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  • Thanks to all at Pure Scents for making my soon to be mother-in-law, a very happy woman!! A Spencer (NSW) I would just like to say that your products are great, and the delivery is very efficent....i just couldnt wait to get my order!!!! Ill definatly be back N Hall (Vic) 'When I received my products I was pleasantly surprised

    Blog Maverick
    Maintained by Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

    tBlog - Peace Love Empathy
    Just about me and my own pathetic teenage ramblings... [Includes song lyrics,
    personal observations.]

  • Bell or The Horse Lady for art history i love art history!!! i cant wait to have it again tommorrow ^.O

  • i can feel it :D so the first song ill post the lyrics to (or part of) will be Smashing Pumpkins- Today 'Today is the greatest day Ive ever known Cant live for tommorow, tommorows much to long Ill burn my eyes out before I get out I wanted more than life could ever grant me Bored by the chore of saving face Today is the greatest day Ive ever known Cant wait for tommorow I might not have that long Ill tear my heart out before I get out Pink ribbon scars that never forget I tried so hard to cleanse these regrets My angel wings were bruised and restrained My belly stings Today is the greatest day..

  • It's to cold to think and to quiet to hear Somewhere a voice is coming over the air Waves crash in and leave as they came My thoughts are in motion, always the same But wait..

  • Just wait..

  • So i ran to run, only running to stand still On the corner of a street where the sky fell And i wait..

  • Just wait..

  • wait..

    BBC - Urban Review - Beyoncé, Dangerously In Love
    Lewis Dene's review: "She's truly a marketer's dream, but most importantly, can
    also hold a tune."

  • i like 'yes' cos of the unique back track-i thought it woz me fone goin off near the stereo at first! she is a bit of a cheek usin dangerously in love from the survivor album, but her own off the wall tracks like naughty girl and me myself and i show how talented she is at writin, singin and producin! you go girl! an overall great album (but she could replace the luther vandross ballad-reminds me of me mum's taste in music which is not a gud thing to think of....) also look out at the end of bonnie and clyde '03 for the bonus track-u have to wait for a bit! caz, barnstaple It needs to be more upbeat, its to slow its cool if you wana chill wiv ya man but i thought it would have more songs like crazy in love

  • info: COULDNT WAIT

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    Gameguru Mania - Gaming, Software, Hardware and Technology News
    Reviewed by hx, [75%]. "There's no doubt that Commandos 3 isn't for everyone."

  • I've played all the previous games in the Commandos series and couldn't wait for this one to come out

  • I'm waiting for other series

    Comedians - NJ Comedians - CT Comedians - PA Comedians - MA ...
    Nationally touring performer pictures. biography, writing samples and booking

    Mike Davidson: Mitch Hedberg - Rest in Peace
    Blog entries and two album clips in memory of the comic.

    The Royal Air Force
    Narrative of the last flight of Handley Page Hastings TG579, which crashed in
    sea off RAF Gan Maldives on 01/03/1960.

  • Meanwhile the crew and passengers had been waiting in the Air Movements Section lounge waiting it seemed like an eternity to board, I know I had been waiting from early morning to embark and I also feel there had been some technical problems with the aircraft between its return from Gan before departing again as I can recall the bantering between my fellow aircraft mechanics and myself before boarding

  • Corporal Andy Mutch, an Air Wireless Fitter was awaiting the arrival of 579 and said that he heard more than saw the aircraft on its first approach due to the poor visibility, SAC Rod Venners an Engine Mechanic was off duty and had been watching a film in the Astra Cinema, but that the film had to be stopped due to the pelting rain on the corrugated roof of the cinema and rushed outside to see the aircraft make its approach

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    sccaracer's Xanga Site
    A daily log of events in the author's life.

  • He said hed be here at 3, meanwhile me and my dad were in greenup looking at a car ( 2 to be exact, more on that later) and it was about 140, so we get done there and run home, i immediately hop in the car and take it to the car wash to hose it off, i got done about 230 or so, i run back home and wait..

  • Theyre there waiting on us, i park and my dad asks if i have the license and proof of insurance, apparently in my haste to clean out the glovebox and hightail it to the courthouse, i dumped everything but the owners manual into a plastic bag and left it at the house

  • I still dont have a car yet, i still need to get rid of the saturn, ive priced it at 3300, it should sell, i looked on autotrader and its well within the market now so all i need to do is sit back and wait, which for me is hard cause im not very patient when it comes to cars

  • My buddy got a newer car the other day, HE GOT A FREAKIN 99 ROUSH MUSTANG!!! It looks sweet too, bright racing yellow, awesome roush body kit, huge rectangular side pipes, i cant wait to take a ride in it and he got it for 7, 3 down from 10, which makes me even more confident that i can get the guy w/ the prelude down to 7 if im ambitious enough and my negotiation skills are up to par

    My story on ABC
    Read Brooke's diary about carrying surrogate quads for a gay couple in Kentucky.

  • Now we wait

  • And it was positive, Now we wait two more weeks when we will have an ultrasound to see how many babies we have

  • The wait seemed like months but the day finally came

    Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It - MobyGames
    User reviews, credits, box image, screenshot, trivia, and other information.

    K-1 USA - The world's most electrifying martial arts fighting action.
    Mixed martial standup fighting sport.


    Our Vurt-sion
    Fan fiction in the style of the Vurt series.

  • Wait till you get home.I have called a xcab to take you ok?' Icarus smiled

    MAD TA - Main
    A group of unit designers with an impressive list of high quality units.

    wretched corporate feebs
    Wry Canadian lackies let loose.

    Using mod_rewrite against stupid comment spam bots... (by Jeremy ...
    Very short tutorial.

    CalStuff: News. Observations
    Weblog about current issues on the Berkeley campus and elsewhere in the UC system.

    Accumulation of quotes on locked doors into and out of the WTC fire stair, plus
    other evacuation barriers, including barrier to the disabled.

  • 'He told my mom he was with about 200 other people, and he was just waiting for the OK to head down, ' says [his son] Vincent.' [ Waiting for the OK!?! In the various web page photos, it looked like he had use of a fairly conventional window-washer's scaffold, as well as the sling, at least for the observation floor, but I would assume the equipment would have lost power by then

  • While in the lobby waiting for the elevator with a whole bunch of people, the second plane hit their tower

  • and his co-workers were hanging around waiting for a meeting when the first plane hit their building

  • They sat on the steps and waited for someone to come get them - Online Motorcycle Publication of the Southwest.
    An e-magazine dedicated to Arizona sport and street bikes. Includes articles,
    reviews, event coverage, features and news.

  • 03.09.2006 The moment we've been waiting for...AMA Road Racing Season begins

  • Anyways, Steve you werent the only one waiting for On a final note, Angelle Samprey posted the 61st perfect light in nhra competition

  • Keep representing! 07.29.2005 The History of the GSXR feature finally goes up! We sincerely apologize for the unacceptable delay in getting this article posted up and hope y'all find it to be worth the wait


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