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  • Frequently Asked Radar Detector Questions Q: Why do tests for radar detectors vary so much and which ones can I trust? A: Unfortunately, it is hard to know which testing companies you can trust

  • They will all tell you that their tests are the most reliable for testing radar detectors, but how much do you really know about them and who pays for these tests

  • There is even speculation that some radar testing companies are owned or funded by certain radar detector manufactures

  • We don't know if this is true, but there is a lot of money at stake in being listed as the worlds best radar detector

  • Furthermore, it is virtually impossible to give the exact same test to each and every radar detector tested

  • If every condition in the test is not exactly the same for every radar detector tested, then the test results are not fair and are not completely accurate

  • Even a 5 degree shift in the position of the radar gun will change the test results on the exact same radar detector

  • This is just one of many factors in radar detector testing that can affect the test results

  • We believe that the most accurate test results you can get is to test all the detectors in "real world" situations, and over long periods of time

    SpeedZones: Radar Detectors
    Measurement Laboratories offers tests and field evaluations of all the major
    radar detectors on the market.

  • Annual Radar Detector Test 2006-2007 Speed Measurement Laboratories Inc

  • Radar detectors in Europe and Asia now warn drivers of red light installations at specific intersections and you can update locations with a USB connection.Expect them here shortly

  • has conducted its annual radar detector test - The World's Most Quoted Authority on Speed Trap ...
    Objective information about speed measurement and all related technologies from
    the worlds leading source of radar gun and radar detector tests.

  • Detectors vs – Best radar detector reviews from the world’s most ...
    Reviews of all types of radar detectors and laser jammers.


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    Radar detectors and jammers reviewed by retired cop
    Radar detectors, anti photo radar license plate covers and spray and information
    to beat photo radar and red light cameras.

  • Radar detectors and jammers reviewed by retired cop ORDER TOLL FREE: 888-227-8927 Operated, & Tested By a Retired Cop & Certified Traffic Radar Instructor I am here to - - escort radar bel radar motorcycle detectors veil coating RadarBusters is » First: Buy the right detector ..

  • Quandary You've decided to get a detector, but the choices are many and sometimes confusing

  • Don't buy a radar laser detector until you read

  • There are two guides on "Choosing Your Detector", the covers the big differences between the products, price and

    Radar Detectors & Laser Detectors - Escort Inc. Factory Direct
    Designs, manufactures and sells Escort, Passport & Solo radar,laser and safety

  • The Radar and Laser Experts "The Passport 8500 might be the best radar detector ever made." - Custom Installed Radar/Laser Systems Please visit for details on our custom installed radar/laser detection systems, including the ultra performance

  • Warning: Radar detectors and other Escort products purchased from unauthorized resellers are subject to these

    My Radar Detector - Best Radar Detectors - Lowest Prices!
    Offers radar detectors by Escort, Rocky Mountain Radar and Scorpion. Provides
    shipping and returns policies.

  • Radar Detector Tests, Comparisons, Reviews, Sales & Support My Radar Detector Frequently Asked Questions Q: Are radar detectors legal? A: Yes! A radar detector is completely legal to use in non-commercial vehicles in 49 states

  • Virginia and Washington DC are the only places in the United States that currently ban radar detectors

  • Radar detector use in commercial vehicles has been prohibited in the U.S

  • since 1995 and radar detectors are also illegal in most Canadian provinces

  • We do not track detector regulations in other countries

  • Q: Should I be concerned about radar detector detectors? A: U.S

  • If you do drive in either of those places, are a commercial driver, or drive in Canada, please note that while all of our current detectors are immune to the VG-2 radar detector detector (RDD), there is a newer RDD named Spectre II that was able to detect all brands of detectors in a recent test

  • Q: Do you ship detectors outside the United States? A: USA and Puerto Rico are the only places we will ship

  • Q: Can I mount my detector on my sun visor? A: We generally do not recommend mounting your detector on the sun visor because the dark tint at the top of most windshields significantly reduces laser detection range

    Howstuffworks "How Radar Detectors Work"
    Illustrated tutorial with animation shows what radar detectors do and how they
    do it. Also explains lidar, jammers and detector detection.

  • | Sponsored By: Top Auto Categories Read Reviews From the Editors of Consumer Guide® > > > > > > Sponsored By: Popular Searches > > > > > > > Subjects > > > > > > > > > > > > Explore Stuff > > > > > > > > How Radar Detectors Work by Table of Contents For many people, speeding is a normal part of daily life

  • Since their introduction in 1970s, radar detectors have become a must-have accessory for would-be Andrettis everywhere

  • In this article, we'll find out what radar detectors do and how they do it

  • We'll also look at more advanced speed guns and detectors and see what police departments are doing to combat detection technology

  • >> Top Selling Radar Detectors Detection Mode: City / Highway modes, Detection Area: Front / Rear, Detects: X Band, K Band, Ka Band, Ku Band, Laser, VG-2 Alert, ..

  • >> Table of Contents: &#155 Introduction to How Radar Detectors Work &#155 &#155 &#155 &#155 &#155 &#155

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    Buy Radar Detectors - Lowest Radar Detector Prices Anywhere!
    Offers radar and laser detectors from Bel, Cobra, Uniden, and Whistler. Provides
    radar detector information such as comparison guide, radar FAQ, and legal info.

  • The Internet Radar Detector Source Order Now: 1-800-584-1445 Welcome to Buy Radar Detectors A radar detector is an effective and proven way to protect yourself from a speeding ticket Great Value! Top Quality Customizable! Cobra XRS-9700 Voice Alerts Text Display Digital Compass Closeout - Limited Supplies! Bel Pro RX65 Unmatched Detection Ability Multiple Threat Display POP Mode Detection Digital Voice Alerts Whistler XTR-560 Customizable Audio Alerts Customizable Text Display Three Colors Price: $ 109.99 Price: $ 329.95 Price: $139.99 Choose Your Radar Detector By Price By Type By Brand We feature one of the largest selections of radar detectors available on the Internet

  • Our selection includes wholesale and discount prices on products from all of the major radar detector brands:, and

  • We are confident that you will find the radar detector you are looking for, at a low price and low shipping costs

  • We also offer several products to protect you from , as a radar detector is sometimes not effective against these devices

  • Having trouble choosing? Visit our partner, ! Read the product reviews at to find out which radar detectors performed the best! Recent Blog Posts: :: :: :: :: :: Copyright 2006 | All Rights Reserved |

    Police RADAR DETECTORS and speed camera Radar Detectors and Laser ...
    Suppliers of radar detectors which detect speedtrap cameras.

  • | Welcome to Radar Detectors The Long Established UK Authority on Speed Trap Detectors Giving independent, no obligation advice on radar detectors and GPS detectors since 1997 we have become a leading authority on speed trap detectors and are official dealers for the UK and Europe for all the manufacturers listed to the right and more

  • With a history going back over 20 years making speed camera detectors Snooper have come up with the ultimate driving aid

  • Some detectors are portable while others require installation

  • Find out which radar detector or GPS detector suits your own needs with the many pages of advice we have here and feel free to call or email

  • confirms how radar detectors were made legal in January 1998, and gives advice on use in other countries

  • Solar Glass / Heated Windscreens Radar Detectors installed in cars with heated front screens may be less effective, and will not usually work in cars with a solar reflective coating over the glass designed to keep UV rays out

  • Likewise with GPS detectors you may have to move your unit around for best GPS signal reception and an external antenna will be required for solar windscreens, de goedkoopste radardetectors op internet
    Dutch discount retailer of radar detectors, offering products for many European
    countries. Text in Dutch, French, German, and English.

  • Every country has its own radar system and therefore imported radar detectors hardly ever work in other countries

  • € 299, 00 Target Euro 330 An advanced dashboard detector easy to use, no seperate antenna

  • € 399, 00 Target Euro 550 An advanced dashboard detector like the Target 330 but for those driver who just want more! € 579, 00 Target EVO 966R Specially developed by Beltronics for GB and most of Europe

    UK Speedtrap Guide. radar detector comparison, compare radar ...
    Includes reviews of radar detectors, technical information about cameras in use
    on the roads and related articles.

  • PRODUCT REVIEWS Number Plates - - - - - - Laser Jammers - - - - - - - - - - Laser Remote Controls Laser Parking Systems Radar Detector Info - - - - - Radar/Laser Detectors - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - GPS Systems - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Add On's for above - - Books - Number Plate Sprays - Cool Motoring Stuff - - - - SPEEDTRAPS Cameras Under Test - FIXED/MOBILE - Gatso - - - - - - - - - - MOBILE VASCAR - - LASER GUNS - - - - FIXED Monitron Digital - - POLICE EQUIPMENT Donate with PayPal Please help to support the UK SpeedTrap Guide by clicking on the secure PayPal donate button below

  • For your money you are getting one of the best small remote radar/laser detection systems and the option of either the funky new Road Angel Compact or the very customisable TR 30 GPS performs very well on any fixed speedtrap and the radar detector will cover you on the mobile radar sites that are making a come back in some parts of the UK

  • Cheetah Sentinel and Cheetah Mirror Reviews The is the latest radar and laser detector system to hit the market and solves a few problems modern cars can throw at radar detectors

  • The radar detector is like nothing I have seen before


    Radar Detectors |Laser Jammers|Photo Radar speed trap countermeasures.
    Sells laser and radar detectors, and speed cloaking equipment.

    Valentine One radar and laser detectors
    The only radar and laser detector that locates threats, tracks and prioritizes
    multiple threats, and screens for false alarms with three user-selectable ...

  • It goes beyond Ordinary Radar Detectors by telling you -- on every alert -- where to look, and how many to look for

  • Valentine One is the only detector with two radar antennas -- one front and one rear -- to scan all around your car and precisely locate each radar threat

  • Ordinary Radar Detectors have a single antenna facing forward: to cover beside and behind your car, they hope radar will take a lucky bounce into the front opening

    Xtremedeal4u Low Price Electronics:Cheap Electronics And Low ...
    Sells outdoors and wireless products such as marine radios, cordless telephones
    and night vision device.

    Radar Express: Bargains on GPS detectors and Satellite navigation
    Offers radar, laser and GPS based speed trap warning devices and detectors from
    several manufacturers.

  • Bargins on GPS detectors and Satellite navigation

  • Road Angel Navigator - speed trap detector and satellite navigation combined

  • VAT) Road Angel Plus - NEW Road Angel Plus is the first standalone wireless GPS camera and accident blackspot detector

    Welcome to! - A great selection of gifts for ...
    Sells home electronics, cameras, watches, electronic fitness accessories and
    weather stations.

  • Many times over the claim to World's Best Radar Detector has been proven time and time again by Motor Trend, Forbes, and Car & Driver! One of Casio's most elegant and full-featured atomic wrist watches! Atomic Radio Signal means you never have to set the watch, it will set itself

    C6 Corvette Forum | 2005 Corvette | Pictures | Photos | Forum | Forums
    Technical and high performance discussions on all models, drag racing, and
    international, national, and regional events. Autocross, road race, and drag race ...

    Speed Labs
    Tests radar and laser related products. Reports available for purchase.

  • We are always asked which is the best radar gun, best radar drone, best radar speed display, and the best radar detector

  • SML conducts field evaluations of radar detector/detectors, radar/laser guns, radar detectors, radar drones, optical preemption systems, emergency vehicle alert prototypes, radar display trailers, collision avoidance products, etc

  • Laser guns can’t be detected by radar/laser detectors

  • Although operating a radar detector in an 18 wheeler is illegal in all states per a 1995 U.S

  • Depending on the quality of the radar detectors, truckers can detect the radar drone signal for up to one mile

  • Comments like, “Boys you had better slow it down, my radar detector just went off, ” “Couldn’t see him, but be careful at mile post 92

  • Then, we were looking for the speeds of truckers with and without radar detectors

  • We found truckers with radar detectors traveled 5 mph faster then truckers without the device

  • Emergency vehicles using radar drones will warn the 10% of drivers operating a radar detector of their approach

  • For drivers not desiring use of a radar detector, an emergency vehicle alert receiver has been developed only alerting to emergency vehicles with drone radar and not to police radar guns

    NetElectronics - Radar Detectors, GPS Units, Scanners & More
    Sells home theater, radar detectors, digital electronics products, cameras and

  • Welcome to NetElectronics, your one stop shop for all your Radar Detector & GPS Needs

  • We carry the latest products from Beltronics, Cobra, Escort, Garmin, TomTom and more! List Price: $349.95 Our Price: $219.95 You Save $130.00! List Price: $229.95 Our Price: $149.95 You Save $80.00! NEW LOW PRICE! RMR C450 - Combo Radar Detector and Scrambler with Micro-Scan™ to provide maximum detection against Instant On, POP radar The new Cobra XRS-9930 responds to all types of radar currently in use by police, and provides 360 degree detection

  • This pocket-sized Personal Travel Assistant now comes with hands-free Bluetooth® wireless technology in addition to the popular features offered in the nüvi 350 — making it the go-anywhere travel companion Today's Super Deal! List Price: $179.95 Our Price: $139.95 Sale Price: $99.95 You Save $80.00! The PNI RW3000 is the first cordless detector with the capability to detect POP radar


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