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    Documents the 30 year history of the classic rock song "I Love Rock N Roll".

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  • Il rock 'n' roll, era visto alla stregua di musica commerciale e senza alcun valore

  • L'anno successivo esce il nuovo disco Bringing It All Back Home , che sancisce un ritorno al rock 'n' roll

  • Canzoni come "Maggie's Farm", "Subterranean Homesick Blues", "It's all over now baby blue" sono una felice fusione di ritmi rock 'n' roll e testi "impegnati" nello stile del folk

  • Nel frattempo escono due album fondamentali: nel '65, Highway '61 Revisited ", con brani memorabili come "Like a rolling stone" e "Desolation row", e, l'anno successivo, il doppio , uno dei suoi capolavori, con gemme come "Just like a woman", "Visions of Johanna", "I want you" e molte altre

  • Il tour si intitolerà "Rolling Thunder Review"

  • info: I LOVE ROCK N ROLL

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  • Smaltita la sbornia "sperimentale", Lennon torna a esibirsi in concerto nel settembre 1969, al Toronto Rock & roll festival, accompagnato dalla Plastic Ono Band, ovvero Yoko Ono, Eric Clapton alla chitarra, il bassista Klaus Voormann e il batterista Alan White

  • Lennon vive il gesto di McCartney come un'offesa personale e replica con il suo primo album "vero", John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band , attraversato da una caustica vena polemica contro il mito dei Fab Four: un livore che riproporrà anche in una pepata intervista a Rolling Stone

  • Spaziando da un verace rock'n'roll a ballate pianistiche e bozzetti folk, l'ex Beatle scandaglia gli abissi della sua inquietudine

  • Nel 1975 esce Rock'n'roll , raccolta di oldies che segna una sorta di "ritorno a casa", alle radici della musica che Lennon ha sempre prediletto

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  • Even adults typically given to scorning rock and roll as worthless 'kid's stuff' were forced to concede that there was substance in their music and quick-witted cleverness in their repartee

  • Their early repertoire consisted of well-chosen rock and roll and rhythm & blues covers, running the gamut from to

  • The Beatles' conquest of America early in 1964 launched the British Invasion, as a torrent of rock and roll bands from Britain overtook the pop charts

  • For such feats of sales and airplay alone, can unassailably be regarded as the top group in rock and roll history

  • Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, an album that has almost universally been cited as the creative apotheosis of rock and roll, a watershed event in which rock became 'serious art' without losing its sense of humor (or sense of the absurd)

  • Anyone who was alive in the summer of 1967 can remember the pleasant shock of hearing it and the reverberations it sent outward into the world of rock and roll and beyond

  • August 1, 1967 Beatle and his wife, Patti, stroll through the streets of Haight-Ashbury, bringing more international attention to the scene

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  • Lloyd Price Singles (On The Specialty Label) 'Forgive Me Clawdy, ' 'Baby Please Come Home, ' 'Rock 'n' Roll Dance' Photo by Design Photography Collection of Lloyd Price Piece of My Heart Me and Bobby McGee Ball and Chain Move Over Get It While You Can Down On Me Cry Baby Half Moon I Need a Man to Love Mercedes-Benz Piece of My Heart: The Life, Times and Legacy of Janis Joplin By, Dalton, David

  • Rolling Stone (October 29, 1970): 1, 6-10

  • The chemistry came as a revelation even to Joplin: “All of a sudden, someone threw me in front of this rock and roll band, ” she said

  • Rock and roll was becoming a business, and bands continued to proliferate

  • JANUARU 12, 1995 Janis Joplin is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the tenth annual induction dinner

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  • Rolling Stones Nazionalità : Genere : Periodo attività : - in attività Album : 58 : 33 studio , 8 live , 17 raccolte Si invita a seguire lo schema del The Rolling Stones è il nome di un famosissimo gruppo formatosi nel

  • Indice [] Biografia I 6 ragazzi che un giorno sarebbero diventati i Rolling Stones erano molto diversi tra loro per provenienza ed estrazione sociale., nato il a nel, è di origini gallesi e figlio di due insegnanti;, nato il a nel (), mamma casalinga e padre architetto; nato il a nel, con il padre insegnante e la madre parrucchiera; nato a Dartford il , anche lui di origini gallesi, viene da una famiglia operaia;, nato il a, con padre muratore e mamma che fa la donna di servizio; nato a Londra il , il cui padre dopo il congedo dalla RAF è assunto come macchinista alla British Railways

  • L'Inghilterra degli anni non è solo rock'n'roll in quanto si sta affermando lo skiffle un tipo di, suonato con chitarre e strumenti a percussione improvvisati, impregnato di blues che influenzerà anche i futuri Stones

  • Il giorno prima del concerto Brian decide di suonare con il nome di ' Rollin' Stones ' e la formazione è composta da: Mick Jagger (voce), Keith Richards ed Elmo Lewis (Brian) (chitarre), Dick Taylor (basso), Ian Stewart (piano) e (batteria)

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  • We get together, meditate, learn some new stuff about love and being a human, and we party our asses off at a killer rock 'n roll show

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  • Nei 2 anni seguenti il gruppo provò nuovi arrangiamenti con esperimenti quali il ritorno al Rock'n'Roll di 'Let's Go Rock'n'Roll' e con 'Give It Up', pubblicato per la Epic ai primi degli anni 80 e che fece un enorme successo, in Inghilterra e Stati Uniti, accalappiando per il gioioso motivo spensierato

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  • Especially this new music, Rock 'n' Roll, started to make an impact on young Ron

  • During the last months of the decade Billy appeared several times on Jack Good's latest pop vehicle "Boy Meets Girl", a TV show where American rock 'n' rollers Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran made their UK debuts

  • In August 5th 1972 Billy appeared at the Wembley Stadium at "London Rock'n'Roll Festival", sharing the bill with Little Richard, Gary Glitter, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley, Bo Diddley, Heinz etc


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  • Welcome to the largest rockabilly website in Europe! powered by Here you will find lots of rock 'n' roll, surf and fifties stuff

    Classic Soul: MIGHTY MIGHTY DELLS, Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame, Open ...
    This Chicago Doo Wop/Soul group celebrates 50 years on the music scene, starting
    in 1950's with 'Oh What a Nite', right up to their latest relese in 2002 'Open ...

  • Introduced by Soul-Patroller and Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer, Terry Johnson of the Flamingos

  • With commentary analysis and perspective on the 50 year career of black music legends Mighty Dells from nightrain and tha Funkoverlord, connecting the dots between the Mighty, Mighty Dells, Chicago Soul, Charles Stephany, EWF, Minnie Riperton, Vee Jay, Chess, Willie Dixon, Robert Townsand and the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame

  • Be sure that when you listen, that you share it with your children I have :) THE MIGHTY, MIGHTY DELLS ARE FINALLY IN THE ROCK N' ROLL HALL OF FAME!!! I originally wrote this several years ago

  • Tonight as the MIGHTY, MIGHTY DELLS celebrate their induction into the ROCK N' ROLL HALL OF FAME, it seems fitting to post this essay once again..

  • A few months later the list of inductees for the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame was announced and someone posted the list for that year

  • Then someone asked if the Dells were in the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame

  • I figured they had been put into the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame MANY YEARS AGO

  • Then one of our members 'SBshowband' began to make many postings on the mailing list urging people to start a letter writing campaign to the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame, and the momentum started to build

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  • The album Highway 61 Revisited (1965), after his conversion to electric instruments, contained Like A Rolling Stone , a somber six-minute portrait of a friend (a personal epic, not a generational one) and Desolation Row , a Dante-esque parade of tragicomic humanity, a metaphysical labyrinth of hidden meaning and universal mythology

  • The album is chock full of songs of protest, from the spectral The Times They Are A-Changin', to the assertive With God On Our Side; from the desolate The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll, to the visionary sermon When The Ship Comes In

  • The official birth certificate of folk-rock is Like A Rolling Stone, a six-minute ballad and the portrait of a failed girl, consecrated the cultural revolution and broke the ten-year-old standstill in the language of rock and roll

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  • Goedkoop rock n rollen bij dansclub Dance to the 60's in Zoetermeer

  • Ga mee terug naar de fifties en sixties, en neem goedkoop rock n roll danslessen bij dance to the sixties., Je kunt leren rock & roll dansen bij ons in de boogie woogie stijl, op de muziek van o.a

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  • Nieuw op deze site veel rock n roll gifplaatjes, Rock & Roll jpg gewone rock and roll plaatjes

  • Free rock n roll dance lessons in zoetermeer the netherlands

  • We like to promote a rock n roll lifestyle with dancing, classic cars, boogie woogie and great rock & roll music from the fifties and early sixties

  • We've got to swing at the musicstyles like doo wop, boogie woogie, the old time rock & roll and rockabilly

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    John Lennon
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  • Between that and Lennon's five-year 'househusband' recording hiatus in the late 70s, his solo catalogue isn't nearly as rich as it could have been - his few early 70s records include some minor efforts like Rock 'N' Roll in addition to masterpieces like Plastic Ono Band

  • The first side starts out with 50's rock 'n' roll covers like 'Money, ' and rambles through a couple of sloppy Lennon tunes ('Cold Turkey, ' with Yoko bearably odd, but the band just losing it at the end)

  • Despite this, Lennon's musical ideas are already starting to narrow at this point (retro rock 'n' roll like 'It's So Hard, ' with on drums), and his politicized lyrics are getting increasingly nasty ('Gimme Some Truth')

  • (JA) Rock 'N' Roll (1975) A selection of 1950's rock covers produced by Phil Spector

  • Rock 'N' Roll was the source of several out-takes that surfaced on Menlove Avenue, and Lennon's last album before Double Fantasy, as he took a five-year break to serve as househusband and father to Sean Ono Lennon

  • Side one has some unreleased out-takes and a couple of unused Rock 'N' Roll oldies like Phil Spector's 'To Know Her Is To Love Her, ' and side two comprises rough, alternate versions of Walls And Bridges material like 'Steel And Glass.' Only a real diehard would want to shell out money for something like this

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