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Answers questions commonly asked about iron and role it has in consumer diet.

  • Some may have low iron stores due to the lack of iron rich cereals and vegetables in their diet

  • Vegetarians should eat dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, legumes, yeast leavened whole grain breads, iron-enriched pasta, rice and cereal and meat analogs which are high in iron

  • But foods rich in Vitamin C (papaya, orange, cantaloupe, broccoli, brussel sprouts, raw green peppers, grapefruit, strawberries, etc.) can be as effective as meat meals in improving iron absorption

  • Is this true? Men who eat red meats, iron rich whole grains and green leafy vegetables can probably meet their iron RDA (10 mg per day)

  • WIC (Women, Infants and Children) is a federal program whose main purpose is providing iron, calcium, vitamin D and vitamin C rich foods to prevent anemia and rickets in children

  • Red blood cells that carry iron-rich hemoglobin, live only 120 days or four months

  • Iron rich foods like liver and red meats are usually not fed to babies until eight to nine months of age

  • Also, the quantity of iron rich foods needed to prevent anemia in infants under the age of one, is more than an infant could usually eat

    Nutrition And Childhood Lead Poisoning, HYG-5536-93
    Ohio State University Extension fact sheet on the subject.

  • The absorption of iron in foods will be enhanced when iron-rich foods are consumed with foods high in vitamin C

  • Therefore, increasing consumption of low-cost calcium rich foods can reduce the severity of the effects of lead exposure

  • Calcium rich foods include milk, cheese, yogurt, leafy green vegetables, beets, broccoli, and legumes

    Discusses methods for increasing iron intake and why it is important in diet.
    Also has graph detailing foods high in mineral.

  • This increase is largely due to the fortification and increase in consumption of cereals, flours, breads, and enriched grains

  • What about enriched or fortified foods? Pasta, white rice, and most breads made from refined flours are enriched with iron, because iron is one of the nutrients lost in processing

  • Enriched products or products made from enriched flour are labeled as such

  • Minimum and maximum enrichment levels are specified for thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin, but only a minimum level of iron is required in farina

  • Thus, iron enrichment levels for farina vary from brand to brand

  • For vegetarians or vegans, it is important to consume sufficient amounts of moderately-rich iron foods, such as beans, legumes, and fortified breads, cereals, and flours

  • See section on enriched or fortified foods

    Natural Food: Fruit Vitamin C Content
    The vitamin C content of over 50 commercial and wild fruits is listed, both by
    serving and by 100 mg sample.

  • For example, the kiwifruit is an exceptionally rich source of vitamin C - a medium sized fruit has 74 mg, but a kiwifruit that has been coolstored for a while has a vitamin C content of 57 mgs

  • The figure for 'Pi Ro 3' (a German cultivar) is from - Friedrich Schuricht

  • info: FOOD IRON RICH

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    Natural Food: Grains Beans and Seeds
    Covers legumes and seeds and their role in the human diet through human evolution.
    Focuses on the legume, grain, and seed species worldwide, and is particularly ...

  • Seeds are a rich store of energy, some have good protein levels, vitamins (especially vitamin E), minerals, and protective phytochemicals

  • Today, we have a wide range of seeds available to include in our diet, but for historical and cultural reasons Western people now eat only a few kinds of seeds, and, with the exception of beans and peas, generally eat only the carbohydrate store of the seed, leaving the vitamin, oil and mineral rich part behind

  • Plants have the virtue of standing still, so underground storage tubers and carbohydrate rich seeds are a reliable energy, and in some cases, fat and protein source

  • Early humans exploiting the riches of marsh, delta and riverine environments had access to the seeds of a reed-like grass, Phragmites autralis ( communis ) 'ditch reed' or 'water grass', which, although the yeild was probably relatively poor (there is little literature on this subject to form a view), had the virtue of being both widespread and in thick stands

  • In addition to having a large edible tuber, this legume has pods containing one to two oil and protein rich seeds with a nutritional value similar to soya beans or peanuts (the protein content ranges between 30% to 39% - the oil content is in the 36% to 43 % range)

    Nutrition Dictionary
    Explains what different vitamins and minerals do for your body.

  • Where you get it: Wheat germ, pork, whole and enriched grains, dried beans, seeds, and nuts

  • Where you get it: Dairy products, meats, poultry, whole and enriched grains, and green vegetables such as broccoli, turnip greens, aspargus, and spinach

  • Where you get it: Poultry, fish, whole and enriched grains, dried beans, and peas

  • Diets rich in plant fiber are related to a reduction of heart disease, colon cancer and diabetes

  • Where you get it: Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, whole and enriched grains, and green leafy vegetables

  • Where you get it: Wheat germ, pork, whole and enriched grains, dried beans, seeds and nuts

    Women's Health: Anemia - American Institute for Preventive ...
    An overview of the condition together with self help diagnosis.

  • But eating too few iron-rich foods or not absorbing enough iron can make the problem worse

    Pregnancy Nutrition FAQ
    Designed for expectant mothers, addressing the baby's health needs and the foods
    that supply them.

  • If your hematocrit is below 36 after birth, keep up any suppliments and iron rich foods for a few months to replenish your iron stores

  • Benefits

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    A No Fad Diet: Nutrition for the New Millennium
    Nutrition and supplementation research by a Registered Nurse, covering diet, food
    groups, supplements and hormonal precursors.

  • People can delay and perhaps even prevent Alzheimer's disease by taking steps like eating low-fat diets rich in antioxidants, maintaining normal weight, exercising regularly and avoiding self destructive drug addictions, including smoking and excessive drinking

  • Raw fruits & Vegetables are nutrient dense & fiber rich

    Avian Nutrition
    Provides the basic guidelines of a birds nutritional needs.

  • The need for Vitamin C is further increased by stress or disease, so be sure to provide plenty of vitamin C-rich foods when your birds are molting, breeding, or ill

  • A protein-rich diet will provide your birds with all the selenium they need

    A new food guide for North American vegetarians
    Helps vegetarians make good food choices. Includes a Vegetarian food guide pyramid
    and other tools to help plan a balanced diet.

  • Vegetarians should choose whole grains often, but enriched refined grains can play a role in vegetarian diets and may be especially valuable for children

  • Legumes, nuts, and other protein-rich foods: This group includes foods that are good sources of protein, B-vitamins, and many trace minerals

  • Ideally, most of the fat in vegetarian diets should come from fat-rich whole plant foods such as nuts, seeds, and avocado

  • Calcium-rich foods: Adults should choose a minimum of eight servings of calcium-rich foods daily

  • For example, 1 cup of certain cooked leafy green vegetables counts as a serving from the calcium-rich foods group and as 2 servings from the vegetable group

  • It should be noted that this approach of emphasizing the variety of calcium-rich foods in different food groups is not specific to the needs of vegetarians but could be adopted for those who consume nonvegetarian diets as well

  • Modifications to the vegetarian food guide (Figures 2 and 3) for children, adolescents, and pregnant and lactating women Food group a Life cycle B-12-rich foods (servings) Beans/nuts/seeds/egg (servings) Calcium-rich foods (servings) Child b 2 5 6 Adolescent c 2 6 10 Adolescent d 3 6 10 Pregnancy 4 7 8 Lactation 4 8 8 a The number of servings in each group is the minimum amount needed

    What About Dairy?
    Examines the belief that dairy products are an essential part of a healthy diet.

  • Calcium and bone health: What's the connection? The dairy industry tirelessly advances the notion that their calcium-rich foods are veritable guarantors of unbreakable bones

  • The recipe for healthy bones clearly calls for more than simply ingesting copious amounts of calcium-rich foods

  • For most people, the RDA can quite easily be fulfilled by eating a varied diet with at least several servings of calcium-rich foods each day

  • Anemia: Overreliance on milk in children can lead to anemia, as milk is very low in iron, and drinking large quantities of it can crowd iron-rich foods from the diet


    Modern History Sourcebook: David Ricardo: The Iron Law of Wages
    A selection from Ricardo's book, On Wages, describing the labor theory of value.

  • The clear and direct tendency of the poor laws is in direct opposition to these obvious principles: it is not, as the legislature benevolently intended, to amend the condition of the poor, but to deteriorate the condition of both poor and rich; instead of making the poor rich, they are calculated to make the rich poor; and whilst the present laws are in force, it is quite in the natural order of things that the fund for the maintenance of the poor should progressively increase till it has absorbed all the net revenue of the country, or at least so much of it as the state shall leave to us, after satisfying its own never-failing demands for the public expenditure

    CNN - Smart foods - June 24, 1999

  • While wolfing down the occasional bagel won't ensure you ace the morning meeting, after two to three weeks of adding breakfast to your daily routine, you should notice a gain in energy and mental power, especially if the meal includes at least one fruit, one whole grain, and a protein-rich source

  • How can you boost iron? Eat more iron-rich foods, including extra-lean red meat, cooked dried beans and peas, dark green leafy vegetables and dried apricots

  • Drink vitamin C-rich orange juice with iron-rich meals to boost iron absorption

  • To boost Bs, include several daily servings of B-rich foods, including nonfat milk and yogurt, wheat germ, bananas, seafood, whole grains and green peas

    CNN - ENN: Iron plays key role in ocean CO2 absorption - June 15, 1998

  • These central California waters are rich in plant 'fertilizers' such as nitrate, silicate and phosphate, but they don't contain enough iron to help phytoplankton use nutrients through photosynthesis, Hutchins says

  • 'Top predators-like whales and people on commercial fishing boats -- are a common sight in the iron-rich waters along California, such as Monterey Bay, ' Hutchins says

    Pregnancy and the Vegan Diet -- The Vegetarian Resource Group
    Vegetarian nutrition information.

  • Pregnant vegans should make a special effort to have 8 or more servings of calcium-rich foods daily

  • Iron supplements of 30 milligrams daily during the second and third trimester are commonly recommended along with iron-rich foods 

  • Many vegan foods including enriched bread, pasta, and cold cereal; dried beans; green leafy vegetables; and orange juice are good sources of folate

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    human milk.

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    disorders, autologous blood collection and storage.

  • Joseph ™ Aspirin - Song from Happy Days Iron Rich Foods - Special Article You are visiting a web site dedicated to the exchange of accurate and health information as controlled by your Blood

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    ProVet article on the use of nutritional supplements for the management of a
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  • Feeding Rate Cats/Small dogs (<10kg) 1 measure Medium dogs (10-25kg) 2 measures Large dogs (25-45kg) 3 measures Giant dogs (>45kg) 4 measures Ingredients : Pure Kelp Seaweed Powder A nutritional supplement supplying all 37 minerals and trace elements that are necessary to maintain healthy metabolism Kelp is a variety of Seaweed that is a particularly rich source of minerals, and is known for its high levels of iodine and iron


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