Man of Rubber
Supplier of outfitting and river running equipment to boaters and retailers.
Whitewater gear specialist.

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  • Around Camp and in the Store - Neoprene booties with a durable hard rubber sole

    Oldie Lyrics: The Beatles
    Complete collection of all lyrics, organized by albums and song titles.

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    I/P Updates
    Weblog discussing intellectual property news and issues.

    Liquid Pleasure
    A party band that plays a blend of Motown, beach music and other dance tunes.


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    Mobilization Records
    Home to artists including F-Space, Savage Republic, Wonder, Ethan Port and Scot
    Jenerik. With press, audio clips, online shopping, and links.

    1897 Navy enlisted man's uniform regulations
    The clothing regulations in effect for enlisted navy personnel at the time of the war.

    Steelpan Science
    Explains how steel pans are built, the instrument's origins, and layout standards.

  • Steelpans are played with rubber tipped sticks

  • The size of the stick and rubber is dependant on the size of the notes on the instrument that the sticks are for

    Brick Films
    Features 60 animated Lego brick films, including Lego Chef, The Thing, and
    Breakfast of Zen.

  • Benefits

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    The Phish.Net
    Fan community includes background and taping information, FAQ, tour dates and
    events, discussions, sounds, and comprehensive setlist archive.

    Wikipedia: Pearl Jam
    General information about the band including but not limited to: History, band
    members, photos, discography and singles.

  • At many shows during their 2003 North American tour, Vedder performed Bu$hleaguer with a rubber mask of Bush, wearing it at the beginning of the song and then typically hanging it on a mike stand to allow him to sing

    Wikipedia: The Beatles
    A series of articles covering the history of the group, the development of their
    work, the members and notable albums and songs.

    Joe Zawinul: A man of the people
    A long 1998 interview with Joe Zawinul from Dirty Linen.


    Off the Wall Band Names
    Proving that a vivid imagination and everday conversations are the key to producing
    an extensive list of possible band names.

    Bazuzu - Bournemouth UK Britpop Band, Gig Guide, CDs, MP3 ...
    Britpop band based in Bournemouth, UK. MP3s, gigs, information about the band
    and links to local bands and venues.

    [RSIS]=Stoneroses-fools rubber and gold of 90-
    Artikel på Rubbersoulinspace.

    Mooviees: The Incredibles
    Features photos, wallpapers, trailers, reviews and links to other reviews.

  • She is great compared to Rubber Band Man from Static Shock

    The North Louisiana String Band
    Article by Susan Roach includes an overview of the history of string bands, and
    profiles, photographs, and annotated discography of this group.

    Speech -- Augustus M. Erwin
    Speech written by Augustus M. Erwin, Captain, Co. E. 117th Reg'tNY Infantry,
    which includes some of his war recollections.

  • We find a woolen blanket, a rubber blanket, a change of underwear, an extra pair of socks, a few handkerchiefs, a comb, a “what not” containing a needle, thread, pins, paper and pencil, a few postage stamps and pictures of the folks at home

    LYRICS Organized by Band and Artist Name
    Lyrics organized by artist name. Search, song of the day, music news and discussion

    White Shadow Productions
    Purchase mix tapes from hip-hop artist DJ Bedz. Site also features a biography
    and other merchandise.


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