Microsoft the Evil Empire
You can't escape Microsoft's empire. But will breaking it up be enough?

  • The Evil Empire An add in an online Job site reads 'Wanted Java Developer please email your resume

  • Microsoft Word format only.' It seems that no matter what area of software development you're involved in you can't escape Microsoft's empire

    Evil Empire Lacrosse
    Indoor box lacrosse. Featuring news, statistics, commentary, and photos the
    National Lacrosse League NLL.

  • Evil Empire Lacrosse The premier website for indoor box lacrosse

    Yankees Suck
    The webmasters explore reasons for disliking the Yankees through a weblog.

    Le Carre Takes on a New Evil Empire
    Review by Patrick Smith of "The Constant Gardener", from BusinessWeek online.

  • : BOOKS Le Carré Takes on a New Evil Empire THE CONSTANT GARDENER By John Le Carré Scribner -- 492pp -- $28 For this reviewer's money, John Le Carré's masterpiece, the novel that towers above his other 17, is now a decade-and-a-half behind him

  • info: EVIL EMPIRE

    Photo by www.necps.org

    Culby's Evil Empire: We're Not That Innocent
    Images, sound clips, discography, fiction, downloads, and quizzes.

    Hindutva News - Time for an Indo-American Military Alliance
    Essay calling for a military alliance between India and the United States in the
    context of the global threat of theology-inspired terrorism.

  • The NEW Evil Empire During the heyday of the Cold War the Americans called the Communist Bloc the Evil Empire

  • But that empire disappeared without causing any evil

  • The euphemism 'Evil Empire' gradually started becoming a reality with the emergence of the fallout of the American sponsored war against the Communist Soviets in Afghanistan

  • A new Evil Empire had begun to emerge

  • And this evil empire is not going to be disbanded the way communism had melted just one fine day, when Gorbachev was detained in their last gasp by the communist czars in Crimea

  • We fear that this evil empire is going to lead us through Armageddon and Apocalypse into a new but shattered post war world

    Analysis of the movie's parallels with Christianity.

  • He goes on to contend that the Empire of George Lucas’s long ago and far away world recreate these myths for us now as, essentially, a form of social control

  • Interesting in light of Kuiper’s thesis is that this latest addition to the Star Wars mythology concerns itself with two beginnings: the beginning of the evil Empire of the other three movies, and the beginning of Anakin Skywalker, father to Luke Skywalker and the future Darth Vader

  • The genesis of both the Empire and Darth Vader in one film is more than coincidence

  • I contend that Lucas presents us with a symbol of Christ himself: Anakin’s origins are as a slave on a back-water star, one hostile to the galactic Trade Federation that will later become the evil Empire

  • The Federal powers are governed, much like the Roman Empire, by a senate, one that, at the time of The Phantom Menace , is largely becoming ineffective

  • Qui Gon Jinn is killed by a Jedi trained in the Dark Side by Senator Palpatine, later the emperor of the fledgling Empire of the other three movies

  • Here it could just as easily represent the Dark Father: Jesus as corrupted by its association with an evil Empire

    Play Escape Velocity or Be Somebody's Fool
    Details the use of Escape Velocity in Windows, via a Macintosh emulator.
    Also includes game strategy.

  • I wanna kick some evil empire butt..

  • you want to kick some 'evil empire' butt, do you? Um, I just said that, fool

  • As you probably guessed, a shuttle craft is not very effective when going up against an armada of evil empire ships, and yes, there are armadas of evil empire ships

  • Enough Jibba-Jabba, get to where I kick evil empire butt! Fine

  • Hell, you can even start your own empire

  • Benefits

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    Lancers Reactor
    Information on Starlancer and Freelancer. Walkthrough and forum.

    The Fearsome Five's Evil Web Empire
    Dedicated to Darkwing Duck's enemies - with fan art, fan fiction, and links.

    CNN Programs - Lou Dobbs Tonight
    Conducts an ongoing series under the name "Exporting America" on US companies
    outsourcing jobs.

  • Commentary: It's good to be a superpower The Soviet Union, Marxist Leninism, the Evil Empire and their ugly metaphor, the Berlin Wall, crumbled and collapsed almost 17 years ago

    Imaginary Countries
    Fictional micronations, islands, and worlds, mostly of a contemporary or fantasy
    flavor. Sites offer many examples of geography, government, and culture design.


    Forum for fodbold debat.

    The Tech
    "The force still seems to be with George Lucas."

  • In this, Episode One is at a decided disadvantage compared with Episode Four, which had a clear and exciting arc: save the princess and defeat the evil empire, or Episode Six: save a friend and defeat the evil empire all over again

  • The Amazing Flying Trapezoidal Text), concerns not such exciting matters as evil empires, courageous rebels, and the ilk, but the taxation of trade routes and embargoes--yaaaawn

    The Corporate Web
    A directory of companies that focuses on their interconnections, investments,
    alliances, and hidden ownerships.

  • The Corporate Web company ) The Evil Empire

    Red Sox Connection
    Showcases daily updates on the past, present and future of the team as well as

  • We delight in taking jabs at the Evil Empire! The Red Sox's rookie level minor league team is located just 33 miles from Boston in Lowell, where the Spinners have sold out every game for six consecutive seasons

  • For people who hate the New York Yankees, this book details the not-so-great history of baseball's Evil Empire

    The Temple of Elemental Evil - PC Reviews - The Armchair Empire
    Review by Tolen Dante: "...a pleasant flashback to my grade-school discovery of
    Dungeons & Dragons..." [Score: 8/10]

    Static Fiends: Rage Against the Machine Lyrics
    Provides album lyrics.

  • In this cool new book/CD pack, Troy Stetina provides a step-by-step breakdown of Tom's unique styles and techniques through a hands-on analysis of a dozen of RATM's best songs, from their self-titled album, Evil Empire and The Battle of Los Angeles "Bombtrack, " "Born of a Broken Man, " "Bulls on Parade, " "Calm like a Bomb, " "Fistful of Steel, " "Guerrilla Radio, " "Killing in the Name, " "Know Your Enemy, " "People of the Sun, " "Revolver, " "Testify, " "Vietnow." The CD features full-band examples plus slow guitar demos, and the book also includes an introduction, photos, and notes on the songs and tunings

  • RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE-EVIL EMPIRE features note-for-note bass transcriptions in notes and tab of all the songs on their 1996 breakthrough recording from this unique heavy rock group

    Democracy: Rhetorical Texts
    A catalog of e-texts of important speeches, largely from presidents and historic
    feminist figures, with research resources. Compiled by Robert Ivie.

  • Project on Democracy and War Democracy: Rhetorical Texts (including Inaugural, State of Union addresses) (U.S.) (U.S.) (including inaugurals, State of Union addresses, farewell address) (including State of Nation addresses and inaugurals) (including letters, State of Nation addresses, Inaugurals, etc.) (including Inaugural, State of Union addresses) (including I Have a Dream, Time to Break the Silence, Letter from Birmingham Jail) (including State of Nation addresses and inaugurals) (including multiple foreign affairs/Cold War addresses such as evil empire, KAL007, SDI Inaugurals, State of Union, and Farewell address) (including inaugurals, State of Union addresses, Four Freedoms speech, Day of Infamy speech, etc.) (including Truman Doctrine, Inaugural, Farewell address)

    Quotes by President Reagan
    Lots of quotes spanning three decades by the 40th President.

  • to ignore the facts of history and the aggressive impulses of an evil empire, to simply call the arms race a giant misunderstanding and thereby remove yourself from the struggle between right and wrong, good and evil


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