TF Design
Mechanical engineering company based in Cape Town.

Radiant Design Institute
Illustrations and detailed tutorials for installation of radiant floor heating.

  • RADIANT FLOOR HEAT Over one hundred FREE pages about installing and designing radiant floor heat I built this web site in 1996, it is designed and maintained to help the average home owner realize how affordable and how easy a radiant heating system is to install

  • In the past twenty plus years I have installed hundreds of radiant heating systems and have shipped over a thousand radiant heating packages for the home owner to install

  • I have seen many homeowners install their own systems, not because they were the do-it-yourself type, but because they saw this as the only way they could afford a quality radiant heating system

  • I have dedicated this site to the advancement of affordable radiant floor heating

  • There is a very large gap between the theoretical information furnished by the manufacturers of heating equipment and the information needed by the person actually installing the system

  • Many tradesmen do not have the experience required to design, install and troubleshoot radiant heating systems

  • Most plumbers have plumbed hundreds of homes but few have installed successful radiant heating systems

  • THE GOOD NEWS… A radiant floor heating system if designed and installed properly will be the most comfortable, efficient and can often be installed for less than a forced air system

    MeMate HVAC
    AutoCAD-based HVAC engineering, design, drafting, and estimating software.

    Solar Heating
    Glossary of basic terms relating to solar heating.

  • Glossary of Solar Heating Terms Absorber The blackened surface in a collector that absorbs the solar radiation and converts it to heat energy

  • Active System A solar heating or cooling system that requires external mechanical power to move the collected heat

  • ASHRAE Abbreviation for the American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers

  • Auxiliary Heat The extra heat provided by a conventional heating system for periods of cloudiness or intense cold when a solar heating system cannot provide enough

  • Heating Season The period from early fall to late spring (in the northern hemisphere) during which additional heat is needed to keep a house comfortable for its occupants

  • Indirect System A solar heating or cooling system in which the solar heat is collected exterior to the building and transferred inside using ducts or piping and, usually fans or ducts

  • The lower electrical element is removed, leaving the uppermost of the usual two elements to provide auxiliary water heating and to achieve good stratification (layering of hotter water over progressively colder water)

  • Passive System A solar heating or cooling system that uses no external mechanical power to move the collected solar heat


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    ASME Aerospace Division
    Concerned with mechanical engineering of aircraft and spacecraft design, including
    materials and life support equipment.

  • Focuses on the design of systems and machines for heating, cooling or treating industrial fluids and gases, including the efficient management and control of the processes themselves

  • Concerns the design, fabrication, inspection, operation and failure prevention of power boilers, heating boilers, pipelines, pumps, valves and other pressure-bearing components and vessels

    American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning ...
    American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.
    - publishes standards in the areas of HVAC and refrigeration.

  • • • • • • All contents copyright © 2006, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc
    Searchable engineering catalogs, thousands of products from hundreds of suppliers.

    FLOMERICS, Design Class Analysis Software for Electronics Cooling ...
    CFD-based thermal and ventilation analysis software products and services, FLOTHERM
    and FLOVENT. TLM-based electromagnetic analysis software products and ...

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    The Solar Design Company
    Solar design company that includes wind and water systems.

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    Victoria University School of Architecture
    Gives information about the school's courses, staff, resources, timetables,
    research programs, facilities and student work online. New Zealand.

    ServiceMagic - Home Improvement | Residential Contractors | Home ...
    Matches homeowners to home improvement contractors and real estate agents.

    Plumbing Central Heating Designers and Building Services by MK ...
    Designers of domestic and commercial heating, hot and cold water systems.
    Company profile and enquiry form.

  • Central Heating Design and Building Services For All Your Central Heating Design and Building Services Solutions Designers of Domestic & Commercial Heating, Hot & Cold Water Layouts for Gas, LPG, LPG Gas, Electric & Oil Fired Systems

    Home improvement projects, featured products, tip library, bulletin board, designer
    tools, and information about television programs hosted by Bob Vila.

    Solar Water Heating
    Wide range of commercial and domestic usage described with illustrations, reference
    information, typical prices and diagrams in PDF format.

  • | Sol Heat - Reducing Carbon Emissions - Saving you Money - Protecting the Environment / / / Solar Applications Air Source Heat Pumps Combined Systems Projects Danby Project Westfield Free and Clean Solar Energy from Solar Thermal Photovoltaic and Heat Pump Technologies Sol Heat design and install microgeneration solutions such as solar water heating systems and air source heat pump space heating systems for homes and also solar heating for swimming pools and industrial applications

  • Sol Heat solar water heating and air source heating systems reduce your impact on the environment, our average domestic system can reduce dioxide emissions by up to one tonne per year (equivalent to one car)

    Heavenly Heat
    Offers hot massage tools, Toasty Teddy packs and other organic, moist heat/cold packs.

  • Besides highlighting our organic heating paks, aromatherapy products and supplies, we'll offer some great self-help tips and projects that you can do with little fuss or cost

    Solar Swimming Pool Heating Systems from Hot Sun Industries,Inc ...
    Hot Sun Technologies, Powermat solar swimming pool heating system. This is an
    ideal do-it-yourself project, compatible with roof surfaces from tar and gravel to ...

  • CA License # 819224 SOLAR POOL HEATING EXPERTISE AT YOUR SERVICE So, you want to divert the flow from your pool's filter through hundreds of feet of pipe and hundreds of square feet of thin black solar collector mounted on your house roof and you're nervous about the ramifications? You should be

  • Go for performance predictions more specific to your location and for a full discussion on sizing a solar heating system for a pool

  • Solar Pool Heating Design Basics I'll tell you the bottom line when it comes to setting solar up for long term reliability

  • Note that with almost every solar pool heating kit you can buy, the design is always exactly the same, blindly send all the flow through solar and stop reverse flows at night with a one way valve

  • Solar Pool Heating Installations and Roofs Often solar pool heaters go on the roof of the house

    Heating and Cooling-Air Design Services
    London Ontario based, full- service residential and commercial heating,
    air-conditioning, refrigeration and indoor air quality contractor.

  • Lennox Preferred dealer-Air Design Services is a heating and cooling air quality contractor for both residential and commercial needs

  • Eliminate Pollen, dust mites, dirt, pet dander, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, London, Heating, Cooling home comfort systems are designed to deliver comfort efficiently, economically – not only as individual products, but also as a system solution

  • Along with the Lennox brand we have provided expert service on every major brand of heating and cooling unit made, ie

  • And when you see the Dave Lennox signature, you know you're getting the finest, most innovative heating, cooling and indoor air quality products available

  • And when you see the Dave Lennox signature, you know you're getting the finest, most innovative heating, cooling and indoor air quality products available

  • lennox heating air design cooling London Fact: According to the EPA, the air inside your home may be up to five times more polluted than the air outside

  • Air Design Services , a full service residential and commercial heating, air-conditioning and indoor air quality contractor

  • All of our fully licensed and factory trained installation and repair technicians have the knowledge and experience that comes from years of servicing & repairing all brands of heating & cooling products in the HVAC business

    Inductoheat, Inc. - induction heating, heat treating equipment ...
    Induction heating equipment design, manufacture and service. Includes library of
    published articles and submission of questions to in-house experts.


  • USA is the world’s largest manufacturer of induction heating equipment used for heat treating and heating for forging

  • We can solve your most challenging heat treating problems with our wide range of induction heating equipment and services

  • We can provide you with flexible, extremely heavy duty induction heating for forging systems

  • >> Inductoheat, part of the Inductotherm Group, is a multi-national organization offering many heat treating and heating for forging advantages: World-leading expertise in induction heating technology and applications The support of a global network of manufacturing and service facilities Access to a full range of engineering, installation and repair services for virtually every induction heating need A single point of contact and a single source of project responsibility Induction heating process development and metallurgical inspection laboratories for new product development and launch

  • Lower your heat treating costs now with our advanced induction heating equipment and services

    Do It Yourself Air Conditioning Heating and Cooling HVAC Layout ...
    Resource for contractors and do-it-yourself home builders. Ductwork provides HVAC
    layout and design services and air duct cleaning.

    Bone Frontier Company - Induction Heating Systems
    Manufacturers of all phases of induction heating systems for the metals industry.

  • Providing Field Proven Induction Heating Products Worldwide Since 1984 BONE FRONTIER COMPANY leads the industry in advanced industrial induction heating systems and equipment

  • Harnessing state-of-the-art technology, Bone Frontier is focused on delivering high quality, reliable induction heating equipment designed and manufactured to exceed all aspects of customer specifications and requirements

  • A World Leader in Induction Heating Systems and Equipment with: Expert Staff of Induction Heating and Power Systems Designers State-of-the-Art Induction Heating and Production Technology Broad range of standard products

  • Custom systems are built to your specifications 25, 000 square foot Production Facility World class Quality Control and Production Rates Advanced In-House Testing Laboratory All systems have simple, clean design and operation All systems are easily maintained Advanced Induction Power Systems Mechanical Handling and Heating Systems What is Induction Heating? Quick overview of induction heating and it's benefits Providing Field Proven Induction Heating Products Worldwide Since 1984 Call our today and hear about our solutions for your application


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