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  • Rush has been awarded the several times and was inducted into the in 1994

  • In light of these events, Rush's record label pressured them into molding their next album in a more commercially friendly and accessible fashion

  • Moving Pictures essentially continued where Permanent Waves left off, extending the trend of highly accessible and commercially friendly pop-progressive rock that helped thrust them into the spotlight

  • More specifically, Alex Lifeson's guitar tone and playing style on Signals were very reminiscent of contemporary acts of the time who were well known for incorporating such rhythms into their music

  • These diverse styles would come into further play on their next studio album

  • The tour was broken up into two segments spanning October through December, 1996 and May through July, 1997 with the band taking a respite between legs

  • In early 2001 he announced to his band mates that he was ready to once again enter the studio and get back into the business of making music

  • Due to this ongoing controversy over Rush, they have yet to be inducted into the

  • To this day fans earnestly clamor for the band's inclusion into the hall by citing noteworthy accomplishments including longevity, proficiency, and influence, as well as commercial sales figures and certifications

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  • He was inducted into the in 1993

  • The highwater point was his introduction of 'America Held Hostage, ' following the election of Clinton in 1992.[] Ronald Reagan sent a letter calling Rush the voice of conservatism in that era.[] When the GOP won control of Congress in 1994, one of the first acts by many freshmen, who had called themselves the 'Dittohead Caucus', was to award Limbaugh the title of 'honorary member of Congress, ' in recognition of his support to their efforts during this period

  • I mean, [Chelsea] can't control the way she looks.' On a later broadcast, Limbaugh played a video clip of then-President laughing and joking on his way into a memorial service for Commerce Secretary with and then looking mournful when he spotted news cameras in the area

  • Limbaugh claimed that Clinton's sudden mood change resulted from the spying news cameras, and was evidence of both the President's insincerity and the tendency of the national media to overlook it

  • An investigation into '' concluded in the state of under the in April 2006

  • Limbaugh joked about acquiring what he was led to believe as 'blue M&Ms' from the Clinton Presidential library.[] [] Philosophy [] Defining the conservative movement Limbaugh made the following comments in an piece in 2005: I love being a conservative

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    Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center
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    Rush University Medical College
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  • Poppycock.' The only people who worry about it are 'environmental wackos, ' 'dunderheaded alarmists and prophets of doom.' Syndicated columnist Thomas Sowell (New York Post , 1/14/94) used the volcano theory as Exhibit A to illustrate Limbaugh's 'very well-informed and savvy understanding of the political issues of our time.' 'While far more pretentious people have been joining the chorus of hysteria over 'global warming, '' Sowell wrote, 'Limbaugh pointed out in his [first] book that one of the high readings of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere came right after a volcanic eruption--and volcanoes can put more gases into the atmosphere than the entire human race.' The alert reader will notice that Sowell has mixed up global warming and the ozone layer, two different problems

  • 'If you listen to what Senator Gore said, ' Limbaugh proclaimed, 'it is man-made products which are causing the ozone depletion, yet Mount Pinatubo has put 570 times the amount of chlorine into the atmosphere in one eruption than all of man-made chlorofluorocarbons in one year.' On his radio show, his syndicated TV show, and in two best-selling books, Limbaugh has advanced the idea that volcanoes are the real ozone culprits

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  • - great! - great! - great! - great! [472k] Check out more great MIDI at: Can you complete the featured in MP Tourbook? Stare at this for 3D image! Listen to -- Rock's "other" best bass player -- jam with Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson when Geddy Lee's late for a soundcheck before one of the shows on the Rush tour! Almost 15 minutes of non-stop jamming (go into the "Audio" section of 's site)! < < < > > > More RUSH..

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