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Mysteries of the Nile
A team from the US PBS TV programme Nova attempted to recreate the raising of an
obelisk. History of obelisks, QTVR and standard images of temples, tombs, ...

Blue Nile
Certified diamonds and fine jewelry.

CDC: West Nile Virus
Describes the entomology, and gives details of the NYC area outbreak, as well as
providing background information on surveillance, control, and prevention.


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Nile, The
River flowing through Egypt and Sudan, which has its sources in Ethiopia, Uganda,
Kenya, Tanzania, and Burundi. Length is 6671 km.

  • The Nile : 'an-nīl River flowing through and, which has its sources in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Burundi

  • The Nile, as defined starting with the Kyaka river in Burundi, is 6, 671 km long, and has a surface area of a total of 3, 350, 000 km² (5 times the area of France)

  • The main rivers are Rosetta (Rashid) and Damietta (Dumyat) are the main ones

  • Without it, the river Nile would run dry in May

  • The longest stretch of the Nile comes with the start of Kyaka river in Burundi, close to large Lake Tanganyika

  • Mountain Nile joins other rivers of Sudan to form the White Nile

  • The third notable contributor is the Atbara River, which joins the main course of the Nile 300 km north of Khartoum

  • Atbara River contributes with less than 1%, and runs dry at times of the year

  • HISTORY 6 million BCE: The earliest we know of a river through Egypt; scientists name it Eonile

  • This river ran through a canyon with walls that could be up to 3, 000 metres high

  • 4 million: A second river starts flowing through Egypt, by modern scholars referred to as Paleonile

  • Desertification in North Africa casues the emoty river canal to be filled with sand

    Nile Basin Initiative
    Cooperative venture between nations who share the waters of the Nile river to
    achieve water security and avert conflicts over water resources.

    Nile Rodgers Official Site
    Includes timeline, press, tour dates, discography, and biography.

    National Biological Information Infrastructure : West Nile Virus
    Provides data, information, and maps related to outbreaks of the West Nile virus
    and mosquito-borne encephalitis in the United States.

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    California West Nile Virus Surveillance Information Center
    Information on the disease and prevention of the disease in the state.

  • Humans 140 human cases have been identified from the following counties: Alameda (1), Butte (15), Colusa (2), Contra Costa (4), El Dorado (1), Fresno (7), Glenn (6), Kern (30), Kings (1), Lake (1), Los Angeles (3), Merced (1), Modoc (1), Mono (1), Nevada (1), Orange (3), Placer (4), Riverside (1), Sacramento (7), San Joaquin (5), San Luis Obispo (1), Santa Clara (3), Shasta (2), Solano (2), Stanislaus (6), Sutter (9), Ventura (1), and Yolo (21)

  • Mosquitoes (updated only on Tuesdays) 639 mosquito samples have tested positive for WNV from 33 counties: Alameda (7), Butte (1), Calaveras (2), Contra Costa (14); El Dorado (2); Fresno (34); Glenn (1); Imperial (12); Inyo (3); Kern (186); Kings (27); Lake (10); Lassen (3); Los Angeles (48); Madera (2); Marin (1); Merced (3); Orange (6); Placer (16); Riverside (12); Sacramento (28); San Bernardino (21), San Joaquin (20); Santa Barbara (1); Santa Clara (9); Shasta (6); Solano (1); Stanislaus (41); Sutter (54); Tulare (3); Ventura (1); Yolo (58); and Yuba (6)

  • Chickens 343 chickens have developed antibodies to WNV from 20 counties: Butte (35), Colusa (1), Contra Costa (24), Fresno (16), Glenn (9), Imperial (30), Kern (77), Kings (22), Los Angeles (9), Madera (4), Placer (5), Riverside (4), Sacramento (5), San Joaquin (12), Solano (16), Stanislaus (16), Sutter (30), Tulare (15), Yolo (9), and Yuba (4)

    Nile Travel
    Gespecialiseerd in Egypte: Nijlcruises, duikreizen en strandvakanties. Overzicht van
    georganiseerde arrangementen en los te boeken componenten.

    MEDLINEplus: West Nile Virus
    Features news stories and links.

    National Pesticide Information Center: West Nile Virus
    Features disease information, links, statistics, and maps.


    Pennsylvania: West Nile Virus
    News releases and information about the disease in the state.

    West Nile Virus
    Fact sheets and advisories from the US Geological Survey as well as link to
    additional information.

    Willie Nile
    1980s rock recording artist. Official site includes show dates and CD information.

    Cornell West Nile Virus Bibliography of Scientific Literature
    Bibliography, including links, of scientific articles related to the West Nile Virus.

    Illinois Department of Public Health: West Nile Virus
    Information about the disease in the state, including news releases, surveillance
    information, and public education.

    Nile File
    A child-friendly interactive guide to the history of Ancient Egyptians, including
    their lifestyle, work, and religion.

    Food and Drug Administration: West Nile Virus
    Features information about the possibility of the virus being in blood products,
    plus other fact sheets and links.

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  • For this web book, we decided to examine how the Nile river had influenced the ancient Egyptian life

  • The annual flooding of the Nile river dictated their working schedules


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