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  • Cruise Ships Employers CRUISE SHIP JOBS Cruise ship jobs information, cruise ship employment application form cruise ship job .com Offered by NEW WORLD Cruise Ship Employment Agency © Cruise Ship Jobs - Quick links: LIVE ON A LUXURY CRUISE SHIP AND GET PAID FOR IT! Spend your winters in the Caribbean and your summers in Alaska or travel to remote and exotic ports in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America and all over the world aboard a luxury cruise ship

  • dollars per week to live on the same cruise ships and visit the same places

  • Cruise ship jobs are great summer jobs for students , as well

  • No other industry has been growing so rapidly in the past seven years as the cruise ship industry

  • Many new cruise ship companies have emerged trying to get their share from the cruise market explosion

  • With all the cruise ships currently under construction the number of cruise ship jobs worldwide is expected to triple by the year 2007 meaning over 47, 000 new cruise ship jobs

  • New cruise ships are still coming online at the average rate of seven per year, and almost every ship sets sail near full capacity week after week

    Cruise Ship Employment Opportunities
    Employment opportunities onboard cruise ships, job openings, detailed job
    descriptions, minimum requireme...

  • Cruise Ship Employment Opportunities There are many opportunities within the growing cruise industry

  • Ship Lines are looking for individuals that are committed to customer service excellence

  • Just Cruis'n International and Cruise Services International are key Recruiting Agents for the major shipline companies

  • Cruise Services International and Just Cruis'n International have listed job descriptions of the various shipboard positions for your review

  • Appreciating and understanding other peoples' differences and values will make your job more rewarding and create some lasting friendships

  • However, the Captain is the Master of the ship and is in authority at all times

  • All shipboard employees must abide to strict Master's Rules and Regulations

  • Officers are responsible for the smooth sailing and operation of the ship

  • Am I responsible for my airfare to join the ship? A

  • Some companies will pay your transportation to meet the ship, others expect you to cover the cost of your transportation

  • Most companies also provide you with emergency medical insurance when you are signed on the ship as an employee

    Free Guide to Cruise Ship Jobs - Cruise Line Jobs
    Information about cruise jobs and directory of recruiting agencies specialised
    in the cruise industry.

  • Cruise Ship Jobs - Cruise Line Jobs Welcome to the Free Guide to Cruise Ship Jobs, one of the most popular web sites dedicated to cruise ship employment

  • Want to find out more about cruise ship jobs? You've come to the right place

  • Enjoy! Lots of young people dream about working at sea and especially on cruise ships (cruiseliners), but few can imagine what cruise jobs are really like

  • The reality is that candidates for cruise ship employment have to realise that they are applying for a job, not a holiday! ITV1 wants to hear about your most outrageous, hilarious, and terrifying moments in your cruise ship job

  • Carol Williams has worked on cruise ships for 8 years

  • Want to work onboard cruise ships? First and foremost, working knowledge of the English language is a must to those who wish to work onboard cruise ships

  • Our Records 393 from 69 countries 121 from 15 recruiters 19438 registered users 14 visitors currently online Job Descriptions Profiles of 91 different positions on cruise ships in following departments: Your Opinion What is the most attractive part of cruise ship jobs? 945 votes, 48 % 230 votes, 12 % 390 votes, 20 % 210 votes, 11 % 206 votes, 10 % Featured Recruiter Island Cruises are always looking for talented, enthusiastic people to join the team

    Proship Entertainment
    Work for musicians on cruise ships.

  • Click here for career information about: Update Your Availability This page is a tool designed for you to communicate, and specific needs to Proship

  • Music Jobs - Sea's The Opportunity Shipboard entertainment is one of the fastest growing areas in show business today

  • ProShip Entertainment is the world's leading agency hiring onboard musicians, entertainers and technical personnel for the cruise industry

  • ProShip is with you every step of the way throughout your voyage

  • We run a tight ship

  • ProShip Entertainment offers the most exotic worldwide destinations and the best accommodations at sea

  • All musicians, entertainers and technical staff interested in working on cruiseships and seeking work should speak with us

  • These Boats Rock Most of today's cruise ships are equipped with many different entertainment venues boasting an incredible variety of talent

  • from a grand two-or-three-level showroom featuring a full cast of musicians, singers and dancers performing a fast-paced, energetic production show, to a classical duo or string quartet serenading in the ship's Atrium

  • That's a lot of, and where there's music, there's Proship


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    Crew Port - Home of the Cruise Ships Crew
    Forums for cruise line employees.

  • Cruise Ship Employment We have had many requests from visitors for information regarding employment on the various Cruise Ships and Cruise Lines

    Cruise Placement
    Placement agency for cruise ship and resort employment.

  • We can bring qualified candidates and our clients together efficiently and effectively by using the latest information technology, and thanks to the solid relationships we have developed with our clients, cruise lines and international embassies during the last decade

    Innovative Cruise Services
    A career guide to jobs on cruise ships, ferries and yacht. Secure online ordering.

    Summer Jobs and Seasonal Employment from A+
    Summer jobs for students and recent grads including career-focused internships,
    cruise ships, beach...

  • Detailed industry and employer profiles Exclusive Internet shot on location Pros and cons of each job, what to take with you, application advice, interview tips, plus more DECIDE - Narrow down the world's largest summer jobs database to what's best for you Compare benefits like food, lodging and transportation Exclusive employer rankings by members for members Your own personal 'favorites' list APPLY - Online or offline, has never been easier Exclusive '1-Click' applications to participating employers Automatically customizes your materials for each employer Save hours of work and get better results! From sailing ships to floating cities! Tour jobs, park jobs, plus more

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    Gaming Floor
    Casino trade and industry news, products and suppliers, employment resources,
    conferences and exhibitions.

    Norwegian Cruise Line
    Premium cruise line with itineraries worldwide. Includes destinations, ships,
    new and press releases...

    Imperial Majesty Cruise Lines
    Two night cruises for Fort Lauderdale to Nassau aboard the MV Regal Empress.
    Itinerary, deck plans,...

    employment services, cruise ships, cruise ship employment, cargo ...
    One of the oldest maritime employment agencies. Offer application and brochure
    downloads, placements...


    Ship Center
    Guideline and resource to cruise ship employment. Post a resume at no charge,
    buy the employment book.

    Sovmortrans, Ltd.
    Shipping agents, charterers, brokers and crewing agency.

    Cruise West
    Provides an ideal way to explore waterways and small ports. Our fleet of smaller
    ships, the largest...

    Goodtime III Cleveland's Largest Excursion Ship
    Excursion ship provides a lunch or dinner sight seeing cruise on the Cuyahoga
    River and Lake Erie....

  • Cleveland's Largest Excursion Ship Catering Live Entertainment Disc Jockey Excellent Sound System Friendly Staff Air Conditioned and/or Heated Main Deck Canvas Enclosed Second Deck Emergency Ship Phone Custom Arrangements For courtesy, comfort, and just plain fun, you cannot match the experience of a cruise on the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie aboard Cleveland's largest sight-seeing vessel

  • The Goodtime III is the largest quadruple-deck 1, 000 passenger luxury ship on the Great Lakes, which offers plenty of room, and you are not confined to your seats

  • A fine variety of sandwiches and snacks are avaiable from the ship's galley

    Paradise Jobs - Get your airline, cruise or resort jobs here.
    Online job search for jobs with airlines, cruise companies and resorts.

  • | Employers Login Username: Password: The Better Business Bureaus Welcome to Paradise Jobs The international travel jobs, airline jobs, cruise ship jobs and resort jobs employers usually refrain from advertising their available travel jobs, airline jobs, cruise ship jobs and resort jobs, instead they depend on service companies to help them find personnel

  • We have worked with cruise lines, airlines and the leading resort management companies for several years and we have lots of first hand experience with the travel, airline, cruise ship and resorts job market

  • We have developed personal and business contacts with major travel, airlines, cruise ships and resorts and we know the industry inside-out

  • The personnel departments of the travel, airlines, cruise ships and resorts are always looking for new employees in the ever expanding travel industry - whether they be hotel personnel, food & beverage personnel, entertainers, administrative staff, or trainees for entry-level Jobs

  • Golf Instructor Airline Jobs How would you like a airline job that can take you from the Eiffel Tower to the Caribbean to the Far East and back again? Or how about a position that grants free air travel to you and your friends or family? Cruise Ship Jobs You see yourself as the adventurous type—not someone who can sit contentedly in a cubicle all day, but a person who wants to get out, see the world, meet people, and experience new sights and sounds

    Sea Bee Lanimar
    We offer Ukrainian Seafarers for your vessels.

  • S B L Crewing Agency & Reqruitment Agency A crewing agency and ship manning agency dedicated to serving cruise, maritime and fishing companies worldwide

  • HOME JOB OFFER CRUISE vsl FISHING vsl contact us Crewing agency Sea Bee Lanimar : Established in 1994, our crewing agency is fully licensed and accredited by the Ukrainian Government.  We are a full scale crewing and ship manning agency, and are located at the port of ODESSA.  Our President, Captain Alexander Gubanov, has more than 20 years as Master on board BLASCO and other Shipping Companies, which includes cruise vessels and cargo vessels.  Our experienced staff and seafarers give us the strength to maintain ourselves in the todays very competitive and unstable shipping environment

    Cruise Ship Jobs - Cruise Line Employment Job Listings ...
    Information on the cruise ship job industry.

  • Cruise Ship Job Cruise Line Jobs Cruiseline Employment '...The first cruise ship job website that has up-to-the-minute job information AND online application!' News Flash! On Television!! has been recommended on international television as a valuable website for finding a cruise ship job

  • The Ultimate Experience: Work and Live On Board a Luxury Cruise Ship Talk to anyone who has been employed on a cruise ship and they will most likely tell you one thing: it is the best 'job' you could ever find

  • Whether you are looking for summer, part time, or year round employment , the cruise lines are hiring now! Cruise Ship Jobs: Travel the World and Get Paid For It! Is there an exotic location that you have always dreamed of going to? Well, if you are working on a cruise ship, you just may get to go there and get paid for doing it! After all, where else is there an employment situation that pays you to travel the world on a cruise line that most people have to pay $500 to $10, 000 U.S

  • Working on a cruise ship will allow you to see such places, meet new people, experience different cultures and climates, and make a good income

    Ferry service to Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. Includes schedule and fares.


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