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Contains a list of official disease descriptions and their codes, plus alternate

Offers a variety of programs, including several coding programs, cardiac risk
calculator, growth chart, cardiac surgery risk, and cholesterol calculator.

  • Featured in the and Compatible with: Palm OS PDA's (Treo, PalmOne) or Windows Mobile Pocket PC (Dell, iPAQ, etc.) using the Coding & Billing Tools · Free Clinical Software · For Palm OS or Windows Mobile Pocket PC* StatCoder.com also develops clinical algorithms for EHR systems Featured in: "This coding/documentation problem is costing me a lot of money

  • STAT E&M Coder™ is the gold standard tool recommended by coding professionals

  • Updated with 2006 E&M codes

  • "What is the V code for family history of GI malignancy? I need to code it myself to get it right." Introducing the most compact version of the complete set of ICD-9 diagnosis codes ever developed

  • All 15, 000+ codes allow you to use the highest level of specificity and code quickly and accurately every time

  • Why use software that only contains a small percentage of available diagnosis codes required to get your services covered? Uses the database program (registration required for continued use) Updated with the CMS ICD-9-CM revisions for 2006

  • "My coders miss things all the time

  • I need to code my procedures myself to make sure it's done correctly." Finally, a comprehensive CPT™ surgical, radiological, and anesthesia coding reference that makes procedure coding fast and accurate from your shirt pocket

    Flash Code
    Offers electronic diagnostic coding and compliance solutions with desktop, asp
    and intranet options.

  • In May, we cut the cost of our top ranked coding software, Flash Code Provider, in half --- from $499.95 to $249.95

  • The PROVIDER PACKAGE puts into your hands software that: -Gives you back time by finding ICD, CPT, HCPCS, DRG, and NDC codes in seconds -Eliminates compliance worries by providing one-click access to all of the NCCI edits and NCD-LCD medical necessity codes

  • They’ll make it easy to find codes in those spots where a computer just isn't handy

  • Flash Code is a registered trademark of Medical Coding & Compliance Solutions, LLC, a division of PMIC

    Teker LLC - HierCode ICD-9-CM
    Offers software for PC or Mac allowing diseases and codes to be clearly viewed,
    navigated and searched. Includes demonstration download.

  • HierCode ICD9-CM Reference Software Offering ready access to diagnostic codes HierCode™ software reproduces the Tabular List of Diseases (Volume 1) and the Alphabetic Index to Diseases (Volume 2) from ICD9-CM

  • Owing to an innovative design, the software gives ready access to diagnostic codes

  • It includes intuitive navigation aides, which automate routine tasks, such as searching for a medical term or looking up a diagnostic code

  • It even includes special tools for creating custom lists of commonly used codes

  • HierCode™ software provides a comprehensive and up-to-date listing of diagnostic codes

  • The software now includes all changes issued by the National Center for Health Statistics for year 2006, and therefore it includes all codes valid from October 1, 2005 through September 30, 2006

  • Choosing between HierCode™ software and standard coding books requires little deliberation

  • Act now to the Standard Edition of HierCode™ software for just $14.95! Download Software To download and try the software, free of charge,

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    Medical Coding & Compliance Books and More - CPT, ICD-9, HCPCS, RBRVS
    Books and publications dealing with coding, reimbursement, Medicare, and healthcare.

  • Take a look at our and prepare for incredible savings on the books you need the most! 2006 & 2007 Coding Books! SUPER SAVER PRICES!!! MMI ICD-9-CM 2006 $70.00 Spiralbound The format of the manual is easy enough to understand to appeal to beginning coders, but will also meet the standards of any seasoned coding veteran

  • MMI ICD-9-CM 2007 $79.95 Spiralbound The format of the manual is easy enough to understand to appeal to beginning coders, but will also meet the standards of any seasoned coding veteran

  • AMA CPT® 2006 $60.00 Softcover The 2006 edition of the AMA’s Current Procedural Terminology official coding reference contains all CPT® codes, modifiers and guidelines for 2006

  • AMA CPT® 2007 $69.95 Softcover The 2007 edition of the AMA’s Current Procedural Terminology official coding reference contains all CPT® codes, modifiers and guidelines for 2007

  • MMI HCPCS 2006 $70.00 Spiralbound The 2006 HCPCS Level II Codes book rounds out a complete coding and reimbursement library

  • 2007 HCPCS Level II $79.95 Spiralbound The 2007 HCPCS Level II Codes book rounds out a complete coding and reimbursement library

  • You bundle this in your package deal for only $20 more! NEW! 2007 Essential References Package 25% off the retail price for all 3 titles from our popular Coders' Almanac Series! Code more efficiently than you believed possible

    Medical Coding Books, CPT Coding, ICD-9 Coding, Discount Coding ...
    Provides medical billing and coding software books and forms.

  • Ensure your medical code selection is correct with Encoder Pro Co

  • • Includes everything in the basic edition, plus CCI edits, LMRP, RBRVS, custom fee schedules, DME fee calculations, modifier matrix, and printable code lists by specialty

    Medical Coding and Billing Books - CPT, ICD-9-CM, HCPCS, DRG ...
    Features medical billing and coding books for CPT, ICD-9-CM, HCPCS and DRG.
    Also offering guides and software.

  • 1: | Fees On Disk: | CodersCentral.com • • • Featured Product Monthly Specials Our Bestseller On Sale ! AMA : 55.96 ! : 79.16 ! : 59.95! On Sale ! Our ICD-9 publications, offered now at discounted prices , will give you all the new codes you need to avoid having your claims denied or delayed

  • They will guide you through current modifiers, code changes, additions and deletions

  • Look to CodersCentral.com for publications that help medical practices become more efficient, enhance revenue, control costs and operate more efficiently

  • CodersCentral.com has a full range of books from nationally recognized experts in the fields of physician practice management and medical coding

    Specializing in coding and compliance solutions for physicians, billing and coding

  • | REQUEST DEMO EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS BILLING CODE LOOKUP CHARGEMASTER SOFTWARE PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENTS | Online CPT Billing Codes, Chargemaster Compliance Software and Much More CodeCorrect offers an entire suite of products to assist hospitals and physicians in achieving revenue cycle success

  • CodeCorrect's internet based product line consists of chargemaster compliance tools, CPT billing code solutions, medical necessity verification, online chargemaster software and much more

  • Whether you are looking for comprehensive CPT billing code information, a medical necessity verification tool that generates an Advanced Beneficiary Notification or chargemaster software to help you maintain chargemaster compliance , CodeCorrect's RevenueSource® Suite offers a comprehensive range of products to meet your revenue cycle management needs

  • Capture Your Rightful Revenue and Maintain Compliance CodeCorrect offers trusted coding and compliance solutions that can simplify information and improve communication in your health care facility or physician practice

  • Through the integration of products, knowledge and technology CodeCorrect provides comprehensive solutions from to Advanced Beneficiary Notification

  • Benefits

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    Unicor Medical
    Offers coding books, software, newsletters and hotline to meet your ICD-9, CPT
    and CCP needs.

  • Coding / Compliance References Now taking orders for all 2007 code books! CPT® & HCPCS books Look up codes and apply edits for medical necessity and bundling..

  • Easy Coder ICD-9 is the easiest way to achieve coding accuracy

  • Order today and see why thousands of coders rely on Easy Coder

  • 9763 total posts Free question and answer forum for coders

  • 0 item(s) in cart Subtotal: $0.00 Tip of The Day TIP: Carcinomas and neoplasms should be coded by site if possible

  • If the patient's record does not indicate the site, then code by cell type

  • Do not code by cell type if you can code by site

    Peripheral Brain
    Riverside family practice outfits their resident physicians with Palms and provide
    this resource with links and reviews.

  • It provides portable, fast access to extensive information that will help determine whether image testing is necessary, and if so, assist in choosing the most appropriate exam.With interlinked content and a custom designed user interface, the Medical Imaging Consultant PDA Edition provides the most convenient and accurate way to select the single, best exam.Features include: Current information for over 350 clinical conditionsData on diagnostic procedureClinical benefitCPT CodeMedicare reimbursementRadiation in chest X-ray equivalentsOverall risk factorsClearly divided pediatric and adult sectionsEasy-search index The Medical Imaging Consultant PDA Edition is supported by over 160 references as the best way to weigh the risk versus rewards of using and misusing diagnostic imaging in the most common clinical care situations

  • With this tool you can look-up ICD-9 codes right on your Palm or Pocket PC device

    2006 - 2007 CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-9-CM Code Books: Medical Coding Books
    Offers medical books, software, and insurance forms for sale.

  • » » » Home | 2006 - 2007 CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-9-CM Code Books Medicalcodingbooks.com is to here to provide those in the health care industry with the medical coding books, guides, and software needed to code more effectively, and efficiently

  • Our store only carries the most current 2006 - 2007, and code books to help assign the correct medical procedure codes, and diagnosis codes for reimbursement

    Sunrise Enterprises
    Classes and instruction in medical records coding and health care information
    management. Based in Cheyenne, WY.

  • There has been a great deal of emphasis on experienced, qualified medical coders due to the implementation of regulations by the federal government and private industry to reduce healthcare costs

  • What is a Certified Coding Specialist (CCS)? A Certified Coding Specialist is an individual who analyzes medical records and assigns numerical codes for diagnoses and procedures

  • The medical coding profession has experienced an explosive need for certified coders

  • Certified coders are the only qualified individuals with the technical and clinical knowledge to protect their facilities from heavy fines

  • She has owned her own health care management consulting business and has trained coders for all of her clients

  • ICD 9 CODE ?

    Joint Council of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
    Provides a mechanism for keeping allergists and immunologists aware of socio-economic
    issues which affect them. Represents the specialty of allergy or ...

  • 22 Members Area Online Medical Evaluations CPT Code - 0074T Feb

  • 1 Members Area Educator Code Jan

  • 4 Members Area Replacement CPT Codes - Medicare Fee Schedule E&M Guidelines Dec

  • 2 Members Area Influenza, Pneumococcal, and Hepatitis-B Procedure Codes

  • 16 Members Area Please note that the E & M code pages have been moved to the Members Area

  • 2 Members Area Why There is No Physician Work in Four Allergy CPT Codes Jan

  • 8 Members Area OSHA Revisited and Medicare Frequency Grid for E & M Codes Dec

    Medical Coding Pen - Convert scanned words into ICD9 Codes Instantly
    Pen that scans medical documents and automatically codes the text into ICD9 and
    CPT codes.

  • MEDICAL CODING PEN (Click graphic to enter) SCAN THE MEDICAL RECORD - GET THE CODE The Medical Coding Pen is the breakthrough you've been looking for! If you're a medical coder or a medical billing professional, get ready to be amazed

  • From any printed medical document, you can instantly retrieve medical codes with a simple swipe of the pen based scanner

  • Need an ICD 9 Diagnosis Code? Scan the words and click one button

  • Need an ICD 9 Procedure Code? Scan the words and click one button

    An online HCPCS Reimbursement Code pricing database providing up-to-date
    reimbursement information for medical billing including J-Codes, K-Codes, Q-Codes, ...

  • CPT codes, medicare reimbursement code, icd-9 codes, Welcome to J-Codes.com The most comprehensive online j-code medication reimbursement guide J-Codes.Com is an online J-Code pricing database providing the most up to date, accurate reimbursement information for medications administered in the provider's office, clinic or home health agency using current CMS (formerly HCFA) guidelines

  • J-Codes.Com provides managed care organizations (MCOs), providers and hospitals with a fast and efficient avenue to J-Code reimbursement data

  • This data is provided in billable units matching the CMS (formerly HCFA) established J-Code description and conforms to CMS's (formerly HCFA) AWP definition

  • J-Codes.Com will include comprehensive listing of all price changes relating to J-Codes that have occurred over a 2-year period and the effective date of the changes

  • J-Codes are a component of the CMS (formerly HCFA) Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS)

  • J-Codes are designed to bill for drugs that are administered in the provider's office, clinic or home health agency either injected sub-cutaneously, intramuscularly, or intravenously as well selected orally administered chemotherapeutic agents

    Ingenix Online
    Provides comprehensive health care information and data.

    Mortality Attributable to Tobacco Use in Canada, 1994 and 1996
    Using data from the National Population Health Survey and the Canadian Mortality
    Database, estimates national and regional smoking-attributable deaths for 1994 ...

  • Diagnoses were designated by code from the ninth revision of the International Classification of Diseases

    Risk Management Internet Services
    Providing paid subscribers with tutorials, aimed at medical professionals.

    The Physicians' Fee Reference
    CPT Coding books software: Physicians Fee Reference, Physicians Insurance Reference,
    HCPCS Code Book, RBRVS EZ-Fees, Correct Coder for Medicare CCI Edits, ...

  • Provider Action Needed!! Provider Types Affected All physicians, practitioners, and suppliers who use ICD-9-CM Codes in billing Medicare carriers and Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carriers (DMERCs)

  • STOP - IMPACT TO YOU Effective January 1, 2005, Medicare providers will no longer have a 90-day grace period to use discontinued HCPCS/CPT/ICD codes for services rendered in the first 90 days of the year

  • Use of such codes to bill services provided after the date on which the codes are discontinued will cause your claims to be returned and not paid

  • In essence, HCPCS/CPT/ICD codes must be valid at the time the service is rendered

  • CAUTION - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Providers should be aware that effective January 1, 2005, Carriers, DMERCs, and FIs will no longer accept discontinued HCPCS codes for dates of service January 1 through March 31 of the current year that are submitted prior to April 1

  • Physicians, practitioners, and suppliers should be aware that CMS is instructing carriers and DMERCs to eliminate the 90-day grace period for billing discontinued ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes effective October 1, 2004

  • GO - WHAT YOU NEED TO DO To ensure prompt and timely payment of claims, use the new HCPCS/CPT® for 2006 beginning with services rendered on or after January 1, 2006, and stop using discontinued codes at that time

    A-Life Medical
    Providing ASP-based automated medical coding solutions for Emergency Medicine
    and Radiology as well as EMR population, data collection and reporting.

  • Quick Links • • • • Computerized Medical Coding Products and Services A-Life Medical is the leader in providing coding solutions for the healthcare industry through advanced computerized coding and coder management solutions


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