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Step-by-step cooking of Chinese food from recipes in ten categories.

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Large number of recipes in several regional and specialized sections.

  • Welcome to Little Ma's Recipe Corner China is an ancient country

    Chinese food index: food and tea culture, recipe and pictures
    Information on Chinese food and tea culture, with small collection of recipes.

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  • Recipes will include Beijing duck, Shanghai noodles, Sichuan soup and Guangdong dumplings

  • Food Culture Tea Culture Recipe Soup Fish Chicken Duck Beef Pork Assorted food Vegetables Vegetarian Desserts Index-link Welcome to comment or contact us via ""

    Asian Food Recipes, Asian Cooking, Asia Foods Recipe, with asia ...
    Asian recipes collected from across the internet, section on herbs, and message board.

  • Are you really a 'Know It All' ? :-) Special Section Thai and Mexican recipes, travel pictures, stories and games German Casino Guide : Online Casino Slots Tournaments Over 65.8 Million Served Click on the Country for its Main Page Afghanistan Bangladesh Bhutan Brunei Burma Cambodia China India Indonesia Japan Korea Laos Malaysia Mongolia Philippines Singapore Sri Lanka Thailand Tibet Vietnam Site Search example: thai+recipe Match term Keywords: Above and below are text links for recipes on Meat Dishes, vegetarian, sauces, desserts and information on herbs, cooking techniques and equipment, ingredients and culture for asian countries

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    Chinese recipes or recipe, with food recipe, chicken recipe, soup ...
    Introducing Chinese cuisine, including cooking techniques, and recipes sorted by
    ingredient and regional...

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    Chinese cuisine and everything about Chinese Cooking , telling you ...
    A list of Chinese dishes with preparation tips and advice, plus links to other
    Chinese foods and cooking...

  • | Forum | Recipes Today's Recipes: The Importance of Microwave Cooking M icrowave cooking is a fast, simple and hygienic way of cooking

  • Only if you follow our recipes closely, you will be ensured of success in turning out a delicious recipe

    Chinese Recipes
    Traditional Chinese recipes with four suggested menus.

  • Chinese Recipes Chinese Recipes index (SCS) graciously hosts the Recipe Archive

    Find suggestions and resources for Chinese cooking; recipes available via email.

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    Stuart's Chinese Recipes
    More than sixty recipes, contributed by internet users.

  • Welcome to Stuart's Chinese Recipes If you are looking for a page that you can get good Chinese recipes from, then you've just found it.Similarly, if you've got a Chinese recipe you'd like to share with the rest of the internet, this is also the page for you

    Vegetarian Recipes - Chinese Vegetarian Cooking
    Recipes and the types of ingredients featured in Chinese vegetarian cooking.

  •  You are here: >>> > Find Recipes - - FREE Newsletter Sign Up Now for the Chinese Cuisine newsletter!   Search This vegetarian version of sweet and sour pork is made with gluten

  • Rhonda Parkinson More Vegetarian Recipes Most Popular Related Topics Chinese Vegetarian - Ingredients and Recipes From, Your Guide to

  • Depending on the recipe, the sheets are either soaked in water or merely wiped with a damp cloth before using

  • (Recipes featuring this ingredient:, ) Toasted or Roasted Seaweed (Yakinori) : Yakinori, or roasted seaweed, is best known as a wrapping for Japanese sushi

  • Recipes normally call for it to be shredded unless the entire sheet is being used

  • (Recipes featuring this ingredient:,]Fried Mock Oyster[/link]) Mushrooms: Just because you're cooking Chinese food doesn't mean you must stick with dried black mushrooms

  • A good tip is to save the soaking liquid: vegetarian recipes normally call for water instead of chicken broth, and the soaked mushroom liquid makes a more flavorful substitute

    Chinese Recipes Directory - Real and Healthy Chinese Food Cooking ...
    About a hundred healthy Chinese recipes with cooking tips. Also has a free recipe

  • > Chinese Chinese Recipes If you are looking for authentic and healthy Chinese recipes, you have come to the right place

  • Please choose your favorite recipe categories from the following index

  • We also encourage you to subscribe to Nicholas Zhou's FREE recipes newsletters ($97 VALUE) " Real and Healthy Chinese Cooking" which contain hundreds of healthy Chinese recipes and cooking tips from professional chefs

  • '500+ Healthy Chinese Recipes in 5 minutes' that reveals how ANYONE can cook delicious Chinese food and improve their health..

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    Welcome to Yutopians (裕 都 軒) Chinese Cooking (Recipe) Page
    Brief history of Chinese cooking, famous banquets and recipes.


    RecipeSource: Your Source for Recipes on the Internet
    Browse or search an large archive collected from a variety of Usenet newsgroups
    and mailing lists....

  • Welcome to RecipeSource! RecipeSource is the new home of SOAR: The Searchable Online Archive of Recipes and your source for recipes on the Internet

  • : Your Source for Recipes on the Internet Search for Recipes: Browse by region: Browse by type: Other info: Other Sources: Our Recipe Collection We've organized our recipes into two major groups - recipes primarily identified with an ethnic cuisine are broken down by region and ethnic group, while other recipes are categorized by the type of dish

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    Phnom Penh restaurant Cambodia - frizz - Cooking Khmer food ...
    Phnom Penh restaurant has posted some recipes and introductory articles on
    Cambodian cuisine.

    Recipe*Zaar: A Cooking Community With 150000 Recipes, 40000 Photos ...
    Browse or search thousands of rated recipes, each with nutritional information.
    Post a recipe and...

  • ADVERTISEMENT - Get our newsletter : Search: for Organize your recipes online &#8212 Browse by Quick Links Alphabetical Lists RSS Feeds ADVERTISEMENT Welcome to the World's Smartest Cookbook & Cooking Community Real people from all over the world have shared and rated more than 175, 000 recipes and 51, 000 photos — we've added and today

  • Start Here at Recipezaar to: Save favorite recipes in a personalized cookbook Rate and review recipes Get cooking advice from our chefs (we respect your privacy) Upgrade to Premium Recipes are free , but : Organize recipes into multiple cookbooks Publish and e-mail cookbooks to friends Create custom shopping lists to print Save private notes on any recipe E-mail other members directly No annoying ads and An icy cold drink is wonderfully refreshing when it's hot and steamy outside; and temperatures across the U.S

  • Oh, does that sound refreshing! Our members have contributed many recipes to quench your thirst as the mercury climbs higher

  • — Wow, they're cold! Still trying to decide? Browse through the recipes recommended by a few of our members: by Lorraine of AZ by Missy Wombat by echo echo It's easy to identify a catfish

    Chinese and Japanese Recipes
    Gathered from

  • Chinese and Japanese Recipes Yes, I am of Chinese descent, as my surname suggests

  • Here are some Chinese and Japanese recipes from that I pulled off the net; I have not tested all of them, though

  • (Malaysian) (collection) (Thai) (a collection) (Thai recipes) (also called 'Dun Dun Noodles') (collection) (instructions)

    Chinatown Online: Chinese New Year -- Food
    Provides traditional recipes for deep fried puffs and sesame cookies.

  • Two recipes for Chinese New Year foods are featured below

    Asia Society's Asia Food - The source for Asian food information ...
    Articles and large collection of recipes from Asia and the Pacific rim, with glossary.

  • Explore this online resource of Asian food terms and recipes from Charmaine Solomon's

  • Search the recipes by keyword, type of dish, and region

  • > : Asia Society now has a food blog! Here you will find helpful postings about Asian culinary adventures, restaurants, recipes and tips

  • Try out some delicious sample recipes and read a Q&A interview with Chef Michael Pardus who has worked with food for over 35 years as a cook, chef, consultant, writer and teacher

  • Read "Reverence for a Wok" and try sample recipes

  • We list a wide variety of cuisines from Chinese and Indian to less obvious regional fare such as Afghan and Burmese, so be adventurous and try something new! > Najmieh Batmanglij's book New Food of Life is a treasury of 250 classical and regional Iranian recipes

  • Access AsiaFood's online feature presenting recipes, ceremonies, and ancient tales from this rich collection of Persian and modern Iranian culinary traditions, Cooking Tips, Ingredients, Indian ...
    Variety of modern Indian and regional recipes.

  • SALADS MIXED FRUIT SALAD MIXED SALAD RICE SALAD SOUPS SPINACH SOUP DRINKS HEALTHY FOOD CHUTNEY Apple Chutney Brinjal Chutney Coconut Chutney Garlic Chilli Powder Ginger Chutney Groundnut Chutney Onion Chutney Radish Chutney Tamatar Ki Chutney Tomato Chutney PICKLES - INSTANT PICKLE Aloo Matar Pickle Garlic Pickle -PICKLES : Oil Free Mango & Ginger Juliennes -TRADITIONAL PICKLES -UNUSUAL PICKLES Cauliflower Pickle Mango Ginger Pickle CHAT INDIAN ROTI-SABJI INDIAN FOOD CONTINENAL DISH GENERAL THAI CURRY CAKES DESSERTS / SWEETS DATE Pudding EMBASSY Pudding FALOODA MICROWAVE COOKING Vegetarian Bharvaan Baingan Non-Vegetarian Addiction Alternative Beauty Cooking & Recipes Diet Fitness Medicine Mental Health Nutrition Remedies Spiritual Health Womens Health SHORTLY INTRODUCING * MEXICAN * THAI DISHES Classic chicken curry Lamb curry RECIPE of the week ! 'Nawabi Rice ' - by Ms

  • Ekta Jain, New Delhi, India Favourites Chinese Diabetic Recipes Diabetic Recipes (65) .

  • Recipes that really work - don't be fooled by imitators

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    The Food Timeline: food history reference & research service
    Origins of foods, historic recipes, extensive teaching resources and web links.

  • On the other hand? It is possible to place both foods and recipes on a timeline based on print evidence and historic context

  • Lee ---1836--- Wedding menu, from America's heartland ---1838--- The Virginia Housewife , Mary Randolph ---1839--- The Good Housekeeper , Sarah Josepha Hale ---1840--- La Cuisiniere Canadienne (en Francais) ---1840--- Directions for Cookery , Eliza Leslie ---1840--- Oregon Trail pioneer foods ---1840s--- Sam Houston's recipes ---1840s-- ---1843--- Washington cake, Old Sturbridge Village Cookbook ---1844--- Cornish pastys in UP I & II ---1845--- ---1846--- Jewish Manual , Judith Montefiore ---1847--- Utah bound! ---1847--- ---1848--- Skilful Housewife's Guide , Montreal ---1849--- Eliza cookees, Mrs

  • Shuman ---1894--- Ranhofer's The Epicurean ---1894--- Terrapin, from Delmonico's in NYC ---1894--- Eggs Benedict ---1894--- Recipes Tried and True , Marion Ohio ---1896--- ---1896--- Boston Cooking School Cook Book , Fannie Merritt Farmer ---1896--- Military field bread, U.S

  • Manual for Army Cooks ---1896--- Henriette Davidis' Practical Cookbook , 35th German edition (in English) ---1897--- Swedish-American Cookbook (Swedish and English) ---1897--- Sweet potato croquettes, Practical Vegetarian Cookery ---1898--- New Galt Cook Book , Ontario Canada ---1900s--- cioppino ---1900's--- Culinary Wrinkles, or how to use Armour's extract of beef ---1900--- My Pet Recipes..


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