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  • In his early adult life Mike was plagued by an addiction to gambling and he had serious financial difficulties

  • While he was suffering these life stresses he was also watching his first wife succumb to cancer

  • The other woman in his life was April

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  • Mary Beard, 51, a professor of classics at Cambridge University, made her remarks as she criticised colleagues for failing to record in their writings about the life and work of a late Oxford don that he was a notorious 'serial groper'

  • Here are some other reasons the war on terrorism is scarier than the Cold War: Lancaster New Era (Pa.), by Cindy Stauffer And Tom Murse Posted By: - 8/16/2006 9:46:23 PM LANCASTER COUNTY, PA - It was T-minus seven hours until Trailblazer’s arrival, but life went on normally near Route 30 East early today.Tractor-trailers and cars with Jersey license plates buzzed up and down the strip lined with hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions


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    Branded for life? | csmonitor.com
    Christian Science Monitor report on marketing efforts to develop brand loyalty
    with children.

  • LARA SIGNORELLI/SPECIAL TO THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR Branded for life? By the time they hit first grade, most US children are aware of some 200 logos – many dangled by firms out to secure their long-term loyalty

  • Some companies, such as McDonalds, have for decades sought to turn kids into life-long customers

  • 'The desire to brand consumers has unleashed tremendous fervor to get these kids early, often, and for life – and it's causing serious harm to kids, ' says Ms

  • As part of the store's educational mission, the children are taught about animal life, pet care, and the natural world

    Riddlin' Kids
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  • The product of more than two straight years of non-stop roadwork, Stop the World reflects that whirlwind of activity on feverish rockers like the first single and title track, which admits: 'I'm walking on broken eggshells/Trying to make some sense of this/Trying to save face with false appearances.' 'You have your whole life to do your first record and three months to do the second, ' says guitarist/vocalist Dustin Stroud, who founded the band with Baker in Austin, TX, as a punk-emo counterpart to the city's roots-rock scene

  • 'Promise You Anything' is 'just trying to get some action the guy way… by being willing to say whatever it takes, ' he laughs, citing the phrase, 'Tell me everything about you/Anything you want to say/I'll forget it anyway.' 'Talk of the Town' is about gossip-mongering in the small town atmosphere of Austin, while the closing 'Just Another Day' celebrates living life to its fullest without regrets

  • 'About not being unsatisfied with your life.' After two years, the Riddlin' Kids have new, Chicago-based management, a new road crew, a new album and a new lease on life

    Guardian Unlimited Books | By genre | Scott Turow: To hell with ...
    Scott Turow is interviewed about the intersection of criminal law and fiction.
    [The Observer]

  • Here the master of the legal thriller talks about sin, morality and the trouble with Saul Bellow Robert McCrum Sunday November 24, 2002 Observer: What is Reversible Errors really about? Scott Turow: In the broadest terms it is, like much literature, about life and death

  • I was headed for a life as an English professor but that just wasn't me

  • The 'mystery' will always be looked down upon because it is required to deliver a truth that life does not

  • Obs: And a story that life doesn't deliver, although you make plenty of concessions to the chaos and mess of experience and humanity

  • If life's lessons could be reduced to single sentences, there would be no need for fiction

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    Reference material for modelers of the Saturn V, Saturn Ib and the Apollo spacecraft.

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  • D RAMA F ILMS D rama F ilms are serious presentations or stories with settings or life situations that portray realistic characters in conflict with either themselves, others, or forces of nature

  • Social Problem Dramas: Social dramas or 'message films' expressed powerful lessons, such as the harsh conditions of Southern prison systems in Hell's Highway (1932) and, the plight of wandering groups of young boys on freight cars during the Depression in William Wellman's Wild Boys of the Road (1933) , or the lawlessness of mob rule in Fritz Lang's Fury (1936) , or the resourcefulness of lifer prisoner and bird expert Robert Stroud (Burt Lancaster) in John Frankenheimer's Birdman of Alcatraz (1961) , or the tale of a framed, unjustly imprisoned journalist (James Cagney) in Each Dawn I Die (1939)

  • In Yield to the Night (1956) , Diana Dors relived her life and crime as she awaited her execution

  • Martin Scorsese's disturbing and violent told of the despairing life of a lone New York taxi cab driver amidst nighttime urban sprawl

  • Bette Davis played a neurotic and domineering woman in John Huston's In This Our Life (1942)

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    The Unreasonableness of Atheism
    Sets out and responds to fifteen reasons for unbelief often cited by atheists.

  • The atheist seems to be quite happy that life is extinguished at death; of what ultimate consequence is the life of an atheist? The atheist is happy to critique the theist view but is blind to the philosophical implications of his own view

  • And of course the young atheist in the fullness of vigour can find life happy and satisfying, but as old or middle age approaches and the pleasures of youth become just dreams and you consider your own mortality then you begin to realise the futility and meaningless of atheism

  • The fact is that Christians are not yet perfect but are being made perfect, that is a lifelong process

  • Offended by church life - there may be aspects of current church life that offend you, say for example the charismatic movement

  • One only has to think of all the murderers, rapists, torturers out their enjoying life, including those men in India who throw acid into a girls face because she turned the man down

  • The police do nothing and the girls are disfigured for life with little prospect for marriage

  • It is usually easy for an atheist to live with this until something unjust occurs that impacts his life


    Jack Thompson (attorney) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Encyclopedia article covering activities of and controversy around this
    self-proclaimed crusader against video game violence.

  • According to Thompson, “If some wacked-out adult wants to spend his time playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City , one has to wonder why he doesn’t get a life, but when it comes to kids, it has a demonstrable impact on their behavior and the development of the frontal lobes of their brain.” Thompson has described the proliferation of games by, a Japanese company, as “ 2.” According to Thompson, “Many parents think that stores won’t sell an M-rated game to someone under 17

  • They’re dangerous physical appliances that teach a kid how to kill efficiently and to love it.” In addition, he has attributed part of the impetus for violent games to the military, saying that it was looking “for a way to disconnect in the soldier’s mind the physical act of pulling the trigger from the awful reality that a life may end.” Thompson further claims that some of these games are based on military training and technologies, such as those being developed at the, which, he suggests, were created by the to help overcome soldiers’ inhibition to kill

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  • Thanks! Posted on Tuesday, November 08, 2005 - 12:00 AM ...About a year ago, Pam gave Me 10 questions, and I thought 'this will be fast...' but the more I did it, the longer it got! and I guess it touchs on all My Life...so how could it be short...

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  • The Education Haven ~New~ by Katherine West Subscribe to Learning4Life Powered by The following articles are from Learning 4 Life, Katherine West's Education column on ADD, giftedness, and other educational and parenting issues: Teachers Can Move Minds by Katherine West I believe that teachers have the ability to inspire our children even more than we do as parents do

  • For the simple reason that they are teaching them, creating the foundation on which they will build their academic careers and life's work

  • She brought the works to life in her classroom

  • My life's goal is to learn as much as I can about a wide range of topics

  • Think about what your life would be like if the calculator were never invented

  • This will mean much less frustration and a better sense of accomplishment in all facets of your life, especially for a writer

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  • I know what Bertuzzi did was extremely tragic and that his actions changed the life of an innocent player

  • 14, 2005 Very Superstitious When do you stop and say 'enough is enough'? How are we supposed to know when to let tradition continue or let fate be our guide? I personally don't let habit or superstitions get in the way of my everyday life

  • It's not just a routine, but a way of life for some of these guys

  • I think about my life growing up and the path that I took, and I'm constantly amazed at how little I was, when I knew what I wanted to do in life

  • I asked a friend not to long ago how and when he thought he knew he was going to play pro? His answer, 'always.' It's funny how life works, and that all those young Canadian boys out there are playing, hoping and dreaming that maybe one day they'll be playing in the NHL

  • Maybe in my next life I'll come back as a hockey player

    Tomahawk Leader Newspaper - Tomahawk WI
    A state and national prize-winning weekly newspaper serving the scenic Northwoods
    area in and around Tomahawk. Official newspaper of Lincoln County.

  • During the first hour - approximately one second dedicated to each life lost - they may reflect on the attacks

  • Some story topics include Tomahawk Fall Ride, Alyssa Lampe, area biking trails, Tomahawk Fire and Rescue School, thoughts from the Badinger family who came here after Hurricane Katrina, scenic drives, Explore Highway 51 promotion, local education and lifelong learning, area lakes and rivers including the Willow Flowage, Pow Wow Days, Nokomis offerings, Knox Creek Heritage Center in Brantwood and dozens of community organizations

  • 14-17 Tomahawk Fall Ride and motorcycle 'Daredevil, ' down-and-dirty Mud Bog Races, farming for wildlife with food plots and Timm's Hill, a gorgeous spot to visit, particularly during colorama

  • Tomahawk Leader 9/5/2006 issue Obituaries Obituaries in the 9-5-06 Tomahawk Leader include: **Russell DeNamur, 83, Rhinelander, born in Tomahawk, Northwestern Mutual Life agent in Tomahawk and Rhinelander 39 years, retiring in 1993, U.S

  • Some other classes include high level/high angle and confined space rescues; Jaws of Life training; and new round robin, shorter classes on topics like meth drug labs and post-911 anti-terrorism discussions

    1st Testament : CIA Vengeance
    Features plot summary, cast info, and pictures.

  • To save his life his boss takes him out the field and re-assigns him to the easy job of training a South Korean female spy to assassinate the leader of North Korea

  • It is directed, edited and produced by Young Man Kang whose award winning films Image of Korea, Cupid's Mistake, Haitian sLAVE, Yoos Roots about Korean life are will respected in the Korean community but cross all cultural boundaries embracing all races

  • Life threatening situations and international intrigue put Saber behind the scenes of world affairs

  • His credit includes, Days of our lives, Usher Directed by Curtis Harrington, Dead Tides, My Life with Buk (Life of Bukowsky), Casse Coup which will be released in April and now First Testament


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