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  • "...always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks..." 1 Peter 3:15 Ministry Information Listening Library Christian Essentials Religious Movements New Audio from AFC! - July 24, 2006 Assurance of Salvation Series - Part 1 The Message of John This is our part 1 in a series that we will be doing here at AFC on the subject of "Assurance of Salvation"

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  • According to TBN's about us section they started around 1973 through Paul and Jan Crouch, and has grown to the biggest religious ministry on TV

  • Unfortunately many people assume since TBN claims to be a Christian ministry that the people who are seen will be in fact Christians, but is this the case? The answer is no, and that is sad in sadness

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  • It is also part of the outreach ministry of Christian journalist/author and Bill Alnor and his wife, Jackie, who is also a researcher and writer


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    The Man, His Ministry, And His Movement: Concerns About The ...
    A Christian Research Journal article by Jerry L. Buckner.

  • Feature Article: DJ900 The Man, His Ministry, And His Movement: Concerns About The Teachings Of T

  • Another aspect of Jakes’s ministry is the Potter’s House in Dallas, a multiracial, nondenominational church with 17, 000 members

  • Yet, with his personal success and positive impact on others, Jakes’s ministry has not been without controversy

  • He later earned a GED certificate and eventually received bachelor’s and master’s degrees and a doctorate in ministry through correspondence courses

  • 2 Jakes felt called to the ministry at age 17 and began preaching part-time while he was a student at West Virginia State University and while working at a chemical plant

  • In 1982, he began full-time ministry after the chemical plant where he worked closed and his father died of kidney disease

  • In 1990, he moved his ministry to South Charleston

  • Later that year, he moved his ministry to Cross Lanes, West Virginia

  • HIS MINISTRY: TRANSFORMING LIVES In May 1996, Jakes moved his family and 50 other families from West Virginia to establish the Potter’s House in Dallas

  • Paul Jones, the ministry’s marketing director, told The Wall Street Journal that T

    "Get Ready" for TD Jakes - The Velcro Bishop
    The Velcro Bishop With Another Gospel (article by G. Richard Fisher, 1997)

  • Called a “Bishop” by Charisma magazine, this prolific writer, recently purchased sizable land holdings from the crippled ministry of jailed evangelist W.V

  • Placing Bakker back into the limelight and ministry too quickly may create the same dynamics that brought him down before

  • He had to have been, in order to have supported his disciples and their families during his ministry.” 13 To add to his false and mythical Christ, Jakes brazenly says: “The myth of the poor Jesus needs to be destroyed, because it’s holding people back.” 14 Jakes obviously perverts the true biblical picture of Jesus in an effort to advocate his own lifestyle

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  • Fry Willingly Went to Prison Helena, First Christian Archaeologist Teenager Mary Jones Took a Walk and Paved the Way Ann Hasseltine Judson: First American Woman Missionary Katie Luther: Establishing a Pattern for a Christian Family Hannah More She Was Apostle to Both Prominent and the Poor She has a wonderful teaching ministry Teenage Anna Nitschmann Leads Her People into Greater Commitment to Christ Oh Susanna: Model of a Christian Mother is the founder and president of JAF Ministries (JAF), an organization accelerating Christian ministry in the disability community

    Elder Michael A. Armstrong Sr's World, USMA 1987
    One stop for information on West Point, Christian beliefs, and help for students.

  • I have labored in fellowship with Christian Fellowship Church, Columbus GA (Bishop Larry Gilyard, Sr., Pastor) for the past eight years, and I have focused my efforts in the Choir, Street Ministry, and the Prison Ministry, of which I am the coordinator of the latter


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  • Its $120 million donation revenue is larger than any other television ministry

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    A donor advocate that independently researches and rates Christian ministries in
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  • Benny Hinn General Teachings/Activities * Benny Hinn, [former] pastor of Orlando Christian Center in Orlando, Florida [the church was first re-named World Outreach Church, and then Faith World Church in 1999 when Hinn resigned from the pastorate and moved his "crusade and evangelism" ministry to Dallas] is one of the most prolific voices in the so-called "Christian" media today

  • [Hinn's "ministry" reportedly takes in over $100 million a year, which allows him to maintain a $3.5 million home, and to spend $8, 000 on airline fares and stay in $2, 000/night hotel rooms.] His book Good Morning , Holy Spirit has remained on the best-seller list since its release in October, 1990, having sold approximately one-quarter million copies within the first few months

  • In fact, almost immediately after his having been "born again, " Hinn says, "The Lord launched me into ministry almost overnight." In spite of these circumstances, Hinn founded the Orlando Christian Center in 1983

  • ] Although Hinn states that his ministry throughout the 1970s was shaped by the writings of men like D.L

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