junkbuster proxy 8080 - a proxy Normally the censorship is implemented on servers from the ISP or government, but in some schools, private homes and some companies the blocking software is installed on every PC

  • But sometimes the standard proxy ports (80, 1080, 3128 and 8080) are blocked

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    REBOL Language FAQ
    REBOL Frequently Asked Questions.

  • #015 - How do I set up my proxy settings? To specify a Proxy Server: If you use a firewall with a proxy server, you can specify its settings: set-net [ user@domain.dom mail.server.dom pop.server.dom proxy.server.dom 1080 socks-type ] where socks-type is one of the following: socks -- most recent version of SOCKS supported (currently SOCKS5) socks4 -- SOCKS4 compatibility socks5 -- SOCKS5 compatibility generic -- generic proxy support (i.e

    Information on proxy servers and getting around ISP filters and port blocking.

    Port Numbers and Services Database
    Well known port numbers for TCP and UDP, from Internet Assigned Numbers
    Authority (IANA). - preferential: preferences
    An extensive list of Mozilla User Preferences.

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    myNetWatchman - Network Intrusion Detection and Reporting
    Intrusion Reporting and Response. Users forward firewall logs that are aggregated
    and analysed to identify incidents that are reported to the responsible party.

    Anonymes Surfen im Internet -> anonym surfen, anonymes surfen ...
    Der gläserne User: Zeit, IP, Host, Browsertyp und OS. Diese Daten werden auf dem
    entsprechenden Ziel Server geloggt. In diesem Aufsatz wird gezeigt, ...

    Communicator Preferences
    How to set-up various Netscape settings.

    Glossari, en format intern de treball, del projecte de traducció, a càrrec de
    Softcatalà, de l'Open Office, versió de lliure distribució de StarOffice, ...

    ProxyLists.Net - Proxy list, Links to proxy lists
    Free HTTP and Socks proxy lists.

  • Free Proxy List HTTP High Anon: , SOCKS4: , SOCKS5: , Free Proxy Lists URLs Site Proxy Lists URLs , © ProxyLists.Net 2006

    SANS Top 20 Vulnerabilities - The Experts Consensus
    SANS instituto parengto dokumento vertimas į lietuvių kalbą.

    Discussions about Scott Draves fractal flames, including aeflame and electricsheep.

    RFC 2428 (rfc2428) - FTP Extensions for IPv6 and NATs
    FTP Extensions for IPv6 and NATs. M. Allman, S. Ostermann, C. Metz. September 1998.

  • For the two address families specified above (AF Number 1 and 2), addresses MUST be in the following format: AF Number Address Format Example --------- -------------- ------- 1 dotted decimal 2 IPv6 string 1080::8:800:200C:417A representations defined in [HD96] The <tcp-port> argument must be the string representation of the number of the TCP port on which the host is listening for the data connection

  • The following are sample EPRT commands: EPRT |1||6275| EPRT |2|1080::8:800:200C:417A|5282| The first command specifies that the server should use IPv4 to open a data connection to the host '' on TCP port 6275

  • The second command specifies that the server should use the IPv6 network protocol and the network address '1080::8:800:200C:417A' to open a TCP data connection on port 5282


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