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Workouts For You - Online Personal Fitness Training
For weight loss, strength training and increasing stamina. Exercise demonstrations,
chat, tips, motivational e-mails and support.

  • And, our workouts truly are personalized and customized for you! Through our unique FITscription training programs we offer you: Our certified personal trainer can design an online training program specifically for YOU based on your individual profile (including age, exercise history, fitness level, goals, available equipment, schedule availability, medical history, etc.)

  • Also, you'll have access to our workout accountability system to help you stay accountable to your trainer and, more importantly, yourself

  • Plus, your workout log will be used by your trainer to evaluate your programs weekly to ensure they are always working for you

  • Researchers have found that exercisers who are accountable to a trainer or a partner are more successful in reaching their fitness goals

  • We provide all the benefits of a personal trainer without the expensive price! While most personal trainers charge at least $50 just for one hour of consultation, our comprehensive, highly effective exercise programs are

  • are amazed at the level of personal attention they receive from their online personal trainer! *requires a one-year commitment ** Extras For You program only We're featured in: We also are featured on affiliate WCBV-TV; as a USA Today Hot Site and an Indianapolis Star Cool Dot Com site ! Get ready for not only a new body but a new life! Whether it's losing weight, toning up, building muscles, increasing stamina, or preparing for a race Workouts For You will help you reach your fitness goals through personalized training

    Personal Fitness Professional/Wellness & Fitness Entrepreneur
    Magazine for fitness professionals. Includes sample articles, back issues,
    discussion and subscription information.

    NFPT: Accredited Personal Fitness Trainer Certification and ...
    Providing trainer certification for over 16 years. Directory, free software, NFPT
    magazine, forums.

  • | NFPT is proud to announce that our Standard Personal Trainer Certification is now accredited! For more information on accreditation, please review NFPT's Industry last updated November 23rd, 2005 Get NFPT Certified NOW Preparing for NFPT Personal Trainer Certifications & Specialty Exams has never been more convenient

  • We offer over 300 testing locations across the nation, either computer-based or scheduled one-on-one by appointment! In addition to our NCCA Accredited NFPT-CPT *Signature Personal Trainer Certification Program, we offer an Advanced Personal Trainer Certification, Nutrition Specialist, Weight Training Specialist, and Endurance Training Specialist programs

  • Candidates completing all 3 of our specialty courses are awarded the prestigious 'Master Trainer' Certificate


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    IFPA Personal Trainer Certification Courses IACET Accredited
    For personal trainers, aerobics instructors, fitness center staff. Tampa, FL.

  • a Customer Support (800)-785-1924 - - - - Formerly: Core Training Specialist - - - - - - - - - - IFPA Fitness Continuing Education IFPA Fitness Store Search IFPA Certification for Personal Trainers The IFPA Personal Trainer Certification is the core program for safe and effective personal training

  • $449 For many personal trainers, working with athletes is extremely rewarding

  • Imagine fame, glory and riches working with your favorite sports stars! $429 IFPA Education Success Program The most comprehensive educational course for Personal Trainers in the Industry

    Personal Trainers Maryland - Washington DC - Northern Virginia ...
    Personal fitness training. Categorized services and products.

  • The Best Personal Trainers in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia! Looking To Hire A Personal Trainer In Maryland, Washington DC or Virginia? Don't Hire Any Personal Trainer Until You..

  • Dennys Passeto, Fitness Expert and Owner of Achieve Fitness Hi, my name is Dennys Passeto and if you give me just a few minutes I'll show you why you'd be a fool to hire any personal trainer without first trying a session with us at no cost..

  • It's not a quick fix, it's not easy, but it's working! ” Michelle Hurst - Leesburg, VA Just one session with one of our personal trainers and you'll quickly see why our clients achieve their weight loss and fitness goals so quickly..

  • then fill out our and we will get in touch with you right away to match you up with the personal trainer that we feel is the best match for you and your goals

  • Not in the Maryland, Washington DC, or Northern Virginia Area??? Try finding a personal fitness trainer in your area by using our

    AFAA – Aerobics & Fitness Personal Trainer Certification & Group ...
    The world's largest fitness educator, providing certification to fitness
    professionals, and educational materials for professionals, corporations, ...

  • () For Personal Trainers Corporate Affiliates Select Your Fitness Pathway™ AFAA International © 1995-2006 Aerobics and Fitness Association of America AFAA Certification Testing Accredited by Vital Research

    Personal Fitness Training at its finest - Fitness For Life ...
    Private one-on-one personal training, with fitness locations around the United
    States. One client, one trainer, one goal.

  • Our philosophy of '1 Client - 1 Trainer - 1 Goal' says it all

  • Benefits

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    Crosstrainer, Nutrition and Fitness Training Software
    A health and fitness software program designed for athletes of all levels to
    track diet and exercise. Site offers free downloads.

  • - July 14, 2006 Released - Crosstrainer Software annouces their partnership with Petty Racing to help fuel Petty's drive to the top of the NASCAR leaderboard while helping Crosstrainer to promote their Training and Fitness Software

  • - What our users are telling us about Crosstrainer Set your goals and monitor your progress

  • Crosstrainer's comprehensive food and workout databases are fully customizable to your preferences

  • Throw away your notebooks and clipboards with Crosstrainer's module

  • Crosstrainer's extensive graphing & reporting tools illustrate the effectiveness of each area of your schedule

  • Search our site or the www for Health and Fitness related topics Fitness Articles Crosstrainer In The News Seasonal Articles | Copyright © 2005

  • Crosstrainer Software Corporation

    Tanja Baumann Fitness Consultant
    Fitness consultant, personal trainer, Miss Millennium/World Champion Aerobic
    Fitness offers personal training in Switzerland.

    Association for Fitness Professionals Personal Fitness Trainer ...
    Stages conventions, offers workshops for instructors and enthusiasts, job links,

    Bodynet - bodybuilding e fitness personal trainer
    Informazioni riguardanti l'allenamento, l'alimentazione, l'integrazione. Articoli,
    ricette, schede tecniche, news e forum.


    FREE fitness training tip from ACE Personal Fitness Trainer of the ...
    Training advice and articles, and a free fitness newsletter.

  • 2003 Personal Trainer of the Year speaks out - for FREE ! 'How Many of These Fitness Questions Do You Ask?' What's the Best and Fastest Way to Lose that Last 5 Pounds? What Can I Do About My Inner Thighs? How Can I Quickly Burn Fat and Get Lean? What are the best ab exercises? How Do I Get Rid of My ..

  • The same information* health clubs and fitness trainers pay me $247 per hour for consultations, you can have for FREE

  • Here's How I'm in a Unique Position to Help You Get Fit Faster In my 25 years of experience as a personal fitness trainer, I've helped: Major League baseball players including a recent All-Star numerous pro football players a Wimbledon quarterfinalist pro basketball players Olympians and Olympic trials competitors in numerous sports NCAA Champions in both men's and women's lacrosse a cast member of "All My Children" - and, of course, hundreds of "everyday people." Most fitness trainers you find on the 'net simply use their physiques to try to "prove" they know what they're talking about, but check out these credentials ..

  • Clint Phillips Named one of the 100 Best Personal Trainers in America by Men's Journal ...................................................................................

    Personal Trainer Certification and Continuing Education by ...
    Certification preparation and continuing education for personal trainers, group
    instructors, public educators.

  • Professional Fitness Instructor Training offers comprehensive personal fitness trainer certification programs and continuing education workshops for an extensive array of health, wellness and fitness professionals, including personal fitness trainers, rehabilitative exercise specialists, exercise and sports nutrition specialists and group fitness instructors

    SWAT (Strength Wellness Athletic Training) Tucson Personal Fitness ...
    Offers fitness and martial arts instruction by personal trainers and in a fitness
    center. Includes types of classes offered, staff profiles, ...

  • Get our SWAT Trainers’  FIT-TIPS Name   E-mail           Site Map       Contact       Personal Trainer Directory     Resources Website designed by Life in Motion Coaching , Jana Beutler Holland  Copyright (c)2004-2006 SWAT Strength Wellness Athletic Training, LLC.  Tucson, Arizona.  All rights reserved Ron Holland, CPT Fitness Director Dr

  • Medical Director SWAT PERSONAL TRAINING Why Choose SWAT? Meet the SWAT Team of Trainers FAQ’s about SWAT Fitness Personal Training Philosophy Before and After Stories SWAT Fitness in the News Events and Specials PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINING One on One Training 12-week Transformations Small Group Training Boot Camp Fitness Programs Fitness Boot Camp Vacations Partner / Buddy Training In-Home Personal Training Online Personal Training NUTRITION COACHING Weight Loss and Nutrition Fitness & Life Coaching INFORMATION & RESOURCES SWAT Gear & Products 12-week Nutrition Journal Fitness & Nutrition Articles Motivation & Coaching Articles Free Personalized Fitness Report Personal Trainer Directory Contact a SWAT Personal Trainer! SWAT Personal Training Tucson At SWAT Fitness , our Tucson personal trainers have one goal: to make you feel your personal best — adding years to your life, and life to your years

    Fitness Certifications at NASM: Personal Fitness Trainer ...
    Addressing fitness, sports performance, and sports medicine. Live, online, and
    home-study courses.

    Personal Trainer | Personal Fitness Training | Scott White ...
    Personal training in Scottsdale, Arizona with Scott White. Information on his
    studio and resume. Includes pictures and a forum to discuss fitness.

  • Personal Trainer, Personal Training Arizona, Phoenix, Scottsdale Scott White

  • Hire a Certified personal Trainer Sign up for Fitness Facts, get personal training secrets Name: Email: Private Personal Trainer Training Studio Call Now 480-628-1607 Personal Training in Arizona, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley Discover how to become super fit and lose the fat faster than ever! You will find out the secrets to get and stay super lean and look great

  • Find out now, Call to get results immediately Personal Trainer Top Web Pages | Personal Trainer Top Selling Products | : about Personal Fitness Trainer Scott White Scott is a fantastic trainer for lots of reasons, the most important being his infectious enthusiasm and support

  • Our Trainers are serving Arizona a, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, and Paradise Valley

  • I lost 20lbs in 4 months and improved my golf game tremendously with the increase in strength Gavin Dewey Personal Training Client Why Hire a Qualified Personal Trainer? Compared to a fly-by-night personal trainer, Scott White is Arizona’s BEST personal trainer! As you may or may not know, anyone can become a personal trainer in a matter of a couple hours by obtaining some personal training certifications online

    Virtual Fitness Trainer: Workouts, Exercises, FatLoss, Lean Muscle ...
    Provides information about health and fitness workouts, programs and lowfat eating
    plans. Includes instructional videos.

  • Breakthrough Ab Program Revealed by America's Most Trusted Fitness Personality and Famous Soviet Sports Scientist Cuts Fat So Fast, People Will Swear You Went To A Plastic Surgeon!   :: :: :: :: Copyright © 2006 Virtual Fitness Trainer

    Health club fitness clubs Personal fitness training uk David Lloyd
    Giving comprehensive information about health, fitness, their clubs, facilities
    and locations across the UK. Includes members area.

    Personal Trainer Certification, certification for personal ...
    Fitness and nutrition certifications, provider of continuing education and resources.

  • Trainer & Fitnes s Certification Certification Certification Certification Certification Certification t Certification t Certification (Level I) Certification Certification ) Certification Certification Certification Trainer Certification Certification Certification Courses AFPA P.O

  • and earn more than non-certified personal trainers and fitness instructors

  • AFPA offers continued education opportunities through and AFPA website offers countless and links as well as a free AFPA provides an in the Personal Training and Fitness Fitness & Personal Trainer Education Conferences 2006 AFPA have been approved for the G.I


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