Hare's Rainbow Bridge Bunnies
Remembering Harry and Rocky in pictures and stories.

  • Harry at the Rainbow Bridge HOP     Back to Hare's Links Harry was a gift for our son's sixth birthday.  Harry was a Netherland Dwarf (the smallest bunny breed)  He was a tiny bundle of gray, black and white fur.  Our son described Harry's coloring as "Sweater Gray" - all mixed and blended together.  Harry had a snow white belly and fit nicely into a very small soup bowl.  In fact, Harry was so small, we were sure he must be a girl so, in the beginning, he was called

  • Hilda.  Harry had much to teach us, and teach us, he did!      As with most "animal gifts", our son soon tired of the responsiblities of caring for a pet.  That was when Harry became my bunny.  The first two years of Harry's life were spent behind bars.  We let him out at night to get some exercise and he continually amazed us with his skills of evading capture when it was time to retire

  •    Rocky was a laid back, independent rabbit!  He could often be found "bonding" with the refridgerator - sitting in front of it just in case some bunny treats might fall out or perched over the cool air vent letting the breeze blow his ears.  He always came running when I called him and loved to check out every plastic bag from the grocery stor e.  He loved yogurt drops and bananas.and would stand up on his hind legs and beg for his favorites

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  • I modeled him after 'Pants' the bunny from

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  • The area featured several wide slopes, including the South Slope, North Slope, Top Slope, Snow Bowl, and the beginner's Snow Bunny, installed in 1953 by then owner J

  • My mom would take us to the bunny slope on the left and if we couldn't get up the hill on the rope she would pull us up and send us down

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    Edda's Tubes
    Some of the pictures used are from free foto sites, and others are original.
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  • February 17, 2003: On the very technical Bunny Snow scale of Toe to Tip (of the ears), the snow level measure for today = Nose ( see picture )

  • February 24, 2003: On the very technical Bunny Snow scale of Toe to Tip (of the ears), the snow level measure for today = Top of the Head ( see picture )

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  • Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck/Wile E

  • Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck/Porky Pig/Tweety/Yosemite Sam/Pepe le Pew/Sylvester (1988) (voice) ...

  • Daffy Duck/Tweety Bird/Bugs Bunny/Sylvester/Porky Pig (1988) (TV) (voice) ...

  • Daffy Duck/Bugs Bunny/Porky Pig/Tweety/Sylvester/Foghorn Leghorne/Pepe LePew/Marvin Martian/Speedy Gonzales/Yosemite Sam/Road Runner/Wile E

  • Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck/Porky Pig/Sylvester/Yosemite Sam/Marvin Martian/Tweety/Speedy Gonzales/Road Runner/Wile E

  • Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck/Porky Pig/Tweety/Sylvester/Yosemite Sam/Speedy Gonzales/Taz/Fogorn Leghorne/ ..

  • Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck/Porky Pig/Yosemite Sam/Sylvester/Sylvester, Jr./Speedy Gonzales/Tweety/Genie/Hassan/Big Bad Wolf/Beanstalk Giant/Elvis Gorilla/Stork ..

  • aka Bugs Bunny's 1001 Rabbit Tales (USA: short title) (1982) (TV) (voice) ...

  • Bugs Bunny/Yosemite Sam/Porky Pig/Daffy Duck/Pepe le Pew (1981) (voice) ...

  • Bugs Bunny/King Arthur/Sir Osis of Liver/Sir Loin of Beef/Yosemite Sam/Gerry the Idgit Dragon/Daffy Duck/Sylvester/Tweety Pie/Porky Pig/Speedy Gonzales/Satan/Treasury Director/Rocky/Mugsy/Judge/Clancy/O'Hara/Cops/Pepe Le Pew/Clarence (B.A

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