Nederlander Detroit
The inside scoop on exciting events at the Fisher Theatre, Masonic Temple Theatre
and Nederlander events at the Detroit Opera House.

Decatur Masonic Temple Association
Photos, temple information and links to Masonic bodies.

Wikipedia: Freemasonry
Discusses many aspects of and the history of Freemasonry.

  • Freemasons correctly meet as a Lodge, not in a Lodge, although Masonic premises may be called Lodges or Temples ('of Philosophy and the Arts')

  • Masonic temple in, Membership and religion Freemasonry explicitly and openly states that it is not a religion, nor a substitute for religion

    Masonic Temple Salisbury, MD
    Home to a number of different masonic and fraternal organizations.

  • MasonicTemple.NET The Masonic Temple of Salisbury is home to: , WebMason &copy 2001, 2002 & Created on:    02/01/2002


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    USA: Virginia: George Washington Masonic Memorial
    Dedicated to the memory of George Washington. Has a virtual tour of the memorial
    and its collections.

  • The Tours will focus exclusively on the Masonic parts of the Temple and George Washington as a Mason

    Wasatch Masonic Lodge No. 1 -- Salt Lake City
    Meets first Fridays, 7:30 pm. Officers, history, newsletter, charity, selected
    writings. Longest continually operating Lodge of Freemasons in Utah.

  • Wasatch Lodge #1 Free & Accepted Masons of UtahSalt Lake Masonic Temple650 E

  • South TempleSalt Lake City, UT 84102 Freemasonry...a beautiful system of morals, veilled in allegory, and illustrated by symbols © MMI - MMV Wasatch Lodge #1 Free & Accepted Masons - All Rights Reserved

  • South Temple • Salt Lake City, UT 84102

    Hanford Masonic Temple new index
    Meets on the 1st Wednesday, 7:00 PM. Photo, trestleboard, history and message.

    Illnoistown Masonic Lodge No. 51 -- Colfax
    Meets first Fridays, 7:30 pm. Newsletter, Events, local Masonic links.

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    Freemasonry: The Legacy of the Ancient Egyptians
    A discussion of Egyptian symbolism manifested in the design of The Port Adelaide
    Masonic Centre in South Australia, that is built in the form of an Ancient ...

  • Freemasonry: The Legacy of the Ancient Egyptians Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations: Part 20 * * * The Port Adelaide Masonic Centre 1928 If there was ever any doubt that Freemasonry is the child of the Ancient Egyptians it is dispelled at the Port Adelaide Freemasonic Centre for it is here that the Number Two Lodge of South Australia is built in the form of an Egyptian Temple! Until only a few years ago in South Australia the Freemasonic Lodge Room was called the Temple

  • The Port Adelaide Masonic Centre, Number Two Lodge of South Australia, is built in the form of an Egyptian Temple! The side of the Egyptian Temple faces the main road while the front faces a side street

  • The side of the Masonic Centre/Egyptian Temple Excepting the shop fronts, the front of the Temple is not unlike the side in design

  • So realistic is the Temple that with the Australian Summer Sun burning down and the vividly blue sky a person could imagine having been transported to Egypt

  • The front of the Masonic Centre at Port Adelaide, South Australia Hieroglyph for 'Temple' The overall shape of the Temple is of paramount importance as it is an Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph meaning 'temple'! Remote Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for 'Temple'

    Masonic Museum and Library of Pennsylvania
    Web site features a nice collection of materials, especially those related to
    Benjamin Franklin and the development of Pennsylvania.

    Youngstown Masonic Lodge No. 615 - Youngstown
    No meeting information; general Masonic information and links.

    Benevolent Masonic Lodge No. 7 - Milford
    Meets on the Tuesday on or immediately preceeding the full moon, 7:30 PM.
    Trestleboard, officers and links.


    Olympia Entertainment: Fox Theatre
    Major broadway plays, concerts and other popular events.

  • Don't miss Melissa Etheridge Live! Date 8/13 - Masonic Temple Theatre Pop Tarts presents American Idols Live! 8/16 - Joe Louis Arena Dave Chappelle 8/18 - Fox Theatre Dave Chappelle 8/18 - Fox Theatre Cece Winans & Donnie McClurkin 9/16 - Fox Theatre Welcome to Olympia Entertainment Video: Experience Little Foxes Fine Gifts Video: No portion of this site may be reproduced without the express written permission of Olympia Entertainment

    San Mateo Masonic Lodge No. 226 - San Mateo
    Meets on the 1st Thursday, 8:00 PM. Calendar, officers, trestleboard and more.

    Medina Masonic Temple
    Provides information about Freemasonry and the local officers.

  • The Medina Masonic Temple 120 North Elmwood Avenue, Medina, Ohio 44256-1827 Calendar of Events The Medina Masonic Temple Company (Coming Soon) Merchandise purchased through this link to the FreeMasonStore will result in 10% of the purchase price being returned to The Medina Masonic Temple Foundation for the purpose of meeting the ongoing costs of restoration and maintenance

    South Gate Masonic Temple - Home Page
    Meets on the 2nd Wednesday, 7:00 PM (Dark in July and August). Directions,
    trestleboard, photos and history.

  • | Freemasonry | South Gate Masonic Temple A

    Solihull Masonic Temple
    Information about Solihull Masonic Temple in Knowle, the lodges, chapters and
    other orders that meet there.

  • Solihull Masonic Temple Limited

    Masonic Library and Museum Association (MLMA)
    An association of those who work in Masonic Libraries or Museums, and those who
    are interested in Masonic Libraries and Museums. Links to MLMA member libraries ...

  • Drechsler, PGM Open to Masons and the public - best to call ahead for appointment Scottish Rite Library Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction House of the Temple 1733 - 16th Street Washington DC 20009 (phone) 202-232-3579 (fax) 202-387-1843 Joan K

  • 125 Cambridge Masonic Temple Library 1950 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge MA 02140 (phone) 617-354-1336 Contact: Keith C

  • Mackinnon Michigan Masonic Temple Library & Education Center 500 Temple Ave Detroit MI 48201 (phone) 313-831-1148 (fax) 313-832-2922 Mary E

  • Archives Chairman 500 Temple Ave

  • Max Tatum, PGM Oregon Pennsylvania Masonic Library and Museum of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania Masonic Temple 1 North Broad St

  • South Temple Street Salt Lake City UT 84102 (phone) 801-363-2936 (fax) 801-363-2938 Ogden Masonic Library Club 1716 22nd Street Ogden UT 84401 Clarence G

  • Rose Wisconsin Masonic Foundation Library 36275 Sunset Drive Dousman WI 53188 (phone) 262-965-2200 or 800-242-2307 (fax) 262-965-4211 Wyoming Other Countries Country Masonic Libraries or Museums Locations Details & Contact Information Austria Schloß Rosenau Zwettl Nieder Österreich (75 miles west of Vienna) Belgium Masonic Temple Rue de Laeken Brussels Brazil Library of the Grand Orient of Brazil Avenue W5 Sul - Quadra 913 - Conjunto H - CEP 70390-130 - Brasilia - Brazil Phone: 55 61 2454555 ext.: library Librarian: William Almeida de Carvalho Canada Grand Lodge of Alberta Library 330 - 12th Ave SW Calgary, Alberta, T2R 0H2 Canada (phone) 403-262-1149 (fax) 403-290-0671 Contact: Gerald T

    Springfield Masonic Lodge No. 217 - - Springfield
    Website of the Springfield Lodge #217 of Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Virginia.

    Resurgam Masonic Lodge No. 31 - Mitchell
    Meets on the 2nd Tuesday, 7:30 PM. (Dark: July and August.) Photos, location,
    announcements, officers, history and links.

  • So come by early - if there isn't dinner you can be sure there will be a few Brothers vsiting and drinking coffee! Both dinner and the meeting are held in the Masonic Temple at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Lawler Street, just one block south and one-half block east of the World's Only Corn Palace

  • Our Temple is architecturally accessible and readily available to persons of all physical abilities

  • Miskimins, D.D.S., Worshipful Master Steve Harmes, Senior Warden Paul Kaus, Junior Warden Bill Kinder, Senior Deacon Greg Bailey, Junior Deacon Dennis Kaus, Tiler Roger Barta, Secretary Jerry McNary, Treasurer David 'Cricket' Schmig, Marshal Ron Castle, Senior Steward Matt Buenzow, Junior Steward Hugh Holmes, Chaplain Troy Magnuson, Education Officer The Masonic Temple Built in the first half of the 1920's and dedicated in 1924, the Mitchell Masonic Temple has been extensively renovated over the last several years and was rededicated to the work of Freemasonry by the Grand Lodge of South Dakota in May, 2004, on the 80th Anniversary of the original dedication ceremony

  • The Temple boasts two spectacular Lodge Rooms reserved exclusively for fraternal activities; a modern commercial kitchen; a Dining Room seating up to 100 persons; a Ballroom suitable for weddings, receptions, dances, dinner theater, meetings and activities for groups up to 250 persons; a large, two story Lounge tastefully decorated in English Club style; the Billiard Mezzanine; and a recently completed 'Board Room' suitable for small private meetings


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