ZOOM . activities . do . Rubber Band Stamps | PBS Kids
Instructions for making simple stamps for printing patterns on paper.

Rubber Band Toys and Shooters
Great for the office and home, from kids to executives. Non-Tech Toys for all ages.

Backyard Artillery
Sells slingshots, a rubberband six-shooter, a catapult watch and similar items. - Home of the worlds largest rubberband ball
Home of the worlds largest rubber band ball.


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Kites Tails & Toys
Easy to use site with a great selection of single line, sport and traction kites.
Secure online ordering. Founded 1986.

Mousetrap cars and mouse trap vehicle kits, books, and plans
Offers a book about mousetrap powered vehicles, as well as kits, plans and parts.
Also has information and construction hints on site.

Rubber Bands Specialist
Manufactures rubber bands for agriculture, horticulture, fishery, electronics,
stationery, transportation and packaging. Profile, standard size chart and FAQs.

Male Contraception Using Testicular Heating
Results from the literature and from self-experimentation on the use of testicular
heating as a birth control method.


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Build a conduit-tubing hammered dulcimer
Describes the construction of hammered dulcimer using pieces of metal conduit
pipe in place of strings. Instructions and picture.
Reviewed by Alex Fitzgerald, score: 4 out of 5.

An in depth look at hemorrhoids, the causes, symptoms and treatment options.
Also some graphics.

CNN - How to keep your PC from killing you - March 8, 1999


Easy Tie Dye - Textiles - KinderArt
Basic tie-dye instructions to create t-shirts with sunburst, line, and circle patterns.

Make Your Own Barometer
Experiment that shows how a barometer can help forecast the weather.

Sound Is Energy
Find out about sound waves, and how their graph varies with change of pitch and
volume. Check out the experiments which show that sounds are vibrations.

ESD Product - ESD mat, anti static rubber band, conductive rubber ...
Distributor of ESD products. Line includes wrist straps, esd bags, grounding
devices, ionizers and testing monitors.

Kid's Korner
Have fun with egg yolk painting, rubberband stamping, or making slime.

01.05.08: The Physics Of Bridges
Curriculum unit that will explain how scientists and engineers utilize physical
science concepts when building a bridge.

City Farmer: Sprouts
Instructions for creating a fresh organic vegetable garden within a square foot
of counter space.

A discussion about hemorrhoids, what they are, symptoms, how common they are,
diagnosis, treatment and prevention.


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