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The Unofficial Roark Critchlow Homepage
Contains biographical information, photographs, and related links.

  • The Unofficial Roark Critchlow (Mike Horton) Homepage Search: The Web Angelfire « | » For those that watch Days regularly, you may have noticed Roark giving the 'I love you' sign while he was dancing with 'Nurse Ali' in the show broadcast on Wednesday July 29

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    Austin Bashing Page
    Gives a multitude of reasons for hating Austin.

  • Search: The Web Angelfire « | » AUSTIN BASHING PAGE AUSTIN BASHINGS AUSTIN BASHER DECLARATION I, Austin Basher, being of sound intelligence and superiority over one monkey brain chia pet named Austin Reed promise on this day that I will bash austin in every way possible

  • I will laugh everytime I read the Austin Bashing page

  • This page is for entertainment value only so dont sue me!!If your name is Austin Peck or Ken Corday, dont bother cause I dont have any money and you will never find me!! Please dont take any austin bashings from this page or I'll send an austin clone over to your house!! Nothing from this site should be reproduced without permission- thanks

  • Carrie Martin a.k.a Austinhater and Stacy a.k.a Catsmeow for supplying many austin bashings Bushguy for helping me set up the page Dustin Cushman for the very ugly pic of Austin Ashley Tallant for most of the Mike/Carrie photos SINCE DEC 19 1998 Email:

    Presidential Prayer Team
    Website devoted to prayer in order to help the president succeed.


    Words and pictures for the spiritual journey - creative writing, photography,
    poetry, Christian spiritual...

  • When I opened The Pacific , I was about ready to crumple the pages into bite-sized wads and eat them if I read one more story about a well-meaning protagonist who discovers, in an interesting way, that life is really a nihilistic hell

    Boing Boing
    A directory of wonderful things.

  • It's a pure genius hack; instructions are found on the engineering page of the

  • ( to more background in the Garfield page on Wikipedia.) Here are those strips, supported by the dark and lovely tune 'Bonnie Brae.' From the comic: After years of taking life for granted, Garfield is shaken by a horrifying vision of the inevitable process called ‘time.’ He has only one weapon...denial..

    Boston Globe
    Local news coverage that features articles, standings, statistics an image gallery
    and wallpaper.

    Worth1000.com | Photoshop Contests | Are you Worthy™ | home page
    Theme PhotoShop contests, and tutorials. Registered users can rate, comment and
    bid on other images...

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    CVC Christmas Page
    Christmas history, customs, and MIDI files. Includes stories, slide shows, and
    video clips produced...

  • Visalia - (New Christmas pages will be loaded daily starting December, 2005

  • These include slide presentations, video clips, 'Merry Christmas' sound files obtained through email correspondence around the world, multimedia pages, delving into international customs, history, hymnology, personal customs, and other tidbits of Christmas

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  • Please return to view this continually increasing site.) Search our Christmas website (over 1000 web pages!): CVC.org Christmas On this CVC Christmas page: -- -- NEW Turn on the sound and click here for the humorous videos Dec 2005 Concert in SWFVideo Dec 2005 Concert in SWFVideo NOT UPLOADED YET Dec 2005 Concert in SWFVideo NOT UPLOADED YET Dec 8 Concert in SWFVideo Dec 14 Concert in SWFVideo Dec 14 Concert in SWFVideo Dec 10 Concert in Streaming Video Click here to see what Mr

  • Please come back! One More Group of Pages: from Trinity CRC, a sponsoring church Scroll Down to find even more! If you are trapped in someone's frame, click below to get out! to see the Harper's Weekly cartoon that was inspired by this poem

    Math in the Movies
    A guide to major motion pictures with scenes of real mathematics.

  • The Math in the Movies Page A Guide to Major Motion Pictures with Scenes of Real Mathematics '*** Totally delightful' Excite Reviews and Movie Guide '

  • Our page demonstrates this by showing how little knowledge is required to build a strong encryption program

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  • in The Movies pages Mike Shor's has a nice section on Game Theory in the Movies

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    News, reviews and album release dates.

    Drama Films
    Contains information about the genre and a list of films.


    Jeremy Zawodny's Blog
    The journal of an employee of Yahoo, which includes news of the search engine
    and the company.

  • When you're serving billions of pages per day, even the small stuff adds up quickly

    War, A Soldier's View
    The Second US-Iraq War from the perspective of somebody who disagreed with it
    but fought anyway. ...

  • It's hard enough writing a website to host a journal but to have to convert enough written info to fill 82+ typed pages of info would have been more than I wanted to take on

  • Or you can read at once, on giant page copied directly from MS word to the net

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  • (7/30) Page Redone with MM Dreamweaver (7/25) My Sites Some of my other pages including buttons you can save to your server to use in links to the sites: My blog on current events, from polotics to technology

    The Columbian
    Daily news, community calendar, forums, business directory, and classifieds.

    Education Haven
    Providing parents of ADD and ADHD kids with study tips and classroom interventions
    in a newsletter format.

  • I devoured the pages of A Tale of Two Cities, wiping away the tears that ran down my cheeks

  • When the test is handed out, scan the pages, looking for things that you know very well

  • If you are curious about write-offs sponsored by various groups at Themestream, you may email me by using the link at the bottom of the page

    The Sixties Section - What Happened in the Sixties?
    Stories, pictures, music, and news events of the baby boomer generation.

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    Sommers, Dusty
    Coventry, Rhode Island based slide guitarist and harmonica player that plays a
    mixture of blues, rock...

    Happy Homo Webring on WebringSystem
    Websites of the worldwide gay, lesbian, bi and trans community.

  • Sponsor Sites Ring sites Showing 1 - 20 of 64 My personal web page with information about my Gay/AIDS activism

  • A page about me, my interests, friends, pictures and more

    Anna Luther - Keller Williams
    Real estate blog for buyers, sellers and people thinking of moving to Seattle.


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