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  • The latest Geek News - Search: - Main Newsletter Resources main Dream Workstation About Salary Wizard® Find out what you're worth Select a Job Category Enter ZIP Code Tech certificates and degrees: • Computer Science • IT Training • A+ Certification • Networking ..

  • Keeping your audio recordings up-to-date can be tough in our world of ever-changing formats, but if you are tech-savvy enough to do it we hope you're also taking advantage of the technology to clean up those older recordings at the same time

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  • - Crucial if you want good search engine ranking Science & Biology Military / war tech Military want to


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    Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile Info - Immortal Cities ...
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    Tech Romancer - Reviews - Stratos Group
    Review by the Stratos Group.

  • Tech Romancer Reviewer : Date : Website : June 28, 2000 I had heard virtually nothing of Tech Romancer before I saw it on display in the local Babbage's

  • Tech Romancer is another fighting game from the crew at Capcom, but is totally unlike their popular Street Fighter or Vs

  • The more you know about mecha anime series, the more you'll see just how much Capcom has rip-offed for Tech Romancer

  • While the combat system does not require as much combo mastering or exact timing as Capcom's more serious games, Tech Romancer has incredibly zany fun battles and new players can get into the action fairly quickly

  • Tech Romancer has several different ways to play

  • So long as big robot fights with lots of flashy and gaudy attacks don't turn you off, you'll enjoy Tech Romancer

  • Graphics: 4.0 Tech Romancer isn't as finely detailed as some of the latest Dreamcast games, but the in game graphics are smooth and very pleasing

  • Perhaps more than anything else in Tech Romancer, the sound effects are spectacular

  • Capcom did a great job with Tech Romancer's sounds and it adds to the cool feeling this game exudes

    The Immortal TV Show - The Immortal Television Show -
    Contains cast and crew information, an episode guide, plus viewer comments.

    Highlander: The Raven TV Show - Highlander: The Raven Television ...
    Contains cast and crew information, an episode guide and viewer comments.

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    CNN - Dr. Drew prescribes an Internet startup - June 23, 1999

    CNN - The year in Internet books - January 5, 1999

  • Quicker than apre-IPO tech company could adde-commerce to its business plan, book-store shelves filled with titles,,, and evenTom Clancy's

  • Watch as second-tier tech journalists scramble for a piece of the ghostwriting pie

  • What started with Blur (with the Ernst & Young Center for Business Innovation) and Blueprint to the Digital Economy (with the Alliance for Converging Technologies) should continue into 1999 with such titles as the Free Press' The Clickable Company, expected in July in partnership with Arthur Andersen

    Business Weekly - Home
    Tony Quested talks to Professor Roger Needham about the building of Microsoft's
    research facility in Cambridge.

    Viewzone Magazine
    Looks at life from different angles. Features stories, science, "the fringe",
    humor, and other creative material.

  • Nanotechnology is the next revolution of man-made machines

  • It's Dan Eden again - this time with a report on some hi-tech glasses that make the world a little more interesting


    Civilization Fanatics' Center: Fanatical Coverage of the ...
    Fan site dedicated to the entire Civilization series. Includes news related to
    the titles, information, downloads, and bulletin boards.

  • Here is the verdict: Technically speaking this game still looks and sounds relatively dull

  • Warlords has shipped! Take a walk down memory lane with designer Soren Johnson and artist Dorian Newcomb as they relive the adventure of bringing Civilization IV from concept to reality, find out what technology Sid is using for the first time, and why designer Jon Shafer walked in for his interview carrying an axe Technology | The Linux jihad
    The Linux jihad. A review of 'Cosmonaut Keep' the first book in the new Engines
    of Light series. Includes musing on Linux and Hacker influences in Cosmonaut ... Audio | How felonious is your code?
    Damien Cave explains how Dimitry Sklyarov became the latest geek cause célèbre
    and why coders around the world could use some new protest techniques to get him ...

    E-zine o kompjutorskim igrama.

    Music From Memory - Newsweek: International Editions -
    Article from Newsweek and MSNBC examining his reception in the West and the
    growing impact of Chinese music, especially from survivors of the Cultural ...

  • Web MSNBC | NBC NEWS »   Music From Memory Chinese composers get a warm reception in the West   WORLD AFFAIRS • • • • • • • • • • • •   WORLD BUSINESS • •   SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY • • • •   SOCIETY AND THE ARTS • • • •   DEPARTMENTS • • • • •   Most Popular • Most Viewed • Top Rated • Most E-mailed • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •   FEEDBACK      • By Tara Pepper Newsweek International Aug

    Spam scam slams a chain of fools
    Article about pyramid schemes. Includes contact information to find out more
    about fraud. [USA Today]

  • More Tech columnists: By Elizabeth Weise, USA TODAY The people who start pyramid-scheme chain letters seem to have started reading those how-to investment books

  • "But where you ought to have the chain is around your wallet." Elizabeth Weise covers technology for USA TODAY

    MFDigital CD DVD Information Library
    Weblog features detailed information regarding the process of CD - DVD duplication
    and replication. Also includes duplicator industry news and opinions.

  • The upcoming Media-Tech Expo, Las Vegas , USA, will surely clarify this topical issue

  • The Media-Tech Expo will be a crucial moment in deciding what DVD format will be the successor of the actual DVDs

  • This year edition, from Frankfurt, manufacturing technology for the third generation of optical storage media has been debated

  • Media-Tech Expo is the leading annual tradeshow for the media manufacturing industry

  • Not surprisingly, engineers and manufacturing professionals, producers, video and audio professionals, web developers , broadcasters, directors, DVD authors, editors, graphic artists, gather on annual worldwide electronics and digital video exhibitions to learn the newly techniques, technologies, capabilities, advantages related to their industry

  • There are seven major exhibitions: DV-Expo, Mediacast, DVD Europe, DVD Replication Exhibition, DVD Summit - Midle East Asia, Media-Tech , Production-Show

  • But technology has a habit of advancing at a relentless pace, and now a new battle is set to commence

  • The hi-tech companies are fighting it out to establish the standard for next-generation “high capacity” DVDs

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