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Offers tips, tutorials and help for spreadsheet design and VBA macro programming.

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    Anthony's Excel VBA Page - Excel Tutorial
    Mathematical example programs for Excel. Anthony Sun.

    Microsoft in Education
    Links to resources and partners available to help both schools (K-12) and higher

    Excel Help Page
    Free Excel downloadable examples, and information about John Lacher's consulting

  • minimum ($150 per hour) Contact : More Information About Custom Application Development Services Provided On-Line via the Internet | Microsoft Excel Examples Most Popular: | Excel Bookshelf | Excel Tutorials "Practical Application Series" In workbook format with examples, practice ideas and short video demonstrations Each tutorial will cover Excel skills needed for specific application Budgeting Sales Reporting Data Analysis Reporting Financial Statement Presentation Charting Pivot Tables | Contact information: Telephone 614 885-6819 FAX 614 885-6888 Postal address 458 Highgate Avenue, Worthington Ohio 43085 Electronic mail | Microsoft, PivotTable, Visual Basic, Visio and Windows are registered trademarks


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    Excel add in ASAP Utilities free MS Excel tools. Add ins for ...
    Excel add-in contains over 300 utilities to fill the gaps in Excel, and automate
    frequently used tasks.

  • Excel tutorial ASAP Utilities makes MS Excel a piece of cake This excel tutorial is probably one of the world's most popular FREE excel addins for MS Excel, find out yourself and save also many hours of time ! It contains over 200 useful and powerfull utilities to fill the gaps in Excel, and automate frequently used tasks

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    Antonio Alatorre González: LabVIEW
    Se discuten los aspectos necesarios para familiarizarse con el uso de LabVIEW,
    incluyendo las ventanas...

    Sito specializzato nell'offrire manuali e guide tecniche (e non) su vari argomenti.
    Il prelievo dei...

    Aula Click
    Curso completo de Word97, trucos y lecciones cortas de Flash, Photoshop, Dreamveawer,
    GetRight, Napster,...

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    MS Access, Excel Database Design Tutorials
    Well written and thorough explanations on creating and maintaining database
    through MS Access and Excel.

  • Database Tutorials The GeekGirls bring Database building down to the easy, nitty gritty facts

  • Two tutorials, one for those that need to read, one for those that want to jump right in Access Creating a Database, whether you want to use a Wizard or start from scratch, you can learn it here

  • It includes basic services like authentication, permissions, a template engine, database abstraction etc., an extensive collection of libraries, and a framework for configuring the system and building your own logic Take the tutorial using PHP and MySQL Cold Fusion This tutorial offered by WebMonkey Download tutorial that shows the basics of how to query a database and display the results Cold Fusion links from About.com Have you ever wanted to combine information from multiple tables in your database? Learn to extract exactly the information you need from your database An in-depth look at using the CREATE and ALTER commands to structure databases to best meet organizational requirements

  • If you know WebReference like we do, you know this list of tutorials on various databases is going to be chock full of resources Before you start, read the rules Article providing the tools you need before you start that database Locate the data critical to your business, refine it and prepare it for the data mining process New features include Java and XML support and cater to those developing database systems for the enterprise A free Database manager for editing or creating basic databases If you need some friendly advice and a place to network, check out About.com's database forums If you are new to databases, check here to get an understanding of all those words Learn the concept of normalization and take a brief look at the most common normal forms This collection of links provides resources for dBase administrators and developers This step-by-step tutorial walks you through the creation of a data access page

    David McRitchie's -- My Excel Macros
    Excel macros and usage notes to help beginners and fairly advanced users.

  • Excel: Advanced topics, Tips, Lessons & Tutorials, Links, Downloads, API Code, Newsletters

    Amzi! Prolog+Logic Server, Adventure in Prolog tutorial, Expert ...
    This extensible Prolog version runs under Windows, Linux, Solaris and HP/UX,
    supporting development...

    Black Excel: The College Help Network
    Features links to resources to help African American students navigate the college
    admissions process.

  • / / / / New! = = New! New New New New Special Features: Help Your Aspiring College Student! (For Parents) Picking a College and Application Strategy (For Parents and Students) Financial Aid and Scholarships (A Tutorial for Parents and Students) Black Excel's College Essay Helper * SPONSORED LINKS Use FastWeb's free scholarship search to find information on more than 600, 000 scholarships! * (A Black Excel Shoutout) From Black Excel (2001) New! Created by Black Excel New! From Black Excel New! Homework Helpers for Our Aspiring Students Go straight to: (A Black Excel Pointer) What Is BLACK EXCEL? S ince its founding in 1988, BLACK EXCEL has helped young people and their parents all across the country to navigate the difficult college admission process

  • (May through December 2000) 100+ Summer Research Gateways * * Help Your Aspiring College Student! (For Parents) Picking a College and Application Strategy (For Parents and Students) Financial Aid and Scholarships (A Tutorial for Parents and Students) Black Excel's College Essay Helper * BLACK EXCEL'S Nationwide Updates, Clippings, & Information from Around the Nation


    k-means clustering tutorial
    Introduction to k-means clustering, a popular data mining and unsupervised learning
    algorithm. Free...

  • Free Download K-Mean Clustering Tutorials

  • This tutorial will introduce you to the heart of Pattern Recognition, unsupervised learning of Neural network called k-means clutering

  • ? ? () ? ? (other papers that has reference to this tutorial) See also: (for multivariate distances),

  • Preferable reference for this tutorial is Teknomo, Kardi

  • K-Means Clustering Tutorials

  • http:\people.revoledu.comkardi tutorialkMean © 2006 Kardi Teknomo

    Features book reviews on science, computers and mathematics topics. Sorted by
    topics, dates or titles.

  • || || || || || || || || || || || || || Independent developer book reviews by and for practitioners TechBookReport Tutorials Web TechBookReport Micro-ISV - From Vision To Reality Every developer working for an employer dreams, at one time or another, about striking out alone

  • Instead the book combines tutorial information about the software with usage and best practice scenarios

  • Excel VBA Tutorial This tutorial aims to introduce Visual Basic for Applications (VBA, but often referred to as just VB) in the context of Microsoft Excel

  • This tutorial is pitched at non-programmers taking their first steps into VB code as a way of getting the most out of Excel, rather than at developers who've already mastered VB, C# or Java

  • To get the most out of this tutorial you'll have to be prepared to roll your sleeves up and dive into some code

    GuruiSchool - Online IT School
    We provide affordable and quality online training in Information Technology.
    Certifications and job...

    Optimization for Excel, .NET, Java, MATLAB - Frontline Systems
    The company that developped the basic solver offers the Premium Solver.
    Provides download, online...

    Writing Excel Macros, 2nd Edition
    Focusing on programming languages, the Visual Basic Editor, handling code, and
    the Excel object model.

  • Instead of a slow-paced tutorial with a lot of handholding, Roman offers the essential information about Excel VBA that you must master to write macros effectively

  • This tutorial is reinforced by interesting and useful examples that solve common problems you're sure to have encountered

    Fee-based real-time online courses on many very different subjects taught by
    reviewed experts.

  • Welcome to the online tutorial of HTML

  • This tutorial has twenty three easy to grasp lessons, which takes you from knowing nothing to build the web page of your dreams

  • Welcome to the online tutorial of Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

  • This tutorial deals with the basics and the intermediate level of PowerPoint 2003

  • Welcome to the online tutorial of Microsoft Word

  • This tutorial will be dealing with the basics of MS word

  • This tutorial has thirty chapters, which deal in detail about the various features of MS word

  • Name: Email: Not finding what you want? We're always looking for qualified professionals to teach any area of their expertise, from tutorials on the perfect golf swing to quantum mechanics

    Bode and Nyquist Using Excel
    Explains how spreadsheets can be used to obtain Bode and Nyquist Diagrams, from
    the University of...

  • Tutorial on Using Excel Spreadsheet to Obtain Bode Plots and Nyquist Plots Preliminaries: Given: G(s), a transfer function in Laplace domain Required: Frequency response plots corresponding to G(s) Bode Plots

    QI Macros for Excel
    SPC Software that leverages the power of Excel to automate all of the charts,
    graphs, and diagrams...

  • Double click on install.exe to extract 'How to Install the QI Macros.exe' and then double click on this file to see and hear the tutorial


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